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Worth or Not, Here I Come!
    September 27, 2015
    Luke 7
    Terry Cosby

And Yet!
    September 13, 2015
    2 Corinthians 6
    Terry Cosby

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ission  Joint Committee for Christmas:
"Did You Know?!"
 oment  Posted October 1, 2015

Connie Lange Merrill, Chairman of the Lake Whitney Area Joint Committee for Christmas, has submitted the following article about that active ministry that is gearing up for the Christmas 2015 season. Contact: cmerrill@swbell.net, 281-814-8693

Did you know ... the annual tradition of Joint Committee for Christmas (JCC) giving is well underway with the full support of the Lake Whitney community? In particular, the JCC feels very blessed to be a mission of the White Bluff Chapel congregation and greatly appreciates the contributions of volunteer time, financial donations, prayers and love that come from WBC members.

The JCC has outlined its activities and calendar of events leading up to and including Distribution Day on Thursday, December 17, 2015. By way of describing the plans for this year's Christmas offerings (expected to be similar to those of years past), here is a recap of the 2014 happenings. The following story was a thank-you letter to the Lake Whitney community, published as a "Letter to the Editor" in The Lakelander, January 2015.

"The Whitney community was a scene of joy, abundance and blessings on December 18th at the First Baptist Church. There, the Joint Committee for Christmas (JCC) led members of Whitney area church congregations, Whitney High School PALS, businesses, volunteer fire departments, and other groups in distributing new clothing, shoes, toys and gifts for 450 youths, gifts to 95 senior citizens, and Christmas Meal Boxes and grocery store vouchers for  950 individuals. This giving network, complete with the people who generously adopted our angels and made financial donations, graciously met at least some of the current economic needs of many in our area.

“What an awesome time to count our blessings with our clients, donors and volunteers at the top of our list! As we go our ways to enjoy the holidays and move into the new year with family, friends, and loved ones, may the following message, which was shared during the JCC distribution day, embrace you all.

"Today we are here in First Baptist Church. Thanks to Carl Jennings and this congregation's graciousness and hospitality, we are in a warm and welcoming place ... we are blessed.

“Our clients this year are fewer in number than in the past. We pray that many in the area have improved health, better education and more jobs ... we are blessed.

“Many contributors in the community have outdone themselves!  Our Angels have been adopted and generous donations have filled the Toy Store, the Senior Gift Department and Christmas Meal Boxes ... we are blessed.

“Volunteers have worked diligently during this giving season and are here today with energy and joy ... we are blessed.

“In prayer and thanksgiving, we celebrate the best and most blessed gifts of Christmas ... abiding faith, precious family and treasured friends!

“With blessings comes a challenge. I ask that all of you here today be the change you wish to see in your world! May we all meet this challenge with peace, harmony, laughter and love!"

“Let us begin ..."

What's Happening

Calling All Cake Bakers!
Posted October 1, 2015

Providence Hospice of Whitney offers a Cake Ministry program for which they are actively seeking volunteer bakers.  When one of their patients passes, they offer a home-baked cake, specially made just for the family.  This is one of the many ways they show the family that Hospice is still there for them, even as the patients they cared for during their final weeks or months of life have passed on.

Aggie Gladbach, Coordinator of Volunteers for Providence Hospice, desperately needs to identify women and men volunteers who like to bake so that she can recruit them to make cakes for the families enrolled in Hospice.  Those willing to accept this ministry should call Aggie at work [254-694-6009] or even at her home [254-694-9595].  More details will be provided when you talk to her. 

Hospice does ask that cakes be homemade.  They should be delivered to Providence Hospice either in aluminum pans that do not have to be returned or (if making a two-layer cake), on a round cardboard that can be purchased at Walmart.
Thank you in advance for saying "YES" to this ministry. 

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Terry's Blog

Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

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On the Road Again

Take a Trip with Me through God's Creation
Posted October 1, 2015

by Bill Burris

Traveling through some of God's creation has given me some wonderful experiences. Close your eyes and visualize what I'm about to describe to you. Spend some time with each suggestion and take in the full view. I've added some pictures to help you focus.

You're on a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Can you see the turquoise water, sugar-white sand, the pelicans, dolphins and sea gulls? Can you hear the surf, as well?

You're sitting on a patio in the hills of St John USVI (U.S. Virgen Islands). Look out at the pristine water below, white sand and boats at anchor. On the horizon, you see Tortola and Yost Van Dyke in the BVI (British V.I.). Listen to the birds and tree frogs chirping and perhaps the distant surf, too.

You're in a restaurant on the Russian River in Sonoma County, CA. Through the window you see the river merging with the Pacific Ocean and huge boulders silhouetted by a splendid golden sunset.

You're in the White Mountains of New Hampshire during autumn. Look at the beautiful foliage on the hillsides and listen to the mountain stream trickling down its rocky path.

You're walking on a trail lined with multicolored azaleas in a 300-year old plantation in South Carolina. Can you smell the fragrances?

You're sitting on a piazza overlooking Charleston harbor and you can see the flag flying at Fort Sumter.

Then, suddenly, upon your departure from Charleston, the pilot announces that your flight is in emergency mode and you are instructed to assume the crash position. Panic seizes you and dashes away the serenity of your beautiful memories.

Reflect upon what you saw and thought about as we were going through these descriptions of natural beauty. Ask yourself if you saw everything that was there. Did you feel the presence of God with you? Did you also sense Him making Himself known when it was time to help you through a difficult situation?

We often hear the advice, "Stop and smell the roses;" but perhaps it should more aptly be:

"Stop and wonder in awe of God and His creation."

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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

New Chapel Roof Reaches to the Heavens
Posted October 1 2015

During the final weeks of September, passers-by on White Bluff Drive may have looked up toward the heavens and caught a glimpse of the chapel roof taking on a fresh coat. Framed against the crisp, blue sky of an approaching autumn, the architecturally exquisite lines of our chapel serve to remind us that it is in the glory of our Lord that we have built this inspiring structure.

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