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The Salvation Army

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ission  Bells are Ringing at Walmart in Hillsboro
 oment  December, 2017

by Harry Seurkamp

For the past 12 to 14 years the members of White Bluff Chapel have been rallying to ring the Red Kettle Bells for the Salvation Army.

I am always blown away by the enthusiasm of this Chapel's membership. Each year I am posed with questions. When are we ringing? Do we have a date yet? That was fun, can I ring again? I can't make it that day is there another day available? I can't stand that long; can I bring a chair? Yes, you can by the way.

This Chapel Membership is just that way. Whatever the occasion you always come together to help our community, God Bless You. 

This year we rang the Red Kettle Bells on December 5. It was a little chilly with the wind blowing, but the smiles we put on peoples faces when we wished them a Merry Christmas was heartwarming. Our goal was to raise money, but the bigger goal was to put a smile on their face as they gave or didn't give. We made them all feel LOVED. 

We even got the children involved; we let them ring the bells. Some would ring them soft, others louder.

How did we do? We collected $1,205.29 and twice that many smiles.

We will be ringing again on December 18 from 10 AM until 6PM. If you want to have the time of your life and put a smile on people's faces, sign up. The sign-up sheet is in the fellowship Hall.

If you would like to donate; you can send a check to Salvation Army of Hill County, PO Box 1689, Whitney, Texas (you know the zip).

ission  Chapel Members Ring the Red Kettle Bells
 oment  October, 2017

by Harry Seurkamp

Regarding the request for Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army during Pioneer Days we would like to thank the people who stepped up to the plate. Thank you to Larry and Sharron Lively,  Kay Lea and Scotty Scott, Paul Jacobus, Lisa Hooks and Ginger Seurkamp as well as two members from the Church of the Nazarene.

As you can see from the picture you are never too early to be recruited. They sure did make us smile.

The one advantage to ringing the bells is listening to the heartwarming stories you hear. There was a couple from Houston, who pretty much lost everything. The only people they encountered were FEMA and the Salvation Army. A driver from the Salvation Army stopped to talk with them. He asked if they needed water. They replied yes. He asked how many were there; six they replied. He returned with 2 cases of water and 6 hot meals.

While I was ringing the last shift, a man walked up, reached his hand in his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills and put them in the kettle. Then told me his story of 20 years ago when he and his wife were living on the street. She was hit by a car. The Salvation Army took them in. Took care of her and they proceeded to get him a job. “We owe our existence to the Salvation Army.”

One family of 5 came up while Ginger and Lisa were ringing. They talked and then everyone moved on except the 12-year-old daughter. She stopped, turned around, came back opened her purse, and then her wallet.  She took out a $10.00 bill and put in the kettle. This young girl could have bought anything she wanted, but chose to help others.

We get paid for ringing the Red Kettle bells, Not in money, but with these heartwarming stories. We know that the 2 hours we give ringing the bells is going to make a difference in someone’s life. When November comes you will be given the opportunity ring those Red Kettle Bells. When that signup sheet fills up on the first Sunday we put it out, we will ask for another day to ring so everyone gets a turn.

ission  A Taste of the Salvation Army
 oment  October, 2017

by Harry Seurkamp

Sometimes we often wonder what role the Salvation Army or other organizations play when people come face to face with disaster. Larry Lively and I had a firsthand experience. Prayer, love, compassion, food, shelter and personal needs are all supplied.

We all know that the Salvation Army is a Christian Organization and it is certainly reflected by the services they offer others during disasters. All those that hold the rank of an officer in the Salvation Army are ministers and all have studied theology for at least 2 years. They offer food, shelter and personal needs but above all they are compassionate when it comes to the emotional and spiritual development of not only those affected by disasters but also those working as volunteers.

I am not going to reiterate on the daily diaries I wrote, because if you are reading this, you read those. I would just like to say that Larry and I learned what love really is. Not the love as we know it but the love God wants us to have for our fellowman (our brothers and sisters of this human race.) Love is when we “initiate an action of self-sacrifice that reaches a real need.”

They say pictures speak a thousand words, so I have included a few. They range from a group of 5 people who came all the way from Hawaii on their first assignment, to destruction and finally to the distribution of supplies.  Also pictured is the sanctuary of the Salvation Army Church as well as the warehouse where we worked.

Don’t wait until the next disaster strikes to inquire about what part you can take in loving and helping your fellowman.

ission  Chapel Members Ring in the
Christmas Season at Wal-Mart
 oment  December, 2016

by Harry Seurkamp

As the bells tolled the moneys flowed while 24 members from White Bluff Chapel rang the Red Kettle Bells for the Salvation Army at the Hillsboro Wal-Mart on Tuesday November 29.

What a beautiful day we had. We collected $1,082.00 that day. It was only the fifth day of bell ringing and it was third day that over $1,000 was collected. Those participating were Bill Torman, Bill Brown, Jay Miller, Harry Seurkamp, Larry Lucas, Bob Hatherly, Cathy Cole, Joan Grubbs, Terry Pierce, Vicki Shultz, Dwayne Redding, Kathy Dorsey, Larry and Sharron Lively, Mike and Marilyn Pollard, Linda and Larry Turner, Scotty and KayLea Scott, Terry and Tracie Willingham.  Harry pulled a second shift with Ginger because the Geron's went to welcome a new grandbaby.

Thanks to all who helped. If YOU missed the opportunity to help you can call Brenda Rowe at 694-8645 and she will assign you a day and time that meets your schedule.

ission  Members Ring the Bells
for the Salvation Army Drive
 oment  December, 2015

Harry Seurkamp headed up this year’s team of White Bluff Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army. Each year, WBC sends our own ‘army’ of volunteers over to Walmart in Hillsboro and once again, we rang in a record-breaking amount collected to aid the needy in Hill County: a whopping $1475.00! And we’re proud to say that 100% of the amount donated each year stays in Hill County.

During the two days worked by Chapel members, our team collected a total of 65 community service hours. Contributing their time and their Christmas smiles were Bob Hatherly, Harry & Ginger Seurkamp, Jay Miller, Bill Torman, Monte & Marelia Geren, Kay German, Mildred Jackson, Dwayne Redding, Vicki Shultz, Schelly Storm, Joan Grubbs, Jim Duncan, Dale Moore, Larry Lucas, Jim Browder, Tommy & Aimee Edgar, Larry & Sharron Lively, Terry & Sharon Willingham, Rick & Holly Faught, Ron Stone, H.P. & Kaylee Scott, Bill Gladbach and Barbara (BJ) Holley.

ission  Red Bucket Bell Ringers Donate
Smiles and Greetings
 oment  December, 2014

Twenty-seven White Bluff members braved the wind and cold on the first Monday and Tuesday of December to ring the bells on behalf of The Salvation Army. Those who showed up at Wal-Mart in Hillsboro to share smiles and greetings with holiday shoppers included, on Monday: Harry Seurkamp, Bill Torman, Larry Dix, Bob Hatherly, Richard Turner, Canda Cox, Larry and Sharron Lively, Schelly Storm, Vicki Shultz, Ginger Seurkamp, Joan Grubbs, Scotty and Kay Lea Scott, Linda Turner, Kathy Dorsey and Larry Smith.

On Tuesday, Monte and Marelia Geren, Bill and Marie Webb, Dwayne Redding, Gary and Jean Rose, Terry and Sharon Willingham, and Tommy Edgar spread their cheer and collected funds for the worthy cause. 100% of the funds raised by Red Kettle Bell Ringers will stay in Hill County to help needy families here.

ission  Bell Ringers Turn Out in Full Force
 oment  January, 2013

White Bluff Chapel members gave of their time during the busy pre-Christmas holidays to assist the Salvation Army in its annual fundraiser by ringing Christmas bells at the Wal-Mart in Hillsboro. All the money collected during this drive will stay in Hill County to help the needy here.

Those from the Chapel participating as Bell Ringers include Bill Torman, Rob Tennison, Jim Duncan, Dale Moore, Ken and Mary Parish, Doris Hollingsworth, Jan Schiftner, Marga Helford, Richard and Patty Turner, Thomas and Mary Jane McMillin, Ann McAlpin, Kay German, Monte and Marelia Geren, Tracie Sheldon, Doc and Debbie Bradley, Cliff and Carol Bartlett, and Terry and Sharon Willingham.