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Casa Bernabe

WBC Sponsor: Pat Griffin Email

ission  Sometimes Love Looks Like…
 oment  February, 2019

Casa Bernabe has joined forces with Friends of Children Everywhere, FOCE, to enhance their ability to meet the needs of the orphans in Guatemala.  Their latest report shows how they have expanded the range of additional sponsors to aid in their expenses to run the facility.

In their latest report they show some of the new sponsors.  They also show a way you can join their Pledge Change Program and a way to send them books so the students can enhance their reading skills.  Guatemala has the second lowest literacy rate in the Western Hemisphere.  

ission  Guatemala Volcano Eruption
 oment  June, 2018

One of the missions supported through the Chapel's Global/National Mission Committee is the orphanage in Guatemala, Casa Bernabe.  Pat Griffin is the Chapel liaison for this mission and has worked with Casa Bernabe since prior to the Chapel's sponsorship.

The recent volcano eruption has made a major impact on the country.  Fortunately Casa Bernabe has been spared, even though the site is nearby.  Pat had reached out to them and received the follow response from Edgar Salguëro, an administrator with Casa Bernabe.

Good morning Pat,

Thank you for your email.  We are all okay at Casa Bernabe.  The volcano was far enough away from us that we didn't even get any ash or debris.  Donie did get quite a bit of ash at her house and I believe was on alert as to possible evacuation during the actual eruption.  But they are all fine too.  This is one of the volcanoes that can be seen from near Casa Bernabe.  But it is about 60 km away from us, so we are not in danger from its eruptions.

However, the situation is very devastating for the people that live near the volcano.  Many many families were killed and buried alive. The eruption happened so fast and the kind of lava that came out of it moves so fast that most people didn't even have time to evacuate.  That is why so many were killed. My country needs lots of prayers right now. This was the worst eruption here in over a century.  75 people have already been confirmed dead and they are saying there will probably be many more as they continue rescue efforts.  Most of the bodies are unidentifiable though, from being so badly burned by the hot ash.  Please pray for Guatemala and these families.

Thank you for writing to us Pat and checking on us.  God bless you and your family so much!


ission  Update from Casa Bernabe
 oment  November, 2017

Casa Bernabe is a mission for orphans in Guatemala and supported by the Chapel through the Global/National mission committee led by Vicki Thompson.  Donie Hernandez has visited the Chapel and talked about the work Casa Bernabe is doing with the orphans in Guatemala.  Pat Griffin is the Chapel liaison for this ministry and has received the latest report from the current Directors, Edgar and Sara Salguero.  If you want to know more about this ministry you can contact Pat.  You can read their report.

ission  Thank You from Casa Bernabe
 oment  November, 2017

The Chapel's Global/National Mission committee supports Casa Bernabe through Cross International.  The government of Guatemala has recently changed the way orphans are to be handled.  Casa Bernabe has been working hard to stay ahead of these changes.  Pat Griffin is the Chapel liaison for Casa Bernabe.  You can read their thank you note.

ission  Griffins Hosts Donie Hernandez
from Casa Bernabe in Guatemala
 oment  May, 2017

On Saturday May 6 Jim and Pat Griffin invited members of the Global/National Missions committee and any member of the Chapel that would like to attend.  The purpose was to spend some time with Donie Hernandez and hear about the efforts of Casa Bernabe to continue their mission taking care of orphans in Guatemala.

As usual there was plenty of great food and fellowship that seems to go with any gathering at the Griffin Ranch.  Hamburgers and sides were the menu of the evening.  The weather was great and several people accepted rides around the ranch by Jim and Wes Mitchell.

Donie was introduced by Tom Reedy at Chapel service on Sunday.  Tom gave a brief bio of Donie and her 34 years of service in Guatemala and indicated she would be in Fellowship Hall after the service.  Mary Parish's hospitality group provided a variety of snacks for the occasion.   Doni met with folks to answer questions and talk about the mission in Guatemala for the orphans.

After spending time with members in Fellowship Hall, Donie was invited to a neighborhood "Good Eats" Care Group luncheon at the home of Cliff and Carol Bartlett. 

Before Donie left to return to Guatemala she wanted to offer her thanks for the Chapel's support and asked for your prayers.

Dear friends at White Bluff Chapel,

Once again, I've had the wonderful opportunity to visit and share with you all at White Bluff Chapel! I want to thank you all for your kind, Texan hospitality that warms my heart in a special way!

I also want to thank you all for your prayers and support of Casa Bernabe in Guatemala!  God is doing some incredible things right now by putting our director and social worker in key positions in the government dealing with child welfare all over the country of Guatemala!  Casa Bernabe Ministries has continued to grow in size and in different directions with our nine family group homes, our Christian school, and our medical and dental clinics, and church right there on our property.  Our school and clinics, in particular, have provided opportunity for more and more outreach in to the area surrounding Casa Bernabe! Our Families United program has opened incredible doors to minister and help children and families all over Guatemala!

Our prayer is that the name of JESUS be lifted up and exalted, that people will know we are Christians by our love and willingness to do something to help children and families in crisis!
Thank you all for standing with us in prayer and financial support!

1.  That the name of JESUS will be glorified in all that we do and say!
2.  That children and families in poverty, in danger, in crisis will be delivered and set free from the clasp of the enemy, in the name of JESUS!  (The gates of hell will not prevail against us!)
3. That children and men and women will come to know and receive JESUS as LORD and SAVIOR!
4.   That God will guide our hearts and every step that we take, to be used by HIM, according to HIS WILL and HIS PLAN!
5.  That God will provide for our needs as we move forward in obedience to HIM!

Thank you all so much for being a part of this beautiful ministry in Guatemala!

Donie Hernandez and all from Casa Bernabe Ministries

ission  Guatemala Orphanage Fire
 oment  March, 2017

You may have seen or heard on national news that in early March there was a terrible fire in a state-run orphanage in Guatemala that killed 37 girls locked in a dorm room.  This incident resulted in some street protests, the closing of that orphanage, the firing of several governmental officials and a demand for a better handling of orphans.  These events have spilled over and are having an effect on Casa Bernabe, the orphanage we at White Bluff Chapel help to support. 

Casa Bernabe is being viewed as a model program and the government is turning to several of its administrators for counsel and advice on devising new laws concerning orphans.  Also Casa Bernabe has been asked to take in five adolescent boys from the closed facility.  They have asked us to pray for God's wisdom, strength and resources that they may take advantage of this huge opportunity God has given them to improve the lives of all Guatemalan orphans.

For more information on the fire and on Casa Bernabe, go to or contact Pat Griffin.

ission  Thank You from Donie Hernandez,
Casa Bernabe
 oment  April, 2016

You may recall that Donie visited White Bluff Chapel and held meetings with members the first weekend in March 2016.  People attending worship and/or the meetings heard about the wonderful things happening at Casa Bernabe.  The Chapel's sponsorship through the Global/National Mission sub- committee helps Casa Bernabe grow in God's service.  The Griffin's son John and wife Evonne recently visited Casa Bernabe.  John taught a math class and his wife Evonne is shown with two students on their visit. The following is Donie's thank you note to the Griffins and White Bluff Chapel.

Dear Jim and Pat, and all our dear friends at White Bluff Chapel,
This note of appreciation is a little late, but still very heartfelt!  I don't even know how to truly express my excitement for having had the opportunity to visit and share with you all (right there in the great state of Texas!) about some of the incredible things God is doing with Casa Bernabe here in Guatemala!  As I expressed before, God has opened up a number of new avenues for ministry that really began to come into focus with the construction of the new addition to our school!   An even greater outreach into the community providing a Christian education to even more children than before, Families United, the vocational program, to name a few!)   THANK YOU!  THANK YOU FOR CARING AND FOR CONTINUING TO BE A PART OF THIS BEAUTIFUL MINISTRY!

We continue to see good things happen as we move forward, trusting Jesus to go before us, using us and all of you to really make a difference in the lives of so many hurting children and families!

I want to invite you all, once again, to continue to give, but also to help us fight this battle through intercessory prayer for these precious children, for their families, and for those who are here at the battle front!  As you know, Satan is not taking any of this sitting down, but he has to bow down before the KING OF KINGS, JESUS, OUR REDEEMER!  Greater is HE that is in us than he that is in the world!  HALLELUYAH!  There are some wonderful things happening!  At the same time, there are serious attacks underway that we cannot just ignore!  As you know, the battle is heating up everywhere, and this is not time for Christians to become complacent or distracted!  God has called all of us, His Church, to be used by HIM to advance His Kingdom, and the gates of hell will not prevail against us!!!

Thank you, again, and may God be with you there, as well as with us here!
Love to all, 
Donie  Hernandez and Casa Bernabe

ission  Casa Bernabe Visit
 oment  March, 2016

Casa Bernabe Ministries in Guatemala is one of several ministries that White Bluff Chapel  supports  through the Global/National Missions committee.  Donie Hernandez, a missionary in Guatemala for over thirty years, paid the Chapel a visit on March 5-6, 2016.  Her primary purpose was to thank White Bluff Chapel for its generosity in giving both regular funding and Extra Blessing Funds to Casa Bernabe. 

On Saturday  evening  March 5, 2016 the Griffin's hosted approximately 45 guests at their ranch.  The purpose was to help members better understand Casa Bernabe's growing ministries and to see Donie's love for the children of Guatemala.  She explained that introducing the love of God and Jesus as savior was the foundation of all their work.  The guests were entertained by Chris and Charlie Whisenand prior to Donie's talk. 

Sunday she spoke to the congregation about how the orphanage had grown from seven children and a few dilapidated trailers to caring for 90-100 children in eight family units.  Mrs. Hernandez also greeted members and answered their questions in Fellowship Hall. Afterwards,  a luncheon at Terry and Betty Newman's home gave interested members a chance to see a video of the attractive 17 acre orphanage complex.

Casa Bernabe has grown to be much more than an orphanage.  They run a school on property that serves both Casa Bernabe children and poor children from the neighborhood, increasing the chance to share the gospel. Recently their vocational program was expanded to include a computer lab and separate English classes.  

As their students reach 18, Casa Bernabe could not turn their backs on them so they have established three Transition Houses to help students become acclimated to the outside world.  In addition, teams of lawyers, psychologists and social workers help assure safety and support for each child allowed to return to their families.  A dental and a medical clinic on the grounds also offer potential for further outreach.

Mrs. Hernandez shared that God seemed to be opening many new doors resulting in increasing needs for funding.  Maybe you would like to join in the exciting work God is doing at Casa Bernabe.   If you would like to see more about this ministry or how to contribute, contact Pat Griffin, liaison for White Bluff or go online to   If you would like to take a mission trip to Guatemala in the next year to see and help in person, contact Pat Griffin.

ission  Casa Bernabe: "Did You Know?!"
 oment  October, 2015

by Pat Griffin

  • That three out of four Guatemalans live in poverty, surviving on $2 a day or less?
  • That White Bluff Chapel contributes to Casa Bernabe Ministries in Guatemala where 90 orphans live in 9 houses with house parents and children of all ages, just like a family?  On a beautiful 17-acre campus just 20 miles outside Guatemala City, they get a Christian education, attend church, grow part of their food, learn a vocation and are loved and cared for.
  • That Casa Bernabe is one of a few orphanages that take children from infancy and who have special needs?
  • That you can help by sponsoring a student for $90/month or $45 for a half sponsorship?  You can correspond with and see pictures of the student you are helping.
  • That nearly half of all children in Guatemala never complete even primary school?
  • That Casa Bernabe also runs a Christian school, (pre-K through 8th grade) on its campus? Last year, White Bluff Chapel helped add a second story to the school and 70 neighborhood children were admitted.
  • That this year Casa Bernabe is running a significant financial deficit, causing them to limit the number of non-residential students admitted? Seventy students will not be admitted this January unless the school gets funding.
  • That you can be a “Friend “of their education program and educate one of these students for $60/month. You will receive a school picture, a thank you from a student and regular updates.
  • That Pat Griffin and her family have visited this orphanage several times? Pat would love to talk to you further about how you can help this wonderful program in their time of need. 

For more information, contact Pat at (979)777-3951 or