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School Supply Program

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ission  LWMA Provides School Supplies for
WISD Students
 oment  August, 2017

by Betty Newman

At the beginning of each school year the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance, LWMA, provides the Whitney schools with needed supplies.  This is done for the families that are unable to provide all the supplies their children need.  LWMA is sponsored by the Chapel through the Education Mission committee led by Peggy Mitchell.  Betty Newman is the Chapel liaison for LWMA.  Assisting Betty in the project was Sandy Moore, Jacque Kruse, Nancy Gibson and Betty's grandson Wiley James Newman.  Betty has provided the following report.  If you want to know more about the Chapel support of LWMA you can contact Betty.

According to the Texas Academic Performance Report published by TEA (Texas Education Agency), Whitney ISD has a 62.7% Economically Disadvantaged rate.  Most of the Whitney grade levels have about 100 students.  That translates to about 63-65 kids at every grade level who cannot afford to buy all of their school supplies.  

The 2017-2018 federal guidelines, qualifications for economically disadvantage students are as follows:

Free Lunch - A family of 4 makes $31,980 
Reduced Lunch - A family of 4 makes $45,510

By "stuffing the teacher's closets" with supplies requested by the teachers, the school supply committee felt like we did not single out individual students who cannot afford supplies.  This was a way to get all supplies needed to the most students without drawing attention to those who cannot afford them.  Parents were asked to provide as many of the school supplies as they could afford.  The school (with donations from LWMA) would supplement what they could not purchase.  We are very fortunate with the donations made to the LWMA this year.  King Memorial gave us college and wide ruled notebook paper, spiral notebooks as well as personal items needed by some students.  Wal-Mart donated $1,500 to our cause and area churches and individuals donated money.  With so many donations, we were able to accommodate requests at the following schools:

At the Elementary School (K-2nd grade) typical supplies donated by LWMA
At the Intermediate School (3rd - 5th) typical supplies donated by LWMA
At the Middle (6th - 8th) Spiral notebooks and paper supplied by King Memorial Methodist
At the High School (9th - 12th) Spiral notebooks, notebook paper, and personal items supplied by King Memorial Methodist
District Alternative Education Placement Center - Specific student/teacher needs supplied by White Bluff Chapel

The total population of Whitney ISD is approximately 1,475 students.  Assuming 62.7% is an accurate account of the economically disadvantaged throughout the district, we are able to provide school supplies to over 900 students.  By the time we complete our shopping, that will equate to less than $3.00 per student.  Although this amount sounds low, you must remember that we had paper, spirals notebooks and other needed supplies donated.  We had coupons and discounts at participating stores where we shopped.  We have some money left over, so after school starts, we will check back with teachers to see if more supplies are needed.

ission  School Supplies for Whitney ISD /
Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance
 oment  August, 2016

With the Whitney ISD school system preparing to begin another school year, the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance is gearing up to help provide school supplies to students in need who are in grades K-5.  In previous years, parents were asked to fill out an application and pay a small fee.  In return, the students were presented with a backpack full of school supplies at the time that school started.  This year the Ministerial Alliance has opted for a new method of providing supplies to students in need. 

 The Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance will be helping the parents and teachers by providing school supplies that might benefit students who can't afford all of their supplies.  This school year they're asking parents to buy as much as they can to prepare their child for the beginning of school.  However, with many of the families in the area it may prove impossible to buy all of their supplies.  Teachers in Whitney ISD have prepared the list of supplies needed.  As a result, the Ministerial Alliance will provide teachers with the essentials.    The supplies given to the teachers are specific to each grade level.  The supplies will be in place at the schools by the first day of school.

It's amazing how many children in the Whitney Elementary and Intermediate schools will benefit from these school supplies. According to the latest Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) approximately 439 Whitney students will have the school supplies they need. That represents about 62% of the total enrollment. The Faculty and staff at the schools were overjoyed with this assistance.

On July 28 Betty Newman, Nancy Gibson, Jacque Kruse and Sandy Moore went shopping for the supplies.  Because of the donations there was enough money to supply the teachers with the needed materials.

To make this project workable, Our Heavenly Father has made it possible through donations made to the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance.  Donations from White Bluff Chapel and other community churches as well as individuals in Whitney will give children the supplies they need.

The Ministerial Alliance is part of the White Bluff Chapel Local Missions, chaired by Becky Watson.  Peggy Mitchell is our Education committee chair and Betty Newman is the Chapel liaison with the Ministerial Alliance.  The Ministerial Alliance is an umbrella for a multitude of services including Food Bank, Benevolence and the Joint Committee for Christmas.  If you want to know more about the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance, you can contact Betty.

The Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance wishes to thank White Bluff Chapel for their continued giving in support of this and other needs to our community. 

ission  Local Missions Group Goes
School Supplies Shopping
 oment  August, 2015

Each year, a number of our Whitney ISD students needs assistance in buying all of their school supplies.  Our Educational sub-committee is here to help. Chairman Sandy Moore met with the principals and teachers at Whitney Elementary and Whitney Middle school to get an itemized list of needs for their students and classrooms.  The teachers in grades Pre-K through 5th grade gave a prioritized list to Sandy and the shopping began.  It was a whirlwind of binders, spirals, map colors, crayons, play dough, notebook paper, etc. that filled up two carts. Due to the large number of supplies being bought, the committee members got their own cashier to help check out and load the supplies into their vehicle.  

The best part came when the committee ladies started delivering the goods to the teachers.  The teachers were thrilled to see boxes being unloaded for each grade level.  It was noted that a couple of special education teachers cried out, "What about us?"  Since we have a few dollars left over, the special education teachers were told to make their prioritized list as well.  It looks like another shopping trip is in store for members of the subcommittee.  

Go Wildcats!!!

Mission of the Month, July 2012

The School Supplies Project of the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance provides school supplies to qualifying students in the K-5 grades of the Whitney public schools.  White Bluff Chapel participates in this mission project on a yearly basis.

Approximately 70% of the students in Whitney qualify for free or reduced lunches.  About 30% of the enrollment participates in the School Supplies Project.  This year, an increased number of applicants is estimated, about 237 students. 

For an individual to purchase the school supplies on their own, for a single student, it costs approximately $70.  Because the School Supply group buys in larger quantities and has a tax-exempt status, they can purchase the same supplies for approximately $45.

The cooperative effort of this project involves people from many of the community’s churches who “shop till they drop” to acquire the needed materials for the lowest possible cost.  A few of the items can be purchased directly from manufacturers at a discount, but most have to be bought through merchants.  As soon as the retailers start running “back-to-school sales ads,” the volunteer shoppers will be hitting sidewalks and pavements to seek out those bargains. If you are interested in participating in the shopping or distribution activities of this mission, email David Briggs or call him at 694-4259.

All monetary donations are spent for supplies only. Please send financial gifts designated “for school supplies” directly to the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance, PO Box 1502, Whitney, TX 76692.