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Wee Can Know

WBC Sponsor: Bill Burris Email

ission  Wee Can Know February 2019 Update
 oment  March, 2019

Phil and Debbie Smith continue to grow their mission reaching out to the children in New Orleans.  Their concentration is primarily the 9th Ward, a depressed area of the city.  They established Wee Can Know 15 years ago and have been involved with mission work to children for over 25 years.

Their latest update details their preparation for their Mardi Gras outreach efforts, working with a mission in S. Africa and prayer requests.

If you would like to know more about Wee Can Know, you can contact Bill Burris, Chapel Liaison for Wee Can Know.  Phil and Debbie would love to welcome visitors to New Orleans from the Chapel to show them first-hand their work with the children.

ission  Wee Can Know September 2018 Thank You
 oment  October, 2018

Wee Can Know is a children's ministry working in the ninth ward of New Orleans.  They work with children who are dealing with a lot of difficulties in their homes.  Drug and alcohol problems affect their parents and their siblings.

Phil and Debbie Smith reach out to these children and have a great record of helping them find Christ and stay on that path.  They also have success in helping the parents find a way to a better life by knowing Christ.

This group's September thank-you tells all about the issues mentioned above.  Take a moment to read their most recent Thank You Newsletter for the support they receive.  Those wanting to know more about the Wee Can Know ministry can contact Bill Burris, Chapel liaison for them.

ission  "Wee Can Know" Report and Prayer Requests
 oment  August, 2018

The Wee Can Know ministry in New Orleans, Louisiana, is run by Phil and Debbie Smith and has received support from the Chapel since early 2013. The Global/National Mission committee led by Vicki Thompson oversees the support that WB Chapel provides this unique group.

During this year they have had several hardships but have managed to continue growing their outreach to the children in New Orleans.  Phil lost both his parents this year and, most recently, he had ankle- replacement surgery.  In addition, the couple has had several car issues.  However, they still keep their ministry forefront in their daily activities.

You can read their latest report and prayer requests.  If you would like to know more about this ministry you can contact Bill Burris.  Bill is the Chapel liaison for the ministry.

ission  Wee Can Know March 2018 Newsletter
 oment  March, 2018

Phil and Debbie Smith continue their successful ministry to children with a unique and vibrant passion for leading children to Christ.  You can imagine their joy when their oldest grandson recently gave his soul to Christ.  He had been away from the church for some time and recently came back.  His mother and younger brother were baptized as well.

The Smiths have a great opportunity to spread Christ's word over the Easter weekend as well.  Their regular reports show the growth in their ministry.  Wee Can Know is one of the missions sponsored by the Chapel through the Global/National Missions committee led by Vicki Thompson.  Bill Burris is the chapel liaison.  If you would like more information about this ministry you can contact Bill.  You can also read their March Newsletter.

ission  Wee Can Know's Outreach During Mardi Gras
 oment  March, 2018

The Wee Can Know ministry in New Orleans annually participates in the Mardi Gras parade by seeking out children with whom to share a variety of festival-related prizes and, when possible, to tell them about Christ.  Mardi Gras is just one of many activities this ministry participates in to reach children.  The Chapel's sponsorship is through the Global/National Mission Committee, led by Vicki Thompson.  Those wishing to know more about this ministry can contact Bill Burris, the Chapel liaison.

Below is Wee Can Know's thank-you note to us for our prayers for success in their efforts and for our financial support.

We praise the Lord for a wonderful day of ministry in New Orleans. We ran out of our packets (sic) right before the parade began and our work ended, almost 500 packets!!!

We thank the Lord for beautiful weather, loads of families, and several meaningful witnessing opportunities along the route.

We thank the Lord for our volunteers: (…)

I am especially thankful for Phil and all he does behind the scenes to make the day a huge success!!!

Please pray for relief from his pain in ankle (sic) and feet.

We are thankful for YOU and your prayers! Also our financial donors who supply the needed funds!

Pray for God's anointing on the Gospel packets and bracelets for HIS glory.

ission  Wee Can Know Thank You Video
 oment  February, 2018

Wee Can Know is a Ministry located in the 9th Ward of New Orleans.  The Global/National Mission Committee led by Vicki Thompson provides support for this Ministry.  Bill Burris is the Chapel liaison for Wee Can Know.

This ministry has been very faithful in providing regular progress reports to the committee.  Through previous website entries you've had an opportunity to better understand their efforts and accomplishments with the youth of New Orleans located in a difficult area of the city.

Phil and Debbie Smith are Wee Can Know and have been involved with ministering to children and teaching them God's word for more than 30 years.  Debbie has provided a video, less than four minutes long, to thank White Bluff Chapel for their continued support.  It also includes some of their accomplishments in 2017 and some plans for 2018.  Please take a few minutes to view the video.

ission  Wee Can Know 2017 Yearend Report
 oment  December, 2017

Wee Can Know is one of several missions supported by the Chapel that provides regular reports on their activity and how they use the Chapel's funding.

Their yearend report details the accomplishments they made in 2017 and prayer requests for their ministry.   Bill Burris is the Chapel liaison for this ministry.

ission  Wee Can Know September Update
 oment  October, 2017

Wee Can Know is a children's ministry in New Orleans.  The Chapel has been one of their sponsors for several years through the Global/National Mission Committee led by Vicki Thompson.  Bill Burris is the Chapel liaison for Wee Can Know.

Phil Smith is a Chaplain in the Louisiana National Guard and was on call during the arrival of Hurricane Nate.  Phil and Debbie made it through the storm, and are grateful that it wasn't worse.

You can read their September update that includes a thank you for the Chapel's support.

ission  Wee Can Know August 2017 Report
 oment  August, 2017

Wee Can Know is another ministry sponsored by the Chapel that is faithful in providing the Global/National Mission Committee led by Vicki Thompson with regular reports on its activities and accomplishments.

Phil and Debbie Smith started their ministry about 14 years ago in the New Orleans, Louisiana area to reach out to children and bring them the word of God and the meaning of Jesus at the cross.  Most of their activity is in the Ninth Ward.  Phil is also a Chaplain in the Louisiana National Guard.  

Bill Burris is the Chapel liaison for this ministry and you can contact Bill with questions or desires to know more about this ministry.

Their latest report provides updates on their efforts this summer and their fall campaign.   You can review their latest report.

ission  Wee Can Know Remains Focused
Through Health Issues
 oment  May, 2017

Wee Can Know (WCK) is a children's ministry in the New Orleans area.  White Bluff Chapel is one of their sponsors through the Global/National Missions committee led by Vicki Thompson.  WCK continues to grow their ministry and they also provide training for volunteers working with children.

2017 has been a mixed blessing for them.  Both Phil and Debbie Smith had medical issues.  Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer, has had some minor surgery and treatments and is doing well.  Phil had back surgery to reduce severe pain and that too was successful.  On top of these issues, Phil's mother passed away on Easter Sunday.  She lived in Tennessee and they both made several trips to see his mother and to take care of the remaining details.

Through it all they remained focused on their ministry and continued to reach out in various ways to touch the lives of children.  You can read their May newsletter.  If you'd like more information about this ministry you can contact Bill Burris the Chapel liaison.

ission  Wee Can Know Mardi Gras and Newsletter
 oment  March, 2017

Wee Can Know (WCK) is a children's mission in New Orleans supported by the Chapel through the Global/National Mission committee led by Vicki Thompson.  The committee and Chapel recently approved Extra Blessing money for WCK.  Phil and Debbie Smith are the leaders of this mission.  A lot of their work is the 9th Ward area.

WCK reported that some of the Extra Blessing money was used to purchase four wagons and create 396 salvation packets for use in the Gospel Gloat Parade. 

Additionally, on the personal side Debbie was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had a successful lumpectomy.  Phil recently had laminectomy on the L4 and L5 lamina.  His was successful as well.

WCK continues to reach more children and their efforts are enhanced by the Chapel's support and that of other churches in the New Orleans area. 

You can read their latest newsletter and thank you to see some of the activities they are a part of in their mission.  If you want to know more about this mission or want to get more involved contact Bill Burris.  Bill is the Chapel liaison for WCK.

ission  Wee Can Know Report And Thank You
 oment  May, 2016

The Global/National Mission Sub-Committee chaired by Vicki Thompson evaluated and chose to accept the Wee Can Know ministry in 2013.  Bill Burris is the Chapel's liaison for Wee Can Know. They spoke to the Chapel in May of 2013. They are located in New Orleans and work with children to teach them about Jesus.  They are also instrumental in training others to establish "Good News Clubs" that target children in Day Care centers and the school systems. They have provided help to our community and continue to offer any assistance they can to help reach children in the Lake Whitney area. 

In addition to the annual funding that is approved by the Chapel, they have also received Special Blessing money.  Phil and Debbie Smith, the founders of Wee Can Know, are converting a shed on their property into an office.  The Chapel's Special Blessing money has been helpful in that effort. They have also received assistance with labor by students on spring break and a group from Arkansas to help with the building project.  Another local NOLA Men's Ministry is scheduled to help with the construction part later this month.  If you would like to know more about Wee Can Know you can contact Bill. Below are their latest report and a thank you for the Chapel's support.

ission  Did You Know?
Taking a Mission Field Trip
 oment  March, 2016

White Bluff Chapel supports a lot of mission programs around the world.  They all would welcome Chapel members visiting and assisting with their efforts.  One mission, Wee Can Know (WCK), is located in the New Orleans area and love visiting teams to participate in their efforts. 

Mardi Gras Day Outreach: this is an experience of a lifetime.  They set up in a family friendly area right next to a Police Precinct. They set up around 5 AM and most of the ministry arrives before 9 AM and stays until noon.    There are many other ways to help with this Mardi Gras ministry.  Mardi Gras 2017 is on February 28.

Spring-Break: Each March, college groups come from New England to do ministry in the city.  WCK's church hosts the teams (as many as 200 students each week).  Members of the church prepare and serve the meals each night.   

NOLA Baptist: WCK coordinated an event in partnership with NOLA Baptist for a mission team that came for a weekend.  The Church planned a "Movie in the Park" day.   

Summer Camp: In the summer the church recruits volunteer mission teams to serve one week at a free summer camp similar to Vacation Bible School.    WCK would provide training for a visiting team.

Homeless Ministry:
The WCK church has a homeless ministry every Friday night and provides food, clothing and showers for the homeless.  It is a good opportunity to show love for the homeless, pray for them and encourage them.

Prayer Walking: This is always a success, folks in New Orleans are friendly, they aren't in a hurry and welcome your prayers.  WCK's focus is on the children outside playing.  

Jesus Film Fest:
WCK does a Jesus Video for Kids (one hour version of the famous Jesus Film).  They train counselors to sit with the children in groups of six or seven during the film.    A visiting team could help with refreshments, counseling and promotion.

Give it some thought.  You might find yourself in New Orleans guiding a child in the direction of Christ.  If you have an interest email Bill Burris.

Mark 10:14 "let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the Kingdom of God"

ission  WEE CAN KNOW Provides Mardi Gras Outreach
 oment  April, 2015

"Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God."
Mark 10:14

In the fall of 2012 the WBC Global/National missions committee decided to support The Wee Can Know mission project in New Orleans.  Our association with and support of this mission has seen continual growth in both their work and our support.  Your mission dollars are doing wonders for the children in a depressed area of New Orleans.

Annually, Wee Can Know holds a Mardi Gras ministry along the parade route reaching out to the children they encounter.  Families now look for the group and its activities so their children can receive their beads and the story behind them, as well their Gospel kits. 177 of the kits were distributed this year as Directors Phil and Debbie shared God's story with the families, including those present at the New Orleans Baptist Seminary Preschool Parade.

The Wee Can Know program has also been instrumental in assisting with some of the local mission activity here in the Whitney area.  They never refuse any request we have of them to participate.  Our support for them has been a rewarding 2-way street for children to come to Christ.  The group's brochure is available in Fellowship hall.

ission  A Parable in Today's World
 oment  July, 2014

Two years ago the Global/National Mission Committee chose to support a ministry in the New Orleans area, called Wee Can Know (WCK). This is a non-denominational ministry to the children of the area that provides the children an opportunity to give their lives over to Christ.  You may remember Phil and Debbie Smith from when they visited the Chapel in May of 2013.
Since that time, WCK has been able to grow and assist others with their ministry.  Recent events parallel Jesus' parable of the sower, found in Mathew 13.3-8, Mark 4.26-29 and Luke 8.5-8.

White Bluff Chapel member Canda Cox reached out to our Missions Committee, seeking assistance for a start-up church that her daughter and son-on-law, Kyle and Suzy Jagers, have formed in New Orleans.  The name of the church is New Orleans Louisiana Baptist Church, NOLA.  The seeds WBC has sown through our support and communication with WCK will produce assistance for NOLA through the already-established New Orleans group.
Bill Burris, WBC Global/National Mission Committee member, reached out to WCK to see if they could be of some assistance.  They were more than happy to work with NOLA and have established a sound relationship with them.  WCK hopes to be assisting with the training of members of NOLA as soon as Canda's daughter is available for training.  Additionally, by putting WCK in contact with NOLA, WCK got introduced to another local church that may, in turn, provide funding support for WCK's ministry.

Bill reflects that it's a wonderful thing to be able to sit back and watch the effects of the seeds we sow on fertile soil.  The result has intertwined people and communities.  By staying involved from here and tending the seeds, WCK is helping more children find direction and seek Christ as their Savior.

On behalf of both WCK and NOLA, Bill asks for our prayers for the continued success of their ministries and also for success in working together.

ission  "Wee Can Know" Thanks WBC
 oment  May, 2013

Acara with Critter
from White Bluff Chapel

Dear Bill,  and Mission Board Members,

Thank you so much for the invitation to spend a weekend getting to know you, the church staff, and congregation. We even got to know Bill and Marcie much better!

We are grateful for your hospitality and your heart for missions. We really enjoyed the dinner and fellowship Saturday evening!

Your support enables us to share God's Good News with little ones like Acara. She's matured so much since she first began attending our Bible classes!

We would love to visit again and provide training or give an update on our work! Please visit New Orleans and join in on our work! We know several children who need love and hugs!

Click here to read our latest ministry blog.

Click here to read & pray for our June Prayer Request.
For the Little ones,

Phil and Debbie Smith
"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19:14)

ission  'Wee Can Know' Mission Attracts
WBC's Attention
 oment  May, 2013

“Wee Can Know” is a mission that White Bluff Chapel has this year selected to add to its list of groups receiving our mission support, extending the Chapel’s desire to reach out to children.  This ministry provides personnel training and outreach to the children of the greater New Orleans area, as well as training for other churches and individuals in bringing young children to Christ. The WBC Global/National Mission Sub-Committee will be working with “Wee Can Know” to determine how we, as a Chapel, can bring this specialized training to the children of Lake Whitney.

At the WBC worship service on Sunday, May 5, Global/National Mission Sub-Committee member Bill Burris introduced Phil and Debbie Smith from the “Wee Can Know” ministry in New Orleans, Louisiana. Phil and Debbie addressed the congregation and provided an overview of their ministry. They described what our support thus far has helped them do within their ministry.  Following the worship service, the Smiths, along with Kevin Ferguson from Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), met with Chapel members in Fellowship Hall to answer questions and talk further about their work.  Burris is serving as the WBC liaison in this project.

The Smiths provided gift packages for our Children’s Sunday School attendees. These are the same gift packets that the “Wee Can Know” group hands out to children with their Mardi Gras outreach program. They left more of the packages with us to be distributed at our upcoming Vacation Bible School in June.

“CEF” and “Wee Can Know” work together to provide programing for children, as well as a variety of training workshops for adults working with children in other churches’ Sunday School and Day Care programs.  Most of the training materials are provided through CEF.  CEF has a presence in all 50 states and in 180 countries.  Their training materials are printed in Spanish as well as English, which is of great interest to groups working with the mission activities in the Valley.

Days prior to the May 5th presentation, Phil and Debbie Smith held orientation meetings and Q&A sessions with members of the Education Mission Sub-Committee and Children's Ministry, with Pastor Terry Cosby in attendance.