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I Know a Thing or Two
    April 16, 2017
    Matthew 28
    Terry Cosby

Triumphal Exit
    April 9, 2017
    Luke 19:35-44
    Terry Cosby

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ission  Brian Firle with AIA Continues
to Grow His Mission
 oment  Posted April 13,2017

Brian Firle, with Athletes in Action (AIA) is sponsored by the Chapel through the Global/National Missions committee led by Vicki Thompson.  Brian and his efforts with AIA were accepted as a mission for calendar year 2017.  He has continued his growth within the pro cycling community reaching many riders that were never exposed to Christ.  Brian uses regular meetings with the riders for bible study, fellowship and presentation of God's word. 

Brian has teamed with his friend Brad to be able to reach even more riders.  God is truly working through Brian to reach a group of professionals that never had time for the word of God. 

If you want to know more about Brian's efforts you can contact Bill Burris the Chapel liaison.

Please check out Brian's April report.

ission  Success in Africa through
Foundation Ministries
 oment  Posted April 13, 2017

The Chapel provides support for Foundation Ministries through the Global/National mission committee led by Vicki Thompson.  The Chapel liaison is Becky McKee and she continues to receive positive feedback from Rene and Elizabeth Brown.  For more information about Foundation Ministries and the work they do in Kenya you can contact Becky.  Joseph Allen, the author of the letter to Rene and Elizabeth Brown, was one of the pastors that visited the Chapel in 2015. 

In December of 2016 the website contained an article of how Joseph was building a goat herd for the Widows and Orphans.  You can review that article.

Dear Becky and Vicki,

Success!! It’s wonderful to see an orphan grow up and begin working in the kingdom to lead others to Christ.

Rene and Elizabeth

To: Rene Brown

Subject: profile of one of the orphans

Dear brother Rene and Mama Elizabeth,

We trust in the mighty grace of God that made us co partakers of the eternal inheritance not counting our sins.

We are fine and the orphans are in school except for food shortage that is threatening here.

I have been prompted with the profile of one of the orphans FMI started to support at the age of 9 years from Kisumu Street, back to school, then college where he became somebody.

This is none other than Victone Onyango, this boy is now winning more of the youths to Christ, an active community youth activities leader, a regional scout leader, an evangelist, a farmer and a very resourceful youth in the church.

We thank the lord for FMI and Rene Brown and all the brethren that have stood with you to do this noble work.


Joseph Allen

What's Happening

Easter Week Activities Reminder
Posted April 13, 2017

We've entered the last week of Lent and looking forward to celebrating our risen Savior.  Here is a list of the activities for this week.

Maundy Thursday Service 7:00 p.m.

Good Friday, Tenebrae Service 7:30 p.m.

Saturday Easter Celebration for the Children
10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Easter Sunrise Service 6:35 a.m.
Service will be held outside near the marina.
Breakfast furnished by the Chapel's Sunday School Class for those who attended the service

Easter Service 9:15 a.m.
You may bring fresh flowers to place on the cross
at the front of the Sanctuary.

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Terry's Blog

Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

Highway 933 Trash Cleanup
Posted April 13, 2017

On Saturday April 8 a group of ten able and eager bodies met at the waterfall pool to honor the Chapel commitment to keep two miles of FM 933 clean of trash. 

As mentioned in the last website issue April 8 was a day designated by the State of Texas as "Don't Mess With Texas Trash Off". 

When it's time for another round of cleanup Rick Faught will send out another request for volunteers.

Men's Ministry Continues to Help Those in Need
Posted April 13, 2017

The Chapel's Men's Ministry is a valuable asset helping people in our community by shining God's light on those in need.  One of their programs is the installation of wheel chair ramps.  Recently they've completed two ramp improvements and have a backlog of seven more.  One of the seven has probably been completed and will be presented in a future issue of the website.

One of the repairs was completed for Sarah Mulkey.   Her porch had deteriorated to the point she could not access the existing wheel chair ramp.  They refurbished her side porch so she could finally reach the ramp. 

Another ramp was installed for Alice Roden.  She is dependent on her electric wheel chair and could not get out of the house.  The men built her a complete new ramp. 

A third project was mentioned by Harry Seurkamp in an earlier issue about a woman impacted by the recent tornado.  They replaced her utility pole to restore electricity and replaced her damaged water heater.

You may also recall that the Chapel was graciously given an additional lot.  The Men's Ministry gathered to clear the lot.

The Men's Ministry is always looking for able bodied men to work on the ramp projects and other needs where they can help.  If you want more information or want to get involved you can contact Rick Faught.

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