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Lake Whitney
Ministerial Alliance

The purpose of Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance, a non-profit organization, is to provide an organization through which churches and other organizations in the Lake Whitney area may cooperate with pastors and ministers of the Lake Whitney area in meeting the needs of people who reside in or visit the Lake Whitney area. Committees include benevolence, chaplaincy, and community worship.

This association qualifies recipients and distributes funds through the Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program. It is the umbrella organization for Our Daily Bread, the local food pantry, Joint Committee for Christmas and the area School Supply Project.

There are many varied volunteer opportunities through this community ministry.

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ission  Ice Bucket Challenge Reaps
Generous Donations
 oment  September, 2014

by Phyllis Olson

Raising funds for a new Ministerial Alliance Multipurpose Building woke the town up on Thursday afternoon, September 18.  A number of local pastors and students were literally doused in ice and water on the Brookshire's Parking lot in Whitney.  As they shivered between buckets, the town drove by and learned first-hand that as well as food for the needy, a new building plan for the Alliance was afoot. The White Bluff Chapel Local Missions Committee supports the Ministerial Alliance with service and contributions to its projects.

At a usually low time in contributions for the Daily Bread Food Bank before the fall food drive, the dunking raised $3,800+ toward the effort to build the new building. Pastors including Terry Cosby, White Bluff Chapel; Mike Kerzee, King Memorial Methodist; Phillip Wottrich, Our Savior Lutheran and Robert Rowe, president of the LWMA, were all doused a number of times.

The pastors were not alone, however. Among others, both Herb Grubbs and Jerry Schultz of White Bluff Chapel were suitably anointed in the effort to raise funds to erect the new building on land already purchased by the building committee. Jay Miller enjoyed heaving the heavy buckets of iced water.

Should you wonder--- it was worth at least $20 a bucket to baptize the pastors.  None were sprinkled, it should be noted. It cost only $10 per bucket for young folks to donate. A local business volunteered to donate $20 for every student who participated in the community effort, bringing in twenty or thirty youth who showed up to dunk and be dunked.

No charge for laughs, passion and preplanning. Most folks even showed up ready for the dunking.  It was noted that two members of the Ministerial Alliance Executive Committee were absent, even though $40 had been promised to dunk the ladies.  Kathy Carter and Phyllis Olson were otherwise occupied.
You missed it?  You didn't know?  Well, you snooze, you lose! The purpose of the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance is to meet the needs of people who reside in or visit the Lake Whitney area.  It is comprised of churches and other organizations that provide benevolence (gas for transportation to doctor's offices, propane for heating, food bank goods, Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas Angels, Christmas shopping, etc.), as well as community-wide activities, such as concerts and occasional movies.