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What to Pray For (Part 2)
    August 13, 2017
    Ephesians 3:14-21
    Terry Cosby

What to Pray For (Part 1)
    August 6, 2017
    Ephesians 3:14-21
    Terry Cosby

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ission  My First Mission Trip by Hunter Yarbro, age 11
 oment  Posted August 10, 2017

Recently I had the opportunity to go on my first mission trip. My grandparents, Dr. Jody and Nancie Yarbro led the dental trip to Jamaica.  Others on the trip were Dr. Jason New, Dr. and Mrs. Pete Fotos, Dr. and Mrs. Don Nix, my mom Amber, Pastor John Wheatley, and dental students from Baylor/A&M and MUSC. 

The first day we all flew into Montego Bay, met and introduced ourselves to one another.  We ate our lunch of Jerk Chicken and then drove three hours to our houses in Treasure Beach.   The trip was set up for two days of fun which consisted of going to a waterfall park, ziplining and taking a boat trip on the ocean and down the Black River. We got to swing on ropes and swim in the river.  Then we worked for four days.

Each morning started with a delicious breakfast made by three local women.  Then we would have a devotion led by Pastor John.  I thought it was really important to have a time of devotion because it reminded us that God is with us wherever we are in the world.  After the devotion, we would be given a card with someone’s name on it.  We would observe them and write them an encouraging note to be given to them that evening.

After our morning routine, we went to the Helping Hands Clinic in Hopewell and stayed for about six to eight hours.  I assisted the dental students as they worked on approximately 400 patients.  I assisted during cleanings and oral surgery.  The students taught me so much.  It was hot in the clinic because they don’t have air conditioning.  We ate sandwiches and Jamaican Patties for lunch.

After the patients were seen we would go back to the houses and eat dinner.  After dinner, we had a time of reflection.  We got to discuss how kindness, patience, humility, and compassion played a part in our day and in our lives.  We did that each day throughout the week.

I had so many amazing experiences through the week helping the people of Jamaica.  One time there was a little boy that was scared to get his tooth pulled out.  I helped him by holding his hand during the procedure.  This reminded me of all the times I was scared and people helped me.

Overall, this was an AMAZING first out-of-country mission trip experience and I will never forget it.

Postscript by one proud grandma:  This was our daughter Amber and her son Hunter’s first mission trip.  They rocked it!!  Though we have nice places to stay and great food to eat while in Jamaica, the work is hard and the conditions are less than ideal.  As Hunter mentioned, it is hot and humid.  The clinic is crowded.  The people show up early in the morning hoping to get on the list to be seen.  They sit outside waiting for their turn.  Some wait up to 10 hours for a chance to be seen by one of the 26 dental students.  The students were mentored by two DDS, one Endodontist and one Oral Surgeon. 

Amber and one of the wives read Bible Stories to the children.  They did crafts and sang silly songs to enhance the stories.  One day they had 17 children. In the afternoon, Amber and Angelica would come in and assist the students as they cleaned teeth.  Kathy Nix also assisted the students.  What a blessing this was.

Thanks to the White Bluff Chapel for their donations.  These students learned so much about doing dentistry but also about serving people.  The students are not required to believe in Jesus to go on this trip but they are required to participate in all parts of the day, including devotions.  We had three Muslims and several non-believers on this trip.  All the students saw God at work and felt the love shown by and to the people of Jamaica.

ission  Missionary Report from
Truth Encounter Mission
 oment  Posted August 10, 2017

The Global/National Mission Committee led by Vicki Thompson receives requests, usually from Chapel members, to entertain accepting a mission to support.  Once they receive a request, certain information is required along with completing an official application for the committee's evaluation.  Once received a dialog is initiated to further investigate the mission to ensure they meet the Chapel's requirements.

Earlier this year Bill Campbell asked that the committee consider sponsoring Truth Encounter Ministries.  The head of this ministry is Dave Wyrtzen.  Dave and Bill have been close friends for a number of years.  Bill was able to obtain all the necessary information the committee requires to review and consider sponsoring this mission.  You may recall that Mr. Wyrtzen gave a sermon earlier this year.

The committee agreed to give Truth Encounter a $1000 extra blessing gift for specific use for their Kenya Bridge School project.  The Global/National Mission Committee will continue to gather information from Truth Encounter Ministries to determine if they will become an ongoing mission WBC will help support.

You can read the missionary report to better understand this mission.

What's Happening

Office Administrator Search
Posted August 10, 2017

After 13 years, Glenna Bodeker is retiring as Office Administrator for the Chapel. She has been invaluable and such a blessing to all.

The Staff Relations committee is looking for someone to train with and replace her beginning in Mid-November.

The job description for this position can be found on the Chapel's website under Who Are We. We are looking for someone who understands that this job is a ministry and confidentiality is imperative.  They must be computer literate and able to juggle several things at once.  The hours are 9-12 Monday through Friday. You can review the job description.

Starting pay is $16.25 per hour. The person who fills this position will have two weeks paid vacation along with paid Chapel holidays.

Please send resumes to the White Bluff Chapel at 1072 White Bluff Drive Whitney, TX 76692.

Questions can be directed to Nancie Yarbro 254-694-1407 or 254-315-2076. Email is nlyarbro56@gmail.com.

Chapel Accepting Nominations for Trustee Position
Posted August 10, 2017

Beginning in late July the Chapel has been asking members to nominate any individuals that they feel are qualified to be a Trustee of the Chapel.  The nomination form states the qualifications to become a Trustee.  The nomination form has been included in the last two Sunday bulletins.

The form must be signed and delivered to the Chapel office no later than Sunday August 27, 2017.  You can view the qualifications and print a copy of the nomination form.

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Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

Enlightenment from Amsterdam
Posted August 10, 2017

by Bill Burris

During my career I spent a lot of time traveling for my work. Most of it domestically, but on occasion I spent some time abroad. One of those trips was a five-day business trip to Amsterdam in 1987. Upon arrival I encountered something unexpected. As I walked from the arrival gate to customs I passed several security guards, each fully armed about 100 feet apart. I was thinking, "Do I really want to be here?" The airport in Amsterdam was a prime connection for the evil forces of the time to other parts of the world, hence the guards.

Fortunately, the arrival was the only negative experience to the trip. My company had an operation in Amsterdam run by an expat from Boston. He was a wonderful host and I learned a lot about the city from him. The unit supplied computer services throughout Europe. My task for the trip was to evaluate the effectiveness of the operation. In 1974 I was scheduled to be a part of that same operation, but the relocation had been canceled.

I spent most evenings exploring the city. Like the time I spent in Paris a few years later, I was comfortable walking the streets and seeing the sites. My lodging was only a block away from the Anne Frank house. My schedule sadly did not allow me an opportunity to visit the house when it was open. I have always had a great interest in the WWII era. I've seen her movie and other documentaries about her life, but seeing the home would have definitely been a bucket list item.

While walking around the city, I found myself entering the well known "Red Light" district. I decided to walk through to see what it was like. The operative word here was "walk." As I walked through, I saw the women in the windows with blank soulless eyes. At the time I thought how sad they looked. Looking back on that time from where I now see things with different eyes, I realize it could have been the absence of God in their lives.

God has blessed me so many times in my life, including being able to see many different parts of His creation and how He uses people to enhance his works. I see daily blessings in my personal life as well. He brought me to a wonderful, caring Christian community at a time when my late wife and I needed their support. Then he brought Marcie into my life and as they say, "The rest is history."

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