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Children's Ministries

White Bluff Chapel provides education and Christian fellowship programs for children.  For the children’s safety and protection, adults who interact with the children are members of the Chapel who have had a background check completed by the Chapel’s child protection committee.

Also for their protection and safety, children must have a permission form on file with the Children's Ministry office in order to participate in any activities at the Chapel. For the parents' convenience, once the form is filled out and submitted for a child, no other paperwork will be required for that child throughout the rest of the year.

Nursery care is available every Sunday morning for children, infants through age 3, throughout the duration of the worship service.  Two adults are present to care for the needs of the little ones.  The facility is furnished and supplied with the materials needed to properly care for the needs of babies and young children.

Children's Ministry Calendar

Children's Ministry Purpose, Responsibilites, Administration, Policies & Procedures

Children’s Sunday School is taught during a portion of the Sunday morning worship service.  Children age 3 through 11 may participate in this activity.  Sign up takes place at the Children’s Room door prior to the beginning of the worship service.  Children attend the opening of the worship service with their parents or grandparents until the Sunday School teachers collect them from the Sanctuary during the singing of the Doxology.  Typical classes include a Bible story and memory verse.  Related games, skits, puppets, activities and crafts may also be a part of the experience.  A snack is served every session.  Adults collect their children from the Children’s Room immediately following the worship service and are encouraged to join with them in the after-worship fellowship time in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall.  When children reach their 12th birthday, they graduate from Sunday School and are encouraged to participate in the adult activities of the Chapel, including worship service, adult Sunday School and the like.

Sunday School curricula at White Bluff Chapel are Bible based and chosen for content, continuity and age-appropriateness. With White Bluff’s retirement and resort population, Sunday School attendance varies significantly.  Dedicated, creative teachers and helpers are prepared to make the Sunday School experience enjoyable and educational for all children attending on any Sunday morning.  Special Sunday School events, such as A Birthday Party for Jesus, are planned for holiday times.

A selection of Christian children’s books is available to be borrowed from the Children’s Library.   The library is housed in a child-sized bookcase in the Children’s Room.  A card check-out system can be found with the books.  Books may be borrowed to occupy a child during a Chapel activity or to enjoy at home.

The children of White Bluff Chapel participate in the sacrament of Holy Communion, according to the preference and with the guidance of their parents.  Twice each year the Pastors present an informative session on Baptism and Communion at White Bluff Chapel.  Children who will be partaking of Communion and their parents attend the sessions to learn about the meaning of the sacraments and the process at White Bluff Chapel.  The dates and times of the sessions are published when sign-up begins and will be noted on the Children’s Ministry calendar.

Kid’s Klub is an opportunity for children age 5 through 12 to come to know and love the Lord more fully as they learn about Him through music, skits, mission activities, Bible memory and participating in Chapel services.  The group meets on Sunday evenings during the fall in October, November, and December, and in the spring in March and April.  A sample of Kid’s Klub activities can be seen at holiday times when the children share the Lord’s love by making Valentines for shut-ins, present dramatizations on Christmas Eve and Palm Sunday, and sing or recite during Chapel services.  Harriet and Glenn Carrell lead Kid’s Klub.  Contact them at 254-694-7263 if you have or know a child who would like to be a member of Kid’s Klub.

Note: Kid's Klub has been temporarily suspended as of 2014.

White Bluff Chapel Children’s Ministry sponsors other events and programs throughout each year.  Vacation Bible School and Trunk or Treat are two of the most popular.

ission  Chapel Members Spread and
Receive Halloween Cheer
 oment  November, 2017

by Betty Newman

Saturday, October 28th proved to be another beautiful night in Whitney.  I say that in more ways than one.  Although the cool night air and beautiful sunset were outstanding, the atmosphere and fun evening in downtown was just as beautiful. 

The Church of Christ started the Trunk or Treat festivities at 4:00 with games, bouncy houses, performing artists and lots of candy.  The crowds then moved on over to downtown Whitney where the Whitney Police, Fire Department, and many area organizations had set up tables and displays for the trunk or treaters. 

Free hamburgers were given away by the city and hundreds of parents and children were dressed in costumes as they lined the streets to get goodies from the providers.  White Bluff Chapel partnered with other area churches and the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance to pass out Christian/faith based bracelets, pencils and tons of candy.

Our own Debbie Bradley led the way as she told children over and over how much Jesus loved them.  A highlight of the evening was when one of her students that she teaches in the public school system ran up and hugged her as he and his family came by the display. 

Becky Watkins and Paul Jacobson were on hand to help hand out candy and Paul saved the day with coffee toward the end of the evening.  We all needed a little "warming up" on the cool evening. 

It was such a fun evening to be out in the community and especially to partner with many other community churches.  It was definitely a "treat" for us.

ission  VBS 2016 Completed
 oment  July, 2016

by Kay Lea Scott

How do I know Cave Quest was a successful Vacation Bible School?  Let’s count the ways.

  • 105 children were registered to attend.  Over 90 attended each day.
  • 60 volunteers signed up to help.  More than one hundred actually did something in support of VBS.  White Bluff Chapel came together to make this year’s VBS unique.  It wasn’t just a Children’s Ministry initiative but rather the people of Worship, Men’s Ministry, Missions, Children’s and Hospitality working together. 
  • Children lined up to get their personal responsibility prayer request each day.  Over 300 prayers were lifted up by the children and leaders of VBS.  These prayer requests were collected from Whitney and White Bluff residents in need of prayer.
  • One volunteer recognized that the roots we walked under into our cave each day reminded us that “as sin is the root of evil, Jesus is the root of all good”.
  • The “cave” glowed with God sightings.  Each battery candle represented something the children saw, heard, smelled or touched as God at work in their world that day.  On his way home from White Bluff Sunday, seeing a pond with ducks on it, one child commented, “I wish I’d seen that before so I could have reported it as my God sighting at VBS.”  Our VBS kids will see God in what they used to take for granted.
  • $ 897.00 in coins was carried to the cave in socks.  The children of Casa Bernabe will benefit by the 3,588 meals it will buy and the socks that will be delivered to them.
  • Graham Reedy 5, gave me a hug on Day 2 and with a grin added, “Good job”.
  • 300 people attended White Bluff Chapel’s worship service Sunday.  It blended children’s worship into the usual service format.  Children led the worship with a skit, prayers, scripture reading and song.  One 5 year old even helped the Pastor when he confused the order of the things we learned at Cave Quest.  We learned that God gives us hope, courage, direction, love and power.  Follow Him.
  • One worker shared a quote from battle, “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”
  • Bibles delivered to residents of Park Plaza by the Shine (10-12 year old children) were immediately put to use as many of the residents began to read them in gratitude.
  • “This Little Light of Mine” will never be the same for the children who learned to sign it during their work day at Isaiah’s Place.
  • Children who had never attended a WBC VBS came from White Bluff, the Whitney area and as far away as Washington State.  Volunteers, who had never worked with children before, tried it, were a blessing to the effort and will volunteer again.

This morning when the Critters ladies commented on the effort, I was jokingly asked, “What are you on?  I want some.”   The answer was instantaneous, “I take a little bit of God every day.”   Cave Quest was a success because God made it so.

ission  A Myriad of VBS Shoe Drive Moments
 oment  July, 2015

by Kay Lea Scott

I’ve been asked to write a VBS Shoe Drive Mission Moment article.  I’m wondering which of the myriad moments in the last 2 months was the mission moment.  Was it when Debbie Bradley announced that the 2015 Vacation Bible School mission project would be a Buckner Shoe Drive?  Or was it when no one at the meeting spoke up, so I did?  Or perhaps the mission moment was when I got home that day and told Scotty we were the VBS Shoe Drive leaders.

There were heartwarming, challenging and exciting moments ahead of us. We announced the drive at a Chapel service and the shoes started coming in.  The first day of VBS, Scotty offered a piece of candy for every shoe (not pair!) collected during VBS week.  The children’s goal was to see him fill a huge jar with candy to be shared on the last day of VBS.  As God would have it, the next day Caroline met a man who had 100 pairs of shoes to donate to a church. That was certainly a mission moment.  Scotty made a special trip to buy more candy!

Maybe the mission moment came early in the drive when HILCO offered a donation of $200 to our Shoe Drive.  Or maybe the moment was when we were blessed by a check for $300 instead.  Buckner’s Shoes for Orphan Souls will turn the donation into more needed shoes through their resources.

Then there were the moments we shared with the Buckner Shoe Drive display.  Scotty and I traveled to Mesquite to pick up a “not-so-portable” display that illustrates what walking means for children in other countries.  Perhaps the best mission moments happened when chapel members and VBS children realized barefoot is a totally different thing when it’s not on manicured lawns or soft sand beaches. VBS teachers gave their charges a chance to try out the terrain - barefoot.

One of my favorite moments was watching young donators’ faces as they wrote a note to the child who would receive the shoes and placed it inside their donation.  I know the child will feel God’s love when the note is read all those many miles away.

Perhaps the true mission moment will occur on the day when 271 children walk home from the Buckner shoe distribution point in their country.  They will have smiles on their faces, new shoes on their feet and a loving greeting from a White Bluff Chapel’s member or VBS student in their hearts.

And so I offer you a mission moment from our VBS children, Buckner’s Shoes for Orphan Souls and those 271 children:

“Thank you, and may God bless your walk.”

ission  VBS Stingrays Show God's Love to Community
 oment  July, 2014

The 10 to 12 year-old class (also known as the Stingrays) at Vacation Bible School, showed the Whitney community God's love with a variety of activities during the past week.

The youngsters sang hymns with residents of Park Plaza Nursing Home.  Each resident was given a Hawaiian lei from SonTreasure Island and a sticker reminding them of God's love for them.  After the group sing, the children visited the rooms of the less-mobile residents.  Amid smiles there were many conversations, hugs and hands held.

A collection of donations for the food bank had been planned for David's and Brookshire's Grocery stores.  But the rain, bridge, road conditions and shortened VBS week prevented the trip into Whitney.  However, in spite of it all, the kids still collected $292 for the Food Bank building fund and gobs and bunches of canned goods were donated at the chapel and fire department.

The sparkling-clean fire trucks that White Bluff residents will see at the fireworks display on Fourth of July are due to the efforts of the Stingrays (and some very brave fire department volunteers).  The youngsters washed fire trucks in service to the community and to show their thanks for the use of the fire department meeting room where they held their lessons.

ission  Kid's Klub Fills Youth Need in W.B. Community
 oment  August, 2013

When Harriet Carrell first approached the Children's Ministry Committee stating that she wanted to organize a Kid's Klub, it was met with the negative speculation that it would never work.  First of all, we don't have many children in our Chapel membership and the idea of a Sunday evening Kid's Klub would mean that parents must get their children there when the adults don't have concurrent church activities going on.  But the committee gave in to letting Harriet have a “trial run” with the project.

Carrell's perseverance in calling the students, visiting with the parents, and always having fun and interesting activities planned for them won over the children to regular attendance. Her devoted husband Glenn has been a faithful assistant throughout all the history of Kid’s Klub. Recently announcing her retirement from the directorship of Kid’s Klub, Harriet was honored in Sunday’s worship service for her dedication to the children of White Bluff Chapel.

The primary objective of Kid’s Klub is to provide children additional opportunities to grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Different types of activities include:

  • Music activities, which include occasionally singing in a worship service.
  • Mission activities that help the children become familiar with ways the Chapel ministers to others through prayer, giving, and becoming involved in one’s community.
  • Memory activities that help children become familiar with some bible books, passages, and verses.  
  • Prayer requests for the children help them come to know and love the Lord with all of their hearts. Many members of the congregation have been blessed with "prayer letters" which were mailed to them from Kid’s Klub members.  

WBC Associate Pastor Betty Newman shares her observances of Harriet Carrell’s dedication to this unique project. Newman first became aware of the Kid's Klub when she would come on Sunday evenings to practice the piano. She would hear laughter coming from down the hall.  It was not unusual for her to enter the room and see Harriet sitting in the rocker with several students surrounding her while she read them Bible stories and worked with them on scriptures.  They had crafts, snacks, music, and fun at every meeting.

When the disaster happened in West, Harriet sent letters to the children and their parents to bring their outgrown garments and donate them to the children at West.  Harriet arranged to get the clothing to the appropriate person who could distribute them among children affected by the disaster.

Harriet ended last year with a Hawaiian Luau where students had a feast of fruit, meats, and sweets. She accompanied them on her ukulele as they sang hymns and favorite songs.  And of course, one of the congregation's favorite things that have resulted from Kid's Klub has been the songs and dramas that the children present in full costume during worship service both at Christmas and Easter, demonstrating their comprehension of these special Christian events.  

While contemplating the outcomes of this very special youth ministry, White Bluff Chapel members are worrying about how the Kid’s Klub will continue without Harriet’s leadership. Please pray that God will speak to someone in the congregation who will step forth to carry on this all-important ministry.

ission  VBS Wagon Train Does
Mission Work in Whitney
 oment  July, 2013

Twenty WBC Vacation Bible School Extra Hands, ages 10 through 12 years, mounted a SUV Wagon Train of five vehicles to go out into the Whitney community and contribute their time and talents during their week of bible classes. They were accompanied on the Wagon Train outings by 12 adults.

On their first day out, the young folks stocked the shelves and repackaged items at the Food Bank in Whitney. On yet another day, they were transported to Park Plaza Nursing Home where they sang for and visited the residents. They ended their visit by giving away decorated bandanas to some of the residents as a sign of their love for them. Thursday found the young missionaries walking to the White Bluff Volunteer Fire Department. There, they washed three fire trucks and cleaned out the building that houses the trucks. Their efforts were rewarded by a ride on a fire truck and getting hosed down by a couple of the firefighters.

The Extra Hand missionaries rounded out their week by spending a lesson and craft day at the Rustic Pool pavilion and finally, contributing their time assisting the adults with the younger Buckaroos on the final day of VBS.

All VBS Buckaroos and Extra Hands participated in building the “Hill of Beans” throughout the week to collect canned goods to donate to the Food Bank. Contributors enjoyed taking a “bean-y bow” each day they brought food items to add to the “Hill of Beans.”

ission  Items for the Needy Collected by Heroes in Christ Kids
 oment  July, 2011

A focus of this year's VBS activities was that of being a hero to others by helping the less fortunate. In addition to the going out in the community to do mission work each day of the week for the Heroes in Christ kids, aged 10-13 yrs., all 91 children enrolled in VBS were encouraged to contribute items to the different types of collections being conducted at White Bluff Chapel.

The highlight of the collections came on Friday when the children collected shoes. All the VBS children wore the shoes to class that morning that they were planning to give to children in need. During the closing services, they brought their shoes to the front of the sanctuary and left them on the steps. Going home barefoot helped them experience what it feels like to be without shoes. It is estimated that a minimum of 160 pairs of shoes were donated that day. Last year the donated shoes were distributed by the Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries. The idea behind that gift was that the children of White Bluff came to chapel wearing shoes and went home barefoot so that the children of SWGSM, who always come to church barefoot, could go home wearing shoes.

This year's shoe collection will go to victims of the tornadoes that struck Joplin, Missouri and parts of Alabama. The night the Joplin tornadoes hit, several small towns in Alabama were also struck bay tornadoes. The smaller communities do not receive the media attention nor the help from national organizations that larger communities do. While some churches have been sending aid to these small communities, shoes have not been collected yet and are greatly in need.

The brother of WBC member Danny Bodeker is a pastor of a church in Lufkin where a member of his congregation is working to coordinate distribution of the shoes in the devastated communities. Our VBS children were highly motivated by this hero's story. Seven boxes of shoes, totally 182 lbs, were shipped to "Mr. Larry" this week, with even more scheduled for shipping soon.

Whitney's Our Daily Bread Food Bank was the recipient of generous bags of non-perishables contributed all week by the children, as well as being the site of the Monday morning volunteer work done by the more than thirty visiting VBS kids in the Heroes in Christ classes. Five young ladies felt so strongly about volunteering at the Food Bank that they even went back on their own to help one afternoon during the week.

VBS collected gently-used clothing for the Thrift store at King Memorial Methodist Church, and the first batch was delivered by our Heroes in Christ when they did volunteer work there on Tuesday. They also collected used eye glasses to be delivered to the Lions Club and beverage can pop tops that will be sent to the Lilies. These women, who are part of the Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries on the Texas-Mexican border, make bracelets, belts, hat bands and other items from the pop tops and sell them at a local market.

The Heroes in Christ kids worked at the Food Bank, King Memorial Thrift Store and Isaiah's Place during the week. They provided the equivalent of 48 hours of labor at Isaiah's Place, saving the camp director one entire week of work. They also visited the residents of Park Plaza, where they sang for the residents and visited those who are room-bound. They delivered to the residents a stained glass window craft made by the younger children at VBS and participated in reading Bible verses for them.

WBS member and Mission Committee Chairman Jean Rose and her team assumed the responsibility of collecting, organizing and distributing the huge piles of donated items left at the end of the week

ission  VBS Inspires & Helps Those of All Ages
 oment  June, 2011

The White Bluff Chapel 2011 Vacation Bible School has set all-time enrollment figures this week by accommodating a record-breaking ninety-one participants plus more than one volunteer for every two students. The Super Hero theme, focusing on Jesus’ miracles, has proven to be of enormous popularity and has helped the children to acknowledge that of all the super heroes, only Jesus can perform miracles.

The 10-13 age group, for the second year in a row, ventured out into the Whitney community to be heroes themselves as they did volunteer work at different mission venues. Monday, they stocked shelves at Our Daily Bread Food Bank, Tuesday they worked at King Memorial Thrift Shop, Wednesday found them reading Bible verses and visiting with residents at Park Plaza Nursing Home, and Thursday they did some painting at Isaiah’s Place.

Friday is the day set aside to feature collections of donation items to benefit the needy, including non-perishable food items, gently-used clothing and shoes, eye glasses and beverage can pop tops. Art class projects throughout the week provided opportunities for the children to make items to give to others as reminders of Jesus’ miracles, such as “fish” critters to be delivered to the hospitals for the sick and injured children in need of comfort.

Wednesday noon the VBS staff served birthday cake in honor of Director Kay Lea Scott’s birthday. That evening they sponsored an outdoor movie, “Because of Winn Dixie,” at the White Bluff Old Course pavilion. Friday morning at 10:15, a culmination program is slated, with visitors welcome, to be followed at noon by a picnic in the Fellowship Hall for all participants and visitors.

Children's Ministry

The purpose of the Children's Ministries Committee shall be to develop and implement programs that will help families to nurture youth and children in the love of God and a desire for His Word.

Responsibilities Administrative Policies and Procedures


  • Plan and organize programs, activities and other events for youth and children that will enlighten them about God and Jesus Christ, His Son, or provide for Christian fellowship.
  • Work with the Child Protection Committee to insure that children's workers are screened in accordance with the Child Protection Committee policies and procedures.
  • Select Children's Ministries workers and provide training and fellowship to enhance the God-given gifts of those working with children.
  • Create all programs to encourage an atmosphere of love, trust, and fun using resources to provide visual, hands-on, and listening experiences for the children.
  • Provide a nursery ministry that will insure parents of a loving and safe environment for infants and small children (3 and under).
  • Support programs where children participate in music, Bible-related activities, and service projects, as well as take part in holiday and other chapel services.
  • Develop educational and service opportunities for youth in grades 4-12.
  • Work towards seeing God's Word fulfilled in Psalm 100:5 – "For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting and His truth endures to all generations."

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  • The Chair(s) for the Children's Ministries Committee is elected annually by the WBC membership in accordance with the procedures in Article 6.5 of the WBC By-Laws.
  • Bring any committee policy, procedural or financial related issue(s) to the attention of the Board of Trustees for consideration.
  • Keep Office Administrator informed of plans for meetings, activities, or events.
  • Obtain Board of Trustees prior approval for any unbudgeted capital expenditure over $500.
  • Prepare and submit a budget request for the next fiscal year in accordance with the instructions and schedule provided by the Treasurer.
  • Committee Chair prepares reports for and attends or sends a representative to the Council of Ministries meetings.
  • The Pastor(s) and the Chair of the Board of Trustees shall be ex-officio members of the committee.

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Policies & Procedures: Related White Bluff Chapel Documents

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4.4.2 Children's Ministries Committee

Committee Policies and Procedures

2.1 Policies and Procedures for Workers

2.2 Children's Ministries Programs

Form 2.3 Children's Nursery and Sunday School Sign-In

Form 2.4 Permission and Release Form

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