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    August 30, 2015
    Matthew 7
    Terry Cosby

Can't Stop This!
    August 23, 2015
    Galatians 5:23-26
    Terry Cosby

Out of Control
    August 16, 2015
    Galatians 5:23
    Terry Cosby

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ission  Did You Know?
 oment  Posted September 3, 2015

Did you know that by clicking on the home page tab, "Get Involved with Missions," you can read about all the ministries (Global/National, Education and Local) that the Chapel supports? What you will find is a collection of ministries that are providing pathways to life and to God. You will also find a link to the email address of the Chapel sponsor of each ministry for access to them should you have questions or want to somehow get involved. 

Today’s posting is the second in a 3-part series on Missions, leading up to Mission Sunday, September 27. On August 20, we ran some "Did You Know?" facts about our Global/National Ministries. In this issue, we are featuring the Education Ministries, and Local Ministries will be highlighted on September 17. Note that Tom Edgar (Email) is Chair of the Missions Committee.

Peggy Mitchell, Sub-Committee Chair Email

English as a Second Language – Peggy Mitchell, Sponsor Email
Last year’s session hosted 54 adults and 36 children. Five previous graduates served as instructional assistants.  The new 2015-2016 classes get underway on September 21st.

Scholarships – David Briggs, Sponsor Email
This past school year, fourteen students were awarded WBC scholarships.  They range from one to four years each for a grand total of $61,000.

School Supplies – Sandy Moore, School Supplies Email
Each year, several of our Whitney ISD students need assistance in buying their school supplies. The School Supply project continues to be a much-enjoyed effort by the committee members and a much-appreciated one by the teachers.

School Volunteers – Sponsor, Linda Yeary Email
There are many opportunities to volunteer within the Whitney school system.  Helping in the library and reading to children is just a couple of those opportunities.

Teacher Appreciation – Sponsor, Canda Cox Email
Twelve Chapel ladies hosted a breakfast burrito event last spring for the staff and teachers of each school in Whitney.

United Christian Fellowship – Sponsor, Lanette Browder Email
Four Chapel ladies hosted a devotional luncheon of prayer and Bar B-Q with all the trimmings for the students, faculty and staff of Hill College, Hillsboro campus.

WHS Career Day - Sponsor, Dottie Briggs, Email
With help from the Whitney community, WBC sponsors a half-day career program each year for the Whitney High School junior class.  Serving as panel members are professionals who explain the educational requirements and rewards of various careers.

ission  "Tom Sawyer" Drama Featured
at Deaf History Center
 oment  Posted September 3, 2015

Isaiah’s Place Retreat and Learning Center for the Deaf had a productive, rewarding summer. They had a staff of paid and volunteer young adult leaders who worked primarily with area deaf youth at the IP facility across FM 933 from the White Bluff entrance. Diane Frederickson, Director of the retreat, also serves as White Bluff Chapel’s sponsor for this local mission.

During the many summer activities conducted for the enrichment of the deaf youth, the skills of leadership, teamwork and social skills were practiced, in addition to the primary objective of language development. For many of the activities, IP partnered with Waco Deaf Life Group.

An exciting new addition to IP’s Deaf History Center is a gestured drama of “Tom Sawyer.” It is being showcased in the DHC exhibit and shows the story of Tom Sawyer outside language. As the IP team travels with its Deaf History Center, they can take the drama program and props along with them and bring in the local deaf youth to act in the play.

The programs and services of Isaiah’s Place are offered at no charge for families of the deaf. Individual and corporate donations are vital to their success.

ission  The 'AFTER' Look
 oment  Posted September 3, 2015

by Sara Edwards

Many web sites show sad ‘before’ pictures and stories of people in need from all over the world.

I’d like to share with you some happy pictures showing people AFTER the trailer filled with donated items from White Bluff arrived in the Valley.

A mother with her four children arrived even before the trailer was unloaded.   She was given furniture, bedding and household items for her newly-acquired Section 8 apartment, as well as clothing and personal items.  Her smile needs no translation.

The Lily house was filled with material and sewing supplies so the ladies who attend classes there will be well supplied for some time to come.

Two young Cuban refugees who were there to help unload the trailer were given very nice shoes that fit them well and were told to select a shirt that would fit.  Quite a happy feet difference from walking barefoot!

Yesterday, a mother and daughter with a new baby (sadly – a child resulting from gang rape as the mother and daughter fled violence and assault from their home in Honduras; but happily - a child loved by God and the mother and grandmother) arrived to select clothing and items that they could use in the center where they are temporarily being cared for.  The baby has been provided care and is flourishing while both mother and daughter are receiving care and are now well dressed and can smile for a picture.

The word is out: White Bluff gifts have arrived -- and more people are coming. 

The AFTER results of your generosity is that many people will have beans to eat, clothes and shoes to wear, and will be delightfully surprised by all the ‘extra’ unexpected items that were sent from you and given to them!   I love sharing good news.

On their behalf – thank you, thank you, thank you.

And, as they say, “Dios te bendiga!”

What's Happening

Whitney Providence Hospice Busy with Fall Activities
Posted September 3, 2015

Providence Hospice continues to average 35-40 concurrent patients, which keeps all those involved very busy. Aggie Gladbach, Coordinator of Volunteers, has announced the schedule of fall activities, which actually started with a Training Workshop in August.

In addition to the five volunteers who participated in the workshop, one person is now taking the at-home-training, so that will provide the local hospice service with six active and eager-to-minister volunteers.

September will see the start of Grief Support Group Meetings. They will convene once a month, with day and time to be announced soon. The support group is open to all; participants do not have to have been a hospice patient to participate. 

October Fest will bring all staff and volunteers together for a feast of pumpkin dishes for lunch. 

The Veterans Day Celebration of Whitney and the surrounding area will be held on Wednesday, November 11 at Lake Whitney Public Library at 10:00 a.m.  The Founding Mothers from Fort Graham Chapter of the DAR will provide the entertainment with a short skit performed in Revolutionary War era costumes.

Also, on the occasion of this 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, the Daughters of the American Revolution will present a certificate of recognition honoring each veteran who served in the military during the Vietnam War era (1955-1975), living or deceased, regardless of where they were stationed or where they are currently living. Veterans or their loved ones can sign up to receive the certificate through Providence Hospice, the Lake Whitney Public Library, or at fortgrahamdar@gmail.com. Those unable to attend the event will receive their certificate by mail.

Mark your calendars and plan to join the Veterans of Whitney and honor them for the service and sacrifice they gave to our country!

As Coordinator of Volunteers, Gladbach is always seeking those eager for active ministry with the sick. Email her or 254-694-6009 to learn more about serving as a volunteer for Providence Hospice.

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Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

A Highway Full Of New Friends
Posted September 3, 2015

Part Two of Two by Bill Burris

Marcie and I went back to Pennsylvania this summer to say goodbye to a wonderful, dear friend. Joe Hellberg and his wife Jane are fine examples of living a life of caring, loving parents and friends. When you are around them, you know that God is a major part of their lives.

Marcie has known the Hellberg family for thirty years. I met Joe and Jane at our wedding rehearsal dinner in 2004 and could see instantly what Marcie already knew about Joe and Jane.

Joe's memorial service was very moving. The music and the pastor's message were only exceeded by the eulogies from his son Rick and daughter Jo Ann. They brought out the strengths and tenderness of their father. Though they were emotional, they brought to life his passions, generosity and love for making people laugh. He was a great practical joker.

We were invited by the family to join them at a dinner in Joe's honor. We were welcomed as family. The evening was highlighted by something we had never before encountered. When we arrived for dinner, everyone received assigned seating. A different framed photo of Joe's past and present was in front of each person with one seat absent a photo. The person without a photo was asked to stand up and share something about Joe. When that person finished, all the photos were shifted and the next person without a photo told their stories. You can't imagine the insight you get into a friend until you experience that kind of event. It was a most uplifting evening and you sensed that God was with us, watching and laughing.

We were overwhelmed with the family's generosity of making us part of them. It was a very touching and emotional evening with much laughter, just as Joe would have liked.

It's always difficult to lose a dear friend. Marcie and I are sure that Joe is with the Lord and that both are watching over his family.

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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

Ice Cream Social Features Unique Program
Posted September 3, 2015

An enthusiastic crowd gathered on Saturday evening, August 22, for fellowship, sampling of delectable ice cream recipes accompanied by complimentary sweets, and for an unusual and fascinating program.

Mary Parish and her Hospitality Committee hosted the annual event in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall. The gathering opened with solemn prayer for Jan and Brett Schiftner, who had just suffered their tragic accident on the previous evening.

Vicki Shultz had been invited to present a short and informative program on the rescued wildlife babies that she and hubby Jerry care for at their home on Oak Ridge Loop in Whitney. Vicki demonstrated the feeding of an infant skunk, showed off an infant opossum, and explained the habits of the two species. Even though most of the crowd found it difficult to accept, Vicki explained that there are far more advantages than not of having members of these two species living in our yards!

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