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Our History

The Seed of an Idea

Pastor Terry Cosby surprised the congregation on Sunday, February 22, with a tribute to Don and Betty Fritz. He praised them for the founders’ role they played over the past 20 years, planting the seed of the idea of a church within our resort and seeing it through to what we have today. Listen to the brief summary of the history of our chapel’s development that Cosby delivered. He explained that the founding of our church probably would not have happened if God had not used Don and Betty Fritz to make it happen.

Reading from the certificate he was presenting Don and Cate Fritz (their daughter who represented Betty on the occasion), Terry praised the couple, saying: “…whose wisdom saw the possibilities, whose experience paved the way, whose heart and home were always open, we the membership offer our heartfelt praise in helping found White Bluff Chapel, to the praise and glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

Founding pastor of White Bluff Chapel, Maurice Martin, delivered the guest sermon for the occasion. It was Don and Betty Fritz who recruited Martin to come out of retirement and guide the residents of White Bluff through the organizing of our congregation and the building of our church.