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WBC Sponsor: Jody Yarbro Email

ission  Two Recent Dental Mission Trips:
Guatemala and Mexico
 oment  May, 2019

by Dr. Jody Yarbro

The week of March 24, I attended the 2019 Dr. T. Bob Davis Dental Student Mission Trip to San Raymundo, Guatemala. Our team consisted of 18 dental and hygiene students, 9 dentists, and 2 hygienists. Several students received financial assistance from White Bluff Chapel.

We saw over 750 patients that week. Construction is ongoing for a new dental clinic that will be ready by next year. The team was treated to a day in Antigua for a break in the week. They are in the picture with the volcano in the background. On the last night during devotionals, Dr. T. Bob, who has led student trips for 40 years, revealed to the group that he has stage 4 non-smokers lung cancer.

Dr. T. Bob turned over the trip organization to Dr. Stephen Sperry for next year, and I will be helping him, along with other dentists.

On Sunday, April 7, Ron Roberts and I joined a team of 18 for dental/medical/construction for a week around Chihuahua, Mexico. The team did medical, dental, Pharmacy, and eyeglasses for those in need. 10 members of the team worked on maintenance and repair projects in the GAP compound in Aldama. Team members included Ronnie Roberts and Jody Yarbro from White Bluff, members from Valley Mills, Waco, and Italy. Thank you to White Bluff Chapel for your prayers and financial support

This was Ron's third mission trip, beginning with his trip to Nepal and then Cuba. Thanks go out to all who prayed for our teams on these two recent mission trips.

Thanks to WBC for supporting Dental Missions. The following is a thank-you note from one of the students who has received travel assistance the last two years.

Dear White Bluff Chapel,

I thank the Lord for his grace and love because of which I have the assurance of life eternal. It is my desire that countless others experience this confidence and hope as well. This past Spring Break, I had the privilege to serve the people of San Raymundo, Guatemala through dental missions. Our team served many people through dental cleanings, education, restorations and surgery. Although we played a small part in the physical healing and well-being of the locals, my prayer is that the love of Christ was evident in us, and more importantly that the Holy Spirit will bring spiritual healing for the many children and adults we treated.

I want to thank you so much for your financial support. I prayed for the Lord to provide necessary funds for this trip, and He provided exactly what I needed. That in itself is a testimony of God's faithfulness and provision. I thank the Lord for your church and ministries. May the Lord richly bless you in the coming days and years.

With heartfelt gratitude and in His Holy name,

Okreipan Kaping – "Pan"

ission  Christian Dental Team Makes Arduous
Mexico Mission Trip
 oment  November, 2018

by Jody Yarbro

Dr. Jody Yarbro and his Christian Dental team began their recent mission trip by driving to Aldama, Mexico on Sunday. Then on Monday through Thursday, they drove to five different locations or villages where they set up their equipment to provide medical-dental clinics. The last afternoon, they set up the clinic in the jail of a local colonia (neighborhood). 

Two of the days they drove out into the desert. Because of the hurricane that came into Mexico, there was a lot of rain in the desert, and at times the gravel road was washed out and treacherous. Jody says he has been fortunate for the past two trips to have a female Mexican dentist from Chihuahua join the excursion. Her name is Marisol. She has been a great addition to the team, which spares Jody from having to do all the dental work himself.

The effects of the hurricane provided great photo opportunities along the river and cathedral, reminders to the team that their work is in the service of our Lord.

ission  Student Dentists Describe Mission Work in Jamaica
 oment  August, 2018

by Two Dental Students

Jody and Nancie Yarbro led a team of over forty people (32 dental students, 4 dentists with spouses and Pastor John Wheatley from FBC Valley Mills) on a mission trip to Jamaica in July. While there, the team treated over 400 dental patients. Several of the student dentists have since shared with the Yarbros how much the week meant to them in terms of dental experience, but even more importantly, in bringing them into a closer relationship with God and in exposing non-believers to Jesus Christ. Thanks come from members of the team in the form of letters to their beloved mission-trip organizers, Jody and Nancie, as well as to White Bluff Chapel for its ongoing support of Dental Missions abroad.

The following letters are from two of the student dentists who made this year’s mission trip under the the Yarbros’ guidance. Both served as team leaders. The first is from Sarah Jackson. For Sarah, it was a moment of discovery.

Jamaica Discovery


My name is Sarah Jackson and I had the incredible opportunity to serve as a group leader for this year's trip to Jamaica. When I signed up initially I assumed it would be a trip that simply revolved around dentistry, but what I realized is that it was about much more than that. 

The focus of the trip was about strengthening our relationship with God, learning to accept others as they are, and getting closer to my peers. Each morning started with songs of worship, prayer, and a lesson to reflect on. After that we would head to the clinic where patients were lined up waiting to receive dental care.

Having the chance to take care of people who were in pain or bothered by the appearance of their teeth was life changing. Everyone was extremely grateful to us for being there. I got to do my first filling ever and that is an experience I will never forget.

I know that these trips would not be possible without the incredible sponsors and donations from those who believe in our ability to change lives through dentistry and prayer. I want to tell you how grateful we are and how excited we are to return next year.

4th-year dental student, Danny Moon, organized the morning devotionals for the team in addition to getting invaluable dentistry experience.  

My Jamaica Experience

Upon being approached by Dr. and Mrs. Yarbro to serve in the Dental Mission in Jamaica once again, I was at first hesitant. Selfishly, my initial thoughts were that even though I loved every moment of last year’s mission trip, my experiences then just couldn’t be topped. I didn’t want to try to replicate my time there and ultimately be disappointed. Luckily, God had other plans in mind. Through a combination of prayer and Mrs. Nancie’s ceaseless emails, I finally decided to return to Helping Hands Dental Clinic.

Not only did this trip further increase my confidence and abilities in dentistry, but also it showed me the fulfillment one gets in helping others achieve this same composure. As a fourth-year student dentist, I had the privilege of guiding the third years with some helpful tips and wisdom I picked up in my few but impactful experiences. I was pleased to see my peers quickly develop assurance in their skills in only four days.

But above all of these things, I believe the biggest impact I received was the growth I received spiritually. As a timid third-year student last year, my mind was preoccupied with every detail in clinic, worrying and praying that I didn’t mess up the procedure or harm the patient in any way. It was difficult for me to take a step back and really appreciate the big-picture effort we were participating in.

I was absolutely blown away at the impact our team was making on the community in Treasure Beach. As over 400 patients came through the clinic, we were bringing joy to these Jamaicans and showing God’s love through the skills we’ve worked so hard to achieve. With the help of these amazing mentors, I was able to understand a much broader picture of dentistry:

Being a great clinician with excellent skills is important, but loving people through our good works is the biggest impact we can make in this world.God has blessed us with amazing gifts, and it is our calling to bless others with these talents and to love others as He loves us.”

I can confidently say that returning to Jamaica was one of the best decisions I have made in my life and I would love to return annually to continue this mission we have started. Thank you so much, White Bluff Chapel, for your prayers and support. We would not have been able to experience all of this and share His love without your amazing congregation. We love you guys!

ission  Dental Mission Trip to Uganda
 oment  June, 2018

Dr. Jody Yarbro recently joined a team of two dentists and two hygienists on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa.  The purpose of the mission was to train four Christian health-care workers to do dental extractions in Ggaba, a poor fishing town on the shoreline of Lake Victoria in Uganda. The health-care workers were exceptionally fast learners of the new skill being taught them, during which they noticeably felt the Chapel's prayers. There was no shortage of patients who lined up every morning for free extractions in the clinic was that was being held in a large room of a local church.

After completing their training, two of the students were assigned to work in Christian orphanages and the other two left to work in outlying rural Christian health-care clinics.  These young people are all dedicated Christians and intend to use their new skills to minister to and spread the Gospel to those in need of Jesus Christ. 

Below is a team photo of Jody with the students after they received their certificates for being a community dental health worker and two additional photos of patients having work done at the clinic.

ission  Jody Yarbro's Latest Mission Trip to Guatemala
 oment  April, 2018

Dr. Jody Yarbro recently led a team of 31 dental and hygiene students, 12 dentists, and 12 interpreters to the Central American country of Guatemala. They treated over 800 children and their teachers in which each received oral hygiene instructions, cleaning, fillings and extractions as needed.

The photographs show the process the team goes through to minister to the teachers and children.  Note the scenes of dental students and Jody praying at the start of the day; a dental student praying with a young girl before dental treatment; school kids waiting in a hallway for the dentist; and children waiting in the schoolyard to receive treatment by the dental team.

ission  My First Mission Trip by Hunter Yarbro, age 11
 oment  August, 2017

Recently I had the opportunity to go on my first mission trip. My grandparents, Dr. Jody and Nancie Yarbro led the dental trip to Jamaica.  Others on the trip were Dr. Jason New, Dr. and Mrs. Pete Fotos, Dr. and Mrs. Don Nix, my mom Amber, Pastor John Wheatley, and dental students from Baylor/A&M and MUSC. 

The first day we all flew into Montego Bay, met and introduced ourselves to one another.  We ate our lunch of Jerk Chicken and then drove three hours to our houses in Treasure Beach.   The trip was set up for two days of fun which consisted of going to a waterfall park, ziplining and taking a boat trip on the ocean and down the Black River. We got to swing on ropes and swim in the river.  Then we worked for four days.

Each morning started with a delicious breakfast made by three local women.  Then we would have a devotion led by Pastor John.  I thought it was really important to have a time of devotion because it reminded us that God is with us wherever we are in the world.  After the devotion, we would be given a card with someone's name on it.  We would observe them and write them an encouraging note to be given to them that evening.

After our morning routine, we went to the Helping Hands Clinic in Hopewell and stayed for about six to eight hours.  I assisted the dental students as they worked on approximately 400 patients.  I assisted during cleanings and oral surgery.  The students taught me so much.  It was hot in the clinic because they don't have air conditioning.  We ate sandwiches and Jamaican Patties for lunch.

After the patients were seen we would go back to the houses and eat dinner.  After dinner, we had a time of reflection.  We got to discuss how kindness, patience, humility, and compassion played a part in our day and in our lives.  We did that each day throughout the week.

I had so many amazing experiences through the week helping the people of Jamaica.  One time there was a little boy that was scared to get his tooth pulled out.  I helped him by holding his hand during the procedure.  This reminded me of all the times I was scared and people helped me.

Overall, this was an AMAZING first out-of-country mission trip experience and I will never forget it.

Postscript by one proud grandma:  This was our daughter Amber and her son Hunter's first mission trip.  They rocked it!!  Though we have nice places to stay and great food to eat while in Jamaica, the work is hard and the conditions are less than ideal.  As Hunter mentioned, it is hot and humid.  The clinic is crowded.  The people show up early in the morning hoping to get on the list to be seen.  They sit outside waiting for their turn.  Some wait up to 10 hours for a chance to be seen by one of the 26 dental students.  The students were mentored by two DDS, one Endodontist and one Oral Surgeon. 

Amber and one of the wives read Bible Stories to the children.  They did crafts and sang silly songs to enhance the stories.  One day they had 17 children. In the afternoon, Amber and Angelica would come in and assist the students as they cleaned teeth.  Kathy Nix also assisted the students.  What a blessing this was.

Thanks to the White Bluff Chapel for their donations.  These students learned so much about doing dentistry but also about serving people.  The students are not required to believe in Jesus to go on this trip but they are required to participate in all parts of the day, including devotions.  We had three Muslims and several non-believers on this trip.  All the students saw God at work and felt the love shown by and to the people of Jamaica.

ission  Thank You Notes to Jody Yarbro
and White Bluff Chapel
 oment  May, 2017

As most of you know Jody Yarbro makes four different mission trips each year with the Christian Dental Service, one to Jamaica, one to Guatemala and two to Mexico.  In March of this year Jody took a group of dental students on his trip to Guatemala.  It's evident that he is making an impact on their lives and growing their spiritual values.  You can read their thoughts and acknowledgement of what the trip meant to them. 

White Bluff Chapel through the Global/National Missions committee led by Vicki Thompson provides financial support for those students that can't raise the money for the cost of their trip.  That support helped eight of the students with their travel costs for the Guatemala trip.  Ethan Suh, Dean Luttrell, and John Ratliff sent thank you notes.

Dean Luttrell Thank You
Ethan Suh Thank You

John Ratliff Thank You to WBC
John Ratliff Thank You to Yarbro

ission  Jody Yarbro Leads a Dental Mission
to Guatemala and Mexico
 oment  April, 2017

White Bluff Chapel through the Global/National Mission committee led by Vicki Thompson is one of the sponsors for Jody's trips through the Christian Dental Service.  Jody is the Chapel liaison for this mission. Jody's next mission trip to Mexico will be in October.  If you would like to know more about the Christian Dental Service missions or get involved you can contact Jody.

In March, Dr. Jody Yarbro went on his annual Guatemala Dental Student Mission Trip. This year the team included 60 dental and dental hygiene students, and 16 mentor dentists. White Bluff Chapel, through the Global Missions Ministry, helped support this mission by funding several partial scholarships to 8 students this year. The team was able to treat over 900 Guatemalan school children.  Each child received a toothbrush, toothpaste and oral hygiene instructions. In addition, they also heard the story of Christ. 

In April, Jody and Nancie went on their bi-annual Mexico Medical/Dental Mission Trip.  Prior to their departure Pastor Terry offered a prayer for their safety.  Tom Duncan went as well, representing the White Bluff Chapel Men's Ministry.  Tom, Pastor John Wheatley, Travis, and Byron, from FBC Valley Mills, helped construct a second floor on a church outside of Chihuahua. WB Chapel Global Missions helped fund the expenses of this trip. Tom has a great report on his experience, saying "People worked hard and interacted with locals to plant (and cultivate) the seeds of Christ, impart the goodness of Americans, and provide some hope to others struggling to survive."  You can see Tom Duncan's inspirational report on the Men's Ministry page.

As always, they thank you for your donations, but most of all your prayers.  God is good!

ission  Christian Dental Society Mission Trip
to Jamaica
 oment  August, 2016

During the week of July 17 Jody and Nancy Yarbro and a team of three other dentists and wives, two hygienists and 41 dental students traveled to Jamaica to provide dental services.

Their work was accomplished at a mission clinic called Helping Hands Dental Clinic established by a Christian Dental Society dentist.  It is connected to a local church.  The clinic and houses they stayed at were in a community named Treasure Beach.

During the week they saw almost 450 dental patients for fillings, extractions, and cleanings.  Each morning began with devotionals and praise music.  After breakfast it was a 30 minute drive over very rough, washed out roads to the clinic.

The students were very excited to be able to help the Jamaican people with their dental needs.  It was a first time mission for a lot of the students.  They were able to have a leisure day and spend time at YS Falls to swim, climb the falls, rope swing and zip line.

The Chapel's support helps fund the students with their travel costs.  The students are responsible for providing their own travel costs and for those that can't raise enough the Chapel funding provides assistance.

The Global/National mission committee chaired by Vicki Thompson provides the Chapel's support for these trips.  Jody Yarbro is the Chapel liaison with this ministry.  If you want to know more about this mission or possibly join them on a mission trip you can contact Jody.

They all want to thank White Bluff Chapel for financial and prayer support.

ission  Dental Ministry Trip to Mexico
 oment  April, 2016

With little time to recover from his Guatemala trip, Jody Yarbro continued his participation with Dental Ministry in Mexico.  He referred to this trip as the GAP (Gloria Al Padre) ministry.

The group spent five nights in the GAP compound.  Each day they traveled to a different clinic site to provide medical and dental services and reading glasses.  They also traveled with portable dental equipment and all travel is done by caravan for safety.

On day one they worked at an underserved barrio clinic on the outskirts of the city of Chihuahua where GAP has a clinic and another in Aldama,  the site of the Cathedral photo.  This location is blocks away from where GAP is starting to build a new church.  Jody mentioned that this would be a good project for the WB Men's ministry to consider by helping with the construction of the project. The new church will be named Jireh, and be built next to the pink house.

On days two and three they visited rural clinics in the desert villages (ranchitos).  One ranchito was called "Placer de Guadalupe". Each village has a government clinic they work in, but there are no doctors or medicine.  The team brings its own medicines on each trip to these clinics.

On day four the team spent their time at the clinic within a GAP compound providing services to those in need.  The compound was  in the village of Aldama and has 10 rooms, dorms, AC,  hot showers and a kitchen with dining room.

A big part of each dental mission time is spent mentoring and praying with the patients.

Jody and the team wish to thank everyone at White Bluff Chapel for their prayers and financial support.

ission  Christian Dental Society Guatemala Ministry
 oment  April, 2016

White Bluff Chapel, through the Global / National mission committee, provides funds for Jody Yarbro's dental mission trips.   The funds use has evolved  to assist the dental students, help provide dental supplies, and some travel expenses.   The students are basically responsible for covering their travel costs.  Jody uses our support as needed to assist those that have difficulty raising their funds.

Jody's mission trips not only provide dental services to those in need, but also provide Christian mentoring to both the patients and the dental students.  It  is refreshing and equally rewarding knowing that many of the dental students return annually and some that have completed their education, now return as dentists to continue the mission.

On his most recent mission trip to San Raymundo, Guatemala Jody had a total of 85 people on the team, including 55 dental and hygiene students, 11 pre-dental, 8 dentists and translators.  They saw and treated 1087 patients, mostly children and teachers.  This was the most patients they've seen on any trip.  They have gone to San Raymundo for the past 5 years.

During this  mission trip they saw patients for 4 days and one day for a trip to the historical city of Antigua, where the photo of the cross with a volcano in the background was taken.

Both Jody and the students offer many thanks and their gratitude for the generous support they have received from White Bluff Chapel.

At the time of this writing, Jody is preparing for another mission trip to Mexico where they will be working in and around Chihuahua.   When they travel to  Mexico they always stay in a compound and all travel is by caravan  to provide safety for the team members.  During this mission trip they will see people in 3 or 4 barrios.  One individual who accompanies them to Mexico is not a dentist and does handyman jobs while the team is busy with their dental work.  There are always a lot of projects that need attention.  It is a good opportunity for someone to accompany Jody on their next Mexico mission trip.  If interested or have questions please contact Jody.

ission  Dental Students Treat Children of Guatemala
 oment  March, 2015

This year the dental student spring break mission trip to Guatemala consisted of a team of 60, made up of 49 dental students, 8 dentists, and 3 spouses of students. Dr. Jody Yarbro of White Bluff Chapel helps organize and then accompanies the yearly excursion to offer dental clinics for school children in Guatemala. For the past two years, White Bluff Chapel has provided partial scholarships for several of the students to make the trip.

The group spent one week in San Raymundo, which is located only 35 miles outside of Guatemala City, but takes two hours to reach after dealing with city traffic and winding through the mountains. They travel by old diesel school buses that have been colorfully painted and named "Esmerelda" and "Lucy".

The first three days, the team treated children from two local Christian schools, one of which opens their dorms to the visitors and offers their facilities for the clinics.  There are six permanent dental units there, and the dental team brought an additional 24 portable dental units with them. On the 4th day of the clinics, a public school from about one hour away brought in 65 children in the back of a cattle truck. Also receiving treatment were many of the teachers and some parents. A total of approximately 750 patients were treated in the four days.

During the past four years, this group of dentists and dental students which is lead by Dr. T. Bob Davis of Dallas, has formed a relationship with UFM Dental School in Guatemala City. Throughout the week, several Guatemalan dental students and dentists came to San Raymundo and participated in the mission.

On the last day, the dental students were treated to a trip to the historical city of Antigua, then on to Guatemala City to tour the new UFM Dental School building, which is as modern as any dental school in the USA. Unfortunately, only people who can afford treatment are able to go there, leaving the rural areas of the country sorely lacking in adequate dental care. Many of the children seen had dental decay and disease beyond being able to be treated.

Throughout the week, the children received treatment, compassion, and affection by the team of dental students. In return, the dental students received blessings and an experience that they will always remember. Many said they can't wait to go back next year. One dental student who received a scholarship from WB Chapel prayed to receive Christ as his personal Savior that week.

With the prayers and contributions of its members, White Bluff Chapel is making a difference in the lives of dental students from the states and of children in Guatemala.

ission  WBC Funds Dental Students for Mission Trip
 oment  Posted April, 2014

Dr. Jody Yarbro of White Bluff Chapel recently traveled with a team of dental students to San Raymundo, Guatemala, to provide dental care for local schools in the area. The dental students were from Baylor College of Dentistry Texas A&M (in Dallas) and UT Dental School Houston.

Of the thirty-eight dental students participating in the mission trip, White Bluff Chapel provided scholarship funding for six of them. These students expressed their gratitude for the generosity of the WB Chapel Global Missions Committee.

The dental team worked with 15 interpreters and 10 Guatemalan dental students from Guatemala City. They were able to see 850 patients that week, which were mostly school-age children, along with some of their teachers. The team stayed in dorms and ate all their meals at a Christian school, which also has a dental/medical clinic.

They group traveled with portable dental equipment that allowed them to operate 32 dental work stations. This was the 3rd year in a row that they went to this location, and plans are already underway to return for the March 2015 Spring Break Dental Student Mission Trip.