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Audio / Video Committee

The purpose of the Audio/Video Committee shall be to provide the support required for the operation and maintenance of the audio and video systems for various services in the WBC sanctuary and fellowship classroom areas.

Responsibilities Administrative Policies and Procedures


  • Define policies and procedures for scheduling support, operating, training, and maintaining the audio and video systems used in the sanctuary, classrooms, fellowship areas, and outdoors.
  • Develop trained volunteers to operate audio/video equipment and sanctuary lights to support specific service requirements and maintain consistent, uniform operation of the equipment.
  • Define requirements for new equipment needs and/or maintenance costs for existing equipment. Interface with appropriate committee chairs to determine special state-of-the-art-equipment needs. Make equipment acquisition recommendations to the Trustees as necessary.
  • Work closely with the Worship and Wedding committees:
    • Provide schedule of worship service operators to the Worship Committee
    • Coordinate schedule and needs with the Wedding Committee.
  • Support normally scheduled chapel services and any special services authorized by the WBC office and placed on the calendar.

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  • The Chairman for the Audio/Video Committee is elected annually by the Chapel membership in accordance with the procedures in Article 6.5 of the Chapel Bylaws.
  • Bring any committee policy, procedural, financial, or functional related issue(s) to the attention of the Board of Trustees for consideration.
  • Obtain Board of Trustees prior approval for any unbudgeted capital expenditure over $500.
  • Prepare and submit a budget request for the next fiscal year in accordance with the instructions and schedule provided by the Treasurer.

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