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Majesty Concealed
    May 10, 2015
    Judges 4 & 5
    Terry Cosby

Mowing Artificial Turf
    May 3, 2015
    James 3:17 & 18
    Terry Cosby

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White Bluff Chapel with bluebonnets
ission  Youth Ministry Serves up Food and Prayer
for Hill College Students
 oment  Posted May 14, 2015

The United Christian Fellowship at Hill College in Hillsboro provides a place on campus for students to grow spiritually and mentally as they relax and build lasting relationships with God and others.

The Local Educational Sub-Committee of the White Bluff Chapel Missions Committee continued our participation in the United Christian Fellowship youth ministry this spring with Lanette Browder, Peggy Mitchell and Kay German hosting the students, faculty and staff of Hill College for a devotional luncheon of prayer and Bar-B-Q with all the trimmings. Pam Cosby provided cookies for the event.

WBC has been involved with this youth ministry for several years, initially helping the organization to build the UCF Center's current building and then continuing to help host the Monday devotional lunches ever since. The events are open to students, faculty and anyone on campus who wants to come. The UCF weekly activities include two Bible studies, the Monday lunch and devotions, movies and other such events. White Bluff Chapel provides lunch for the UCF function one Monday during each of the fall and spring semesters. This is a great opportunity to meet, greet and feed these young people.

ission  WBC Delights Faculties
on Teacher Appreciation Day
 oment  Posted May 14, 2015

The Local Educational Missions Sub-Committee of White Bluff Chapel surprised and delighted local teachers for our "Teacher Appreciation" program this spring. Canda Cox coordinated the project in which Peggy Mitchell, Kathleen Knightstep, Amee Edgar, and Sandy Moore, Nancy Duncan, Ann Duncan, Carolyn Kuhlman, Dottie Briggs, Kathy Dorsey and Carol Bergman hosted a breakfast burrito event for the faculties and staff at each of the four Whitney Schools. Along with the treats, they posted a sign to let the teachers know how we at WBC feel about their efforts in shaping the lives of the children of Whitney.

As always, the faculties were most appreciative of the Chapel's support.

What's Happening

2015 VBS Dates/Science Theme Announced:
    June 22 – 26, 2015/SonSpark Labs
Posted May 14, 2015

This summer, our VBS participants will explore the amazing world of SonSpark Labs.  They will find their imaginations “SPARK” to life as they trace God’s life-changing plan for them, a plan that will be revealed throughout the week.  Mad scientists Drs. Bradley, Watkins and Scott are busy cooking up the experiments they will be sharing during the event.

MONDAY - God’s Plan:  2 Make Us!

Essential Question:  Who made the world and who made me?

Bible Verse:  “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  So God created man in his own likeness.  He created him in the likeness of God.  He created them as male and female.”  Genesis 1:1, 27

Spark Principle:  Gravity - God made the universe and all the scientific laws that govern it – like gravity. 

TUESDAY - God’s Plan:  2 BE WITH Us!

Essential Question:  What happens when I do wrong things?

Bible Verse:  “Everyone has sinned.  No one measures up to God’s glory.”  Romans 3:23

Spark Principle:  Cause and Effect - Whatever we do (a cause) has a result (an effect).  Whenever we sin, the effect is separation from God.

WEDNESDAY - God’s Plan:  4 Us 2 KNOW Him!

Essential Question:  What is God like?

Bible Verse:  “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.  If you really knew me, you would know my Father also.’” John 14:6-7

Spark Principle:  Motion - Objects at rest stay at rest until a force puts them in motion.  People were stuck in sin until Jesus came and put God’s plan in motion.

THURSDAY – God’s Plan:  2 SAVE Us!

Essential Question:  Why did Jesus have to die?

Bible Verse:  “Christ died for sins once and for all time.  The One who did what is right died for those who don’t do right.  He died to bring you to God.”  1 Peter 3:18

Spark Principle:  Transformation - Transformations occur when something new is introduced to an existing object and changes the object.  Jesus changes us.

FRIDAY – God’s Plan:  2 LOVE Us 4-ever

Essential Question:  So . . . now what do I do?

Bible Verse:  “Lead a life of love, just as Christ did.  He loved us.  He gave himself up for us.”  Ephesians 5:2

Spark Principle:  Chain Reaction - A series of events caused by the one before.  Sharing God’s love with others can start a chain reaction and go on and on and on!

No one will want to miss one single day of White Bluff Chapel’s Vacation Bible School.
Hope to see YOU at SonSpark Labs!

All participants in VBS must have a current children’s Permission Form on file for 2015.

“Eureka!” Dr. K. L. Scott, with a Ph.D. in unrelated and irrelevant scientific research, is the renowned chair of the I-D-ten-T (ID10T) Department at Baylor A&M. Dr. Scott has recently discovered the simple and profoundly effective formula for recruiting great volunteers for WBC’S Vacation Bible School:

The praying church + its members with Christian hearts for service = VBS VOLUNTEERS

Sign-up sheets for students and volunteers are now available in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall. Check out our “Save the Date” poster.

African Pastors to Visit WBC
Posted May 14, 2015

The Global National Mission Sub-Committee, chaired by Vicki Thompson, has announced that four African pastors from the Foundation Ministries and the Widows and Orphans Hope Project will be visiting Whitney on the last weekend of May. These are ministries that we at WBC help support, and Foundation Ministries is the group of pastors that Jack Horn has helped to train for many years.  The pastors will attend worship service at the Chapel on Sunday, May 31.

Dale and Vicki Thompson will be hosting a potluck dinner at their lake house on Saturday evening, May 30, at 6:30 p.m.   Those in attendance will have dinner together and then have time to hear about the pastors’ ministries.   Vicki states that it is such a privilege to be able to host these pastors and to finally meet them.   She encourages that you mark your calendars and join them for dinner. The sign-up sheet is available in Fellowship Hall.

Get more information about Foundation Ministries and the Orphans and Widows Hope Project missions.

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Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

Cruising the Caribbean
Posted May 14, 2015

by Bill Burris

Thirty-three years ago my late wife and I followed a two-year dream to cruise the Caribbean. We chose a 75-foot schooner, Satori, as our home for a week. We shared it with only one other couple plus the schooner's hosts. During our trip many boats came by to look at the beauty of Satori. Our itinerary included several islands where we enjoyed great snorkeling over beautiful coral and a large variety of colorful fish.

My favorite way to describe this wonderful trip is: "You could get as involved with the sailing as you wanted or just sit back and say peel me another grape." Captain Ed and his first mate Gabrielle would allow you just that range of activity. They were very good at reading their four guests and knew just what to expect from us during the voyage. They had a basic itinerary laid out but would allow us to change it if we wished.

Evenings always included the colada du jour, and all the meals were wonderful. We found several conch shells on one snorkel trip and even had conch fritters at dinner that evening. Entertainment was provided by their parrot Barnacle Bill who had a wonderful vocabulary and a variety of songs he could sing. The sites we saw were splendid, as were the people we met along the way.

You may recall from an earlier article how I mentioned that some people look at the beauty of the world and do not relate it to God's creation. On that trip I was one of those persons myself. But I've been blessed to return to that area several times with Marcie. I can now tell you that when I look around, knowing that God created what I see, the beauty is magnified many times. Sometimes I wish I could repeat that original trip to see those beautiful sights through my current eyes, knowing that God created them.

If your vision has changed like mine, think back to a previous trip, refresh your memory with your new vision, and it will be worthwhile. God is all around us and wants us to see the beauty of His creation. The closer we get to God, the more vivid and vibrant His creation becomes.

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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

Needs Assessment Committee Hosts Town Hall Meeting
Posted May 14, 2015

Last year’s White Bluff Chapel Board of Trustees authorized then Vice-Chairman Cheryl Robinson to organize and direct a Needs Assessment Study, which continued into March of 2015.  Then in April, 2015, the Needs Assessment Report resulting from that study was distributed via email to all members of the congregation by now Board Chairman Cheryl Robinson.

The Needs Assessment Committee followed up by holding a town hall style meeting on Monday, April 27 so that Chapel members could ask questions about the study and offer additional ideas. Twenty-eight people attended the meeting which was chaired by Chairman Robinson and during which the following committee members addressed each focus area separately:

Communications - Nancie Yarbro
Adult Education - Larry Turner and Gary Comer
Worship and Music – (Robinson covered this area in the absence of the committee members.)
Missions - Nancie Yarbro
Youth Education and Ministries - Becky Watkins
Membership Care - Harry Seurkamp
Facilities - Rick Faught

Also attending the meeting from the committee were Terry Cosby and Patty Turner. Turner served as the Recording Secretary for the event. Board Chairman Robinson has submitted the report of the meeting, which can be read here.

Also resulting from the original Needs Assessment Study, the Trustees approved the formation of a Facilities Assessment Committee.  Gary Comer will be chairing the committee and Wes Mitchell will be the co-chair. 

Mothers Honored for Mothers Day
Posted May 14, 2015

A array of pastel colors decorated the Chapel’s Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall on Saturday, May 9 as the mothers of White Bluff donned spring frocks to come together for our annual Mother’s Day Luncheon. Hospitality chair Mary Parish and her committee served up an appealing buffet of salads to the attendees.

Guest speaker for the event was Cindy McGage from Operation Greater Love, a faith-based group of central Texas men and women who are honoring wounded American soldiers by building homes and hope for them. The group’s mission statement is the inspiration of hope, love and security for those who have been wounded for our freedom. McGage explained that their vision statement is to honor and reward that bravery by providing a custom-built home with hope of restoring a sense of normal life to the soldiers and their families.

McGage’s presentation was followed by a lively and engaging discussion in which the audience demonstrated their interest and support. More information about Operation Greater Love is available on their website.

Culminating the event was Aggie Gladbach, who sang a solo appropriate for the occasion. Betty Newman provided the piano accompaniment.

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