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Don't Just Stand There
    January 15, 2017
    Acts 1:6-11
    Dr. David Wyrtzen

The Pursuit of Happiness
    January 8, 2017
    Psalm 1:1-6
    Wes Mitchell

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ission  Gideons Have a Successful 2016
 oment  Posted January 19, 2017

The Chapel has supported The Gideons International in their efforts to win souls for Christ and distribute scriptures for a number of years.  John Upchurch and Glenn Carrell as Gideons, as well as others in the Chapel have been very involved supporting this fine organization.  The support of the Gideons is part of the Global/National mission committee led by Vicki Thompson.  The money allotted to this group is helping spread the Gospel around the world.

Locally and throughout Hill County, the Gideons have distributed over 200 scriptures in 5th grade classes at several elementary schools, with more to come in the spring.  Additionally they have personally met to support and pray for 50 of the pastors in Hill County.

The following are some international statistics concerning the Gideon efforts:

  • 91,863,801 - Scriptures distributed last year
  • 97,000,000 - Scripture distribution goal for 2017
  • Organized in 200 countries, territories and possessions
  • Scriptures printed in over 95 languages
  • 277,715 total Gideons and Auxiliary (Gideon wives) worldwide
  • 3,167 Gideon USA camps
  • 12,029 camps worldwide (including USA)

Sara Edwards is the Chapel liaison for The Gideons International.  If you have any questions you can email Sara or John Upchurch.

What's Happening

Do You Have a Story To Tell?
Posted January 19, 2017

The Chapel website is a great place to exercise your writing skills.  Everyone has a memorable trip, family reunion or attendance at a great event worth telling about. Or maybe you, a family member or close friend has gone through a difficult time and recovered. That, too, is something worth sharing.

There are two areas of the website where you might consider placing such an article: either in the "On the Road Again" or the "On the Road to Recovery" column. Take some time to page through some of the articles in these sections.  Perhaps it will trigger an event in your life you might want to share with the Chapel members.  If you have a story to tell, remember that adding pictures will greatly enhance the reading.  If you don't have specific pictures, we can find some that will serve the purpose.

Several Chapel members, over the past 5 years, have shared some of their events in both sections.  You'll notice a trend with the articles where they share their thoughts on how God was involved and/or made His presence known to them at that time.

Think about the times in your life that were memorable for any number of reasons.  Have you taken a river cruise, visited an ancestral country, taken a fishing trip with a friend or family member or maybe been to one of the wonders of the world?  Think about putting the experience in writing and sharing your adventure with the Chapel members.  If you do want to tell your story, you can email it to Bill Burris.  He will work with you if you have any questions or may even offer suggestions.  He will tell you that he has found joy and also feels closer to God through his writings.

Mark Your Calendars for WBC's VBS
Posted January 19, 2017

A lot of folks will remember last year's VBS.  Susie Spelunker created a wonderful experience for the children.  Then just like that, she went off on another cave exploration.  Well while you thought you'd never hear from her again, she dropped by and relayed some of the wonderful things Kay Lea Scott and Debbie Bradley were conjuring for this year's event.

Susie set the bar pretty high last year but you can bet that Kay Lea and Debbie will come up with something that will blow last year's event away.  Last year the registration process was implemented online and was a big success.  This year's registration will also be online.

To mark your calendars you can review Kay Lea's save the date information to mark your calendars.

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Terry's Blog

Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

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On the Road to Recovery

Update on Aaron Browder's Battle with Life
Posted January 19, 2017

by Lanette Browder

Update on Aaron Browder's Battle with Life

Members of White Bluff Chapel have prayed for our grandson, Aaron Browder, many times in the past 11 years for his various health issues and surgeries.  Because of his original birth defect both his arm and leg on his right side are affected.  He has overcome many obstacles and is a happy and busy sixth grader.

Some roads to recovery take longer than others.

Our son sent the following message in December to show how Aaron is doing.


Jason wrote:

A little over 11 years ago, we had two wonderful boys, Alex and Aaron.  Four months later Aaron had his first of seven brain surgeries.  He has had to deal with tens of thousands of seizures, cerebral palsy and Autism.  None of that has stopped him, nor has it slowed him down much.  He has always found a way to adapt or overcome most every obstacle that he has come across.  He continually amazes me and last night was no exception.

Last night Aaron played the trombone in his first ever band concert.  When he came to us and told us he wanted to do band this year, I honestly did not think he could do it.  But he proved me wrong again.  Not only did he play, but he played great.  He was very nervous before the show; nervous like I have never seen before. 

But when it was over he was jumping with excitement.  He had a glow about him.  I don't think I have been any more proud of Aaron than I was last night.  For all that he has been through in 11 years, he has accomplished so much and will accomplish so much more in the future.  I can't wait to see how he surprises me next. 

 Even though you have limitations, don't let them limit you.

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What We've Done

Go to the What We've Done page to see prior "What We've Done" articles.