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What to Expect

Considering a visit to White Bluff Chapel? Here's what you can expect…

Remembering what it's like to be new, we'd like to ease the anxiety of venturing into a place with no idea of what to expect. So come along with us, and get a preview of what it's like to attend White Bluff Chapel on a Sunday morning.

About 180 – 200 people attend Chapel service on any given Sunday morning, with holiday services expanding to over 300. You will see people who span a range of ages and backgrounds, from young families to grandparents. Since we are located within White Bluff Resort, you will see that most of the men enjoying early retirement have traded in their suits and ties for golf course casual, while the women prefer slightly dressier attire. And visiting families tend toward very casual wear. In other words, at White Bluff Chapel, anything goes and anyone is welcome!

We are an interdenominational church, with fifteen different denominations represented in our congregation. We worship together, enriched by the contributions and traditions that each brings to our service, blending together, all the while honoring and respecting our differences.

Our Sunday Service

In our Sunday one-hour service you can expect

Our sound technicians record audio CDs and video DVDs of every worship service. Should you desire one, you can come to the Chapel Office and Glenna will make a copy for you. If you cannot get out to come to the office, contact Glenna and she will make arrangements for someone to deliver it to you.

Two or three times a year, a new members' function is held to provide them with an Orientation (given by the pastor) and to give established members of the congregation an opportunity to officially welcome the new arrivals. We hope you will choose to be a part of that.

You can go to our Sunday Service page to get more details on what to expect on a Sunday morning.

We hope you'll come visit us some Sunday soon!