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Our History

Stained Glass Windows Tell Christ's Story

One of the more memorable sermon series Maurice Martin delivered during his tenure of pastor was devoted to the eight stained glass side windows in our sanctuary. The exquisitely-rendered windows depict major events in the life of Christ. So, we wanted to know, how were the scenes that ended up in the windows selected?

Martin reports that the selection was an easy one, emanating primarily out of the committee’s search for a church window company to manufacture our windows. Two major companies had been contacted, but their prices were far beyond our modest budget. So the craftsmen at Homestead Heritage in Elm Mott were approached, and they said, sure, they could do it if we provided them with sketches of what we wanted. Their prices were much more in line with what we could afford, and, it turned out, the quality exceptional.

Maurice worked with the Interior Design Committee (made up of Maura Collins, Nancy McGinnis, Jane Osborn and Cynthia Redden, along with Jane Willingham and Charlya Ward, who were gifting the stained glass windows for the sanctuary) to come up with the themes for the eight side windows. When they started looking for ideas of scenes to depict in the windows, they realized that the catalogue photos of window choices that the commercial companies were offering offered excellent models. From those, they selected eight scenes they liked and took them to the Homestead Heritage craftsmen, who then designed our windows based on those scenes. It was only after the windows had been installed that it was noticed that they actually depicted eight major events in the life of Christ. “If we had noticed that earlier,” says Martin, “we would have installed them in chronological order.” The scenes of the eight windows depict:

  1. The birth of Jesus in the manger.
  2. Jesus as a youth teaching in the temple.
  3. Jesus baptised by John the Baptist.
  4. Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well.
  5. Jesus preaching the Sermon on the Mount.
  6. The Crucifixion.
  7. The Resurrection.
  8. The Ascension.

Jane and Clark Willingham gifted the eight windows in memory and honor of their parents, their children and their spouses. The three-sectioned front window above the choir loft was a gift of Mike and Charlya Ward in memory of their grandparents.

Maurice Martin, Jack Horn and Don Fritz took on the task of designing the large, three-sectioned stained glass window for the front of the sanctuary. They determined that there were two major issues to be considered. First, it had to be a Christ-centered approach, which was essential to represent the interdenominational composition of the membership. Second, the exposure and colors used had to be taken into consideration. It was important that the intensity of the incoming light be as easy as possible on the eyes of the congregation while looking at the pulpit and the choir during services. Martin, in reflection, sums it up, "I think we succeeded quite nicely."