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In the Presence of Greatness
    Jun 17, 2018
    Matthew 2; Luke 2
    Terry Cosby

The Reason We Endure
    Jun 10, 2018
    2 Timothy 2
    Terry Cosby

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ission  Kenyan Conference:
Rains, Marriages, Blessings, the Masai, Tents
& No Phone or Internet!
 oment  Posted June 21, 2018

by Billy Campbell

As it is June 9th morning in Webuye, Kenya in Africa, most of you are fast asleep. Dave and I are just ending our two weeks of talks on Family and Marriage. Being my first time in Kenya, I can assure you that White Bluff Chapel is well known with the Kenyans as I have spoken much of our church model and how it fits with the tribes in Africa.

The spirit the people here have brought to me was much needed. As I received the prayers from WBC, we would meet and pray for you. We started out the conference with heavy rains that kept many away the first day. We broke into small groups and prayed on Tuesday for the rains to stop. By the grace of God, they stopped until we finished on Thursday. As we left, the rains came again (got some great pictures of the children having to walk home from school in the rain). It is amazing how business continues. The motorbikes just put up a large umbrella and they keep moving.

In this Conference on Family and Marriage, I have been surprised to learn how important marriages are to the Kenyans who cannot afford their weddings. These are the most festive weddings I have ever attended. There are even older individuals marrying legally for the first time, including the original founder of Karen Community Baptist Church, where the conference and wedding was held. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!

In my 25 years with Truth Encounter, I have ministered to the prisoners of Texas and now to the tribes of Kenya. What a tremendous blessing the Kenyans have brought us, yet they feel that the blessings of God are what we have brought to them. To all those who helped make this happen, your money was well spent. WE FED THOUSANDS during these two weeks, but most important, the bishops and pastors said they were fed by the Word like never before. Although I am not a minister, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to use me and my words to help spread the gospel.

As we prepare to leave Webuye, we will head to the land of the Masai Mora. The Masai is only 1% of the population but consists of some of the largest land owners. They are the tribe most photographed as they work the land like they have for thousands of years in the native dress. This is the part of Kenya where the animals migrate every year across the border. We will be staying in tents for the next two days where phones do not work and there is no internet. Our young people would be going crazy but it is Dave's way of getting 100% of our attention.

In the Masai, we will have a two day meeting with Bishop Zach and Bishop Sammy in which Dave and I will reflect on the last two weeks and talk about the future. Bishop Nicodemus of the National Baptist Association promised that next time we arrive, over two hundred Baptist bishops and pastors will attend. Although we are in the land of the Luhyas, the Kikuyus (Kenya's largest tribe and ruling president) and Luos came together this week to celebrate. It was powerful and really unheard of for all three to meet. It was Bishop Nicodemus' hope that someday we ask the government for the use of the National Soccer Stadium for the conference as it grows. Zach and Sammy already have over 30 people ready for marriage the next time. Hopefully through WBC Sunday School class I can tell the importance of the story.

Thanks again for the prayers and support. Pray for safe travels and a safe ride home. It will be special as WBC just happens to be singing an African song about "Don't Worry about Tomorrow" when I return and the WB Instrumental Group will be assisting the choir.

Your brother in Christ,

ission  Dental Mission Trip to Uganda
 oment  Posted June 21, 2018

Dr. Jody Yarbro recently joined a team of two dentists and two hygienists on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa.  The purpose of the mission was to train four Christian health-care workers to do dental extractions in Ggaba, a poor fishing town on the shoreline of Lake Victoria in Uganda. The health-care workers were exceptionally fast learners of the new skill being taught them, during which they noticeably felt the Chapel's prayers. There was no shortage of patients who lined up every morning for free extractions in the clinic was that was being held in a large room of a local church.

After completing their training, two of the students were assigned to work in Christian orphanages and the other two left to work in outlying rural Christian health-care clinics.  These young people are all dedicated Christians and intend to use their new skills to minister to and spread the Gospel to those in need of Jesus Christ. 

Below is a team photo of Jody with the students after they received their certificates for being a community dental health worker and two additional photos of patients having work done at the clinic.

ission  Guatemala Volcano Eruption
 oment  Posted June 21, 2018

One of the missions supported through the Chapel's Global/National Mission Committee is the orphanage in Guatemala, Casa Bernabe.  Pat Griffin is the Chapel liaison for this mission and has worked with Casa Bernabe since prior to the Chapel's sponsorship.

The recent volcano eruption has made a major impact on the country.  Fortunately Casa Bernabe has been spared, even though the site is nearby.  Pat had reached out to them and received the follow response from Edgar Salguëro, an administrator with Casa Bernabe.

Good morning Pat,

Thank you for your email.  We are all okay at Casa Bernabe.  The volcano was far enough away from us that we didn't even get any ash or debris.  Donie did get quite a bit of ash at her house and I believe was on alert as to possible evacuation during the actual eruption.  But they are all fine too.  This is one of the volcanoes that can be seen from near Casa Bernabe.  But it is about 60 km away from us, so we are not in danger from its eruptions.

However, the situation is very devastating for the people that live near the volcano.  Many many families were killed and buried alive. The eruption happened so fast and the kind of lava that came out of it moves so fast that most people didn't even have time to evacuate.  That is why so many were killed. My country needs lots of prayers right now. This was the worst eruption here in over a century.  75 people have already been confirmed dead and they are saying there will probably be many more as they continue rescue efforts.  Most of the bodies are unidentifiable though, from being so badly burned by the hot ash.  Please pray for Guatemala and these families.

Thank you for writing to us Pat and checking on us.  God bless you and your family so much!


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Terry's Blog

Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

No Shirt, No Shoes, No…
Posted June 21, 2018

I don’t even remember who the guy was. He was on TV pretty late one Sunday about 25 years ago just preaching up a storm. He was animated. He was moving. He was loud, then quiet. He would read a scripture and then tell us its hidden meaning and how to extract the blessings God wanted for us out of God’s word.

Then he did it. He taught the viewers how to pray and get what we needed and even what we wanted.  He said he had taught these truths for years but didn’t always follow his own teaching, until… between shows crusade meetings, he went shopping. He went to a men’s store and saw a shirt he really liked. The shirt cost $75! Now this was twenty-five years ago when a nice dress shirt could be had for $25. So the sad preacher put it back on the shelf but then heard God speak to him. God said to him, “Ask me for it.” What God?  “Just ask me for the shirt, I want you to have it.” So the preacher asked God for the shirt and just for good measure he asked God for a $200 pair of shoes. He purchased them; he wasn’t going to argue with God. If God wanted him to have them then he should buy them.

And wouldn’t you know it, after the crusade meeting a man came up to him and gave him an envelope and told the preacher this was just for him. It wasn’t for the crusade or the orphans they sponsored, just him. Afterwards the TV preacher opened the envelope and found $300 in it. So always ask God, then act on what you are asking, and then He will bless you with even more than you need.

I wanted to go to the bathroom and throw up. But then I remembered what he said. So I asked God for it. I don’t know if it was ever answered but here’s what I asked for…………

“God, please send this preacher of all things materialistic a real Old Testament prophet. Let him point a long, boney finger at the preacher and have fire come from that finger. Let its flame burn the shirt and shoes off our modern day Jabez and hang this sign around his neck: ‘no shirt, no shoes, no Savior.’”

Then I wondered how many signs the prophet would hang around my neck? Some prayers God mercifully doesn’t answer.


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What We've Done

Betty Newman Trades in Her Ivory Keys
Posted June 21, 2018

Betty Newman, our talented, vivacious and outstanding pianist and accompanist, has decided to trade in her ivory keys for more time with her grandchildren. Now that their second grandchild has been born and this one is living in Midland, Betty and hubby Terry have decided to clear their busy calendar of Sunday commitments so that they can spend weekends further away. The first grandchild lives in Waco, allowing them to juggle their agenda with the short drive between Waco and Whitney, but the trip to West Texas demands a much longer commute.

Betty has devoted seven years to enriching White Bluff Chapel’s music ministry program, ever since she and Terry retired from their careers in Midland. In addition, she doubled up to serve as WBC’s Associate Pastor for a number of years during that tenure.

Music Director Tom Reedy, organist Donna Spotts and all the choir members were greatly saddened to bid Betty farewell at a reception in her honor in early June. Mary Parish and her Hospitality Committee catered the event in Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall following Sunday Worship service. Reedy closed the service with a tribute to Newman, who promptly “accepted” the microphone for her own tribute to the choir and congregation.

Paula Carpenter has recently been trading off Sundays with Betty, proving herself a most capable musician, as well. She will now take over completely the pianist and accompanist responsibilities for the WB Chapel music ministry, in addition to some of her compositions that she occasionally plays and sings at service.

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