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A Day in the Life of...24 Elders
    February 18, 2018
    Revelation 4-5
    Terry Cosby

A Day in the Life of...A Crooked Woman
    February 11, 2018
    Luke 13
    Terry Cosby

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ission  Men's Ministry Pursuing Their Goals
 oment  Posted February 15, 2018

The importance of staying relevant in the community through service was pointed out by Committee Chair Rick Faught of the Men’s Ministry at their Feb 3 Saturday morning breakfast. Faught emphasized that one of the main reasons churches and civic organizations cease to exist or fail to thrive is that they lose their commitment to be “of service.”  He went on to say, “We are blessed with a group of men who seek opportunities to help. We are doing a great job and we have momentum, but we can never coast.”

Guest speaker for the event was Rodney Gattis, Community Coordinator for the “6 Stones Ministries” organization in Cleburne. Gattis’ presentation introduced and elaborated on the work of his organization. It was this group that the White Bluff Chapel Men’s Ministry assisted last fall with the CPR (Community Powered Revitalization) in Cleburne.

Our White Bluff Chapel men discovered a Godly organization that helps many families across the Metroplex and does it for the right reasons: to glorify God, love our neighbors, and be a catalyst of hope. The positive experience our Men’s Ministry had by working on that project has led them to re-enlist for the next phase, which is planned for this April.

You can review the September, 2017 report of the Men’s Ministry’s contributions to the Cleburne project from last fall.

ission  Thank-You Note from André Ribeiro:
2016 Financial Aid Recipient
 oment  Posted February 15, 2018

David Briggs, Sub-Chair for the Financial Aid program of the Educational Mission Committee, led by Peggy Mitchell, has received a special thank-you note from André Ribeiro.  Andre was a 2016 graduate of WHS and a White Bluff Chapel Financial Aid recipient.  He is a member of the National Honor Society and was a State Champion in the UIL Science division.

David and Ava Wood are André's mentors. He is attending the University of Texas Austin pursuing a degree in the natural science field, focusing on neurology.  Take a moment to read André's thank-you note.

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On the Road Again

Month One of the Golden Years: So this is Retirement
Posted February 15, 2018

by Sherry Miller

Bill and Marcie Burris' daughter, Sherry Miller, has just joined the retirement community. She has started her own journal and shares her 1st-month thoughts here. Since most of White Bluff is in or near retirement, the Burrises thought it would be worth sharing. Sherry has excelled in the workforce and for the past 15 years was Vice-President of Human Resources for Park Place Motors in the Metroplex. One of her many achievements was to guide Park Place Lexus to achieve the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality award. The award was the first ever for an Auto Dealership. Yes, Bill and Marcie are most proud of Sherry's accomplishments and look forward to spending more time with her in her "Golden Years".

Month One

I woke up that first day. Okay, good start…I woke up. I am still alive…hooray for that!

My cell phone text message indicator that is normally filled with multiple requests from staff members who need the day off (to care for sick kids, or for themselves, or just to vent)…was eerily blank. My email indicator that would accumulate about 144 emails in an hour showed zero. My calendar was wiped clean of scheduled meetings for the year, and that lovely little reel-to-reel voice mail indicator, it too showed nothing, nada, zero.

Oh, so this is what it's like to be disconnected from my job, from the people I worked with, from the vendors I saw regularly, for all intents and purposes my life for the past forty-five years? This is what it is like. It sucked the air right out of me. A punch in the gut, a hardball to the face. Slamming on the breaks while going 85. It was sudden jolt. It was unfamiliar and odd. It was empty.

That was my first day of retirement. The Golden Years? It sure didn't feel like I had won the race, hit the jackpot, or won an Oscar. Okay, there may have been a time or two in my career where my performance was worthy of an Oscar, however this day did not feel so darn golden to me.

A month into it, I smile at that day. Not because I have found this first month of my new normal to be fulfilling, exhilarating, liberating, freeing, Oscar-worthy or any combination of those things. What I have found is myself, and that I am pretty okay with me...and this will be a continuing journey for me as I adjust to my new normal. Once I find it, that is.

Reality of life and age is a funny thing. I woke up that day wondering how in the world did I get to be this age? I called on my faith more times in that month than I have in my whole life and I could almost see GOD smile and hear GOD saying to me, "Where have you been child? I have never left you. I gave you strength for every battle, wisdom for every decision, peace that surpasses understanding." That is when it really kicked in for me. Or let's just say I kicked myself and began mentally chanting a quote that I read recently, "Don't cry that it's over, be happy that it happened!" And in GOD I trust.


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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

Valentine's Banquet Marks 13th Year of Celebration
Posted February 15, 2018

Beautiful decorations, a scrumptious meal consisting of shrimp cocktail, salad, lasagna and cheese cake; romantic sing-along music; an entertaining stage show; and engaging conversation with neighbors made up an evening enjoyable for all. It was the evening of February 9, 2018, which saw another capacity crowd join in fellowship for the Chapel's 13th annual Valentine's banquet. 

Upon arrival, 100 guests were welcomed with a tasty punch and led to an area where Jim Browder took their photographs.  The photos will be used in the Chapel's online Directory and sent to the guests as a party favor. Seven additional guests took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy “take-out” plates at home.

Following the dinner, Emcee Nancy McGinnis entertained the crowd with some of her great humor about becoming a little older.  She then introduced Paula Carpenter at the keyboard, who played several love songs for the sing-along phase of the program.  A surprise quartet consisting of Ron Stone, Mary Parish, Nancy McGinnis and Guin McGinnis then entered the stage to the tune of Michael Jackson's “Beat It.” Dressed a bit like Michael Jackson, (wearing the one white glove, a black hat, and black and white garb), they performed a dance number to the music, “Billy Jean,” which brought down the house to wild applause.

Following the entertainment, Mary Parish expressed her thanks to her committee for their contributions in the cuisine and to Peggy Mitchell and Kathleen Knightstep for the elaborate banquet decorations.

Celebrating the Years with Mary Parish
Posted February 15, 2018

Members of Mary Parish’s Hospitality Committee organized a Birthday party in her honor and invited the entire Chapel membership to join in. The event was held after worship service on Sunday, February 4, in Fellowship Hall. Mary has been most giving of her culinary talents, taking care of all the Chapel’s catering needs over the last 11 years.

The celebration gave folks a chance to sing and to say Happy Birthday face-to-face to Mary, while many also brought her birthday cards. The Hospitality team ensured that everyone had an ample supply of an enticing variety of treats to sample. They also enjoyed answering the “forbidden question” with the clever response that Mary was celebrating her 59th anniversary of her 21st birthday.

In addition to managing the Chapel’s Hospitality Committee, Mary Parish also adds her wonderful voice to the choir and even occasionally joins another choir member in a duet during Sunday service. Those who attended this week’s Valentine Banquet were treated to a glimpse of her dancing skills, as well!

Chapel Members Step up for Trash Pick-up
Posted February 15, 2018

by Rick Faught

You may or may not have noticed, for quite some time there has been no appeal for a group to meet on Saturday morning to clean our section of Highway 933. You also didn't notice an accumulation of litter because there is none. Glen and Karen Van Wyk took this on as their private mission and have done a fantastic job.  Next time you see them, thank them for their service.


Holly Faught Captures Grand Champion Prize for Chili
Posted February 15, 2018

The annual Men's Ministry Chili Cook-Off, held on February 11, was another great success this year. Eighteen chili entries represented the trophy wanna-be’s who had armed themselves with spoons and spices in hopes of rising above the rest. The top-placing competitors featured two women who walked away winning two categories plus the Grand Champion prize, and three men who took top honors in two categories, two of whom tied for the wild game prize.  Holly Faught took possession of the Grand Champion prize with the entry that also won her the “Mild Chili with No Beans” category. Vicki Shultz won the “Chili with Beans” category, while hubby Jerry Shultz won with his entry in the “Hot Chili” group. Jody Yarbro and Ron Williams tied for top honors in the “Wild Game Chili” category.

Judging the event were Mike Pollard, Dylan Price, Ben Keith and Kae Keith. Support staff consisted of Marilyn Pollard, Shelby Price, and Paul and Becky Jacobus. All chili entries were served in a lunch buffet immediately after the judging took place and the winners were announced. Condiments accompanying the chili were cornbread, crackers, onions, cheese and corn chips. About 60 attendees participated in sampling the various chili entries for lunch and in making “love” offerings for the privilege.

Men’s Ministry Committee Chair Rick Faught thanked the hungry crowd for coming out in the perfect chilly/chili weather and for contributing over $400 for the Men's Ministry upcoming projects.

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