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    April 24, 2016
    Mark 14
    Betty Newman

Hearts, Hands, Harvest
    April 17, 2016
    Luke 10, Matthew 9
    Terry Cosby

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ission  Dental Ministry Trip to Mexico
 oment  Posted April 28, 2016

With little time to recover from his Guatemala trip, Jody Yarbro continued his participation with Dental Ministry in Mexico.  He referred to this trip as the GAP (Gloria Al Padre) ministry.

The group spent five nights in the GAP compound.  Each day they traveled to a different clinic site to provide medical and dental services and reading glasses.  They also traveled with portable dental equipment and all travel is done by caravan for safety.

On day one they worked at an underserved barrio clinic on the outskirts of the city of Chihuahua where GAP has a clinic and another in Aldama,  the site of the Cathedral photo.  This location is blocks away from where GAP is starting to build a new church.  Jody mentioned that this would be a good project for the WB Men's ministry to consider by helping with the construction of the project. The new church will be named Jireh, and be built next to the pink house.

On days two and three they visited rural clinics in the desert villages (ranchitos).  One ranchito was called "Placer de Guadalupe". Each village has a government clinic they work in, but there are no doctors or medicine.  The team brings its own medicines on each trip to these clinics.

On day four the team spent their time at the clinic within a GAP compound providing services to those in need.  The compound was  in the village of Aldama and has 10 rooms, dorms, AC,  hot showers and a kitchen with dining room.

A big part of each dental mission time is spent mentoring and praying with the patients.

Jody and the team wish to thank everyone at White Bluff Chapel for their prayers and financial support.

ission  Thank You from Donie Hernandez,
Casa Bernabe
 oment  Posted April 28, 2016

You may recall that Donie visited White Bluff Chapel and held meetings with members the first weekend in March 2016.  People attending worship and/or the meetings heard about the wonderful things happening at Casa Bernabe.  The Chapel's sponsorship through the Global/National Mission sub- committee helps Casa Bernabe grow in God's service.  The Griffin's son John and wife Evonne recently visited Casa Bernabe.  John taught a math class and his wife Evonne is shown with two students on their visit. The following is Donie's thank you note to the Griffins and White Bluff Chapel.

Dear Jim and Pat, and all our dear friends at White Bluff Chapel,
This note of appreciation is a little late, but still very heartfelt!  I don't even know how to truly express my excitement for having had the opportunity to visit and share with you all (right there in the great state of Texas!) about some of the incredible things God is doing with Casa Bernabe here in Guatemala!  As I expressed before, God has opened up a number of new avenues for ministry that really began to come into focus with the construction of the new addition to our school!   An even greater outreach into the community providing a Christian education to even more children than before, Families United, the vocational program, to name a few!)   THANK YOU!  THANK YOU FOR CARING AND FOR CONTINUING TO BE A PART OF THIS BEAUTIFUL MINISTRY!

We continue to see good things happen as we move forward, trusting Jesus to go before us, using us and all of you to really make a difference in the lives of so many hurting children and families!

I want to invite you all, once again, to continue to give, but also to help us fight this battle through intercessory prayer for these precious children, for their families, and for those who are here at the battle front!  As you know, Satan is not taking any of this sitting down, but he has to bow down before the KING OF KINGS, JESUS, OUR REDEEMER!  Greater is HE that is in us than he that is in the world!  HALLELUYAH!  There are some wonderful things happening!  At the same time, there are serious attacks underway that we cannot just ignore!  As you know, the battle is heating up everywhere, and this is not time for Christians to become complacent or distracted!  God has called all of us, His Church, to be used by HIM to advance His Kingdom, and the gates of hell will not prevail against us!!!

Thank you, again, and may God be with you there, as well as with us here!
Love to all, 
Donie  Hernandez and Casa Bernabe

What's Happening

Calling All Children To Follow Jesus
Posted April 28, 2016

Do you know someone who would want to go on an exploration trip in search of Jesus?  If you do, get them signed up for the White Bluff Chapel Vacation Bible School.

VBS begins on June 22 and continues through June 26.  Something new and exciting is happening this year,  you can register and find all necessary forms on the website.  The forms will become active on May 8 when the registration period begins.  If you want to be a volunteer that form will also be active online beginning on May 8. 

Be sure to return to the website on May 8th, when the forms will be active,  and you'll be able to fill out the forms and they will be sent to Kay Lea.

VBS Child Registration Form
VBS Volunteer Form

If you have any questions now or during registration please contact Kay Lea Scott.

Go to the What's Happening page for prior news & events.
Terry's Blog

Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

On The Road To Chapel Worship When God Thundered
Posted April 28, 2016

by Kay Lea Scott

Today started like any other Sunday with a shower, hair fixing and make up to look my best for worship. Glancing in the mirror as I went out the door I thought, "good job". But God had other plans to make today's worship experience enjoyable for both of us.

It was sprinkling as I walked to the car. The drops got bigger and more plentiful as I started Bailey (my beetle). She had a surprise for me. The driver's side wiper broke right in half on the first pass. Never having seen that before and with no time to ponder the problem or get Scotty's help I thought, "I'll just look out the passenger's half of the windshield." Even though Bailey's windshield is small, using only the passenger's side of it while driving presented a challenge in a rain that got more intense. Bailey and I made it to the chapel and God rumbled.

After gathering purse, Bible and choir binder, wrestling with the umbrella took extra coordination. Naturally it wouldn't cooperate requiring a couple of tries to get it to open. Finally everything was in hand, Bailey's door open and the umbrella was between me and the rain drops. Then came the gully washer which overwhelmed my little umbrella. It really is a more cute than practical accessory. I ran for the chapel. God rumbled while a fellow choir member held the door for me saying something like "Don't get wet". I already was, everywhere and completely. Certainly Mary Kay was running down my face with the drops of rain dripping off my nose.

Shivering and out of breath I rushed to the ladies room, grabbed paper towels and dried the best I could. Decidedly a shirt made of thin fabric was a poor choice for this morning. And all I could do was pull the legs of my pants away from my skin where the rain had stuck them. On my way back to the sanctuary I noticed the inserts from my shoes on the table. I'd run right out of them, splashing my way to the chapel door! Luckily a kind choir member had retrieved them.

God rumbled as the choir director patted his head while smiling at me trying to get everything together again. I think he thought the dampened and droopy hair was humorous. I just thought how silly I was to try to have every hair in place on a rainy day.

Seated in the choir loft, music in hand, I reached for my glasses only to find the lenses covered in rain drops. God rumbled while I puzzled over how rain got in a zippered purse.

God's rumbles were heard throughout the worship reminding us today was part of His plan. He was there when words and phrases were chosen for the service like fount of every blessing, streams of mercy, never a day so dreary and the voice of the Lord is over the waters. He was there in the prayers and benediction referencing our rainy day. And He was there as Pastor Terry admonished us to carry His message.

I know every time I heard God rumble this morning; He was chuckling and enjoying our worship. And best of all He laughed out loud in the middle of Pastor Terry's prayer. That was when God thundered.

Searching For The Right Path
Posted April 28, 2016

by Bill Burris

I often wonder if I'm on the right path for seeking God's face.  It took me almost 65 years to even consider finding His path.  I've learned that I have to clear my mind in order to even think I'm hearing from Him.  How do I clear my mind in today's world?

When I decide to do something, is it my choice or has God planted the thought in my mind?  I think it's a little of both.  I just don't know when it's Him.  If I choose not to act, am I ignoring Him?  If I have done something good, I either followed God's prompt or I simply pleased him with my actions.  It was most likely His prompt and that pleases Him, as well.

I have struggled lately with that question.  I can look back and see the path I was on and the decisions made that brought me to Marcie.  Most of those decisions resulted from making a choice.  Who else but God could have planned for two people to meet at exactly the right time in their lives?  Looking back has helped me look forward.

There are examples I see where it's evident that God has led people.  For people in ministry and mission work, it is easy to believe that God has called them.  I'm always amazed when someone like the Tolers give up good jobs and possessions and take their two young children to a remote part of Mexico.  They obviously have a very strong faith and trust in God.

While trying to understand God's plan for me, I've been putting my thoughts into written words.  It is my hope that I can stimulate someone to stop and think about their life, past and present, and to better understand their relationship with God.  I know this process has helped me immensely.   My faith has grown so much through putting my life and thoughts into written word.  It has also helped with my spiritual checkup.

I hope reading my thoughts helps someone to better understand and grow their faith.

Col 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for your human masters.”

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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

933 Trash Clean Up
Posted April 28, 2016

Rick Faught and his team of workers once again charged into the world of roadside clean up on FM 933 outside the gates of White Bluff. The team of Rick, John Knightstep, Bill Allen and Bill Pierce were joined with new members Glen and Karen Van Wyk. Rick is always looking for new members to become part of the team. If you would like to help sometime please contact Rick.

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