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Educational Missions

  College and Career Day

WBC Sponsor: Terry Pierce Email

Sponsors with the Whitney community a half-day career program for Whitney High School Juniors. Members participate on panels which explain the educational requirements and rewards of various careers.

Working along with others in the Whitney community, this program provides students with information about the importance of higher education (certifications or degrees from community colleges and four-year institutions), as well as an opportunity to attend break-out sessions where panelists explain the educational requirements and rewards of various careers.


  English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) Classes

WBC Sponsor: Wes & Peggy Mitchell Email

Provides an opportunity for Spanish speaking people to learn English and become better equipped to function as parents, employees and citizens in our community.

King Memorial Methodist Church and White Bluff Chapel sponsor weekly classes in English to Spanish-speaking members of the Whitney community. White Bluff Chapel provides three teachers, a mentor for students' teenage children, and instructional materials. As of the beginning of 2013, there are 67 adult students working at four different levels of English proficiency.

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   Financial Aid Committee (formerly Scholarship Committee)

WBC Sponsor: David Briggs Email

Provides scholarships for seniors graduating from Whitney and Blum high schools. Members of White Bluff Chapel serve as mentors to offer encouragement and support to the recipients.

Students are selected through both an application and an interview. Members of White Bluff Chapel serve as mentors who provide support and information for students who may be the first in their family to attend college. Students are presented with a Bible and their mentors commit to pray for them.


   Math & Science UIL

WBC Sponsor: Tommy Edgar Email


   School Supply Program

WBC Sponsor: Betty Newman Email and Sandy Moore Email

Assists with the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance annual drive to provide school supplies for needy students.

This program provides school supplies for needy students in grades pre-K through 5th. Volunteers help purchase, package, and deliver the supplies to the schools.


   Teacher Appreciation Day

WBC Sponsor: Linda Yeary Email and Kathleen Knightstep Email

Express the support and gratitude of White Bluff Chapel to the staff in the Whitney Schools by taking snacks to each of the schools annually.


   Wesley Foundation at Hill College

WBC Sponsor: Lanette Browder Email

Offers a place for Christian activities at Hill Community College. Chapel members provide lunch twice a year.


Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with one of these missions or desire further information, locate the name of the Educational Missions sub-committee chair where you will find a link to send an email to that chairperson.

ission  WBC Members Tour New Middle School
 oment  March, 2014

Superintendent Gene Solis recently hosted members of White Bluff Chapel for a tour of the new Whitney Middle School. They were invited as part of a group of supporters of education projects benefitting the Whitney Independent School District. Attending the event from WBC were our Mission's Education Sub-Committee Chair Dottie Briggs, Scholarship Chairman David Briggs, Kay German, and Glen and Madeleine Lively.

Solis was proud to reveal that the construction project is coming in ahead of schedule and under budget. The school is slated to open in Fall of 2014. Of particular interest were the innovative designs of the gymnasium facility, the combo cafetorium/theater/lecture hall, access to cutting-edge technology, modern science labs, multiple safety features, and the track field, which promises to attract visiting athletes and their families to Whitney. Solis and co-host Raydell O'Neil took care to thank the attendees for their ongoing support of the Whitney schools.

ission  WBC Gifts Smart TV System
to New Library
 oment  March, 2014

One of the priorities for the new Lake Whitney Library will be to offer cutting-edge technology to the local community. Head Librarian Denise Carter’s dream that "the library will be the key to the universe in Whitney" is about to come true.

Dottie Briggs, Chair of White Bluff Chapel’s Education Committee, recently presented Carter with a check for $2,350 to cover the cost of purchasing a Smart TV system that will benefit the local area. Participating from White Bluff Chapel in the March 20 event were Associate Pastor, Betty Newman, along with David Briggs, Carolyn Kuhlman and Linda Turner, all of the WBC Education Committee.  Accompanying Denise Carter of the Lake Whitney Library were Ruth Maddox, Chairman of the LW Library Foundation Board; Bruce Martin, Kim Krieg, Joyce Martin and Madeleine Lively, members of the Library Foundation Board; and Assistant Librarian, Amanda Suiters.

Excited about the many uses of the Smart TV system, Carter explained that it will be used to augment the educational value of “Story-time” for the children, to provide web-based training for first responders and library staff, and to serve as a communications and information tool for the entire community.  Local government, the community calendar, and Chamber of Commerce information will also be readily available through this innovative delivery system.

Carter has organized a large “Friends of the Library” organization, a library Book Club, various children and adult programs, a library and Head Start “Story-time” program, and she coordinates a large volunteer program with adults and teens. She has also implemented the library catalog on the web through Plinket’s web page, sponsored by the Texas State Library. Library assistant Amanda Suiters has played a valued role in advising on the technology for the library, and Carter states that Suiters will be a great asset in the new facility where they will be offering expanded access to cutting-edge technology.

Librarian Carter has participated in developing a long-range plan for the State Library, managed to hire part-time workers though government programs, and set up a new Library Foundation with 501c3 and tax number ID. The Lake Whitney Library has been designated one out of only nine libraries in Texas to be named an “America’s Star” Library. It earned this designation after 7,407 libraries were reviewed by the Library Journal Index.