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    December 3, 2017
    Mark 13;24-33
    Dylan Price

But God
    November 12, 2017
    Ephesians 2: 1-10
    Dylan Price

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ission  Brian Firle, Athletes in Action Report
 oment  Posted December 14, 2017

Brian Firle, through Athletes in Action, has been very instrumental in reaching out to the Pro Cycling community spreading God's word.  His scope of involvement continues to grow and he's making major inroads into this arena.  Brian is sponsored by the Chapel through the Global/National mission committee led by Vicki Thompson.  Brian is also very good at providing quality and regular updates to the mission committee.   Bill Burris is the Chapel liaison for Athletes in Action.

Brian has provided a video and report to better explain his activities in 2017 and documents the growth of his ministry.  It's a 14 minute video but well worth watching to better understand what he has accomplished.  There is also a summary report you can review.

ission  Bells are Ringing at Walmart in Hillsboro
 oment  Posted December 14, 2017

by Harry Seurkamp

For the past 12 to 14 years the members of White Bluff Chapel have been rallying to ring the Red Kettle Bells for the Salvation Army.

I am always blown away by the enthusiasm of this Chapel’s membership. Each year I am posed with questions. When are we ringing? Do we have a date yet? That was fun, can I ring again? I can’t make it that day is there another day available? I can’t stand that long; can I bring a chair? Yes, you can by the way.

This Chapel Membership is just that way. Whatever the occasion you always come together to help our community, God Bless You. 

This year we rang the Red Kettle Bells on December 5. It was a little chilly with the wind blowing, but the smiles we put on peoples faces when we wished them a Merry Christmas was heartwarming. Our goal was to raise money, but the bigger goal was to put a smile on their face as they gave or didn’t give. We made them all feel LOVED. 

We even got the children involved; we let them ring the bells. Some would ring them soft, others louder.

How did we do? We collected $1,205.29 and twice that many smiles.

We will be ringing again on December 18 from 10 AM until 6PM. If you want to have the time of your life and put a smile on people’s faces, sign up. The sign-up sheet is in the fellowship Hall.

If you would like to donate; you can send a check to Salvation Army of Hill County, PO Box 1689, Whitney, Texas (you know the zip).

ission  Mission Hillsboro Medical Clinic
 oment  Posted December 14, 2017

Following a review and evaluation, White Bluff Chapel's Local Mission committee led by Becky Watkins as agreed to provide support for the Mission Hillsboro Medical Clinic in 2018.    The primary purpose of the clinic is to provide medical services for the working poor in the area who do not have insurance.  The program also endeavors to help them be receptive to a spiritual change in their lives.  Becky McKee is the Chapel liaison for this mission.

Becky McKee has provided a detailed report on the new clinic and the support that White Bluff Chapel or an individual can provide.  Watch for future reports as Becky becomes more involved with this mission.

ission  Wee Can Know 2017 Yearend Report
 oment  Posted December 14, 2017

Wee Can Know is one of several missions supported by the Chapel that provides regular reports on their activity and how they use the Chapel's funding.

Their yearend report details the accomplishments they made in 2017 and prayer requests for their ministry.   Bill Burris is the Chapel liaison for this ministry.

ission  Foundation Ministries Widows and
Orphans Project:
Three More in the Kingdom
 oment  Posted December 14, 2017

by Becky McKee

Do you remember a time when you were walking down the street while on vacation and you could smell some good food cooking?

Your husband says “it is pizza;” but you say "no it is a bakery with bread or cakes.”

Your nose leads you in the direction of the smell where you purchase fresh bread to eat.  Being able to smell is a blessing and is universal among all people.

This brings me to one of the pastor's home in Kenya.  Three small children were passing by the home and smelled the food being prepared.  The children were very hungry and came to the door begging for something to eat.  Susan, the Pastor's wife, had only prepared enough food for the family and had to stretch her meal to feed these children.

The three children were orphans.  So after the meal did they go away?  No, no! They parked themselves against the wall of the small house and went to sleep waiting for the smell to return.

Ok, this goes on for several days and Pastor Luke and his wife decide to adopt the three children.  Susan continues to stretch the meals to include these additional mouths to feed, while teaching them the gospel. 

Word of this gets back to Elizabeth Brown, the Orphan's Director of Foundation Ministries.  She is now developing a plan to take these children into their program.

The three children are currently living with Susan and Luke where they will receive love, food, medical care and education.   However, the most important aspect of their care will be bringing them into a relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God sent these little gifts in His own time.

So, to all of you at WBC; thank you very much for your gifts and prayers that help these and so many others move into the Kingdom of God.


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On the Road Again

From Advent to Christ's Birth Celebration
Posted December 14, 2017

by Bill Burris

We have a custom in our home this time of the year. Once we return from our time spent in Destin, FL, we concentrate on two things. First we complete the decoration of our house for Christmas. It now takes us a bit longer than it has in the past. The goal is to be done by Thanksgiving. We met the target this year with a week to spare. The second is Marcie's annual Christmas cookie marathon. The process includes 14 different types of cookies and this year's total count is 942 cookies.

Our home now has three trees and a host of other decorations. Marcie has been decorating a "Bear Tree" for more than 30 years. In past years this tree had almost 300 bear type ornaments. We downsized the tree this year with fewer bears and it stands in the living room. The" Den Tree" is more colorful and of course we have a "Team Tree." The team tree is basically Pittsburgh Steelers because Marcie she was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but she now allows me to add some San Francisco 49er items.

Christmas time is one of Marcie's favorite times of the year. That's what drives the decorating and baking. I have to admit that she has pulled me into having these same mutual feelings. This is just another example of her wonderful spiritual influence on me.

Once the projects are done we begin concentrating on the meaning of Advent with the anticipation of celebrating Christ's birth. It's something that we began doing when God brought us together. It gives us time to contemplate what Christ has meant to us and how that has affected our daily relationship with Him.

In our travels together we find ourselves more in tune to recognizing what a wonderful world our Creator made. We see His hand in the many wonders our eyes behold. As we approach the celebration of His birth, we have a stronger realization each year of what His birth has meant to our world.

Each year the Chapel brings members together to celebrate the Advent season. Members participate in each worship service with special readings, songs and fellowship. With four Advent services it sets the tone for recognizing His birth, the true reason for the season.

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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

The Flock of Sheep in the Nativity Scene Grew This Year
Posted December 14, 2017

by Harry Seurkamp

Some of the folks have asked me if I have added anything new to the Nativity Scene. I personally have not but there were some sheep added this year. When I originally carved the Nativity Scene I carved 3 sheep. In 2008 I gave all the woodcarvers an opportunity to carve a sheep and add it to the scene as a gift to the Chapel.

In 2008 the sheep added were carved by Richard DeLorenzo (passed), Sandy DeLorenzo (moved), Sharron Lively, Larry Lively, Ray McGinnis, Guinn McGinnis, Bill Torman, Jim Browder, Joan Grubbs, Ginger Seurkamp and Ronnie Moffet (Waco).

This year I did the same for those who had not carved a sheep. This year we have 6 new sheep carved by Billy Campbell, John Knightstep, Ray Fox, James Smith, David Wood and Marty Hayes (Whitney). 

When you see them you can thank them for their efforts and contribution.

Over the Hill Care Group Holds Christmas Gathering
and White Elephant Gift Exchange
Posted December 14, 2017

On December 9 the Over the Hill care group held their annual Christmas gathering and white elephant gift exchange.  This year's event was hosted by Bob and Kathy Valenta.  There were 36 members of the group present.

As usual there was plenty of food for all including soups, appetizers, salads and desserts.  Prior to eating Bob Valenta offered up a prayer.  There was a lot of fellowship happening during the meal. 

Following the meal everyone joined in the white elephant gift exchange.  This year as opposed to past years there was a lot of stealing going on with the associated comments. The rubber chicken and the men's holiday briefs made their return once again.

The next gathering will be the annual St Patrick's Day event to be held in March of 2018.

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