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Orphans and Widows
Hope Project

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ission  African Orphans and Widows Tout
Successful Rice Crop
 oment  December, 2018

Becky McKee, Chapel liaison for Foundation Ministries, reports receipt of the Orphans and Widows November 2018 report in which they detail the success of their 2018 rice crop, how the money is used and its application for school supply needs.

ission  Orphans and Widows
Caring for Those in Need
Part 3 of 3
 oment  June, 2016

This concludes the 3 part series about the Orphans and Widows organization in Africa supported by the Chapel through our association with Foundation Ministries.

The Orphans and Widows organization provides homes, food, schooling and teachings of Christ by moving orphans off the streets.  The home also provides shelter for a widow who functions as the mother to the orphans.

You can see the joy in the children's faces when they receive new clothing, food or go shopping.  One can only imagine the change in them when they come from the streets to live with other children and a mother to nurture them in a home.  Add to that regular meals with an education and their lives have been changed in a very positive way. 

The Chapel's support through the Global/National Mission Committee Chaired by Vicki Thompson has helped build more homes and purchase goats for milk, cheese and bartering.  One orphan in the picture of twelve boys said, "Now we can eat".  You can see the joy in their faces, in the pictures, with any gift they receive.  Rene Brown, Foundation Ministries, is shown handing out food to an orphan. 

The Chapel liaison for Foundation Ministries and the Orphans and Widows organization is Becky McKee.  If you want more information about this ministry please contact Becky.

ission  Orphans and Widows
Planting and Harvesting Rice Crop
Part 2 of 3
 oment  June, 2016

The Orphans and Widows organization in Kenya, Africa depends on a rice crop for food, sales and bartering for needed supplies.  White Bluff Chapel provides support for the Orphans and Widows through Foundation Ministries. 

Sister Siprine Odwar manages the entire process from planting to harvest.  As you can tell by the photos the process is accomplished by hand.  The widows and occasional hired help harvest the crop.  The orphans are involved in the planting process. 

Sister Siprine is shown in the photo of the warehouse for storing rice and maize.  Both are used for feeding the widows and orphans.  The children are offered both bread and rice for meals.  The number fed continues to grow.  The Chapel's support for additional housing is helping bring more orphans off the streets for food and a home with one of the widows. 

Becky McKee is the Chapel liaison for the Orphans and Widows ministry.  If you would like more information about this ministry, contact Becky.

ission  Building Homes For Orphans and Widows
Part 1 of 3
 oment  May, 2016

The Global/National Mission Sub-Committee chaired by Vicki Thompson has been supporting African Orphans and Widows for many years.  They are a part of the Foundation Ministry Jack Horn has been part of over the years.  Becky McKee is the Chapel liaison for this Ministry.

The Chapel has provided regular and extra blessing funds for the Orphans and Widows .  The most recent extra blessing funds were given to build four small homes for widows.  Each home will also house four or five orphans bringing them off the streets.  Each home costs about $600.00 US.  We've also been advised that until they can build a barn to house the goats used for milk, food and barter, the homes also shelter the goats at night against natures predators.

The orphans are given medical assistance, Christian and formal education.  The Chapel's regular funding assists them with these efforts.  Additionally the organization grows their own rice which is used for both food and bartering for other needed supplies.  The pictures show stages in the building of the home and a widow praising God for her new home.

If you would like to become more involved with this ministry or would like more information please contact Becky.

ission  The Least of These
 oment  Posted March, 2012
by Becky McGee

“The least of these" will be with us always.  Lest we not forget. We all know that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. But how many know that 6 million Congolese died in the past 7 years in Africa?  This came to my attention in 2003 and I have followed a mission group there since. I joined the White Bluff Chapel sub-committee on global missions with this heavy on my heart and mind: Congo was not on the agenda. 

However, they had a Foundation Ministries project in Kenya made up of orphans and widows. WOW, this was God at work in me and the latest is a mind bender. You see, this group of children and orphans lives on a mountainside and they have a Christian sister orphanage about ten miles up the mountain. At this sister orphanage, there were mercenaries passing through their small village. The men would rape the girls at night, many as young as 8 years old.  Some of the girls would find themselves with child. For them, this was the worst; they would go into the woods, have their baby under a tree and bury it alive. They could never let their family know or they would be put out on the street.

When we talked about this in our Missions meeting, we decided to help, even though these were not our orphan girls. We sent $1500 to build a lean-to where the girls could gather at night and sleep together.  Today, we found out that the money is enough to build a small building where the girls can not only sleep but that can be used for church meetings, job training and a SAFE PLACE to go, ANYTIME


The Hope Project in Kenya, supported by Foundation Ministries, assures that widows and orphans in Kenya will have rice to eat during the winter months. We at White Bluff Chapel contribute to the Hope Project through our Global Missions committee.

“Motion Carried!!! It is music to my ears when I hear that the White Bluff Chapel Global committee has approved $800 to supply the money to feed our African orphans and widows for this year,” writes Becky McKee. Becky goes on to explain that the process of growing the rice all falls literally on the shoulders of one woman, whose name is Siprine Odwar. Siprine took the project on when these children were babies, and she has never stopped. She plants, grows and does the harvest of the rice. She makes sure the rice is carefully bagged. She helps lift the bags to trucks for distribution to the children.

Number of bags produced= 60. Each bag weighs 176 lbs. This was the production for 2010 that WBC global paid for. God Bless YOU WBC!!!!!!!! And in a quiet moment, would you pray for rain for this year’s rice crop in Kenya?

Any Questions? Email Becky McKee or call her at 254-694-4058.