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Membership Care Committee

The Membership Care Committee encompasses two divisions of sub-committees, those of Membership Development and of Special Needs. Each of these divisions has three sub-committees under it.

In the division of Development, there is the sub-committee that focuses attention on Prospective Members, the one that welcomes and orients New Members, and the sub-committee that attends to Existing Members.

The Special Needs of members and the community are attended to in another group of sub-committees, one that offers Handy-Man Services, and the sub-committee that provides Food Service to those in need.

For more information, email Ava Wood.

The purpose of the Membership Care Committee shall be to develop spiritual growth and to minister to special needs of WBC membership. The Committee will maintain contact with existing members and contact prospective members (visitors) to promote their participation in WBC worship services and other activities through established Care Groups.

Responsibilities Administrative  Care Group Guidelines Policies and Procedures


Prospective Members (Visitors)
  • Welcome new residents to the community as soon as possible and gather information on their mailing address, phone number, church of preference and any other pertinent information.
  • Make personal visits or phone calls to residents who are first time visitors to the WBC.
  • Send a note to those new residents who have indicated an interest in the WBC but have not attended after several weeks time.
  • Prepare and maintain contact information concerning visitors to the Chapel's worship service with the objective that these visitors may become members, either associate or regular.
  • Maintain follow up information concerning calls and visitations made to each prospect.
  • Work with the New Member sub-committee after prospective members have joined the WBC by sharing information on the new members.
    New Members
  • Make phone calls to all new members welcoming them and inviting them to WBC activities.
  • Provide new members with information about the WBC, current activities, and WBC directory. Have information available on the "Welcome Table" in the Foyer.
  • Establish meet-and-greet activities for new members.
  • Conduct a new member luncheon/dinner quarterly, or on an as-needed basis.
    Existing Members
  • Monitor membership attendance monthly and follow-up when necessary.
  • Administer and coordinate small home care groups.
  • Consider facilitating activities that will foster fellowship and friendship such as arts and crafts classes for members and others (children, youth, and adults)
  • Prepare and conduct a Time and Talent survey periodically to discover the various talents and skills of the membership and make this information available to the Council of Ministries and functional committee chairs.
  • Maintain an updated WBC Directory.
    • Take photos of new members
    • Have updated directory pages printed and made available to all WBC members on an annual basis.
  • Review the WBC membership roster in January of each year and make adjustments as follows:
    • Ensure all new members have been added.
    • Ensure all deceased and dropped members have been removed.
    • Update each members classification from the following selections:
      • Identify member as "Regular" or "Associate".
      • Identify any members who have died as "Deceased".
      • Identify member as "Active" if attending WBC services and/or contributing to the financial support of the WBC.
      • Identify member as "Inactive" if he/she has not attended WBC services in a year, and member has been contacted and expresses a desire to remain a WBC member.
      • Identify member as "Dropped" if he/she has not attended WBC services in a year, and does not respond to contacts. Also identify as "Dropped" any member who expresses a desire to no longer be a WBC member.
   Care Groups - Background
  • As membership in WBC has increased, it became more difficult to keep in contact with one another. Following the 40 Days of Prayer, small care groups were established as a way to stay in better contact with our members. In 2015, the Needs Assessment survey results recommended changes to the previous cluster groups including a name change to Care Groups. Guidelines for WBC Care Groups are in the Committee Policies and Procedures Manual.
 Hospitality Service
  • The Hospitality Sub-Committee will promote and sustain ongoing programs that seek to involve the WBC membership. The sub-committee, led by the Hospitality Coordinator, will:
    • Provide a program of social life for members of the Congregation and provide publicity concerning the Chapel's life and activities. These activities include, but are not limited to: fellowship dinners, picnics, receptions, sports, etc. Bimonthly or quarterly activities are to be planned and coordinated so that all members may participate.
    • Hold dinners or receptions for new members to share information about WBC activities.
    • Develop special seasonal programs/activities throughout the year in order to enhance the spiritual enrichment of the membership.
    • Plan special programs and invite new prospective members to social gatherings – bring guests to potluck dinners and games, etc.

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  • The Chair for the Membership Care Committee is elected annually by the WBC membership in accordance with the procedures in Article 6.5 of the WBC By-Laws.
  • Bring any committee policy, procedural, financial, or functional related issue(s) to the attention of the Board of Trustees for consideration.
  • Keep WBC Office Administrator informed of plans for meetings, activities, or events.
  • Obtain Board of Trustees prior approval for any unbudgeted capital expenditure over $500.
  • Prepare and submit a budget request for the next fiscal year in accordance with the instructions and schedule provided by the Treasurer.
  • Committee Chair attends or sends representative to the Council of Ministries meetings.
  • The Pastor and the Chair of the Board of Trustees shall be ex-officio members of the committee.

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Guidelines for WBC Care Groups

As the chapel has grown, it has become more difficult to keep in contact with one another. Several of the survey sheets received following the 40 days of prayer suggested forming small groups as a way to stay in better contact with our members. In response to these suggestions, the membership has been divided into 20 care groupswith 8 to 10 families in each group. There was an attempt to group families in the same neighborhood, but this was not always possible.

Each care group has been assigned a leader.  The leader may ask one of the other members of the group to be a co-leader.

Responsibilities of Leaders
  • Contact each family in the group and share with them about the care groups.
    • Share the purpose of the groups –
      •  to keep in better contact with each other in order to share prayer needs and help each other in any way needed.
      • to be sure that everyone feels the love and support of the chapel family.
    • Encourage them to call you as the leader with any needs or concerns.
  • Encourage the members to get to know one another.
    • You may plan to get together for a social time to become better acquainted, but that is left up to the leader of each group.
    • Give each family a list of the other members in the group and encourage them to be a support group for one another.
  • After the initial contact with each member, make follow up contacts as needed.
    • Check on them when they have been out of worship service for 2 or 3 Sundays.
    • When a member of your group is ill, let the other members know.
    • Share prayer needs with other members of the group as requested.
  • Notify the pastor or chapel office of special needs of members of your group as appropriate.

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