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Find Your Fit


There are lots of ways you can join us in the work of creating White Bluff Chapel. Serving others deepens our relationship with God and with people. Whether helping in a children's class or setting up tables and chairs for a Bible study class, we grow closer to the Lord, to those we serve and to those who serve with us. Nothing compares to being on a team that laughs with, loves, and supports one another while helping others.

What energizes you? What peaks your interest? What talents do you have to share? Are you happiest by working behind the scenes or up front?

Who We Are

Find out more about ways to Get Connected to groups within White Bluff Chapel, or to Get Involved with groups outside of White Bluff Chapel.

In addition, you might want to consider joining us in some of our fellowship gatherings. Opportunities range from pot-luck suppers, ranch barbeques, chapel golf tournaments, ladies' luncheons with inspirational speakers, Valentine banquets, our Dinners for 8 series, Christmas caroling with the choir, ice cream suppers, road trips, and more.