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Vacation Bible School
Wed - Sun, Jun 21 - 25
VBS Car Wash
Sat, Jun 24

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Missed a service, or want to listen again?

    June 18, 2017
    2 Corinthians 4:7-11
    Dr. Hulitt Gloer

Sketch and Etch
    June 11, 2017
    Isaiah 53
    Terry Cosby

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What's Happening

Chapel VBS Car Wash and Prayer Requests
Posted June 21, 2017

During this year's VBS the 10 to 12 year old children will be holding a car wash at the Chapel on Saturday June 24 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

It's a perfect time to get your wheels cleaned and help some worthy causes.  Proceeds will benefit The Whitney Food Bank, Hill County CPS rainbow room and the Salvation Army.

Prayer Requests

White Bluff Chapel Vacation Bible School children would like to pray for you.  Every day during VBS, June 21-25, the children will pray for individuals in need of prayer.  Place your prayer request in the box guarded by teddy bears on the sign up table in the Fellowship Hall.  Prayers are also being collected at some businesses in Whitney.  Prayer requests may be sent to yak0622@aol.com or carobinson1054@yahoo.com

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Terry's Blog

Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

Random Smart Thoughts
Posted June 21, 2017

by Kay Lea Scott

Reader warning: The following thoughts are not bright, intelligent or genius. They are smart because they are about Smart cars.

I've been fascinated by Smart car sightings since I first saw one in the early 90"s. It was parked on a street in the south of France. Actually it wasn't on the street. It was parked inside a row of cars parked bumper to bumper. Smart question: "How did that little bitty car get parked over there?" The obvious answer was that its driver and passenger stopped, picked it up and set it down over there.

A couple of years later as the German tour bus turned a corner a Smart car dealership came into view. There stood a glass silo with four floors inside. On each floor a gleaming new Smart car showed off its unique styling and color. All I could think was, "So that's how you buy Smart cars, in packages of four". It looked like the Hot Wheels packages that were all over Wal-Mart back home. Again I had to wonder how those cars got on those shelves. Did the dealership hire the jolly green giant or Babe and his blue ox to do the heavy lifting?

My travel buddies and I were standing at a quiet intersection in Hamburg when a Smart car with two people in it stopped in front of us. A pizza delivery sign was attached to its roof. As I looked at that sign I couldn't help but grin. The thought I shared with my companions was "Do you suppose we can order an extra-large pizza delivered in Hamburg?" We agreed it would be impossible to fit an extra-large pizza in that car. We were sure the driver and his passenger knew exactly what we were thinking because they smiled and waved at us as they drove away.

A few years after that Smart cars appeared on U.S. streets.

On one of our travels we pulled into a motel parking lot only to find an 18 wheeled car carrier parked in front of us. There was one Smart car on this fully loaded carrier. It was the very last car on the top level of the carrier and looked like it was hanging on by its finger nails. I could just hear the guys loading that truck. "Hey, Sam, bring your tape measure. I think we've got just enough room for one of those roller-skate cars right here." They must have pulled a ramp up to the truck. Then one of the guys drove the car up the ramp and the other attached the bungee cord that had to be holding it in that row of grown up BMWs.

On our travels Scotty is very conscientious about observing speed limits. Every so often on multilane highways we'll have a conversation that goes something like this.

"It's your turn to get out."
"You want me to what? How can I get out now? Why?"
"Well, somebody has to check to see if our wheels are turning."
"The way cars are passing us on all sides. We must be stopped"

We were on our way home from Dallas on Highway 35 one night when I noticed a car passing us on the left side. It seemed to be taking it's time going by us. Then I realized I couldn't really see the car. When it reached our front bumper, I started to chuckle. It was a Smart car! I was still giggling as I teased Scotty about being passed by a Smart car and its taillights faded in the distance.

On our last trip we went by a strange sight. Two large blue dumpsters were placed at a right angle to each other. Parked in that angle was a Smart car. It was almost exactly the same color as the dumpsters and looked like it might be hiding. I asked Scotty, "Do you suppose the owner has parked his car there to camouflage it so no one knows he's at this business?" After we'd traveled a couple blocks it hit me and I said, "Oh no, that poor little car is about to be thrown away. The owner is probably just waiting for someone to help him lift it into the dumpster. There's sure to be plenty of room left over for the rest of the week's trash."

With a little luck and a few more miles, there will be more Smart sightings in our future.

Just when you least expect it God will answer prayers, put a smile on your face and give you memories that will last a life time. The more you are aware of Him the more you see of His works all around His creation.

Dear Reader: My thoughts are not bright, intelligent or genius. They are certainly not full of wisdom as were the thoughts of the writers of Proverbs. Thinking Smart thoughts is God's reminder to me to turn to His Word for true "smarts".

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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

Chapel Thanks Dr. Gloer for His Contributions
Posted June 21, 2017

Following Sunday service on June 18 a reception was held in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall for Dr. Gloer. Dr. Gloer filled the vacancy following the end of Betty Newman's role as Associate Pastor until a replacement could be found. Dr. Gloer's influence will continue with the new Associate Pastor, Dylan Price.

Dr. Gloer's efforts included filling in for Pastor Cosby on several occasions and providing the Benediction. He would always recap the music, scripture and message in his benedictions. On one impromptu sermon his message encompassed the entire program.

At the beginning of service Pastor Terry gave a wonderful description of the way Dr. Gloer has of bringing the word of God when he speaks. He also commented on the message in each benediction that Dr. Gloer presented.

Dr. Gloer will be invited back occasionally to lead the congregation with a message from God.

Men's Ministry Demonstrates Flexibility
Posted June 21, 2017

This fine group of Saturday morning workers on June 10 deserves much thanks and commendations for their flexibility. They came prepared to have fun chain sawing but because of mud were redirected to trash pickup. Rick drew a line in the sand that anyone who didn't want to pick up trash could opt out with the promise that they would not be talked about. No one took the offer. Pictured are Larry Turner, Mike Pollard, David Wood, Tom Duncan, Mark Baker, and Monte Geren. Not pictured Paul Jacobus and Rick Faught.

Over the Hill Care Group Holds Mexican Fiesta
Posted June 21, 2017

On Saturday June 17 the Over the Hill Care group held their quarterly gathering. 35 members of the group met at the Lone Star Room for a delicious Mexican fiesta hosted by Emily Morris and Jan Hasty.

As usual there was a large quantity of food including a variety of options for tacos, tamales and an abundance of appetizers and desserts. Emily offered a prayer before everyone enjoyed the goodies.

After everyone enjoyed their meal Emily Morris and David Murphey entertained the group with songs and everyone sang along with them. It was a fun filled evening.

The next quarterly meeting will be held in September with the annual tailgate party as they welcome in football season. Marcie Burris and Emily Morris will be the hosts.

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