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Our Library

White Bluff Chapel has an extensive collection of books, CDs, and videos in the library, and they are all available for check-out.

A catalog of all of the items has been setup by John and Caroline Upchurch. For each item, the title, Bible book, author, category, publisher, and date are listed. Categories include such things as Bibles, Biography, Christian Fiction, Christian Living, Commentary, Reference, Devotional, Sermons, Videos, and Music CDs.

Check out of books can be done during chapel office hours (Monday - Friday, 9 am - noon). The library is located in the office. There is a clipboard on the shelf with a check-out form to be signed by anyone wishing to check out a book. When the book is returned, just mark the date returned on that form and return the book to the shelf.

The catalog is available below, or at the office.

Excel VersionPDF Version
Sorted by Category
PDF Version
Sorted by Title

Excel Version
This version is sortable by any of the column headings: Title, Bible Book, Author, Category, Publisher, or Date. Click on the "Enable Editing" bar at the top of Excel when you first open the file, if you get this bar. Next click on the down arrow to the right of any column name, and then click "Sort A to Z".

PDF Versions
These versions are already sorted, and cannot be re-sorted in any other way.