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Child Protective Services

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Mission of the Month, October 2012

Hill County Child Protective Services Board

White Bluff Chapel supports the Hill County Child Protective Services Board as one of its local missions. The purpose of the Board, acting as an extension of County Government,  is to make decisions on how and when funding from Hill County is spent to assist the children of Hill County who are in foster care or family-based care and who are under the conservatorship of Child Protective Services of Texas.  The Board consists of fifteen members that are appointed by the County Commissioners, three from each of the four County Commissioners Districts and three at large. Restrictions by the State of Texas limit how the Hill County funds can be utilized.

The CPS Board has non-profit, 501c3 charity, status that allows it to seek additional funds through donations from outside sources.  Funds are used to further assist the children on items such as clothing, Christmas, beds, special medical expenses or equipment, air-conditioners for special needs children, other such items that are not State approved expenditures or when County funds are insufficient to cover needs.

Trained facilitators are retained by the CPS Board to train groups or organizations in Identifying Sexual Abuse and Prevention.  Statistics show that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before age 12.

In 2011, the State of Texas had 68,326 confirmed cases of abuse and neglect for children.  17,183 cases resulted in children being removed from the home.  Nearly all do not have the most basic of needs – shoes, socks, clothes, diapers, formula, car seats and beds.

Currently Hill County has 87 children in conservatorship care, 58 in foster care and 29 with family based care.

White Bluff Chapel donated $2500.00 in 2012 to the CPS Board's organization.

For additional information about this mission, email Karen Williams or call her at 254-694-8181.

ission  Jesus' Birthday Party Benefits
Hill County Children
 oment  Posted January, 2014

Karen Williams, outgoing Chairman of the WBC Board of Trustees and member of the Hill County Child Protective Services Board, brings a message of appreciation.

The CPS Board wishes to thank all the beautiful children, parents, grandparents, other relatives and Chapel members who were a part of White Bluff Chapel's Birthday Party for Jesus. You brought so many wonderful items for Baby Jesus!! These items are being shared with our Hill County children who are in the care of Child Protective Services. These children have so little and need so much. We know Jesus is just as thankful for your generosity as we are!