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Isaiah's Place
Retreat and Learning Center
for the Deaf

The statistics are shocking and grim when it comes to the deaf, their communication and their relationship to Jesus. 85% of hearing parents do not communicate with their deaf children. 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents. The most critical and sad statistic is that only 2% of deaf know Jesus. The board, staff, and volunteers of Isaiah's Place strive to do all they can to connect the deaf to families and to Christ.

Isaiah's Place is a Retreat and Learning Center serving the Deaf of Texas and beyond. Founded in 2002 and located north of Whitney, just south of White Bluff Resort on HCR 1207, IP has been supported faithfully and consistently with substantial funding from White Bluff Chapel ever since its opening. What a necessary and amazing partnership this has been. Many of the volunteer hours spent at IP have come from the White Bluff community and WBC members.

There are as many ways to volunteer at Isaiah's Place as there are creative minds, gifts, and talents of the people with "Mission Hearts!" The greatest misconception is that you have to sign to help at IP. Certainly not! They love new ideas from volunteers, whether it be related to the faculties, the programs, the retreats or the meals.

Read more, visit the website,, and check them out on FB. Contact Diane Frederickson at 254-694-7771 or 254-205-7880 cell/text or on their website to volunteer at the facility.

WBC Sponsor: Diane Frederickson Email

ission  Isaiah's Place Holds Three-Day Youth Camp
 oment  April, 2019

by Diane Frederickson

Isaiah's Place hosted a three-day Deaf Youth Camp during Spring Break. They had 11 deaf participants, in addition to the camp pastor and a leader. A total of about 30 people attended the entire camp, which included leaders, family members, interpreters, and volunteers.

The camp theme was "Yellow!" Pastor Raymond did an excellent job with Bible and Worship sessions, small groups, and one-on-one. One deaf student told pastor that he wanted to be a preacher. Another student who was troubled finally was told not to worry or be pressured to accept Jesus this week, but to have fun and be respectful. When the pressure was off, he went home with an entirely new countenance and a new Action Bible for teens.

The students participated in making a GaGa Pit out of pallets. That was their favorite outdoor activity. They had several "hands on" Bible activities. Pastor Raymond and Mistie had them all make 6-colored Gospel Bracelets with leather and beads. They actively participated in another Bible application and illustration with yellow and black paper. They tore a piece of black paper into 12 portions. As they recalled the characteristics of God that they wanted to show "as a shining light" for Jesus, they replaced the black pieces with neon yellow labeled pieces.

We as leaders knew that the Holy Spirit was present in this activity. All the students are coming back for Deaf Youth Summer Camp June 20-23. Many of these students have called this "their place" for many years! God is changing lives one family at a time at Isaiah's Place.

ission  Isaiah's Place Announces 2019 ASL Classes,
Deaf Day and Blessing Funding
 oment  January, 2019

Tuesday ASL Classes:
Diane Frederickson, Director of the local Camp for the Deaf called Isaiah's Place, has announced three initiatives to kickoff 2019. First up are Tuesday 6 pm classes in American Sign Language (ASL) open to the public, which just started this week. Interested parties should text or call Diane at 254-205-7880.

Saturday, January 19, Deaf Day:
An early evening worship and discussion will commence at 4:30 and be followed by a 5:30 meal. Interested parties should text or call Diane at 254-205-7880.

Blessing Funding Established:
Here is your opportunity to support this fine mission's goals. Take advantage of how easy it is to give. Find instructions below:

ission  Summer Fun at Isaiah's Place
 oment  July, 2018

by Diane Frederickson

White Bluff Chapel has been faithful in supporting IP for 16 years! We have been working with some of the same deaf youth beginning with ages as young as three years old since that time. Your continued support has enabled us to minister individually to the youth and families continually.

This 2018 summer camp allowed us to see and experience their growth as individuals and as leaders. What blessings we shared! May this account richly bless you as a church and as individuals knowing the Deaf Ministry and Missions is changing lives and challenging them to move forward with and for Jesus! Please read our summer newsletter.

ission  Isaiah's Place Newsletter
 oment  April, 2018

by Diane Frederickson

Isaiah's Place has been hosting several Aggie groups this spring. That has enabled IP to move forward with their bunkhouse remodel. The "apartment" look and layout of the bunkhouse will be more family friendly and more comfortable with new beds, appliances, and furniture. The first reservation for usage of the new facility is for June, with Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church Youth Camp coming.

During Spring break they had the local deaf youth and a youth group from River of Praise Church.  Both groups participated in soap-making.  This was followed by a food challenge which created a variety of very good lunch choices. Their desserts were amazing! ASL (American Sign Language) is always used to be assured that Isaiah's Place is welcoming and inviting for their deaf friends.

IP hosted a student and staff member from CAD in Waco (Christian Academy for the Deaf). They have new ducks and chickens currently, which are a big hit! The CAD visitors took soap they had made back to CAD and were going to use them plus the skill of soap-making as a fundraiser for their school.

IP has been hosting a pastor and his family at the camp since Christmas. Gary and Allison Hopkins are RV'ers. She is an ASL interpreter that Director Diane Frederickson had met in 2004 when Allison volunteered at one of the IP Family Retreats. Her husband, Gary is talented also with computer hardware. They have 5 children. This family has certainly been a blessing to IP.  

It's time to schedule your Deaf or Non-Profit event or retreat. Check with Isaiah's Place to save your date! 

ission  Isaiah's Place Expands Outreach
through Retreat Center
 oment  March, 2018

Isaiah's Place is a Retreat and Learning Center serving the Deaf of Texas and beyond. Founded in 2002 and located just south of White Bluff Resort on HCR 1207, IP has been supported faithfully and consistently with funding from White Bluff Chapel. In more than 15 years since its inception, Isaiah's Place has developed into the only facility of its kind in Texas providing an Educational Retreat Facility Focused on Enriching the Lives of the Deaf Community, their families and friends.

With that success well established, the leaders of IP are now proud to announce an additional and expanded outreach. Isaiah's Place is readying itself to serve as a Retreat Center for those seeking a simple, quiet, country place for enjoying nature and outdoor exercise. With Lake Whitney only 4 miles away, a playground for the kiddos, horses that love to be spoiled, a bunkhouse, an amazing outdoor kitchen area, and a log cabin, Isaiah's Place is the perfect venue for spending time reconnecting with the Lord while reconnecting with one's family.

This retreat center is open for pastor respite and missionary furlough, certainly including their families, as well. Isaiah's Place has been a facility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for over 15 years. Now the Lord has opened the door for the center to expand its outreach to encompass pastors and missionaries in need of time away from the business of life to rest and relax and refocus their lives. The Retreat Center will open in April, 2018, and Executive Director Diane Frederickson is ready for your call to begin scheduling. Contact her at 254.694.7771 to hold your reservations.

ission  Thank You from Isaiah's Place
 oment  September, 2017

White Bluff Chapel has been a sponsor for Isaiah's Place since opening in 2002.  The support of this ministry is through the Local Mission Committee led by Becky Watkins.  Diane Frederickson is the Director of Isaiah's Place and also the Chapel liaison.  If you want more information or have questions, contact Diane.  Diane forwarded the following thank you and provided their summer newsletter.

Thanks so much to White Bluff Chapel for your continued support for Isaiah's Place. Our summer 2017 support was rich in ASL communication, Deaf relationships, and Deaf History. What a God we serve! Thanks again!

ission  Isaiah's Place 15 Year Reunion Open House
 oment  February, 2017

Click to enlarge

Isaiah's Place is sponsored by the White Bluff Chapel's Local Mission Committee led by Becky Watkins.  Isaiah's Place is sponsoring a 15 year reunion open house beginning March 4 and continuing through March 19.

Diane Frederickson is the Director of Isaiah's Place and also the Chapel liaison for this mission.  She suggests that you click on the flyer to check the dates and activities.  Choose the best Spring Break time to join them and make plans to participate in their Celebration.

If you want to learn more about Isaiah's Place or find ways you can help, email Diane.

ission  Isaiah's Place has Active Summer
 oment  October, 2016

Summer Activities 2016

White Bluff Chapel's Local Missions sub-committee chaired by Becky Watkins provides support for Isaiah's Place.  This summer was filled with a variety of activities for the participants.  Movies, learning about the horse program, road trip to Oklahoma and Bible camp were part of the activities.  Of course there was lots of pizza and time hanging out with each other.  You will see and learn about all the activities in the "Summer Activities 2016" newsletter.  It's refreshing to know that the Chapel's support has been part of a very positive happening in the Lake Whitney area. 

Deaf History Center

Isaiah's Place has recently initiated a new project.  The Deaf History Center and Gardens were implemented to honor the deaf.  There are several ways to join them in honoring the deaf.  You'll see several ideas for support in the Deaf History Center flyer.

If you want to know more about Isaiah's Place you can contact Diane Frederickson.

ission  Isaiah's Place Baptisms
Hosted by Tree Lake Church
 oment  May, 2016

White Bluff Chapel provides a variety of sponsorship to Isaiah's Place.  In addition to the Chapel's financial support, Chapel members contribute their time and efforts in various ways.  The Local Mission Sub-Committee Chaired by Becky Watkins sponsors Isaiah's Place.  Diane Frederickson is the Executive Director of Isaiah's Place and the Chapel's liaison.

Diane commented that Isaiah's Place has partnered with the Waco Deaf Youth Ministry for several years.  On Sunday May 1 Tree Lake Church hosted an event where four students from Waco were baptized.  Billy, Kelly, Chy and Mikal were baptized and are now in training to be mission leaders in the deaf community.  Shelby interpreted the worship singing. 

Diane also reported Isaiah's Place recently planted a pink blossomed oleander in memory of Billy and Kelly Calk's grandmother.  These two students live in Whitney and attend Waco Regional Deaf School.  They spend lots of hours enjoying programs at Isaiah's Place.

If you want to find out more about Isaiah's Place or consider volunteering you can contact Diane.

ission  Isaiah's Place Thank You
 oment  January, 2016

White Bluff Chapel, through the Local Missions group, has sponsored Isaiah's Place for many years.  That sponsorship enables Isaiah's Place to hold many activities.  Chapel members participate in the activities as well.  The following is a recap of their latest retreat, written by Diane Frederickson.  The deaf students learned valuable information to face life challenges in today's world.

Isaiah's Place, Retreat and Learning Center for the Deaf recently hosted a Deaf Youth Retreat. "Life Happens But You Can Succeed" was the theme of the 3 day retreat, January 1st - 3rd. Oakwood Baptist Deaf Church from Lubbock Texas sent three deaf leaders to share testimonies and life experiences with the youth. The deaf students and leaders experienced life and work situations through role playing, through a life-sized game of Life, outdoor sports, and application Bible studies.

Students took home large collage boards as a reminder of the varied goals they set for themselves. They focused on future school achievement, career choices, and family opportunities. Thanks Monica Bartels-Crable for all the photos!! Thanks to the IP sponsors that participated and helped the Lubbock leaders. Well done! May the Lord be glorified and may each of you be blessed beyond. 

Ephesians 3:19-20  "and to know this love that surpasses knowledge-that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.  Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more that all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us".

THANKS White Bluff Chapel for your support!

ission  "Tom Sawyer" Drama Featured
at Deaf History Center
 oment  September, 2015

Isaiah’s Place Retreat and Learning Center for the Deaf had a productive, rewarding summer. They had a staff of paid and volunteer young adult leaders who worked primarily with area deaf youth at the IP facility across FM 933 from the White Bluff entrance. Diane Frederickson, Director of the retreat, also serves as White Bluff Chapel’s sponsor for this local mission.

During the many summer activities conducted for the enrichment of the deaf youth, the skills of leadership, teamwork and social skills were practiced, in addition to the primary objective of language development. For many of the activities, IP partnered with Waco Deaf Life Group.

An exciting new addition to IP’s Deaf History Center is a gestured drama of “Tom Sawyer.” It is being showcased in the DHC exhibit and shows the story of Tom Sawyer outside language. As the IP team travels with its Deaf History Center, they can take the drama program and props along with them and bring in the local deaf youth to act in the play.

The programs and services of Isaiah’s Place are offered at no charge for families of the deaf. Individual and corporate donations are vital to their success.

ission  Isaiah's Place Hosts Summer Day Camp
for Deaf Children
 oment  July, 2014

T.O.Y.S. (Take off Your Shoes) was the title of Isaiah’s Place ASL (American Sign Language) Day Camp in which they hosted the Waco Deaf Children’s Ministry on July 8-10. Under the leadership of Campbell Castleberry, IP leaders and leader trainees led the children in lots of gestures, games, and crafts for teaching little ones, families, and new signers how to communicate. IP Director, Diane Frederickson reports that the staff did an excellent job of loving these deaf families and relating with everyone they met and worked with. A mission group from Hope Lutheran Church served IP and the Lord the entire time they were at the camp by serving with grace, joy, and humility.

The Lord is pleased, seeing the group respond to the scriptures of Joshua 5:15: “The commander of the Lord's army replied, ‘Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy.’ And Joshua did so;” and Exodus 3:5: "‘Do not come any closer,’ God said. ‘Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.’"

Other summer activities of the Isaiah’s Place team included hitting the road. They traveled to San Angelo on July 4-6 for a Deaf Picnic and Deaf Ministry at San Angelo Cowboy Church, and then spent time with deaf family friends in Austin on July 11, with lots of smiles, hugs, expressions and hands flying!!

ission  WBC Gifts Grill to Isaiah's Place
 oment  May, 2014

A hungry and enthusiastic crowd at the second annual "Amazing Deaf Race" of Isaiah's Place enjoyed chow prepared on a new grill gifted them by White Bluff Chapel. The Saturday, May 10th event was hosted by the Mansfield High School ASL (American Sign Language) classes and their instructor Stephanie McKnight. More than 65 students and deaf families participated. They thank White Bluff Chapel for the gift of a "perfect" Weber Propane Grill.

Isaiah's Place is located just across FM 933 from the White Bluff Resort entrance, on 231 HCR 1207. Diane Frederickson is the Director and can be reached for further information at or at 254-694-7771 254-205-7880 cell/txt.

ission  Goal of Isaiah's Place:
"Communicate Christ to the Deaf"
 oment  January, 2014

Statistics from the Deaf Community

Education Statistics
95% of deaf are born to hearing parents
10% communicate effectively with their children
80% Deaf kids grow up were sign is not used
2% of fathers sign 
50% graduate high school on 3rd grade level
23 million deaf/hh in America
2.6 million deaf/hh in Texas

Church Statistics
5% or less of all churches in US offer outreach to Deaf. It is rare for churches to offer age-appropriate Christian teaching to Deaf.
2% of Deaf people have accepted Christ as Lord.
8% of deaf population are churched
Deaf people who use ASL as primary language are the largest unreached linguistic-cultural people group in North America.

IP needs you to help. How can you get involved?

Get involved and volunteer. Signing is not required. If you are interested in signing, you can learn at IP. Visit their facility and attend their activities. White Bluff Chapel reaches the deaf in our area through monetary contributions to IP. But your volunteering can add even more good to their mission.

Donate time, talent, and money. Mail checks, use electronic banking, or the PayPal link on the Isaiah's Place website. If you shop online with Amazon, go to, search for Isaiah's Place and they will receive .05% of your purchases. Check it out!

Isaiah's Place is located across FM 933 from White Bluff, at 231 HCR 1207, Whitney, TX. For more information, contact Diane Frederickson, Executive Director, at 254-294-7771 or by email at

ission  Isaiah's Place Trip to Oakwood Baptist Deaf Church in Lubbock TX: Trio Moments
 oment  November, 2013

by IP Director Diane Frederickson

As I was describing the November 16 events to the IP Board of Directors, I discovered that there were several special “trio” moments over the weekend. We joined with OGCD members to bring a Fall Western Round-Up to the deaf community of Lubbock. We had stick horse creating, face painting, balloon animals, pumpkin decorating, calf roping, a stick horse rodeo, and a Gideon Drama.

When I first arrived, blessings came from a long time friend. She is 56 and has late stages of dementia. She said my name after over a month of silence when she learned we would be there. That was the first of a really big God connection for the three of us! WOW!

These three leaders “had a story to tell” with their words and actions.

Only one month ago Wade had a massive heart attack in church. He had not been often to church since his wife had died. He felt led that morning to go. CPR and quick action from the EMT'S worshipping at the hearing church saved his life. He had 3 bypasses. Had he stayed home that day, he would have been alone with no immediate attention. Amazing work of God!

83-year old Ben took his turn roping the calf. He was all smiles! Bill, a retired rancher/roper, spent all day showing the children how to rope. He was all smiles and glad to practice again. What fun watching how the Lord was blessing him with unique desires of a cowboy.

Three girls watched the Gideon Deaf Missions DVD repeatedly all day.

Our little shy Dakota would have to be coaxed at face painting and stick horse making. But by the end of the day she was participating in the stick horse rodeo and being one of the characters in the Gideon Drama! Her mom was amazed at how this sweet shy girl participated and enjoyed the events.

Miss Lucy slept with her cowboy hat on and all the bandanas around the necks of her stuffed animals. At church the next day she had her hat on with a bandana tucked in the top of the hat. SMILE. She loved being the cowgirl and we loved watching her.

Anna found a friend with Shelby. She followed her around and sat with her at lunch. They could not communicate very well, but they stuck together until they figured it out. Anna signs just a bit and has a brain stem implant for speech. Shelby could not understand her speech and realized there was limited sign, but they persevered. Shelby went and helped in Anna's deaf Sunday School class also. This is an important trio beginning with these two amazing deaf girls and God orchestrating their steps.

My trio of adults worked continually all day. Elizabeth worked tirelessly with the Gideon drama and had the older kids wanting to perform for the younger ones. All were learning how the Lord tested Gideon's faith and rewarded his obedience. Kaitlin and Campbell spent hours making stick horses and balloon animals. Pastor Scott and Lynn were the stick horse rodeo timekeepers. They timed poles and barrels (pumpkins placed on the floor) and everyone cheered on the calf roping.

Many from the deaf church worked getting the Family Life Center to look like a rodeo arena, getting lunch ready, and putting on the stick horse rodeo. What servants the members of Oakwood are! They persevered through the last hour of clean up. God loves to watch his children serve tirelessly. They did that, for sure.

We stayed at Mrs Edith's house. Her house shows how she has ministered throughout the years to the deaf, to her own family, and in other countries. She said the Lord would not let her sell the big house. I said perhaps you are using it as he wants you to. We loved staying there and sharing time and testimonies with her and other deaf who came to visit.

Shelby told me as we were walking to the restaurant that this was her first time at a deaf church, with a deaf pastor. I saw several special trio moments for Shelby during the day as I watched her interact with many of the deaf adults during the day.

Blessed beyond beyond!

Ephesians 3:17-21

Love you all! May you be aware and ready to strengthen the trios you see growing in your lives this week.

ission  WBC Funds Isaiah's Place Leaders for Deaf VBS
 oment  August, 2013

Diane Frederickson of Isaiah's Place reports on an exhilarating mission trip that eight IP members participated in this summer. The team had the honor of leading an American Sign Language Vacation Bible School at Oakwood Baptist Deaf Church in Lubbock, Texas. Many of the deaf church members and their deaf pastor, Scott Steggs, joined the IP team in welcoming eight families that made up the 25 VBS attendees, including eleven deaf members. Most of the deaf children were from hearing parents and siblings. All were welcomed, hearing and deaf.

Several of the parents who returned for Sunday worship at the end of VBS said they finally had found a church home that met the needs of the entire family. Isaiah’s Place is planning to follow up with a big event at Oakwood in November.

Frederickson thanks White Bluff Chapel for providing the necessary funding to send the IP leaders on this mission trip. What a blessing to all! Parents and children, deaf and hearing, all had great smiles of hope on their faces throughout the week. She says that it was such a humbling, honored experience to see the Lord using the IP team to minister to these folks.

Mrs. Edith Hunker, contact person during IP’s stay at the Oakwood Baptist Church, responded with the words below after Diane sent back some pictures from the week:

Truly, God is so awesome!!! It is so evident that He had this entire event planned for His glory. Thank you for your faithfulness to Him and obedience to His will and calling. We are still in awe of what God did this past week and excited about what He will do.

Thank you all so much for everything you did. Thank you for wanting to come, for leading. The kids seemed to love it and the parents were delighted, too. You all were so gracious, wonderful, true to God. I just can't find exact words, nor enough words, to say how grateful I am, we are.

We look forward to your return in November. We will try to encourage the families to invite other families to come. Keep us posted and we will do the same. I will from time to time let you know what's going on here in the deaf ministry.

For His glory only,
Edith Hunker

Diane concluded by pointing out that the Lubbock church leaders had wanted to hold up a “Thank You!” sign with this group picture for White Bluff Chapel and their generous gift for the mission work.

ission  Greetings in Christ from Isaiah's Place!
 oment  December, 2011

Before I share a personal story about Isaiah's Place, I want to introduce myself. My name is Mary Kay Hudspeth, and I am a friend of Isaiah's Place. I am a mother of two children, and wife of Tom Hudspeth, pastor for the Deaf at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas. My daughter is 14 and hearing, and my son is 10 and deaf. I am hard of hearing/Deaf and use American Sign Language. For the past three years I was a teacher at the Lovers Lane Academy for the Deaf.

A few years ago, I came to Isaiah's Place with a group of Deaf high school students. One girl, Susan*, had minimum language skills. She was often angry, and her self esteem was very low. Her family did not use sign language, so there was deep isolation at home. Our church group took these students to Isaiah's Place to learn how to ride horses and to take care of them. When Susan first set eyes on the beauty of a white horse, she began to smile and laugh. Her angry shell dissolved as she thought about getting on that horse. With a wide smile on her face, Susan stroked the horse's neck, overcoming her nervousness being near such a big animal. I was amazed to see this gentle and happy Susan. After riding her horse, she giggled the rest of the day and continued to smile long after she returned home.

Several months later, we took our group to a retreat center in Alabama. This would be Susan's first trip out of state. To explain where we were going, I showed Susan maps and pictures and she seemed to be excited about this trip. Yet, when we arrived at the retreat center, a huge frown crossed Susan's face and began to act out angrily. I couldn't understand what had happened.

Crying and looking somewhere towards the distance, she signed repeatedly, "white horse". It was then I realized, "Ohhhh, she thought we were going to Isaiah's Place." I recalled that whenever I had used the sign "trip", it was associated with going to Isaiah's Place. Because Susan had not been on a trip before, she remembered the sign "trip" with what happened at Isaiah's Place: riding a white horse. For a teenager who hadn't had others explain "trip" to her, the experience of Isaiah's Place was such that the sign for "trip" could have only one meaning.

I then realized something else Susan had experienced at Isaiah's Place: God's grace. Riding a horse brought her out of her hardened, language deficit shell, and set her on a trail toward learning the true meaning of God's love. At Isaiah's Place, her visual vocabulary grew, which raised her self esteem, so opening herself to receive love from those who do love her. Watching Susan's face change at Isaiah's Place touched me deeply, and it took a trip to Alabama to know that Susan loved Isaiah's Place.

In this season of Christ's birth we look for gifts to make our loved ones merrier, to touch family, friends, and even strangers with the Christmas spirit. Many gifts and prayers are needed as we look to celebrate ten years at Isaiah's Place in 2012. I invite you to give a gift to Isaiah's Place, for here we give Deaf people and their hearing friends a place to imagine and to experience God's love in Christ.

Under a starry night at Isaiah's Place, it is easy for our imagination of the first Christmas to come alive. Above our stables, we can imagine a bright star shining down on God's precious Son in the arms of Mary. In the gentle gait of horses, we remember the friendly animals around the Holy Family surrounded by shepherds and the three wise men. Songs of rejoicing angels can be heard in the winter air. Yet, in the lives of those who visit Isaiah's Place we see, not imagine, the Christmas spirit at work all year long.

The story of Isaiah's Place began at a National Baptist Conference for the Deaf, where Diane Frederickson met two beautiful angels. Deaf, these two young girls touched her heart deeply. In asking God what to do with and for Deaf people, Diane sensed God saying, "Go and find a place for many Deaf people". This place became Isaiah's Place, the only Deaf retreat center in Texas. Near the geographic heart of Texas, Isaiah's Place sits on 40 peaceful acres with an outdoor chapel, stables, horses, a log cabin with a kitchen, bunk house, and a tire swing.

Since 2002, Isaiah's Place has been serving the Lord by reaching out to Deaf people and their hearing friends. Such programs include: American Sign Language (ASL) classes, horsemanship, Bible Study retreats, cowgirl activities, Vacation Bible School, ASL Drama and Music Programs and much, much more.

These programs are to help reverse a startling and sad statistic: nearly ninety-eight percent of Deaf people do NOT have a church home or know Christ. Deaf people experience communication barriers in churches. Deaf are often isolated in small towns or in city apartments. Lack of qualified interpreters, lack of signing pastors, and attitudes that look down on Deaf people's capabilities are just a few of the barriers that Deaf people experience in churches. Through Isaiah's Place, churches can have a partner to help the Deaf see the Good News in their language and receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.


Mary Kay Hudspeth and Diane Frederickson, Director, Isaiah's Place

*Not her real name.