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    Sep 14, 2014
    Psalm 37
    Terry Cosby

The Upward Call
    Sep 7, 2014
    Psalm 27
    Terry Cosby

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What's Happening

Pastor Joins Celebrities in "Hot Cos Challenge"
Posted September 11, 2014

by Terry Cosby

Matt Lauer takes the ice bucket challenge

I have been hoodwinked. You are aware of the now ubiquitous "ice bucket challenge" that has raised millions of dollars for ALS research to help find a cure for Lou Gerhig disease (wonderful idea). The fund-raising arm of Whitney’s Daily Bread Food Bank has issued an ice bucket challenge to raise funds for the new food bank building.

I thought it was called the "Hot Coz Challenge,"  so I signed up. I later found out, after seeing the idea in writing, that it is the "Hot Cause Challenge." Too late, I'm in. However, I can exercise some control: If you want to have ice and water poured over my exposed, vulnerable, and delicately polished pate, it will cost you!

Bill Gates takes the ice bucket challenge

The fundraisers are suggesting $20 per person donation. Well, I'll do it, but in $100 increments. So, for every $100 raised from chapel members and their friends in and around White Bluff, I will be dumped upon. Therefore, if the donations amount to $316, then I'll be dumped on 3 times!!!

Anyway, give the money to Herb Grubbs, or put it in the basket by the office door with a note (Please DON’T put it in the offering plate Sunday), and it will get to the Food Bank building fund.

The "Hot Cos Challenge" dumping will take place in Brookshire's parking lot on Thursday, September 18 between 3:00 and 7 p.m. For those who wish to witness the Hot Cos cool down, we will announce the specific time as the day approaches.

Choir Loft Expansion to Accommodate Growth
Posted September 11, 2014

The WBC congregation will see a big change to the sanctuary at worship service on Sunday, September 7, in the form of an expanded choir loft. With the numbers for the choir membership near sixty, most folks credit the growth to Music Director Tom Reedy, who has been producing great outcome in the quality of the music delivered as well as the pleasing variety in the repertory.

The expansion plan calls for moving the platform forward out over the wide three steps behind the altar. (The photos here show the new carpet being installed over the original platform, but do not yet show the addition of the new section of platform.) The addition to the platform will allow room for the pulpit to be located nearer the altar and for an additional row of seats to be added to the choir loft. Two small sets of steps will remain on either side of the altar, in addition to the sets of steps behind the piano and organ.

WBC member and construction contractor Ron Roberts is overseeing the project. He organized the work to be done within a single work week so that there would be no disturbance of any Sunday worship services. Be sure to show up for service on Sunday, September 7, to admire the new look.

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