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Welcome Letter

Welcome from our White Bluff Chapel Family

Welcome Message

Welcome to the White Bluff Chapel website!

Come in and look around a bit. You can find out a lot about a church from a website. You will find worship schedules, calendars, special events, faith statements, and mission highlights. Everyone likes to think that their church is special. We think ours is too, but not just because we are interdenominational; not just because we have such a beautiful setting in White Bluff; and here's the surprise, its' not just because of the great people at the chapel. It is God's grace that has called this group of people together in this setting to share His gospel with folks near and far. It's a special call that all churches share and a special blessing that all can enjoy when we walk with Christ in joyful obedience to carry out His Great Commission from Matthew 28: 18-20.

Our fellowship has chosen to be "interdenominational." This means that you do not have to give up your particular denomination or faith history to be a part of the Chapel. We focus on Jesus, His salvation and Lordship. We believe the Bible to be the true and reliable Word of God given to mankind to inform, inspire, teach, correct and encourage us to know Christ and do His will.

White Bluff Chapel

As a result we are able to take from many faith traditions different elements that promote and proclaim the gospel in a way that helps us worship Christ, thus bringing unity to this body of believers. We feel this sense of unity and focus on the Bible drives our mission's endeavors (Our budget typically dedicates about one third of undesignated funds to missions and ministry.) and encourages active participation with other members of the chapel and other churches.

We truly believe that there is a place for you in White Bluff Chapel. You can expect meaningful worship, lots of opportunities for service, and great people with whom to serve and fellowship. So take a look around our website and see if you don't begin to discover through the people and ministries how White Bluff Chapel can be your home, too.