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Child Protection Committee

The purpose of the Child Protection Committee (CPC) of White Bluff Chapel (WBC) is to implement, direct and monitor, in coordination with the Children's Ministries Committee, the policies, procedures and guidelines established by WBC in regard to safety, health, child abuse and sexual molestation.

Responsibilities Administrative Policies and Procedures


  • Screen all prospective Children’s Ministries workers in accordance with the policies and procedures.
  • Submit to the appropriate agencies the required information for national criminal records checks and motor vehicle violations.  All online background checks are to be performed on the WBC computers.
  • Approve the selection of all Children’s Ministries workers.  Chair(s) of Children’s Ministries plus one other CPC member is required to approve selection.
  • Maintain all records and screening documents in a locked filing cabinet in the WBC office.
  • Provide support for periodic training sessions for Children’s Ministries workers.
  • Maintain a list of approved Children’s Ministries workers.
  • Communicate, as required, information pertaining to child protection issues with the WBC congregation.
  • Assist, as necessary, those responsible for responding to allegations of abuse.
  • Approve newly proposed Children’s Ministries activities in regard to safety, health and child protection concerns.
  • Review and revise the policies and procedures as necessary, and at least once every three years.

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  • The Chair for the CPC is elected annually by the WBC membership in accordance with the procedures in Article 6.5 of the WBC By-Laws.
  • Additional CPC members shall be the Chair(s) of the Children's Ministries Committee, a member of the Board of Trustees, a WBC member parent whose child participates in WBC children's activities, and a member-at-large selected from the active WBC membership. The Chair for the CPC is responsible for recruiting and selecting all committee members.
  • All members of the CPC must agree to complete the appropriate release form submitting to a criminal records check.
  • The Chair of the Board of Trustees, and the Pastor, are ex-officio members of the CPC.
  • Bring any committee policy, procedure, financial or functional related issue(s) to the attention of the Board of Trustees for consideration.
  • Keep Office Administrator informed of plans for meetings, activities or events.
  • Obtain Board of Trustees prior approval for any unbudgeted capital expenditure over $500.
  • Prepare and submit a budget requests for the next fiscal year in accordance with the instructions and schedule provided by the Treasurer.

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