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   Pink/Purple flower pin    Foundation Ministries, widows, and Hope project
   Blue pin    SW Good Samaritans, Lilies of the Valley, Wee Can Know
   Yellow pin    US Center for World Missions
   White pin    Circle of Hope
   Red pin    Casa Bernabe
   Green pin    Buckner international
   Orange/yellow flower pin    Wycliffe
   Large red pushpins denote mission under threat of terror activity.  This can be anywhere from being
   jailed or instant death for promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In ACTS 1:6-9 we read about when Jesus was with His disciples for the last time after his resurrection. He gave them this command: "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere. In Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria and to the ends of the earth."

We take this seriously here at WBC, as you can see from our world map. Not only are we serving God locally in White Bluff and Whitney, but throughout Texas, the United States, and to the ends of the earth.

The Global National Missions Committee represents the following missions:

  Athletes in Action

WBC Sponsor: Bill Burris Email

Winning athletes to Christ by earning the right to be heard, walking them towards Jesus, molded in deep relationships. Showing up at bike races, ready to serve and show the love of Christ when many others are not.

AIA builds athletes in their faith through Life on Life discipleship, whether locally or virtually.

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  Casa Bernabe Ministries

WBC Sponsor: Pat Griffin Email

A Christian orphanage in Guatemala City that serves 150 children.

Casa Bernabe serves children from infancy to 18 years of age. Their medical clinic and school also serve the nearby community.

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   Christian Dental Society

WBC Sponsor: Jody Yarbro Email

Provides scholarships to dental students doing mission dentistry in Guatemala and other poverty stricken countries.

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   Foundation Ministries

WBC Sponsor: Becky McKee Email

Trains pastors for service in their home churches in Africa and Romania.

Foundation Ministries helps to train and equip pastors in their home churches in 28 African countries and in Romania.

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   Gideons International

WBC Sponsor: Glenn Carrell Email

Provides worldwide Bible distribution and evangelism.

WBC helps to distribute Bibles in the Whitney, Blum and Hillsboro school districts, as well as at Hill College.

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   Orphans and Widows Hope Project

WBC Sponsor: Becky McKee Email

Pairs orphans with widows in Kenya Africa. The goal is to help orphans grow up healthy, educated and to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

James 1:27 (NLT) – "Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you."

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  Wee Can Know

WBC Sponsor: Bill Burris Email

A ministry in New Orleans to reach children for Christ through partnerships with local churches and schools.

This ministry provides personnel training and outreach to the children of the greater New Orleans area, as well as training for other churches and individuals in bringing young children to Christ.

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  Wycliffe Bible Translators

WBC Sponsor: Open

WBC supports one missionary family in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Wycliffe Bible Translators provides support for missionaries working abroad who are training teams to translate the Bible into native tongues.

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Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with one of these missions or desire further information, locate the name of the Global Missions sub-committee chair where you will find a link to send an email to that chairperson.

ission  Kenyan Conference:
Rains, Marriages, Blessings, the Masai, Tents
& No Phone or Internet!
 oment  June, 2018

by Billy Campbell

As it is June 9th morning in Webuye, Kenya in Africa, most of you are fast asleep. Dave and I are just ending our two weeks of talks on Family and Marriage. Being my first time in Kenya, I can assure you that White Bluff Chapel is well known with the Kenyans as I have spoken much of our church model and how it fits with the tribes in Africa.

The spirit the people here have brought to me was much needed. As I received the prayers from WBC, we would meet and pray for you. We started out the conference with heavy rains that kept many away the first day. We broke into small groups and prayed on Tuesday for the rains to stop. By the grace of God, they stopped until we finished on Thursday. As we left, the rains came again (got some great pictures of the children having to walk home from school in the rain). It is amazing how business continues. The motorbikes just put up a large umbrella and they keep moving.

In this Conference on Family and Marriage, I have been surprised to learn how important marriages are to the Kenyans who cannot afford their weddings. These are the most festive weddings I have ever attended. There are even older individuals marrying legally for the first time, including the original founder of Karen Community Baptist Church, where the conference and wedding was held. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!

In my 25 years with Truth Encounter, I have ministered to the prisoners of Texas and now to the tribes of Kenya. What a tremendous blessing the Kenyans have brought us, yet they feel that the blessings of God are what we have brought to them. To all those who helped make this happen, your money was well spent. WE FED THOUSANDS during these two weeks, but most important, the bishops and pastors said they were fed by the Word like never before. Although I am not a minister, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to use me and my words to help spread the gospel.

As we prepare to leave Webuye, we will head to the land of the Masai Mora. The Masai is only 1% of the population but consists of some of the largest land owners. They are the tribe most photographed as they work the land like they have for thousands of years in the native dress. This is the part of Kenya where the animals migrate every year across the border. We will be staying in tents for the next two days where phones do not work and there is no internet. Our young people would be going crazy but it is Dave's way of getting 100% of our attention.

In the Masai, we will have a two day meeting with Bishop Zach and Bishop Sammy in which Dave and I will reflect on the last two weeks and talk about the future. Bishop Nicodemus of the National Baptist Association promised that next time we arrive, over two hundred Baptist bishops and pastors will attend. Although we are in the land of the Luhyas, the Kikuyus (Kenya's largest tribe and ruling president) and Luos came together this week to celebrate. It was powerful and really unheard of for all three to meet. It was Bishop Nicodemus' hope that someday we ask the government for the use of the National Soccer Stadium for the conference as it grows. Zach and Sammy already have over 30 people ready for marriage the next time. Hopefully through WBC Sunday School class I can tell the importance of the story.

Thanks again for the prayers and support. Pray for safe travels and a safe ride home. It will be special as WBC just happens to be singing an African song about "Don't Worry about Tomorrow" when I return and the WB Instrumental Group will be assisting the choir.

Your brother in Christ,

ission  Thank You from Truth Encounter
 oment  November, 2017

The Chapel Global/National Mission committee agreed to give Truth Encounter $1,000.00 in Extra Blessing money in 2017.  This allowed the committee to further review this Ministry for continued sponsorship moving forward.  The gift was given to help with a school in Kenya that is under the Truth Encounter umbrella.  You can read their thank you note.

ission  Mission Sunday Reviews
Chapel Missions Program
 oment  Posted April, 2015

As members of the congregation entered the Sanctuary on Sunday, April 26, they received a brochure naming and describing the different ministries that White Bluff Chapel supports, in our local community as well as throughout our state, nation, and around the globe. Associate Pastor Betty Newman gave a brief exposé on our Missions program, using a world map punctuated with push pins to indicate the location of each ministry we support.

Newman pointed out that since the inception of our mission support in 2000 with Foundation Ministries and the WB Volunteer Fire Department, WBC has given $1,681,056 to local, state, national and international organizations or individuals. And in 2014, with the combination of designated funds and extra blessings at the end of the year, the Chapel gave 47% of our budget. Betty emphasized how much we are a giving church, committed to serving Jesus Christ not only with our money, but also through our deeds and our prayers.

She stressed the fact that for every ministry that we support, there is a WB Chapel member actively involved as a liaison with that group. That person provides information and input when funding or physical needs are discussed, in addition to helping monitor the program. As a member of the at-large mission committee, Newman says that as often as she hears the request for money from the mission liaisons, she hears them ask for prayer.

Global/National Mission Prayer Requests

  • Pray for safety from increased persecution, courage, strength and a strong witness for the missionaries we support in Africa, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico and Russia.
  • Pray for the children in New Orleans to hear and respond to the gospel message as presented through the loving ministry of WEE CAN KNOW.
  • Pray for Christian facilities to meet the growing number of orphans, as adoptions are closed to outside countries, especially in Guatemala, Ethiopia and Russia.
  • Pray for secure and safe surroundings to provide protection from ISIS for the widows and orphans in Kenya.
  • Pray for the health of missionaries to be protected.
  • Pray for that which the terrorist groups intend for evil be turned to a powerful witness of the sovereignty of God!

Listen to Associate Pastor Betty Newman describe a few things you may not know about White Bluff Chapel’s mission work as she prefaces each fascinating fact with the query, “Did you know?” Then read here about the individual ministries that we support.

ission  Chronicles of an African Trip
 oment  Posted Dec 2, 2010, Updated Dec 12 and Dec 16, 2010

By Associate Pastor Ann McAlpin

Monday, November 29, 2010

The countdown is here – only 2 days until I leave for my mission trip to Kenya – Christmas in Kenya. My dream is almost a reality!

When did it all begin? The seed was planted when I was only a teenager and read about missionaries in Africa. A seed that lay dormant until 2010 when I began to pray about my plans for the year. Knowing that Ken Hall, C.E.O. of Buckner International, was scheduled to speak at the Chapel in February, I prayed for an opportunity to learn more about Buckner's mission trips. Talking with Ken and Linda Hall increased my desire and enthusiasm about a mission trip. After more prayer, I got on line and began checking on trips that Buckner had planned for Africa. Soon I was registered for this trip to Kenya for December 1 – 11, 2010.

Bags are almost completely packed; lists are checked; shots have been taken and today I took my first pill to prevent malaria. It is going to happen - I will soon be leaving for Kenya!

What do I expect as I think about the trip? I close my eyes and see beautiful children, some with wide smiles and others with shy grins. I hear laughter and noisy conversations between children who are experiencing a week of play and love. My heart pounds with anticipation as I long to share with them as we experience God's love together.

Tuesday, November 30, 2011

One day until I leave – a few last-minute details to attend to, but most things are in order and ready to go.

This morning I read Henri Nouwen's Advent devotional writing "In Solitude, In Activity." He talked about Jesus' preparation for ministry, including the times of solitude and prayer. Nouwen wrote: "Somewhere we know that without a lonely place our actions quickly become empty gestures. The careful balance between silence and words, withdrawal and involvement, distance and closeness, solitude and community forms the basis of the Christian life..."

There has been much activity in getting ready for this trip, but my desire is that the children in Kenya see Christ in me. That will only happen if I spend time alone with Christ in prayer.

I go bearing many gifts that will delight the children, but the gift that will be eternal is the gift of Christ. May I give that gift to each person I encounter on this trip.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

This has been an interesting day. The flight from DFW was an hour late and in spite of running from terminal 3 to catch the bus to terminal 5 in London, we did not make our connection. After standing in a lot of lines and talking to several agents, we were finally booked on a flight through Kenya Airways that is supposed to leave at 7:00 p.m. and arrive in Nairobi at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow. We won't miss any of the planned activities - just a nights sleep! I am so glad that the trip director, Jessica Garcia, was on my plane. She has been able to notify the people in Nairobi that we will not arrive this evening and arrange for us to be picked up tomorrow morning. It was snowing when we arrived in London this morning - looked pretty.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Arrival at the Nairobi airport finally at 7:30 a.m.; we cleared customs with no trouble and retrieved all of our bags - a miracle that all of them arrived with us. A van from Buckner International picked us up and took us to the hotel where we met up with the rest of the team who had arrived on the evening of Dec. 2. Everyone had experienced some flight delays due to the snow storm in Europe. We took a quick shower and were off for the day's activity.

First stop was a visit at a large shopping strip with an open air market on the second level. After exchanging money we got something to eat at the food court of the shopping strip and then headed up to the market area. This was great fun - each vender had the best deal to offer the tourist! Lots of haggling and we probably paid way too much for everything purchased, but it was fun talking to the venders. One of the young men has a friend attending Baylor and was excited that I lived near Waco. Another asked about Bush and if I lived near him.

After a couple of hours here we headed to CORAT AFRICA, our camp for the week. The children had just arrived when we got here. Some were eager to great the volunteers who were returning from last year.

Checked into our rooms which are adequate - nothing fancy - similar to church camps in USA. We gathered for a time of singing and worship with the children and then had dinner together. Food is interesting - lots of starchy carbohydrates. We serve the children and then sit with them to eat. They are a little shy about talking, but not about eating. Most of them return for seconds.

After dinner we built a bonfire and roasted marshmallows for smores. They liked this!

I came to my room a little before 8 and was asleep by 8:30. Any bed feels great after being up on planes for 2 nights. I do have a mosquito net canopy over my bed.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Up for breakfast at 7 - eggs, sausage, porridge and bread (just plain bread, not toasted). The kids ate 5 or 6 slices of bread and butter with their meal. They also like hot chai tea with lots of milk and sugar.

Following breakfast the volunteers met for our devotional time and then VBS began. Kids are beginning to warm up to us. They had fun with the VBS activities - loved decorating everything with all the cowboy stickers we brought. They are very polite and cooperative.

Lunch at 1:00 and then a time to rest before we have a treasure hunt at 5. It is a busy schedule. The scavenger hunt was fun for the kids. They had to find out things about us, so it helped them get to know us a little better.

Dinner again was interesting – rice, potatoes mashed with turnip greens, lentils, goat and chicken. I may lose weight! The children love it all.

Oh, I am not the oldest person here after all, there is another lady on my team who is 72. We are doing fine keeping up with the younger ones!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Great day! VBS is going well even though my group's children don't have a very good handle on English. Even though they are 8-10 years old several are only in the 1st grade. Craft today was decorating cowboy boot stockings. Lots of jewels, glitter, foam letters and more glue and glitter! We will fill the stockings tomorrow and get ready for the Christmas party on Tuesday evening.

During free time this afternoon, some of us gave manicures – not only to the girls, but some of the boys wanted their toe nails painted. Most had us do them several times to try out different colors.

Evening activity was a Texas party with games such as horseshoes, barrel races, horse races etc. Then we had music and did the Cotton Eyed Joe, chicken dance and some square dancing. Kids had a blast. They are loving being the center of attention and we love giving it to them.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kids are really warming up to us as individuals and the volunteer team is bonding well. I enjoy the ladies in my group and have a delightful young roommate.

Main activity for this evening was the talent show. Kids did songs, recitations of scripture, skits and dances. One of the teenage girls spoke on the importance of maintaining the environment. She plans to go to college and become a doctor and a political activist. She is very poised and confident.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last day of VBS and just as in the states, everyone was ready for it to be over. The kids and Bible knowledge of even the young children is impressive. They attend Sunday school and church and are taught well.

Christmas party tonight!!! This was great. The children all came into the large meeting room and were seated. After a song and short devotional, they were called forward one at a time to receive their gift bag and stocking. No one could open their gift until all had received theirs. They could peek into the stockings, but not take anything out. They waited patiently until they were told to open gifts, then they tore into the bags. The gifts from WBC were great. I have pictures of each of the children that we sponsored opening their gifts. This is how children should respond to Christmas-such appreciation.

We leave the children tomorrow, but a part of my heart stays with them and a part of each of you who contributed to this trip will remain in Kenya.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The morning was spent packing up and preparing to depart from CORAT where we had spent a week with the children. After packing we had some free time to visit with the children before lunch and then a time to gather and tell them good-bye. They were reminded that God's love will be with them always. Jessica asked the children to memorize and claim Psalm 27:10 as their verse – "Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me."

Following lunch the children boarded buses and returned to their homes. 22 of the children live in the orphanage in Nairobi and the others live with extended family or foster parents.

After the children left, we boarded our bus and headed to Nairobi to tour the Children's Home. The work that is being done there is very impressive. The home was designed for 50 children and presently houses 22, but there are 300 students attending the school that is located on campus. All the buildings are very modest, but well maintained and clean. In addition to the school, there is a clinic which is open to the neighborhood on certain days.

Each child living in the home has specific chores to do and they were already busy doing them when we got there. One of the girls was doing laundry by hand in a tub and hanging the clothes on a fence. One of the boys was sweeping off the walks.

The center is located in a very poor area of Nairobi. The children in the orphanage have much better living conditions than those in the neighborhood. However, the children that we saw in the neighborhood were smiling and happy to greet us.

Leaving the center, we inched through heavy traffic to downtown Nairobi where we had dinner in a very nice mall. It was no different from an upscale mall in the US – many of the same stores. We ate at Java House which was similar to a Chili's restaurant. Following dinner we went to a hotel for the night.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This morning 6 of our group depart for the US and the remaining 8 of us go to Masai Mara for our safari. In this past week we have bonded well as a team and there are lots of hugs as we say good-bye to those leaving.

The safari was fantastic – luxurious accommodations, delicious food, and unbelievable animals. What a wonderful way to relax and reflect on the week. God's creation is amazing!

One day in the Bible lesson I told the children that when God created the plants, stars, moon, water, animals etc. He said, "It is good." But when he created man, He said, "It is very good." As I took in the wonder of the creation around me in Masai Mara, I thought about the children that I had been privileged to love for a week and I said – Indeed, it is true – They are very good!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another wonderful day of safari and visit to a Masai village – more adorable children. Then we headed back to Nairobi to board a plane at 10:50 p.m. for London and then on to Dallas on Dec. 11. This trip has been everything that I had hoped for and more. I have been blessed abundantly!

ission  Updates on Global Mission Projects
 oment  November, 2010


There are approximately 160 part time students and 30 full time students at the school this year. An important event has occurred. Student work done at the school is now accepted by a mainline university and the students can obtain a degree on campus. They have been working toward this for some time and wanted to share their excitement with us.


School starts in January and the staff is registering students and trying to secure funds to help with school fees and uniforms and shoes for the students.


There are now 461 children in kinship (foster) care living in the area of Addis Aba Aba and Axum being helped through this program. Additionally, the baby home has 22 beds of which 20 are currently occupied.

Want to know more about any of these mission programs? Email Becky McKee for more information.