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Our History

Member Artists Craft Works of Art

Several talented members of White Bluff Chapel are artists in their own right, and they used their God-given talents to craft works of art that would adorn and benefit the chapel.

Harry Seurkamp, master woodcarver, lovingly chiseled out the traditional and intricate design of a wine chalice and communion host surrounded by clusters of grapes, sheaths of wheat and country loaves of bread to adorn the front of the communion table. The words, “Do this in Remembrance of Me,” are flanked by angels. Seurkamp also carved the crucifix that stands on the communion table on Communion Sundays.

Seurkamp created the exquisitely-hewn pulpit, as well, which features the image of Christ carrying a newborn lamb on his shoulders. Clusters of grapes surround the top section of the lectern. Additionally, Harry carved the manger that is used throughout Advent and Christmas. He was assisted by students in his woodcarving classes in creating the figurines that adorn the Nativity scene. All Seurkamp’s carvings were rendered from basswood.

Another woodcarver in WBC’s membership, Jim Browder, prefers to do rustic work from native woods. Jim crafted ten rough-hewn crosses which served as center pieces on the tables of the Kick-off Dinner of the building campaign. They were received with such enthusiasm that people offered to purchase them, so Browder sold them to raise funds to contribute to the building fund.

Once the building site was cleared, Browder collected mesquite wood from the site and carved more crosses from the wood. Each cross carried the number of Browder’s work on the bottom, with an additional “WBC” to signify that it came from the chapel’s building site. Sixty-eight of these crosses were offered for purchase to the membership, with the buyer deciding the amount of his/her own contribution. $2400 was raised through this effort. One of those crosses is among several carved by Browder that decorate the Chaplain’s office.

A quilted Peace banner in the style of a stained glass window adorns the reception office and is visible through the interior window to all who walk down the hall of the building. It was hand-crafted by Caroline Upchurch. Caroline embroidered scripture verses on the back of the banner and added a dedication to all who helped build our church.