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Emergency Readiness Committee

The purpose of the Emergency Readiness Committee (ERC) is to administer the emergency readiness procedure for emergencies that endanger the health of people on the Chapel property and emergencies that endanger the welfare of the Chapel property.

Emergency planning is an ongoing process that plans for disasters caused by both nature and humans and considers all four phases of disasters:

  1. Prevention – measures to reduce or eliminate the risk to life and property
  2. Preparedness – planning for the worst-case scenario
  3. Response – steps to take during a disaster
  4. Recovery – restoring ministry operations after a disaster
Responsibilities  Policies and Procedures


The responsibilities of the ERC are:

  • To oversee the implementation of the Emergency Readiness Procedure
  • To oversee the ongoing maintenance of the Emergency Readiness Procedure
  • To make any decisions necessary to ensure continuity of programming and to meet the administrative needs of the Chapel in the event a portion or all of the current facility is unusable for a period of time
  • To make assignments of additional tasks to the other church committees and functional groups
  • To bring ERC committee procedural, financial, or functional related issue(s) to the Board of Trustees for consideration
  • To keep the Office Administrator informed of ERC meetings and activities

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