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Local Missions

  Adopt an Aunt or Uncle

WBC Sponsor: Charlie & Chris Whisenand Email

Befriend a local nursing home resident; participate in Chapel-hosted picnics and other events.

Through the Chapel's Adopt an Aunt or Uncle program, volunteers regularly visit residents of Town Hall Estates nursing home, especially those who have no local family or friends.


  Angel Tree

WBC Sponsor: Kay Miller Email

Provide Christmas gifts for children of prisoners.

The Angel Tree Ministry is a unique ministry which gives churches an opportunity to share Christ's love by helping to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of prisoners. Angel Tree Christmas works by connecting parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. Local churches and volunteers purchase and deliver gifts and the Gospel to children in the name of their prisoner-parent.

White Bluff Chapel also provides a summer camp opportunity for these children by arranging for them to attend the Sandy Creek Bible Camp in August. The Chapel pays the camp tuition for each child and volunteers provide transportation to and from the camp. W.B. Chapel provides backpacks and money for snacks, etc. while the children are at the week-long camp.

To learn more about Prison Fellowship you can go to their web site at

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WBC Sponsor: Dottie Briggs Email

Provides advocacy for foster children as their cases are dealt with in the court system.

  Cedar Creek Youth Ministry

WBC Sponsor: Tommy Edgar Email

Pays for a portion of the van expense for transporting kids to Wednesday night bible study.

Volunteers of White Bluff Chapel have joined with the membership of Cedar Creek Baptist Church for the purpose of leading as many children as possible to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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  Child Protective Services

WBC Sponsor: Becky Watkins Email

Financial funding to CPS, which provides shelter, clothing and other essential items for children suffering from neglect and child abuse.

White Bluff Chapel supports the Hill County Child Protective Services Board as one of its local missions. The purpose of the Board, acting as an extension of County Government, is to make decisions on how and when funding from Hill County is spent to assist the children of Hill County who are in foster care or family-based care and who are under the conservatorship of Child Protective Services of Texas.

The CPS Board has non-profit, 501c3 charity, status that allows it to seek additional funds through donations from outside sources. Funds are used to further assist the children on items such as clothing, Christmas gifts, beds, special medical expenses or equipment, air-conditioners for special needs children, and other such items that are not State approved expenditures or when County funds are insufficient to cover needs.

Trained facilitators are retained by the CPS Board to train groups or organizations in Identifying Sexual Abuse and Prevention. Statistics show that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before age 12.

In 2011, the State of Texas had 68,326 confirmed cases of abuse and neglect for children. 17,183 cases resulted in children being removed from the home. Nearly all do not have the most basic of needs – shoes, socks, clothes, diapers, formula, car seats and beds.

Currently Hill County has 87 children in conservatorship care, 58 in foster care and 29 with family based care.



WBC Sponsor: Cheryl Robinson Email

Critters stuffed animals Make hand-crafted stuffed animals for children in crisis situations, small gifts for nursing home residents and caps for cancer patients.

This group of volunteers meets twice a month to make stuffed animals to donate to various organizations serving the community. By the beginning of 2008, they had made over 7,000 gift items which have been donated to hospitals for children, to local nursing homes, and included in gift boxes for children in Iraq and Africa.

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  Food Pantry Building Fund

WBC Sponsor: Tommy Edgar Email

A building fund has been established, under the auspices of the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance (LWMA), to build a new center for the Food Bank.

It will also allow for all other organizations under LWMA to be housed in the same building. This will greatly enhance the services that are provided to the community.

  Isaiah's Place Retreat & Learning Center for the Deaf

WBC Sponsor: Diane Frederickson Email

Assist in various events at a local retreat and learning center for the deaf community.

Guests hailing from locales throughout Texas receive enrichment materials and participate in activities geared to building communication skills, confidence and self-esteem. They also have the opportunity to develop relationships with an appreciation for the country/ranch lifestyle and its Creator. Visit Isaiah's Place's web site at

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  Joint Committee for Christmas

WBC Sponsor: Kathy Murphey Email

JCC at workOriginally formed over 20 years ago, the Joint Committee for Christmas (JCC) is organized to discover the real needs of individuals at Christmas time, and to avoid unnecessary duplications in the efforts to meet those needs.

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  Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance

WBC Sponsor: Betty Newman Email

Umbrella organization for multitude of services for those in need in the Whitney Area, including the Food Bank, Benevolence and Joint Committee for Christmas.

The purpose of Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance, a non-profit organization, is to provide an organization through which churches and other organizations in the Lake Whitney area may cooperate with pastors and ministers of the Lake Whitney area in meeting the needs of people who reside in or visit the Lake Whitney area. Committees include benevolence, chaplaincy, and community worship.

This association qualifies recipients and distributes funds through the Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program. It is the umbrella organization for Our Daily Bread, the local food pantry, Joint Committee for Christmas and the area School Supply Project.

There are many varied volunteer opportunities through this community ministry.

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  LWMA Benevolence

WBC Sponsor: Becky Watkins Email

Benevolence function of the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance.

  Mission Hillsboro Medical Clinic

WBC Sponsor: Becky McKee Email

Provide medical services for the working poor in the area who do not have insurance. 

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  Our Daily Bread

WBC Sponsor: Diana VanWagner Email


Whitney area food pantry.

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  Providence Hospice of Whitney

WBC Sponsor: Ed Bercier Email

Provide care for those facing end of life issues; medically, spiritually and emotionally.

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  Prairie Valley After School Bible Study

WBC Sponsor: Becky Watkins Email

Reach Middle and High school students from Whitney and Aquilla with the truth of God's Word.

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  Sandy Creek Bible Camp

WBC Sponsor: Bob Buckner Email

Provide funding for local disadvantaged children to attend a Christian summer camp.

A nondenominational, not-for-profit camp for children and adults in a relaxed rural setting. Visit Sandy Creek Bible Camp's web site at

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  The Salvation Army

WBC Sponsor: Harry Seurkamp Email

WB Chapel members assist The Salvation Army in its annual fundraiser by ringing Christmas bells to raise money for needs in Hill County.

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  White Bluff Volunteer Fire Department

WBC Sponsor: Harry Seurkamp Email

WB VFD truckDonations from the Chapel missions committee are generally used to assist with the cost of equipment for the firefighters.

Staffed entirely by volunteers who are on call day and night to put out fires and provide other emergency services in White Bluff Resort and surrounding areas. The WBVFD provides emergency services for the White Bluff community and also provides reciprocal aid assistance to the other VFD's in the local areas.

Several members of White Bluff Chapel volunteer with the fire department.

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Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with one of these missions or desire further information, locate the name of the Local Missions sub-committee chair where you will find a link to send an email to that chairperson.

ission  Two Chapel-Supported Missions Receive HILCO Grants
 oment  March, 2015

Our Daily Bread Food Bank of Whitney and Isaiah's Place, two local mission groups supported by White Bluff Chapel, were among the seven organizations in the HILCO service area to receive fourth-quarter Operation Round Up funds. HILCO Board Directors Ron Roberts and Bill Allen, both of whom are members of White Bluff Chapel, made the presentations to the winning organizations.

Diana Van Wagner, Director of Our Daily Bread Food Bank, accepted the check of $1,000 in the name of the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance. Diane Frederickson, Director of Isaiah's Place, accepted their grant check for $456 to be spent on resources/educational material and equipment.

ission  Smart TV System Gifted to New Library
 oment  September, 2014

The Smart TV's seen in the new Lake Whitney Public Library's foyer and meeting room make a vital addition to the library. The Smart TV system, which was donated to the library by White Bluff Chapel's Local Missions Committee, contains internet capabilities and many Web 2.0 features. Through social media, image-hosting websites, media storage, and/or digital presentations, the library can use this vehicle of modern technology to keep patrons informed while also keeping pace with current library trends. Additionally, the Smart TV system is ideal for use during interactive story times for children.

Many of the American Library Association's events require that a hosting facility be equipped with a Smart TV system to allow for a variety of presentations. The system has the ability to connect to laptops and other mobile devices while remaining connected to the internet. That means that whatever format the presenter uses, the library will be able to suit their needs and those of the recipients. The capability puts our new library on the short list of libraries in the southwest that can qualify as a hosting facility for meetings of the national organization, and hence, on the cutting edge of library facilities and what they can offer their patrons.

A sturdy TV stand, currently housed in the teen area, is mobile and can be used with the Smart TV system throughout the library. It was included in White Bluff Chapel's donation.

The library will host a Grand Opening of its new facility on Saturday, October 4, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Set on the same day as Pioneer Day, it is hoped that a large portion of the public will attend. After the ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00, guests will be invited to tour of the new facility. A book-signing and author Q&A will be held in the Triplett Meeting room with local authors Russell Conner and Brian Moreland. Special guest author Lisa Wingate will also be in attendance.

ission  Rose of Sharon Home Reaps
Generous Donations
 oment  Posted May, 2014

Since the Rose of Sharon Home held its open house on April 6, donations have been coming in that have helped to completely furnish the residence. The mission's Board expresses its gratitude to the area churches and the citizens of Whitney who have responded with an outpouring of acceptance and a desire to help get the project established. The mission's purpose is to provide short-term housing to women being released from prison, as they transition back into society.

COW (City of Whitney)-fest held its first annual function April 26 and representatives of the Rose of Sharon ministry were invited to participate.  Rose of Sharon's lovely new home, located on south Colorado Street in Whitney, was open for touring and handout materials were distributed to the public.

Directors of the Rose of Sharon's Home will soon be contacting those who have volunteered to serve as teachers, counselors and staff of the home to organize scheduling as they prepare to welcome their first resident.  The process of identifying and hiring a home supervisor is well underway. The Directors are amazed at how quickly and generously their needs are being provided.

The Board will be hosting fundraisers in the next few months and are scheduling speaking engagements to continue sharing this ministry with area churches and civic groups. They request that supporters hold up this ministry in prayer, as it is their desire to serve the Lord and to bring the lost and hurting to the Lord Jesus Christ.

ission  WBC Missions Receive HILCO Grants
 oment  November, 2010

  Richard Turner,Secretary-Treasurer of the Hilco Trust, awards a grant check of $750 to JCC representatives Susan Johnston and Cheryl Robinson

See Your Extra Pennies at Work by Participating in Hilco's RoundUp Program!

Volunteer leaders of four of White Bluff Chapel's local missions were presented HILCO Operation Round Up Program grants Wednesday, Nov. 3, at HILCO Electric Coop's headquarters in Itasca. Richard Turner, Secretary-Treasurer of the HILCO Trust, awarded checks amounting to $10,497 to non-profit, charitable organizations doing good work in the five counties comprising the Cooperative.

Receiving the awards for the organizations they represent were White Bluff Chapel members Susan Johnston and Cheryl Robinson for Whitney's Joint Committee on Christmas, Garry Parvin for Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, Diane Fredrickson for Isaiah's Place, and Bob Harris and Jim Browder for the White Bluff Volunteer Fire Department.

HILCO Operation Roundup logo

Operation Round Up is a voluntary program designed to allow HILCO Electric Cooperative members the ability to contribute, through their electric bill, to community and charitable organizations. It is designed to help the community and charitable organizations with qualified needs. The HILCO RoundUp Program distributes grants on a quarterly basis throughout its member counties of Dallas, Ellis, Hill, Johnson and McLennan. For the third quarter of 2010, twenty-seven grant requests, amounting to $62,000, were submitted to HILCO. $10, 497 was available for distribution.

The funds raised for the awards come from volunteer contributions of the coop's residential members (all the electric company residential customers in the five counties). For members who elect to participate, every month HILCO "rounds up" their residential electric bill to the next dollar and transfers the spare change to a special Operation Round Up fund. The most any account would donate in a twelve month period is $11.88. In order to participate in the program, electric coop members only have to check the RoundUp Program box on their electric bill stub when returning a monthly payment.

Each quarter, the nine members of the appointed HILCO Trust Board Committee volunteer their time to review applications and decide how to allocate the funds. White Bluff Chapel member Richard Turner serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the Trust Board. HILCO Executive Assistant Jill Huggins organizes their efforts and manages the grant application submissions. The public is kept informed on the fund distributions by publishing articles in the Texas Coop Power magazine and in local newspaper.

Only about 50% of HILCO's client base elects to participate in the RoundUp program, which averages out to less than 50 cents a month per customer. If more customers chose to participate, the current yearly amount collected of about $42,000 could accomplish significantly more in community aid. As HILCO Cooperative reminds us, "Your spare change could make a huge difference to your community!"