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Teacher Appreciation Day

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ission  Annual Teachers Appreciation Day
a Great Success
 oment  March, 2017

Each year the White Bluff Chapel Education Mission Committee led by Peggy Mitchell serves a burrito breakfast for the faculty and staff of Whitney ISD.  This year they provided burritos and homemade cookies, provided by Chapel members, for about 230 hard working members of the teaching staff. 

This was an opportunity for the Education Committee that not only shows the Chapel's appreciation for their impact on the Whitney community, but to let them know that we lift them up in our prayers.  As usual they were very thankful for the food and the support.  Thanks to all of you who provided cookies and funds for this important event.

Wes and Peggy Mitchell along with John and Kathleen Knightstep assembled the food and represented the Chapel.  Linda Yeary made all the arrangements required for the appreciation day.   The teachers once again were appreciative of the Chapel's and Committee's generosity and support.

ission  Annual Teachers Appreciation Day
 oment  April, 2016

The Chapel Educational Missions Sub-Committee held their annual Teachers Appreciation Day for teachers and staff at the Whitney Independent School District.  On March 8, 9, 10 and 11 Education Mission Chair Peggy Mitchell and others provided the staff and faculty with breakfast burritos and bottled water.   It's the Chapel's way of showing our appreciation for the great job they do and the impact they have on the future through these children.

Once again the breakfast burritos came from Montes. Thanks to  Brookshire's  for keeping the water in their walk-in cooler eliminating the need to bring ice and coolers to each location. 

The faculty and staff at all sections of the district were treated.  Peggy was told that many of the teachers look forward to this event each year.

Chapel members involved in this year's event were Wes and Peggy Mitchell, John and Kathleen Knightstep and Linda Yeary.  An Easter theme set the stage for the event with Easter and spring break so close together.  Also see the thank you note from one of the Principals, Mr. Gauer.

Teacher Appreciation Thank You
Teacher Appreciation Flyer

ission  WBC Delights Faculties
on Teacher Appreciation Day
 oment  May, 2015

The Local Educational Missions Sub-Committee of White Bluff Chapel surprised and delighted local teachers for our "Teacher Appreciation" program this spring. Canda Cox coordinated the project in which Peggy Mitchell, Kathleen Knightstep, Amee Edgar, and Sandy Moore, Nancy Duncan, Ann Duncan, Carolyn Kuhlman, Dottie Briggs, Kathy Dorsey and Carol Bergman hosted a breakfast burrito event for the faculties and staff at each of the four Whitney Schools. Along with the treats, they posted a sign to let the teachers know how we at WBC feel about their efforts in shaping the lives of the children of Whitney.

As always, the faculties were most appreciative of the Chapel's support.