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ission  Thank You from The Gideon's
 oment  November, 2017

The Chapel Local Mission committee supports the local Gideon group. They have made great inroads in placing Bibles within the Hill County school systems. Several members of the Chapel are part of the Gideon organization. Sara Edwards was the past liaison for this mission. You can read their thank you note.

ission  Gideons Have a Successful 2016
 oment  January, 2017

The Chapel has supported The Gideons International in their efforts to win souls for Christ and distribute scriptures for a number of years.  John Upchurch and Glenn Carrell as Gideons, as well as others in the Chapel have been very involved supporting this fine organization.  The support of the Gideons is part of the Global/National mission committee led by Vicki Thompson.  The money allotted to this group is helping spread the Gospel around the world.

Locally and throughout Hill County, the Gideons have distributed over 200 scriptures in 5th grade classes at several elementary schools, with more to come in the spring.  Additionally they have personally met to support and pray for 50 of the pastors in Hill County.

The following are some international statistics concerning the Gideon efforts:

  • 91,863,801 - Scriptures distributed last year
  • 97,000,000 - Scripture distribution goal for 2017
  • Organized in 200 countries, territories and possessions
  • Scriptures printed in over 95 languages
  • 277,715 total Gideons and Auxiliary (Gideon wives) worldwide
  • 3,167 Gideon USA camps
  • 12,029 camps worldwide (including USA)

Sara Edwards is the Chapel liaison for The Gideons International.  If you have any questions you can email Sara or John Upchurch.

ission  Thanks from The Gideons
 oment  Posted March 15, 2012

The letter below was recently received by the Chapel, subsequent to the Gideons visit to White Bluff Chapel in February.

Pastor Terry Cosby
White Bluff Chapel
1072 White Bluff Dr.
Whitney, TX 76692

Dear Pastor Cosby,

Thank you for the gracious reception you and your congregation extended to me on Sunday, February 19, 2012, when I was privileged to present the Gideon ministry in your church. It was a joy for me to be a part of your worship service.

On behalf of The Gideons of Hill County and The Gideons International, I want to express my sincere thanks to you and your congregation for your support of the Gideon work. The offering which was given in the amount of $515.00 is tangible evidence of the love your congregation has for making the Word of God available to those who otherwise may not have a copy. This will enable 103 bibles or 396 testaments to be purchased and placed. We can pray that many precious souls will come to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as a result of the Scriptures being distributed.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rudy Matthaei
Hill County Gideons