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March Gladness
    March 19, 2017
    Acts 2
    Terry Cosby

We Need More Barns
    March 12, 2017
    Selected Passages in Acts
    Terry Cosby

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White Bluff Chapel with bluebonnets
ission  Update on the Toler Family Activities
 oment  Posted March 16, 2017

By Harry Seurkamp

The Global Missions Committee of White Bluff Chapel supports the Wycliffe Bible Translation Ministry through your donations.

We are currently sponsoring the Toler Family, Kris, Susan and their two children Kieran and Elyse. They are currently located in Central Mexico in the mountainous region, in proximity to a city called San Luis Potosi. The village that they minister to is approximately 50 miles from town about a 2 hour trip depending on the weather.

They spend one week in town in their apartment and three weeks in the village. While in town they work with the bible translation team. Their living quarters in the village are very limited with the utilities. The only connection they have to the outside world is when they're in town.

While in town they work on bible translations from English to the Pame language a form of Spanish. They have translated 19 bible stories to Pame. At the end of this article I have added two links. These links show the animated bible stories that have been translated to Pame for the children of La Prada. Kris expressed the excitement in the children's faces as seen for the first time when they heard these stories in their own language.

Kris is the administrator of the Central Pame Region and has since been asked to take over the Northern Region also. Needless to say they are keeping very busy.

Besides bible translation they support Christianity in the villages with teaching, counseling, building church buildings and being involved in baptisms. Kris and Susan aid in supporting the pastors of the churches.

Although I mentioned Kris a lot in this article Susan, Kieran and Elyse play a very important role in this ministry. They all have a part to play in communicating God's Love to the people of La Prada. Right now Susan is the backbone of this family. As I write Kris, Kieran and Elyse all have the flu.

Prayer is a very important part of support for their ministry. Please pray for them and the people of La Prada. And if you would like to aid in financial support just drop a check in the collection and note it for Wycliffe Ministry.  You can view the Toler's Christmas 2016 newsletter.  Harry Seurkamp is the Chapel liaison for this mission.  If you want more information you can contact Harry.

Animated Bible links are:

Video 1
Video 2

May God Bless and keep the Tolers safe. 

ission  Wee Can Know Mardi Gras and Newsletter
 oment  Posted March 16, 2017

Wee Can Know (WCK) is a children's mission in New Orleans supported by the Chapel through the Global/National Mission committee led by Vicki Thompson.  The committee and Chapel recently approved Extra Blessing money for WCK.  Phil and Debbie Smith are the leaders of this mission.  A lot of their work is the 9th Ward area.

WCK reported that some of the Extra Blessing money was used to purchase four wagons and create 396 salvation packets for use in the Gospel Gloat Parade. 

Additionally, on the personal side Debbie was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had a successful lumpectomy.  Phil recently had laminectomy on the L4 and L5 lamina.  His was successful as well.

WCK continues to reach more children and their efforts are enhanced by the Chapel's support and that of other churches in the New Orleans area. 

You can read their latest newsletter and thank you to see some of the activities they are a part of in their mission.  If you want to know more about this mission or want to get more involved contact Bill Burris.  Bill is the Chapel liaison for WCK.

What's Happening

Why YOU Need to Participate in and Attend
Our Annual Chili Cook-Off:
Why? Because the Men's Ministry has already spent the money they hope to raise!
Posted March 16, 2017

By Harry Seurkamp

Because of your generous past support of their annual Chili Cook-Offs, the Men’s Ministry had enough faith in your generosity continuing that they already undertook a project to help some one desperately in need. Remember the tornado that hit the Lake Whitney area in January. Well, upon inquiring at the Methodist Church Family Life Center a week after the tornado, they pointed out a lady in need.

She was released from the hospital after a bout of pneumonia only to come home to find damage and no electricity. The service pole to her residence was sheared off. She was supposed to be on breathing treatments but had no electricity. She was sleeping in her car because it was warmer. She was cooking her food using candles.

After visiting with this brave lady, we jumped right on her problems. Richard Ashley agreed to do the electrical work if we put up the service pole. Her hot water heater was gas but non-functioning. So we purchased an electric hot water heater and installed it. 

The Men’s Ministry had her living conditions back to normal in two and a half days. The total cost of this project was less than $800.00. This project would not have been possible without the help of Richard Ashley, John Knightstep, Ron Williams, Mark Baker and Harry Seurkamp. 

They can honestly say that God steered them to this lady's needs. He put Richard Ashley in the right place at the right time. He made the talents of John, Ron and Mark available. And He definitely guided Seurkamp in pursuing, undertaking and finishing this project.

And to think this all came about because a neighbor asked Harry if any of the tornado victims could use a TV! That was his original reason for stopping into the Family Life Center.

By the way, here is a link to retrieve the cook-off application. Praise be to God!

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Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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What We've Done

White Bluff Chapel Welcomes New Members
Posted March 16, 2017

On Sunday March 5 the Chapel welcomed 12 new members.  Several of the new members were not present.  Those present were Bill and Marsha Brown, Judy Jarrett and Jan Pees.  The new members not present were; Louie and Dianne Luna, Dusty and Cheryl Thornton, Jerry and Lynette Moore and Larry and Cheryl Lucas.

Following the service they were greeted in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall where Mary Parish and her team provided a variety of refreshments for the occasion.

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