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Men's Ministry

The purpose of the Men's Ministry is to use the spiritual gifts of our men's membership to glorify Christ Jesus by assisting individuals in the Lake Whitney area who cannot help themselves, as well as local organizations in need of extra support.

Men's MinistryExamples of what members of our group have been doing:

The Men's Ministry meetings and events are individually planned and announced via the Chapel website, the Sunday worship bulletin and announcements, and email broadcast to all men in the Chapel membership. Email Rick Faught or call him at 817-913-0777, or email Larry Turner or call him at 694-7984 for additional information.

Handyman Services

Men's Ministry Purpose, Responsibilites, Administration and Policies & Procedures

ission  Men's Ministry Busy with Ramp Building
in Hill County
 oment  April, 2019

Nine members of the Chapel Men's Ministry worked Thursday one morning in March at a warehouse in Whitney prefabricating modules for building handicap ramps.  Then after a lunch break, five went to a home in Whitney to install a ramp for a client who suffers from catatonic seizure episodes and is frequently transported out of the house by EMS and home health aid workers.

The application, referral, and building of ramps are coordinated through The Texas Ramp Project, which provides the funds for materials.  Local volunteer crews throughout the state do the construction.  Our White Bluff Chapel men handle all construction in Hill County, and typically build about 15 ramps per year.  This ramp in Whitney was the 77th by our team.   If you would like to join in this effort "to help our neighbors in time of need," contact Ron Williams at 254-694-9680. For more information on the Texas Ramp Project, see

ission  Men's Ministry to the Rescue, Once Again
 oment  January, 2019

Tom Duncan recently spent a good part of a day at the home of Bill and Marcie Burris cleaning up leaves in their yard and gutters.  It was a windy day and Tom probably thought he was herding cats with leaves being continually blown around while he worked to bag them.

It was a great relief to Bill and Marcie and they want everyone to know that our amazing Men's Ministry is a group of men willing to help out with almost any kind of need.  Whether you should need assistance or care to join this group, you can email Rick Faught.

ission  Men's Ministry Takes on Varied
Activities and Adventures
 oment  September, 2018

by Rick Faught

Greetings from the White Bluff Chapel Men’s Ministry Team. I’ve been asked by a couple of folks for an update on the activities and adventures of our group.  I’m happy to oblige:

We believe that we are the “Hands of God” and our duty is to be Christians in action and serve the community.

First of all, we are always involved and active in the Texas Ramp Project. We build wheelchair ramps all over Hill County for mobility-challenged folks who need improved access to their homes. We have built nine ramps so far this year and expect to build five more by this year's end. If you know someone who needs help in this area, we can put you in touch with Texas Ramp Project. While this team is very experienced, new members with or even without skills are always needed.

We decided at the start of summer that since there was no access to the burn pit there would be a lot of limb and brush accumulation that needed to be removed. We were correct. The first Saturday of May, June, and July we hauled many trailer loads to the mulcher. This was very appreciated by those who sought our help. We discontinued this when it appeared that we would once again have a burn pit.

Our main project for the last few months has been a home renovation for a family in Blum. We became involved with this project through our involvement with other charitable organizations we help. This family was swindled out of a home insurance settlement by a contractor who demolished the home interior and then took the money and never returned.  Home Depot has been very generous through their Veterans assistance program. They donated the roofing materials and B&C Exteriors (Bill Dudley) donated the labor.  Air conditioning system materials were also donated and Mel Bergman installed it.  Our Men’s Ministry has donated over 400 man hours of labor and $2100 so far and the project is getting close to wrapping up. We still have flooring to do, which we figure will cost us about $1500. We have a bit of a dilemma because we feel enough money has been spent from the Men’s Ministry Fund on this project. We are asking for any financial assistance anyone feels is appropriate.

We are now moving into the season of cooler weather. We will have our Saturday morning project team working hard to assist community members on tasks they can’t do without help. If you don’t know how or think it might be dangerous or too dirty, call us. We’ll be happy to tackle it for you!

Helping you is what we love to do. Make our day!

Rick Faught
Men's Ministry Chairman

ission  VanWyks Discover that Trash Work Can Pay Off
 oment  August, 2018

by Rick Faught

Many thanks to Glen & Karen VanWyk for clearing the trash from the Chapel's section of FM 933 during a very hot week in July.  They have taken on the highway clean-up project as their personal mission.  Over a five-day period and many work sessions, they collected over 30 bags of trash, some tires and an above-ground swimming pool. 

While volunteering can fill your heart, Karen discovered that it can also fill your pocket. She was the lucky finder of $25 in cash!

ission  Measurements of a Men's Ministry Organization
 oment  June, 2018

The Men's Ministry of White Bluff Chapel has participated over time in various projects within our community and in places beyond, as well.  Often such an opportunity arises that enables the ministry to spread God's word and love to others.

Rick Faught, Chairman of the Men's Ministry, offers a report that addresses what a church should use as a measurement of their value in today's world.  It's worth the time to read that report.

ission  Men's Ministry Cleburne Project
 oment  April, 2018

The WBC Men's Ministry teamed up with Six Stones Ministries on March 20-24 to bring joy and encouragement to a very appreciative Child of God. Six Stones Ministries works in conjunction with the City of Cleburne on their CPR (Community Powered Revitalization) blitz twice each year. Residents of Cleburne in need of assistance apply with the city to receive help during one of the CPR blitz projects. An investigative committee decides which applicants will receive assistance, and the one that our WBC Men's Ministry was assigned to proved to have a very interesting story.

Phil Boswell grew up in Cleburne, got drafted to serve in Vietnam, received an honorable discharge and came home to Texas, but not Cleburne. Three years ago Boswell inherited his childhood home in Cleburne when the last remaining family member died. One problem: the house had been vacant for 15 years, was in a serious state of decomposition, and was currently inhabited by an army of critters. With little or no disposable income, Boswell started living in one room while decomposition continued on the rest of the house. He is a very personable fellow who found the Lord and was baptized two years ago. He is now starting to reap the rewards of his faith. Six Stones Ministries chose Phil Boswell's home to be the recipient of a make-over for this season's blitz.

The White Bluff men arrived on Tuesday morning and went to work. They are very fortunate to have men in the group who can look at a construction project and immediately know how to fix it and what is needed. The rest of the team is quite good at following directions. By Thursday evening they had replaced the floor in 3 rooms; replaced the kitchen ceiling and reattached the cabinet doors; replaced the wall covering in the shower; and reframed and replaced the back door.  It was great team work by the Chapel's Men's Ministry.  Workers in addition to those pictured include Andy Dayton, David Wood and Jim Strouse.

The actual blitz began on Friday. Rick Faught changed hats, becoming Site Captain with four other volunteers. They removed and painted shutters, painted porch supports, and loaded up all the trash created by the first 3 days of work. Saturday, 20 volunteers showed up. They mowed, trimmed, and chain-sawed stumps and limbs. They raked and filled 40 bags of leaves, tilled the front flower beds, put 20 bags of mulch out and then painted the porches to match the shutters. This turned out to be a fantastic fixer-upper and not only transformed the neighborhood but showed the community and one homeowner the power of Christian service and love.

The owner, Phil Boswell, presented the team with a letter of thanks.  You should read his letter; it is quite a touching testimonial.

ission  Men's Ministry Pursuing Their Goals
 oment  February, 2018

The importance of staying relevant in the community through service was pointed out by Committee Chair Rick Faught of the Men’s Ministry at their Feb 3 Saturday morning breakfast. Faught emphasized that one of the main reasons churches and civic organizations cease to exist or fail to thrive is that they lose their commitment to be “of service.”  He went on to say, “We are blessed with a group of men who seek opportunities to help. We are doing a great job and we have momentum, but we can never coast.”

Guest speaker for the event was Rodney Gattis, Community Coordinator for the “6 Stones Ministries” organization in Cleburne. Gattis’ presentation introduced and elaborated on the work of his organization. It was this group that the White Bluff Chapel Men’s Ministry assisted last fall with the CPR (Community Powered Revitalization) in Cleburne.

Our White Bluff Chapel men discovered a Godly organization that helps many families across the Metroplex and does it for the right reasons: to glorify God, love our neighbors, and be a catalyst of hope. The positive experience our Men’s Ministry had by working on that project has led them to re-enlist for the next phase, which is planned for this April.

You can review the September, 2017 report of the Men’s Ministry’s contributions to the Cleburne project from last fall.

ission  Men's Ministry Feeds Whitney Football Team
 oment  October, 2017

On October 5 the Men's Ministry continued their annual event of feeding the Whitney football team and coaches.

This year they fed approximately 40 players and five coaches.  It was evident that the players enjoy the meal and look forward to coming each year.

During this year's event Larry Turner showed a Lou Holtz segment from a commencement speech he gave along with many humorous stories.  The main points were Trust, Commitment, and Love.  Pastor Terry followed up by reading 2 Timothy 4:1-8 and highlighted how Paul, who had been through everything a man could go through had kept his faith because he trusted the Savior, committed his life to Jesus, and loved Jesus and his church right  up to the end.

Once again after the Chapel fed the players, they went out the next night and won.  Maybe the team has noticed that when the Chapel feeds them, they win.

ission  Men's Ministry's Aid Extends to Mexico
Chihuahua Chillin'
 oment  April, 2017

by Tom Duncan

I was fortunate to be able to join Jody and Nancie on their recent trip to Chihuahua Mexico. We were down there helping out for a total of 4 days working and three days traveling.  I rode with Jody, Nancie and a good friend of theirs, Byron from Valley Mills.  We were joined on the road by the Baptist minister (John) from Valley Mills, his intern (Travis) studying at Baylor, a doctor (Steve) from Lubbock, his daughter (Stephanie), his nurse (Shante) and finally, the founding father’s daughter (Joan, aka Juanita) and her good friend Veronica from Waco.  We were met in Mexico by Gail and his wife Judy, dedicated Christians, hard working (Gail was formerly a Mennonite) and many years of ministerial service under their belts.

Our mission, as I understood it, was to provide dental, medical and construction assistance to locals in the Chihuahua City area and also minister the word of Christ.   The ministry was to be conducted through deeds and by word and I truly believe these things were accomplished.

I guess my initial thoughts to share are that the people, whom I was lucky to be with, were dedicated, hard working, spiritual, Godly, supportive and highly inspirational.  I admire all of them for their dedication and willingness to do what they do. Some have been doing this for over 30 years.

We stayed in the GAP (Gloria al Padre) compound in Aldama, a town about 45 minutes north of Chihuahua City.  We commuted each day to our assigned work areas, typically around 30 to 45 minutes by car.  Breakfasts were concluded with colorful devotionals and each meal was preceded by a heartfelt prayer.  Our “dormitorio” was clean and very comfortable, built some 20 years ago by Joan’s father with much help.  The compound also contained a complete dental and medical clinic with a live-in caretaker, his wife and children. The weather was perfect….in the 50’s at night and in the 80’s during the day. The surrounding, rugged Chihuahuan desert area added a beauty to our trip that cannot be described adequately.

I was most impressed with the shear dedication of these folks to do involved tasks under less-than-perfect conditions, for many years.  Mexico, as some of you know, is a land of wonderful, family oriented people.  They live in challenging conditions where most things are second hand, sub-standard, (or broken) with limited clean water resources and dusty, “sub-sanitary” living conditions.  I watched Jody and Nancie do dental work in a poorly lighted, dirt-floor-tar shack on a makeshift portable dental chair…..all the time making sure their instruments were clean and properly maintained.  Food was provided by local ladies who had few facilities for cooking or cleaning. Construction expertise was in short supply, as were supplies in some cases.  We all simply made do.

Byron, John, Tavis and I worked on finishing a church.  We did construction, roofing, electrical and structural work to get the upper story “dried in”, ready for sheetrock and final internal finishing.  

Jody, Nancie and their good friends did a wonderful job of shepherding, particularly us rookies. Joan and Veronica provided excellent Spanish translation and logistical support, as well as overall coordination.   The last evening there we were fed a wonderful meal that concluded with a celebration of Joan’s doctoral completion (in Spanish history), followed by the best Mariachi Band I have ever heard.  It was a special occasion.   
People worked hard and interacted with the locals to plant (and cultivate) the seeds of Christ, impart the goodness of Americans and provide some hope to others struggling to survive.

It was a fun, moving, enjoyable and satisfying inspirational trip I won't forget.

ission  Men's Ministry Feeds His Sheep
 oment  Posted November 9, 2016

On Thursday October 27 the Men's Ministry held its second annual dinner for the Whitney Wildcats' football team and cheerleaders.  Approximately 47 athletes, cheerleaders and coaches were in attendance.  The meal consisted of hamburgers, chips, baked beans, water, tea, lemonade and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

Larry Turner organized the event and assembled a group of eight men for set up, cooking and preparations.  During the meal they saw to everyone's needs and cleaned up afterwards.

Prior to blessing the food, Larry asked how many knew about the Chapel's scholarship program.  One attendee raised a hand.  Larry gave an overview of the program and stressed that they contact their counselors to learn more about the program and how to apply for a scholarship.

One of the highlights of the evening drew a lot of interest from the athletes.  Jim Browder brought one of his Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl rings.  Some could be seen imagining receiving one of them in their future.

Head coach Kenneth Gilchrist indicated that on game day the players have a group breakfast followed by devotionals.  This Men's Ministry event provides additional meaning to "Feeding His Sheep"

Something to think about:  Chapel burgers and fixings on Thursday and a victory on Friday!!  HMMMM!

ission  Men's Ministry Receives the Gift
of a Needed Trailer
 oment  October, 2016

The White Bluff Chapel Men's Ministry has been very active in our community and throughout Hill County doing handyman projects, and building wheelchair ramps for people requiring wheel chairs or walkers for mobility.  With all the materials and tools they have to haul around, there was a need for an enclosed cargo trailer. 

One of our Chapel members, Bob Hatherly, responded to this need and spent a lot of time and effort searching for a trailer to meet their needs.   After much searching he found one within his price range and agreed to acquire the trailer.  Following approval by the trustees and registration with the state the deal was finalized.  Ron Williams inspected the trailer before it was purchased, and later arranged to have it covered in white vinyl and have White Bluff Chapel logos applied.  Steel racks were welded inside to hold materials, and storage bins were built to hold the tools. 

The Men's Ministry is ready to serve those in need of handyman services within White Bluff and nearby communities. 

They also work with the Texas Ramp Project to build the ramps. This statewide organization provides materials, and White Bluff Chapel men provide the labor for all ramps requested in Hill County.  Since starting in 2013 the team has built 41 ramps, with 12 already completed in 2016.

If you are interested in joining this team, please contact Ron Williams (694-9680) or Larry Turner (694-7984).  Carpenters, helpers, painters: all are needed. No experience is necessary, and all tools are provided.

ission  Adopt-a-Highway June Project
 oment  June, 2015

Under the Texas "Adopt a Highway" program, White Bluff Chapel volunteered a number of years ago to keep clean a two-mile stretch of Hwy. 933 adjacent to the White Bluff entrance. This project requires recruiting and organizing a crew of volunteers three or four times a year to pick up trash along the highway.

Kicking off the month of June, a courageous crew of only two Chapel men, though very young and fit, gathered their grabbers and trash bags and donned their snake-resistant boots to attack and clean up the area. Carrying out the project were Rick Faught and Bill Pierce. More volunteers would be welcome in the future to help support the reoccurring maintenance needs of the project

ission  Men's Ministry Completes 5th Wheelchair Ramp
 oment  July, 2014

The Chapel Men's Ministry, in partnership with the Texas Ramp Project, completed its fifth wheelchair ramp in Hill County on June 26.  The project provided a ramp to assist an individual in Itasca who had difficulty negotiating existing steps to enter or leave his home.

Several additional ramps are currently going through the qualification process.  Those who would like to join the construction team for future projects should contact Ron Williams (254.694.9680), Larry Turner (254.694.7984) or the Chapel office (254.694.7060).  No experience is necessary; the Men's Ministry provides tools and "on the job training."

For more information on the Texas Ramp Project, see

ission  In God We Truss
 oment  November, 2013

Last Friday morning a truckload of 40-foot trusses was dumped at the West construction site. A few minutes later a crane arrived. Then 12 disciples of the project began work.

The men from White Bluff Chapel figured a full day's work lay ahead. So, one-by-one the trusses were chained to the crane and hoisted to the top of the house. Ground crews and rooftop crews worked together. Shortly before lunchtime the final truss was in place.

A miracle!

Just as the last nails secured the final truss, Janet Taylor showed up with lunch for the hard-working crew. Then it was back to work on other phases of the project.

ission  Family Visits West Home Project
 oment  October, 2013

Homeowner Steve Matus, pictured with his sister, gets a first glimpse of his new house under construction by the men of White Bluff Chapel.

Steve, who is still blind in one eye as a result of the explosion which destroyed his home, visited the site Saturday. His wife Dede, who was unable to come, may never regain her sight. Pray for them.

The Matus family is extremely appreciative of the work being done by the Men's Ministry. There were many hugs and thanks all around on Saturday.

Much was accomplished on the house last week as a total of 13 workers participated in the project. Rain on Wednesday postponed work. Activity was scheduled to resume on Thursday. Any new volunteers should contact Ron Williams at 254-694-9680.

ission  WBC Men Rebuilding West Home
 oment  October, 2013

Starting with just an empty concrete slab, men from White Bluff Chapel made amazing progress in just three days this week on the rebuilding of a home destroyed by the fertilizer plant explosion in West.

This home was just across the street from the nursing home which also was destroyed by the blast. The homeowners were seriously injured by the explosion. One is still blind.

The rebuilding is being undertaken by the Men's Ministry under the direction of "foreman" Ron Williams. Much of the material for the new home has been donated. Once the framing is completed, other volunteers will take on some of the tasks such as roofing.

Working on the project this week were Ron Williams, Steve Short, John Knightstep, Larry Chapman, Dennis Robinson, Wes Mitchell, Bill Gladbach, Larry Turner, Mike Patterson, Larry Dix and Jim Browder.

It's still not too late to volunteer for the project. Call Ron Williams.

ission  WBC Assists West Recovery Efforts
 oment  June, 2013

The April 17 explosion in our neighboring city of West left a giant need for long-term recovery efforts to assist the many victims who have lost family members, homes, cars, furnishings, and all sorts of personal belongings. White Bluff Chapel members have donated to date a total of $8050.45 toward that need.

Almost immediately, the WB Men's Ministry organized to assist the West Long-term Recovery Center in converting the old Best movie theater on Main Street in downtown West into a usable facility for offering services to victims of the disaster.  The Men's Ministry recruited workers and purchased materials to build cubicles in the space that houses offices for administrators, volunteer coordinators, case workers and event organizers, as well as the hotline switchboard, Workforce Solutions counseling services, food distribution and more. Of the donated funds from WBC, $1850.45 went toward this construction project.

$2000 of the funds went to the organization, Serving God, Serving Others, and is designated to help with the West recovery. The mission of SGSO has many aspects, but in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, their focus relates to:

  • Serving as an informational and logistical aid to individuals, churches or corporations who wish to help those whose lives have been devastated by natural or man-made disasters;
  • Being in a position to respond promptly (within 24 to 48 hours) after the disaster;
  • Having equipment and trained work teams  ready to help victims clear debris, seal their homes, and help with cleanup;
  • Distributing  water, food, cleaning supplies and clothing; and
  • Providing trained staff/personnel to assist in teaching and counseling; as well as
  • Being a positive influence for Jesus Christ. 

The final $4200.00 went toward the purchase of $200-gift cards that Pastor Terry Cosby has delivered to 21 Individuals identified by WBC member Harry Seurkamp as needing the assistance. Seurkamp works as a pharmacist at the Old Corner Drug Store in downtown West.

ission  New Roof Shows Christian Love
 oment  November, 2012

Volunteers from the Chapel's membership recently installed a new roof on a Whitney home and a new appreciation of God's love in the hearts of our neighbors. At the Chapel Men's Ministry meeting in September, the pastor of Cross Christian Fellowship informed the group of a family in need of help to finish re-roofing their home. Butch Dove and his wife Wendy own the home which was built in the 1940's, a house with six layers of old wood cedar shake shingles.

Butch began replacing the roof last year, but was taken ill with strokes and brain aneurysms; two weeks ago he had a craniotomy to repair the aneurysms. He is now recovering at home, and doing well.

The Men's Ministry solicited help from Chapel men who have volunteered to do handyman work in the past. Ten men stepped forward to help, including Ron Williams, Larry Turner, Garry Parvin, Wes Mitchell, John Knightstep, Larry Dix, Harry Seurkamp, Bill Gladbach, Larry Chapman and his son, Clint, who was here from Denver visiting his parents for a few days.

The work began on November 7, and was completed six days later with nearly 300 manhours expended. On site, just before commencing their work, all volunteer roofers received tetanus shots.

The new roof looks great, and the Doves are very appreciative and thankful for our willingness to help. As the sign in their yard shows, they love their neighbors, and we do too.

Mission of the Month, March 2012

A Call to Action from the Men's Ministry

Helping out folks in White Bluff and the Whitney community is a personally rewarding experience. It doesn’t take much time. It doesn’t require much money. But it does need fellas with some basic skills to help with small projects for our community, particularly neighbors with physical limitations, health issues or household emergencies. The Chapel office and our Membership Services Handy-Man Committee, Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance, the Salvation Army and Hospice often identify the needs for us.

What We Need From You

If you are able, please sign up to help out. You would receive periodic e-mails that highlight our activities and give details on any upcoming projects. If you are available, we ask that you offer your assistance with some of those projects.

Types of Projects

  • Installing wheelchair ramps
  • Fixing roof leaks
  • Installing bathroom grab bars
  • Fixing sprinkler systems
  • Installing a new appliance
  • Moving furniture
  • Cutting a fallen tree
  • Trash pickup along Hwy. 933 for “Adopt a Highway” program

How much skill do you need?

That’s negotiable. Many little jobs our program performs range from replacing hard-to-reach light bulbs to hanging pictures on a wall or getting Christmas decorations down from an attic. We might need someone to change the oil in a lawn mower, fix a leaky faucet or help a neighbor with a computer problem. The most important skill needed is the willingness to help out when we are asked. If you can do that, we need you. We usually have someone who can lead a project; but we need many hands to make the work lighter for all.

Perhaps one of your spiritual gifts is helping others (Romans 12:7, 1Peter 4:10-11). God wants men with loving hearts and willing hands. The Men’s Ministry will host a breakfast for all the men in the Chapel on Saturday, March 31, at 8:00 a.m. If you would like to be added to our roster of community helpers, come to that breakfast or e-mail the Men’s Ministry at You can also call Ron Williams at 694-9680.

ission  Men's Ministry Builds Wheelchair Ramps
for Area Residents
 oment  February, 2011

The White Bluff Chapel Men's Ministry volunteer Handyman team has begun recycling parts of reclaimed, out-of-use wheelchair ramps. This allows for a tremendous savings on the cost of building future ramps.

Most recently, on Feb 16, David Haverkorn, Richard Turner, Garry Parvin and Harry Seurkamp constructed a new ramp for a Whitney resident, using some materials from a no-longer-needed ramp. The team used a 14-foot piece of reclaimed ramp, attaching it to a 4x4-foot deck coming off the porch, and then added another four feet of ramp at the end. The project took only four hours for the four men to complete.

In another recent project, volunteers from the WBC Men's Ministry painted the outer reception area and office of Our Daily Bread food bank in Whitney. In four hours the eight WBC men completed the project, with all furnishings set back in place and with no interruption of business.

ission Men's Ministry Feeds Team
 oment  September, 2010

White Bluff Chapel hosted the Whitney High School Football players to dinner on Thursday, September 30. After practice that day, 24 players, the coaches, the principal of the high school and two high school staff members attended the dinner. They were served freshly grilled hamburgers, baked beans and potato salad, along with dessert prepared by several ladies of White Bluff Chapel.

After dinner, Pastor Terry Cosby spoke to the team on giving their heart in all they do - to their team, in their school work, in life and especially giving their heart to God.

The program was sponsored by the Men's Ministry at White Bluff Chapel. Many of the area churches are also involved in providing a dinner for the Whitney High School football team on Thursdays during football season.

Handyman Services


This program has been established to help those persons in White Bluff having limited physical capabilities, health issues, or household emergencies with odd job needs around their homes.


Services could be of the following nature

  • Retrieve or replace items to the attic.
  • Replace hard to reach light bulbs.
  • Hang picture frames on walls, or move a piece of furniture.
  • Fix a leaky faucet or toilet.
  • Install simple light fixtures which would not require any change in the structure or wiring.
  • Take a lawn mower or mowing tractor to have it repaired.
  • Perform simple service to a lawn mower; for example change the oil.
  • Install simple wheelchair ramps.
  • Fix a broken sprinkler head, or program sprinkler timer.


  • Some types of needs are better handled by hired professionals.  If we determine that professional services are needed, we will assist to the extent possible with finding such help. 
  • Routine services such as yard maintenance are excluded except for “short-term” help during a family crisis.
  • Planned projects such as remodeling, painting, drywall repair, etc. are excluded.
  • No extremely high ladder or on the roof work.

We realize that emergencies do occur and if we can help assist you we will. We would like to keep the services simple and their completion time short. (2 to 3 hours).

These services will be free, but donations to the Men’s Ministry may be made by sending a check to the White Bluff Chapel, memo line “Men’s Ministry”.

January 2011

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Men's Ministry

The purpose of the White Bluff Chapel (WBC) Men's Ministry shall be to minister to the men of WBC and the community through Christian education, prayer and fellowship. Provide works of service to WBC, the WBC members, and the community.

Responsibilities Administrative Policies and Procedures


  • Provide an ongoing program of Men's Bible Studies and other Christian education.
  • Meet on designated Saturday mornings for fellowship, breakfast, prayer needs, scriptural reflections, update on community needs, and planning for upcoming activities and service projects.
  • May conduct various events to raise funds to provide materials for service work and/or to make donations to worthy recipients or needs.
  • Sponsor special activities such as retreats, trips, picnics, or dinners for wives and family, game nights, etc.
  • Provide handyman services as deemed appropriate.

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  • The Chairman for the Men's Ministry is elected annually by the Chapel membership in accordance with the procedures in Article 6.5 of the Chapel By-Laws.
  • The Men's Ministry members may elect a Vice-Chairman, Secretary/ Treasurer, Spiritual Leader, Service Projects Coordinator, Breakfast Coordinator, or other positions as it may deem necessary to manage the business of the ministry.
  • Coordinate plans and schedules with the staff and other committees.
  • Bring any Men's Ministry policy, procedural, financial, or functional related issue(s) to the attention of the Board of Trustees for consideration.
  • Keep Office Administrator informed of plans for meetings, activities, or events.
  • Obtain Board of Trustees prior approval for any proposed fund raising event.
  • Obtain Board of Trustees prior approval for any unbudgeted capital expenditure over $500.
  • Committee Chair attends or sends representative to the Council of Ministries meetings.
  • Prepare and submit a budget request for the next fiscal year in accordance with the instructions and schedule provided by the Treasurer.

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