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Mercy! Really?
    May 21, 2017
    Luke 18
    Terry Cosby

Born Again to Reach Your Destiny
    May 14, 2017
    John 3
    Dr. Hulitt Gloer

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ission  E3 Partners, Doug Beck Update
 oment  Posted May 25, 2017

White Bluff Chapel through the Global/National Mission committee led by Vicki Thompson is one of the sponsors for Doug Beck through the E3 Partners organization. 

Doug has been working in many of the Central Asia countries converting Muslims to Christ.  He has been working in the area for over 20 years and is the Area Director for Central Asia.  This is an area of the world where many former Muslims are converting to Christianity.  Doug's efforts and his team have been an integral part of that growth. 

Early in his mission he was accompanied by his family.  After several years working alone with his team, his son Josh is returning with Doug to Greece where they will work with Afghan refugees.  They will be there from May 26 to June 6.  They would appreciate your prayers for safe travels and more conversions.

Doug has provided a three page report on his latest efforts, his team and future travels.    If you would like to know more about this ministry you can contact Vicki Thomson the Chapel Liaison.

ission  Wee Can Know Remains Focused
Through Health Issues
 oment  Posted May 25, 2017

Wee Can Know (WCK) is a children's ministry in the New Orleans area.  White Bluff Chapel is one of their sponsors through the Global/National Missions committee led by Vicki Thompson.  WCK continues to grow their ministry and they also provide training for volunteers working with children.

2017 has been a mixed blessing for them.  Both Phil and Debbie Smith had medical issues.  Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer, has had some minor surgery and treatments and is doing well.  Phil had back surgery to reduce severe pain and that too was successful.  On top of these issues, Phil's mother passed away on Easter Sunday.  She lived in Tennessee and they both made several trips to see his mother and to take care of the remaining details.

Through it all they remained focused on their ministry and continued to reach out in various ways to touch the lives of children.  You can read their May newsletter.  If you'd like more information about this ministry you can contact Bill Burris the Chapel liaison.

ission  Thank You from Alexis Turner
 oment  Posted May 25, 2017

Alexis Turner received Financial Aid from the Chapel in 2013. She is now graduating from UT Austin and has sent David Briggs a thank you note in appreciation of the Chapel's gift. Alexis was mentored by Ruth Maddux. It's gratifying to hear how the gift has impacted a student's ability to achieve their goals.

Alexis’ note:

Thank you for your generosity and support the past four years at the University of Texas at Austin.  Receiving the White Bluff Chapel Scholarship has helped me immensely.
Thank you,
Alexis Turner

Alexis' bio from when she was awarded the financial aid four years ago:

Alexis Turner

Graduated Whitney High School, 2013
College University of Texas at Austin
Major Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Award Date 2013
Mentor Ruth Maddux

Alexis Turner finished her high school career with an impressive 96.8 GPA. She has accomplished this while completing multiple pre-AP, AP and dual-credit courses. During her senior year, Alexis worked at retail store while keeping up with her studies. She has been on the cross-country, basketball, track and cheerleading teams, as well as participating in Spanish Club and serving on the Student Council. Alexis has been involved in numerous community service activities, including cheer clinics, roadside clean-up and several fundraising events. Her career objective is to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Toward that end, she will be attending the University of Texas at Austin.

What's Happening

VBS 2017 Glacier Graphic Newsletter
Posted May 25, 2017

The first issue of Glacier Graphic, the official newsletter of 2017 VBS Operation Arctic, is now available.

Men's Ministry Breakfast Meeting
Posted May 25, 2017

by Rick Faught

The Men’s Ministry will be holding their regular breakfast gathering on Saturday June 3 at 8 AM. Cooks and helpers need to arrive at 7AM.

We will be reviewing the year’s successes so far, making plans for the rest of the year, and we will be having a special presentation “The Life You Save Might be Mine!”

It will be good food, good fellowship and good information we all need.  If you have questions or want to be involved with this ministry you can contact Rick Faught.

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Terry's Blog

Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

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On the Road to Recovery

Moving Forward After Losing a Spouse
Posted May 25, 2017

by Bill Burris (Part 2 of 3)

I was in the Air Force when Connie and I started our life together in August of 1962.   After leaving the service in September of 1966, I began working for Raytheon and we relocated several times with my job transfers.  With each move we found new friends and another place with sites to see.  In all there were ten relocations to seven different states with both Missouri and Texas twice.  We were almost relocated to Amsterdam in early 1974, but the transfer was canceled at the last minute. 

After returning to Texas in 1990, Connie finally found a job with a pay increase and upward mobility.  That was a blessing.  Before that, almost all of our vacation time had been spent visiting parents in Michigan and Illinois.  Now we had two great sailing trips, one in the Virgin Islands on the 75-foot schooner Satori, and a Windjammer cruise on Polynesia out of St. Martin.  A love of the Caribbean was created for me then and it continues today.

Connie and I moved to White Bluff in early 1999.   We both continued working in the Dallas area and were able to commute together. She was diagnosed with cancer in July of 2001.  She continued working for two more months.  We didn't have the benefit of a friend to support us like Marcie's friend Donna, but we had discovered a wonderful caring neighborhood and community in White Bluff. 

Sandy Cannon and Zelpha Tomason spent many hours with Connie while I continued working.  They got her involved in Critters, which helped her pass the time.  Many other ladies in White Bluff took the time to stop by to visit her as well.  Connie wanted to return to the church, so we began attending church services at WBC the fall of 2001.  We rarely missed a Sunday Service after returning to the church at the Chapel.

When we sold our WB home and moved to Thousand Oaks in July of 2003, the WB ladies continued to visit.  Connie had an easier time with her battle with cancer than was the case with Marcie's husband Jerry.  When her last eight weeks became more difficult, I was allowed to work from home.  About a week before Connie lost her battle in December of 2003, the new Chapel held a dedication service by the choir.  Before they began, Cynthia announced that in addition to dedicating the Chapel on that occasion, they were dedicating the evening to Connie.  It had been a long time since I had seen that big of a smile on Connie’s face. 

After her death I continued to attend Chapel services.  The following is a quote from Brother Ron:

"It is the love of God and knowing that our family has been truly blessed with God Loving parents, who even today touch our hearts and makes miles seem like grains of sand."

Part 3 is our Story.

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What We've Done

Men's Ministry Continues to Help Those in Need
Posted May 25, 2017

by Rick Faught

Brett and Jan Schiftner's outlook is much better now that the dead trees are no longer blocking their view of the beautiful 5th fairway thanks to great work of this great group of men. 

Last week, in addition to the Schiftner's, the men's ministry also cut up and removed a large tree from the front yard for Jim and J'Vne Lindsey and mowed for Jack Horn since his time is being spent helping his wife these days.  We have manpower and energy to spare.


I've heard reports that some are hesitant to use us because they don't want charity.  I have a solution for that concern. We accept donations to the men's ministry. That money is then spent for supplies on the next project.  Donations are not required or expected but accepted. 

If you have a need or you'd like to be part of this ministry please contact Rick Faught.

WB Ladies Meet at Rustic Pool Pavilion
Posted May 25, 2017

The initial meeting of the WB (What Beautiful) Ladies was held on May 17.  Not all but a group of 26 ladies met at the Rustic pool pavilion for lunch, swapping books and fellowship.  The intent of these meetings is for everyone to get to know new neighbors and exchange books.  The bringing of a book is not mandatory.

Nancie Yarbro and some friends came up with the idea for the women of White Bluff to gather on occasion to get to know each other better.  The next gathering will be in September.

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