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Board of Trustees

The White Bluff Chapel Board of Trustees has responsibility for overall guidance and operation of the WBC in a manner that will support the WBC's Mission Statement, acting in accordance with the WBC By-Laws and all legal/statutory requirements.

Current Board Members

Responsibilities Administrative Policies and Procedures


  • The full and entire management of the affairs and business of the White Bluff Chapel (and the Corporation) shall be vested in the Board of Trustees, which shall exercise all the powers that may be exercised or performed by the WBC (Corporation). The Board of Trustees shall also constitute the Board of Directors of the corporation and have the authority to exercise all corporate powers.
  • Strategic planning to provide for the long-term Mission success for WBC.
  • The Board of Trustees shall meet at least monthly to conduct the business of WBC.
  • The Board of Trustees is accountable to the Regular and Associate members of WBC.

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  • Requirements of the By-Laws of WBC pertaining to the Board of Trustees may be found in Article 6 and in Article 7. For convenience, portions of those requirements may be repeated or paraphrased here.
  • Trustees are elected annually by the WBC membership in accordance with the procedures in Article 6 of the WBC By-Laws. These procedures are further discussed in the organizational summary of the Nominating Committee.
  • The Board of Trustees consists of a minimum of three members and a maximum of fifteen members. The Board of Trustees shall decide annually the number of Trustees to be elected for the next term. The term of office for trustees is three years with approximately one-third of the trustees being elected annually. A trustee may not be elected for two consecutive terms but shall be eligible for election after the expiration of one year.
  • The Board of Trustees internally elects a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.
  • The Pastor is an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees. If the WBC Treasurer is not concurrently an elected Trustee, he/she shall also be an ex-officio member.
  • A majority of current trustees shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
  • Approval of the Membership is required for changes to the By-Laws, election of Trustees, election of Council of Ministries Committee Chairs, and approval of budgets and financial reports.

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