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Foundation Ministries

White Bluff Chapel has provided personal and financial support to Foundation Ministries since our initial budget was adopted in 2000. Foundation Ministries is a nondenominational organization that works with the pastors of Christian churches in Africa. Their purpose is to further educate those presenting the Gospel and to raise their confidence.

Our own Jack Horn and his friend René Brown had for several years (since well before WBC organized and “adopted” their cause) been making mission trips to Africa to teach the Bible’s Gospel message to African pastors and lay leaders, to train them in spreading the Word, and to mentor to them. The Chapel started out our support of this endeavor by contributing toward some of Jack’s trips.

Then came the Bibles. Africa has many religious sects and cults that seek to control the minds and wills of individual Africans. To help combat the teachings of such groups and to promote Christianity, we provided $3000 to print Bibles in four languages (Burundi, Swahili, Kirundi and English). Foundation Ministries has distributed these Bibles in the areas where they are working, both to individuals and to libraries, where by lending the Bibles they reach more people.

For the current year, WBC has budgeted $4000 for a mission trip to Africa in November, 2011, planned by Foundation Ministries. Typically, these mission trips last for twelve to fifteen days, with training sessions scheduled at two to four different sites. Jack Horn will once again be participating in this mission trip. Prayers are requested for Jack, René and the African leaders as they plan, schedule and prepare the training material for the project.

WBC Sponsor: Becky McKee

ission  Foundation Ministries January 2019
Report to White Bluff Chapel
 oment  March, 2019

1.   Orphans & Widows Hope Project of Foundation Ministries

a. School Expenses
All 107 orphans will be enrolled in school this month. Their school year runs from January to December.  The orphans in Primary School number 90 and 17 are in Secondary School. Though all school fees are not paid in January, all the fees will be paid as the year progresses. That is the African way. This month they get uniforms, books, notebooks, pens etc. Special fees are paid as called for. None of the children we pay fees for are in arrears.

b. Chicken Projects
Pastor Dan Agao is raising chickens to supplement the monthly stipend we are able to send for the orphans and widows he cares for. We built one large chicken house to get started. He can sell chickens as needed to pay for numerous small items that are needful from time to time. It was never our intent for the monthly stipend to cover all their food and supply needs but rather to supplement what they are raising for themselves. Many have a small garden to raise greens which provide vitamins A, C, E and K plus iron and calcium.

You can read more of this monthly report to see all that they are doing for the orphans.

ission  WBC's Jack Horn Credited with
Ongoing Success in Africa
 oment  December, 2018

Becky McKee, Chapel liaison for Foundation Ministries, and Vicki Thompson, Global/National Missions Chair, received the following correspondence from Rene Brown, President of Foundation Ministries.  He makes glowing remarks regarding Pastor Luke, who has visited Whitney on two occasions, and alludes to the success of Jack Horn's work in Africa in the early days of White Bluff Chapel's foray into supporting missions abroad. 

Becky and Vicki:

Just wanted you to know how one of our Africa Team was received in two Pastors Conferences in Argentina, culturally a very different part of the world.  Lanny Hamby (from Texas, part of the Foundation Ministries family) was the host for the conference.

Also note that I am sending Luke on to help in two more seminars next week! The Africa Team is a great blessing in Africa but I can send them anywhere and know they will be received. What White Bluff Chapel supported all those years by sending Jack and I to Africa is bearing good fruit.


Dear Rene:  Toni and I just returned from Argentina last night. Wonderful trip, and wanted you to know what a great blessing Luke was.  All of the trouble and expense was well worth it.  Luke is such a sweet man with a huge gift. He captured everyone's heart, evidence of your fruit growing. Blessings, Lanny

Yes, I am proud of the way he has applied himself. We have traveled across the face of Africa for 25 years. He's a delight. It's a squeeze but I have him teaching in a Leadership seminar in Uganda and then one in Tanzania, both next week! He will hit the ground running. We don't normally do that but it was a unique opportunity to speak into [sic] the lives of these pastors - especially in Tanzania which is a Muslim country.



ission  Christmas Letter from Foundation Ministries
 oment  January, 2018

Becky McKee, Chapel liaison for Foundation Ministries, received a Christmas letter from Rene and Elizabeth Brown that touched on some of their events of 2017.  A portion of the letter focused on the number of children who have been coming to the orphanage in Kenya requesting food.  In December, this website posted a Mission Moment article by Becky McKee that related the story of Pastor Luke and his wife Susan taking in three orphans waiting outside their home for food. 

The Global/National Missions Committee led by Vicki Thompson has supported the Widows and Orphans program.  The main goals are helping with the building of more homes and providing food for the many orphans who arrive at their doors daily.  With more children come the additional expenses of food, clothing and education.  That increases their need for more support.

ission  Global Missions Annual Report:
Widows and Orphans, Hope Project and
Foundation Ministries
 oment  January, 2018

by Becky McKee

Back in May what a pleasure it was to get pictures of the college graduates from the Widows and Orphans in Kenya. Wow! They made it and are now on their own to follow their careers. Some will be going into teaching and some into the ministry. This felt like I had been playing basketball for ten years and now could sit on the bench for a period of rest. That proved to be momentary, as unplanned things begin to happen.

Orphans showed up at Susan Allen's house hungry and desperate for a place. The first few soon changed into 15. While this was happening, a local orphanage closed and Joseph and Sarah took seven of these into their home for a total of 22 new orphans. These are young kids; one was only 3 years old. It's off the bench! But Lord Wait, I am ten years older- a slight feeling like Moses must have felt when called to go back to Egypt.

Meanwhile, back in Africa it rains and the house of one of our widows collapses and will require rebuilding. The homeowner suffered injuries, which required hospitalization.  She is now out of the hospital and is being taken care of by another one of the widows.

Our request to the Chapel to fund the building of some houses was approved by the Global Missions Committee. Therefore, the funding request will be split, if received as follows:

  • One new house
  • Rebuild collapsed house
  • Food for new orphans
  • Uniforms and tuition for these new orphans

Some Chapel members have expressed disappointment in not having the Pastors from Africa here for a visit. They flew to San Antonio and on to Kerrville, where they held their meetings. The HEB foundation graciously provided their home (the original Oakhurst) for two weeks. Speakers were brought in from a number of places to provide teaching to the Pastors. Perhaps we can have them here this year or some can plan to attend a session in Kerrville.

Vicki Thompson, chair of Global Missions, and I plan to present a recorded 90-minute video of some of the sessions provided by Elizabeth Brown, a project we are looking forward to doing in the near future.

Everyone at WBC has been so faithful with gifts and prayers for this group.

These Pastors have been called by God to do not only the work of providing for the widows and orphans but also that of shepherding many churches they have started in Africa. These whom God has chosen are not only educated but are dedicated, tender-hearted Christian men.

In Him Always,
Becky McKee

ission  Foundation Ministries Widows and
Orphans Project:
Three More in the Kingdom
 oment  December, 2017

by Becky McKee

Do you remember a time when you were walking down the street while on vacation and you could smell some good food cooking?

Your husband says “it is pizza;” but you say "no it is a bakery with bread or cakes.”

Your nose leads you in the direction of the smell where you purchase fresh bread to eat.  Being able to smell is a blessing and is universal among all people.

This brings me to one of the pastor's home in Kenya.  Three small children were passing by the home and smelled the food being prepared.  The children were very hungry and came to the door begging for something to eat.  Susan, the Pastor's wife, had only prepared enough food for the family and had to stretch her meal to feed these children.

The three children were orphans.  So after the meal did they go away?  No, no! They parked themselves against the wall of the small house and went to sleep waiting for the smell to return.

Ok, this goes on for several days and Pastor Luke and his wife decide to adopt the three children.  Susan continues to stretch the meals to include these additional mouths to feed, while teaching them the gospel. 

Word of this gets back to Elizabeth Brown, the Orphan's Director of Foundation Ministries.  She is now developing a plan to take these children into their program.

The three children are currently living with Susan and Luke where they will receive love, food, medical care and education.   However, the most important aspect of their care will be bringing them into a relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God sent these little gifts in His own time.

So, to all of you at WBC; thank you very much for your gifts and prayers that help these and so many others move into the Kingdom of God.


ission  Foundation Ministries, Home Burning
 oment  July, 2017

by Becky McKee

I am sure by now that you may have heard that Rene and Elizabeth Brown's ranch home was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.  The home was a 100 year old ranch house that they had just completed renovations.  They were planning the 100 -year-old anniversary of the ranch.

The house nearby that had been built to house the African Pastors and their meeting room was not damaged.  The Browns live in Kerrville and would have taken the Pastors to the ranch for their training.

God works in such wonderful ways.  When some of the staff at the HEB foundation heard about their situation they asked for the schedule of speakers and agenda for the meeting.  They got approval and blessings from the HEB Group.  HEB has a family home in Kerrville and has offered the home to host the Pastors and the meeting.  The home is large enough to handle the pastors and the meeting.

The Browns would appreciate your prayers as they deal with the loss of the home and thanksgiving for God bringing the HEB organization to their needs. 

ission  Success in Africa through
Foundation Ministries
 oment  April, 2017

The Chapel provides support for Foundation Ministries through the Global/National mission committee led by Vicki Thompson.  The Chapel liaison is Becky McKee and she continues to receive positive feedback from Rene and Elizabeth Brown.  For more information about Foundation Ministries and the work they do in Kenya you can contact Becky.  Joseph Allen, the author of the letter to Rene and Elizabeth Brown, was one of the pastors that visited the Chapel in 2015. 

In December of 2016 the website contained an article of how Joseph was building a goat herd for the Widows and Orphans.  You can review that article.

Dear Becky and Vicki,

Success!! It's wonderful to see an orphan grow up and begin working in the kingdom to lead others to Christ.

Rene and Elizabeth

To: Rene Brown

Subject: profile of one of the orphans

Dear brother Rene and Mama Elizabeth,

We trust in the mighty grace of God that made us co partakers of the eternal inheritance not counting our sins.

We are fine and the orphans are in school except for food shortage that is threatening here.

I have been prompted with the profile of one of the orphans FMI started to support at the age of 9 years from Kisumu Street, back to school, then college where he became somebody.

This is none other than Victone Onyango, this boy is now winning more of the youths to Christ, an active community youth activities leader, a regional scout leader, an evangelist, a farmer and a very resourceful youth in the church.

We thank the lord for FMI and Rene Brown and all the brethren that have stood with you to do this noble work.


Joseph Allen

ission  Foundation Ministries Christmas Message
 oment  January, 2017

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Foundation Ministries was one of the first missions the Chapel chose to sponsor.  Over the years the sponsorship has grown to incorporate support for widows and orphans and continued assistance for the African pastors as they expand their network bringing Christ and his grace to other parts of Africa.

Click to Enlarge

Rene and Elizabeth Brown forwarded a Christmas message and progress update that is shared in this article along with pictures that show the variations of support they provide.  If you would like to know more about the Chapel's sponsorship of Foundation Ministries you can contact the Chapel liaison Becky McKee

ission  Chapel Sponsorship of Foundation Ministries
Helps Build Goat Herd
 oment  December, 2016

Previously there have been articles about the Chapel's help with building a goat herd.  Joseph, a bishop sponsored by Foundation Ministries, manages an orphanage and is building a herd to help feed the children.  Joseph was a visitor to the Chapel in 2015. The Chapel's Global/National Mission Committee led by Vicki Thompson has forwarded funds through Foundation Ministries to help purchase goats.  Rene Brown of Foundation Ministries has sent Becky McKee an update on their progress.  If you would like more information about Foundation Ministries please contact Becky, the Chapel liaison with Foundation Ministries. 

Dear Becky,

Here are our latest purchases. Joseph is also working on goat sheds for these goats. We are moving little by little so as not to overwhelm these pastors. Joseph is the bishop for about 30 plus churches and has an orphanage to run that is separate from the ones related to Foundation Ministries. 

These goats in Kenya look exactly like the "Spanish" or "brush" goats we raise in Hill Country of Texas although many people are adding some South African Boar Goat blood into the herd. These Boars are all-white goats except for colored ears of brown or black.  

In addition he travels widely doing seminars in the western part of Kenya and eastern part of Tanzania. Frankly, I don't see how these men have time to do all that they do. They do a tremendous service for the body of Christ in Western Kenya.

Each of these churches where he teaches becomes an outreach to unbelievers with the Good News of the Kingdom of God in Christ Jesus. His teaching (which we have encouraged for 25+ years) is immensely helpful to these Christians.

In addition to teaching the scriptures, these men also have crusades in the towns where they go to bring more people into the Kingdom



ission  African Pastors Chapel Visit
 oment  July, 2016

Once again White Bluff Chapel was blessed by spending time with five African Pastors, representing one of the Chapel's mission programs, and hearing about their ministries.  Two pastors were from Rwanda, two from Zimbabwe and one from Kenya.

Foundation Ministries is one of the Chapel's mission programs and it provides assistance for training additional pastors and the care for many widows and orphans in Africa.

On Saturday evening July 9 Dale and Vicki Thompson hosted a dinner for the five pastors and Elizabeth Brown to celebrate their visit and hear about their ministries.  Several Chapel members were also in attendance.  As always at Chapel gatherings there was plenty of food. 

Following the initial greetings, Vicki led the group in prayer before everyone sat down for their meal.  During meal time Chapel members learned a lot about the struggles the pastors have in their countries.  Following the meal, Vicki read scripture to bless the pastors and carry them on in their ministries.  

Rene Brown is the president of Foundation Ministries and was busy putting together the training materials for the five pastors and could not attend the dinner.  His wife Elizabeth represented Foundation Ministries.

Elizabeth spoke about how Foundation Ministries came to life and their continued role.  The group then heard from each pastor about their ministries and how God led them to take up His cross and feed their people.  One message heard was "a mission without provisions would not be effective".  One pastor, Joseph from Rwanda, passed out a document about his ministry that explains much of what he was called to do.

Then on Sunday July 10 the Chapel heard from Elizabeth Brown who provided the congregation with an overview of their mission work before turning the time over to Jack Horn.  Jack introduced each pastor who spoke about their ministry and appreciation for the Chapel's  support.   

When the Chapel has opportunities to see and hear from those they sponsor, it gives all a better understanding of how the Chapel's mission programs function and why a ministry is selected.  If you want more information about this mission you can contact Becky McKee

ission  Romania Visited by WBC Missionary
 oment  August, 2012

Jack Horn, member and former associate pastor of WB Chapel, has served for many years as a missionary with Foundation Ministries International. It is a nondenominational organization that works with the pastors of Christian churches around the world. While most of his trips have been to Africa, this was Jack's third visit to Romania. Horn travels with a team of missionaries that trains Christian pastors in the target culture to be better able to teach the Gospel to their flock.

The main thrust of this most recent mission trip was to present the pastors in eight different Romanian cities with a full-day teaching seminar on the Grace and Love of God. The pastors in each group seminar were provided with twenty-four essays, all dealing with teachings relate to the grace and love of God. They were then trained through lectures, question-and-answer sessions, and dialoguing to go out and teach one- to two-hour lessons on each essay.

The seminar was limited to fifteen participants per city in order to allow plenty of opportunity for discussion on each topic. At least half of each class consisted of pastors who were adequately proficient in English, and two interpreters assisted the groups, as well. The team leader for the project is a Romanian with excellent English skills, as is his entire family, and also a young man who is studying in the U.S. as a Bible student was there to provide translating services.

Just last November, Horn participated in an extensive trip to Kenya, also with Foundation Ministries International. White Bluff Chapel, through its Global Missions initiative, provides financial support on an annual basis to the organization.

ission  Jack Horn Trains Pastors in Kenya
 oment  November, 2011

Jack Horn has recently completed another trip to Africa, working through Foundation Ministries, for which he serves as Secretary on their Board of Directors. White Bluff Chapel provides support on an annual basis to orphans being raised in Christian families in Kenya as well as to a group of widows raising orphans there.

The main goal of Horn's trip this year was to help train 150 African pastors of all denominations in a five-day seminar. Foundation Ministries' vision for Africa is for Africans to teach Africans. It is believed that by knowing the cultures and languages of the different tribes, the local pastors can relate better to their communities than foreign missionaries can in presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The seminar took place on Mount Elgon, in the seldom-traveled northwestern part of Kenya, on the border of Uganda.

Following the training seminar, Horn then participated in two five-day conferences at different locations in Kenya, with team leaders from eight different African countries. The final day of his trip was spent with some of the widows and orphans that White Bluff Chapel helps to support.