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2019 Board of Trustees More>>

Chair Milt Bergman 2019 - 2021
Vice-Chair Cheryl Comer 2018 - 2020
Secretary Terry Pierce 2019 - 2021
  Pat Clement 2018 - 2020
  Rick Faught 2019 - 2021
  Becky Jacobus 2019 - 2021
  John Knightstep 2017 - 2019
  Larry Lively 2017 - 2019
  Marilyn Pollard 2017 - 2019
  Cheryl Robinson 2019 - 2019
  Robert Woods 2018 - 2020
  Jody Yarbro 2018 - 2020

2019 Key Positions More>>

Interim Pastor Dr. James Pool
Associate Pastor Dylan Price
Hospitality Coordinator Mary Parish
Music Director Tom Reedy
Organ AccompanistDonna Spotts
Piano AccompanistPaula Carpenter
Office AdministratorKathleen Knightstep
Set Up & Janitor Larry Turner
Treasurer Mike Pollard
      Assistant Treasurer Bob Harris

2019 Council of Ministries

This Council is comprised of the chairs of the committees that deal with ministries and missions. Read more>>

Chair Cheryl Comer
Adult Education Jody Yarbro
Benevolence Milt Bergman
Children's Ministries  
Membership Care Wes Mitchell
      Care Groups Sherrell Kidd
      New Members Melissa Hayes
      Servant Keeper  
      Visitation Nancy Yarbro
Men's MinistryRick Faught
      Handy Man Service Ron Williams
Missions Tommy Edgar
  Local Vicki Thompson   Email
      Vice-Chair Becky McKee
  Educational Peggy Mitchell   Email
  Global / National Vicki Thompson   Email
Worship Bubba Radke
  CommunionSchelly Storm
  Decorations / FlowersPeggy Mitchell
  UshersTom Duncan

2019 Other Key Committees

Audio, Visual, LightingJim Duncan
Audit Ron Stone
Child ProtectionAnn Duncan
Finance Karen Williams
Food Bank DirectorConnie Stahl
Manuals CoordinatorLinda Yeary
Ministerial Alliance RepresentativeBetty Newman
PropertyJohn Knightstep
Public Relations / PressBill Burris
AnnouncementsTerry Pierce
Facebook CordinatorDylan Price
Outdoor SignBill Pierce
Website Content Bill Burris
Madeleine Lively
Photography Larry Smith
Safety Response Team Ron Roberts
Special GiftsJamie Barnes
WeddingsLinda Yeary
 Dottie Redding

Related White Bluff Chapel Documents

Organization and Procedures Manual

2.1 Articles of Incorporation

2.1.1 Certificate of Incorporation

2.1.2 State of Texas Approval

Figure 4.1 Organization Chart

4.2.1 Pastor

4.2.2 Associate Pastor

4.2.3 Office Administrator

4.2.4 Music Director

4.2.5 Organ Accompanist

4.2.6 Piano Accompanist

4.2.7 Property Operations Specialist

4.2.8 Hospitality Coordinator

4.3.1 Board of Trustees

4.3.2 Executive Committee

4.3.3 Staff Relations Committee

4.3.4 Nominating Committee

4.3.5 Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer

4.4 Council of Ministries

4.4.1 Adult Education Committee

4.4.2 Children's Ministries Committee

4.4.3 Worship Committee

4.4.4 Benevolence Committee

4.4.5 Membership Care Committee

4.4.6 Men's Ministry Committee

4.4.7 Missions Committee

4.5.1 Audio / Video Committee

4.5.2 Audit Committee

4.5.3 Finance Committee

4.5.4 Property Committee

4.5.5 Public Relations Committee

4.5.6 Special Gifts Committee

4.5.7 Wedding Committee

4.5.8 Child Protection Committee

4.6 Key Positions

4.7 Temporary Special Purpose Committee

Committee Policies and Procedures

1.1 Usher Duties

1.2 Communion Coordinator Responsibilities

1.3 Flower Coordinator Responsibilities

1.4 Policy for Purchasing Flowers