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What We've Done in 2016

Articles are sorted with the most recently posted at the top.

Chapel Choir Goes Caroling
Posted December 22, 2016

Every year about this time, when Christmas rolls around...(as the intro to an old Christmas song goes) the Chapel's choir gathers for a Christmas party.  Since its inception, a significant part of this gathering has been caroling as a way to bring "tidings of comfort and joy" to those going through difficult times or missing someone during the holiday season.

The choir first visited the Cosby's then broke into five groups to carol at a record 22 other locations, including Country Club Retirement Center to sing for Pam Larson and others gathered for dinner.  The carolers were joyfully received at the 20 locations where people were at home, and the others missed a real treat.

Upon their return to the Chapel they were served refreshments and Jim Browder snapped a group picture.

Progressive Dinner and Christmas Gathering
Posted December 22, 2016

Each year around Christmas the Chapel assembles a group of members for the progressive dinner and Christmas gathering.  This year Ron and Carolyn Williams, Tom and JoAnn Reedy, Charlie and Chris Whisenand and Wes and Peggy Mitchell opened their homes for the folks to gather for a variety of food prior to the main gathering in Fellowship Hall.  Approximately 90 people took part in the event. 

Once everyone arrived at the Fellowship Hall, they were treated to more food and a variety of desserts.   Additionally they were entertained by Randy and Sheri Hayes.  Sheri is the music director at Whitney ISD and Randy is the music director at First Baptist Church and retired band director at Whitney ISD.

Chapel Chippers Create Unique Christmas Carvings
Posted December 8, 2016

by Harry Seurkamp

In the past couple of years the Chapel Chippers (woodcarvers who meet at the White Bluff Chapel) have carved ornaments and sold them with the proceeds going to the Chapel. This year they are doing something a little different for the Chapel.

They have carved 50 Folk Art Nativity Sets. These sets consist of Jesus in the manger, Mary and Joseph sitting on a wooden base.

These sets are being donated to the Children's Ministry. Every child who attends the Chapel throughout the Christmas Sundays will be given a Nativity Set. As they learn about the birth of Jesus in Sunday school they will have their own personal set for their room. As they look at their set each day it will remind them of the real reason for Christmas.

Over the Hill Care Group Holds Annual Christmas Party
Posted December 8, 2016

On Saturday December 3, 24 members of the Over the Hill Care Group met at the Lone Star Room for a fun evening of fellowship, great food and the humorous white elephant gift exchange.

The party was hosted by Jan Hasty and Glenda Bettina and they decorated the room for the occasion.

After everyone had arrived Bill Burris offered a prayer and the race was on to the food.  The theme for the evening was soup and sandwiches.  There was a great variety of both.  Of course it wouldn't be an Over the Hill party without wonderful desserts.

Two new couples to the group in attendance were Dave and Dottie Briggs and Ron and Susie Quiggins.  They fell right into the flow of the party.  Everyone was very pleased to see Brett and Jan Schiftner attend the gathering.  It was long overdue considering what they've both been through.  They are a great example of how prayers do work.

As the white elephant gift exchange began everyone was worried they would select the annual arrival of the rubber chicken.  Larry Lucas was this year's victim.  After taking all the laughs he sat and admired his prize.  For the first time ever Ron Quiggins stole the chicken from Larry.  Even though he no longer had the chicken, Larry's luck didn't change.  The gift he selected after losing the chicken was the red panties Frank Brown won last year.  Larry's wife Cheryl laughed so hard she was in tears.

After the exchange Marcie Burris spoke to all and acknowledged the new members, welcomed Brett and Jan and asked everyone to keep Terry Cosby and family in their prayers.  Debbie Bradley mentioned two of her friends, both named Donna, who were going through difficult times and asked for prayers.  Marcie also thanked Jan and Glenda for hosting the evening.

The group's next meeting will be in March 2017.  Ursula Stone and Debbie Bradley will be hosting.

Chapel Members Help with the Food Bank Food Drive
Posted November 23, 2016

On Friday November 18 members of WBC braved the cold north wind to help collect food donations for the local Food Bank.  WBC's time slot was 10:00 to noon.

Members Harry and Ginger Seurkamp, Jim Browder, Bill McKee, Gary Rose and Gary Williams along with other local churches and Whitney High School students collected and sorted the donations.  Herb Grubbs was at the Food Bank.

Herb indicated this year's goal was 86,000 pounds of food.  He believes once all forms of donation are collected the total should reach 91,000 pounds.  He further indicated that they have achieved almost 84% of the goal for the building fund.

White Bluff Chapel is involved with many activities to help those in need in the Lake Whitney area.

WBC Hosts Annual Art and Craft Show
Posted November 9, 2016

This year's Art and Craft Show had 20 artists displaying their crafts for purchase. There were 15 returning artists and 5 new artists.  There was a good amount of attendance from the public on Saturday.  Sunday attendance was a little lighter.

All those present enjoyed the selling and buying of arts and crafts. It was an opportunity to meet new friends and neighbors.

This year's show was a success for many.  White Bluff Chapel received 10% of the proceeds to cover the overhead. 

The Stone's Host Oktoberfest at the 19th Hole
Posted November 9, 2016

On Friday October 28 Ron and Ursula Stone hosted an Oktoberfest event at the 19th Hole and pavilion with a bounty of food, music and great fellowship.  When they put together their plan they invited members of their "Over The Hill Care Group" and Choir Members.  Over time the word spread and approximately 80 people showed up for the evening.

Ron spoke to the crowd to explain the evening's agenda and where the food was available and thanked everyone for coming.

A secondary reason for the party was to raise money for Paw Pals in Hillsboro.  Ron and other Chapel members volunteer their time at Paw Pals.  The event raised $867.00 to help with a good cause.

The Stone's provided sausage, sauerkraut, red cabbage and potato salad with a variety of desserts.  Everyone had their fill of the great food.  They also wanted to thank all the volunteers that helped them put on the party.

Another Care Group Begins Regular Meetings
Posted September 22, 2016

A new neighborhood care group met September 18 at the home of Jody and Nancie Yarbro. 17 people came over for dessert and visiting. Everyone introduced themselves and told a bit about their lives and families. They shared prayer concerns, and Nancie is making a neighborhood contact list for follow up and communication with the group. Everyone had a good visit, and they agreed to meet at different homes once a quarter. This is a great opportunity to get to meet and know your neighbors better!

Griffin Ranch BBQ Night of Fun
Posted September 22, 2016

On Saturday Sept 17 Jim and Pat Griffin hosted their latest bi-annual BBQ night at their Ranch.  Those attending were not disappointed.  The weather was border line hot with over 120 guests enjoying the evening.

In addition to a wonderful selection of food provided by the Griffin's and dishes brought by those attending, Jim offered hay rides around the ranch to show off his prized herd. 

Jim spoke to the crowd thanking them for coming and explaining how the meal would be served.  It didn't take long for the group to line up for their meal.  Vicki Thompson offered grace prior to the meal.

You can tell by some of the pictures that everyone thought the food was great; one thought it was plate lickin good.  After everyone had enjoyed all the food they could hold, they were serenaded by Chris and Charlie Whisenand, Dwayne Redding and Bill Campbell.


The Griffin's wish to thank Rick Faught, Bill Pierce and Jerry Schultz for handling the parking and shuttle service, the singers mentioned above and Mary Parish and her committee for all their support.  A special thanks once again to Danny Bodeker for preparing all the meats.

Over the Hill Care Group Holds Tailgate Party
Posted September 22, 2016

On Saturday September 10 the "Over the Hill Care Group" met at the 19th hole for a tailgate party.  Everyone was asked to wear a jersey or hat of their favorite team.  Teams represented were the Texas Longhorns, the Dallas Cowboys, the Chicago Cubs, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Hays TX High School, the San Francisco 49ers, the Munich Germany Soccer team and the Baylor Bears.  TCU would have been represented but Doc and Debbie Bradley were not able to attend.

Once again former residents Steve and Elyse Short drove up from Buda to attend the tailgate party.  Prior to eating Elyse Short offered the blessing.  As with previous gatherings there was plenty of food.  In addition to pulled pork sliders, baked beans, and cole slaw there were other appetizers and desserts. 

Everyone had a great time with food and fellowship.  After all the food was mostly gone host Marcie Burris welcomed everyone to the party and reminded them what the Care Group is all about.  She welcomed new members to the group, Gordon and Gina Rogers.  They recently became full time residents in our neighborhood.  She also mentioned that Cathy Richey became reacquainted with her high school sweetheart, David Murphey, (that's Murphey with an "ey" to prevent confusion) and were recently married.  On a sad note Marcie reminded everyone of the recent tragic highway death of Benny Benavides.  Benny was a regular attendee at all the parties with wife Norma and is greatly missed.

Their next regular gathering will be December 3 at the 19th hole.  It is the Christmas party with soup, sandwiches, and dessert.  The night ends with the humorous "White Elephant" gift exchange.  Loraine will be ready with her rubber chicken to cross to the other side of the road.  Thanks to Glenda Bettina and Jan Hasty who volunteered to host the event.

New Members Welcomed to WBC
Posted September 8, 2016

New members of White Bluff Chapel congregation were honored with a reception following the Worship Service on Sunday August 31.  Some of the new members were not able to attend.

The new members included David and Marie Fuller (returning members); Charles and Mollie Sue Prowant; Glen and Karen VanWyk; Robert and Alicia Gregg; Ed, Judi and Charlie Marksberry; Jim and Sheila Birth; Helen Knight; Ben and Kae Keith; James and J'vne Lindsey; Ed and Diana Beck; Paul Jacobus; Jim and Dena Lindsey; Stan and Angela Braley; and Bill and Teal Lang.

Once again Mary Parish and her committee hosted and provided wonderful treats for all.

VBS 2016 Review in Pictures
Posted July 7, 2016

White Bluff Chapel's VBS was held June 22-26. A new feature was included this year with online enrollment for children and volunteers. We had 105 children registered with an average daily attendance of 90 children. Additionally, there were 50 volunteers who registered to help but many more helped in a variety of ways. VBS concluded with the children providing most of the worship service on June 26.

VBS Chapel Decoration
Posted June 23, 2016

The afternoon of Sunday June 19 work began decorating the Chapel for this year's VBS.  A big thank you goes out to the Men's Ministry and a host of volunteers who were hard at work creating the Cave Quest environment.  Three days were scheduled to make the Chapel ready for the start of VBS on Wednesday June 22.  Almost all of the Chapel was decorated for VBS and the special Sunday service presentation.

It took a lot of pre-planning, dusting off the brain cells, physical and creative labor to create "Cave Quest".  Generous volunteers gave their time and effort to make VBS an environment the children will enjoy and remember as they continue their growth in life and faith.  Susie Spelunker certainly has a very vivid imagination.

On Wednesday June 22 and Thursday June 23 the older children will assist the Men's Ministry installing wheel chair ramps.  They will also help at the food bank and Isaiah's Place.  On Friday June 24 they will visit Park Place Nursing Home and Country Club Retirement Center.

Last year's VBS had 95 children in attendance with an estimate of 95 to 98 children for this year's event.

The June 26 Sunday service will contain a special presentation by the children and they will participate in various functions during the service.

The assortment of pictures shows the progression of the efforts made to set the stage to teach the children the importance of following Jesus "The Light of the World".  Also included is the latest Spelunker Special.

Volunteers Place Flags On Chapel Grounds
Posted June 9, 2016

On Saturday May 28 a team of volunteers including Larry and Linda Turner, Jim Browder and his grandsons Alex and Arron, Danny Bodeker and his grandsons Cohen and Ari, Harry Seurkamp and Catherine Lee placed the flags around the Chapel.

The flags are one of the ways White Bluff Chapel remembers those who died giving us the freedoms we enjoy today.  At the beginning of Chapel service on May 29 Betty and Donna paid tribute with patriotic songs finishing with the Star-Spangled Banner and the congregation joining them by singing along.

When Betty welcomed everyone she confirmed that Tom Reedy was found and finally back home.  However, Susie Spelunker was nowhere to be found.  Betty suggested that Susie was lost in a cave somewhere.  Betty filled in with the help of the "Homeboys" in the choir, and then reminded everyone who would be volunteering that they should order their VBS T-shirts.   

Over-The-Hill Care Group Meets Again
Posted June 9, 2016

On Saturday June 4 the "Over the Hill Care Group" held their quarterly meeting at the 19th hole.  Debbie Bradley and Jan Hasty were the hosts with 29 people attending.

Once everyone had arrived Bill Burris opened the gathering with a prayer.  As usual there was plenty of food and beverages.  The group always has a wonderful time of fellowship and spending time with one another. 


There were several new people attending the night's event.  Lou and Schelly Storm and Jim and Shelia Birth stopped in for the festivities. Marcie Burris spoke to the group reminding all why we get together and what our Care Group is all about, caring for one another.  She mentioned that Larry and Cheryl Lucas's son Scott Roberts needed our prayers as he goes through a difficult period.  She also mentioned that Aggie Gladbach needed our prayers.  Marcie then explained why Wes Mitchell and others were there and turned the floor over the Wes.

Wes Mitchell had asked if he could speak to the group about the items the Chapel's Needs Assessment Team had been gathering regarding future needs of the Chapel.  Following his talk there were several exchanges with questions from the group.  Wes and Peggy Mitchell brought Bill and Betsy Torman and Becky Watkins to be sure that all efforts were recorded and they all added to the Q & A as well.

As the meeting was breaking up for the night Jan Hasty and Gary Jeter both spoke about how Marcie was the rock that holds the group together.  They also indicated that her efforts via e-mail to keep all informed of needs for prayer and other needs were what kept everyone involved with the group.

The next meeting will be held sometime during September and most likely at the 19th hole.

Chapel Chippers Shine at Carving Show
Posted May 25, 2016

by Harry Seurkamp

From once a live tree, now a dead tree comes a piece of nature called wood.  The trunk of the tree, the foundation of the tree, yields to the foundation of a piece of art, a woodcarving.

God so created this earth that we benefit so much and we base our existence on His bountiful gifts of nature.

With the use of finely sharpened steel instruments, a sharp imagination and a vision of expression we glide our instruments across, with and around the wood grain to present a lasting  impression, a wood carving.  Many woods can be carved, but not all wood is suitable for carving.  The most common used is bass wood (the American Linden tree).  Other woods such as pine, butternut, catalpa, willow and aspen all make for a fine choice.  Harder woods like walnut, mesquite and oak can be carved but are more difficult.

On May 7 and 8 members of the Chapel Chippers competed in the Texas Woodcarvers Guild State Championship Show held in New Braunfels.  Those competing in the Novice Division were Joan Grubs, Bill Campbell, Ray Fox, and John Knightstep.  Competing in the open division were Harry and Ginger Seurkamp.

Those winning with their carvings were Ray Fox, First Place and Second Place overall in the Novice Division for his Cowboy.  Joan Grubbs received two First Place Awards for her Caricature of a Santa Hunter and Cardinal.  Her Painted Bunting took a Second.  Bill Campbell won First Place with his Old World Santa and a Third with a decorative relief of Grapes and Leaves.  John Knightstep won a First with his Bark Carving of and Indian/Eagle/Pueblo collage.  John also won Third Place with his Indian Bust and honorable mention with his relied carving of an Old Log Building.

In the Open Division Harry received two Seconds, two Thirds and an Honorable Mention.  Ginger received a Third Place for a Gourd Carving.

The Chapel Chippers meet twice a month at the White Bluff Chapel Fellowship Hall.  If anyone is interested in trying their hand at carving, contact any of the above or call Harry at 694-7206.

Mother's Day Luncheon
Posted May 12, 2016

The Chapel hosted its annual Mother's Day luncheon on May 7.  This year 45 ladies attending were treated to great food, music and fellowship.  Linda Turner opened the event with a prayer. 

Mary Parish made delicious salads: tossed, chicken, tuna and macaroni.  Guests also enjoyed a fruit platter and cheesecake along with Kay German's famous homemade rolls.  Mary and her committee always provide a wonderful meal for all occasions. 

This year's entertainment was provided by Peggy Mitchell and Kathleen Knightstep.  After sharing some of their memories they sang two songs: que sera, sera and Precious Memories.  They were accompanied by Betty Newman.

The ladies in attendance each received a sweet angel as a memento of their day.

933 Trash Clean Up
Posted April 28, 2016

Rick Faught and his team of workers once again charged into the world of roadside clean up on FM 933 outside the gates of White Bluff. The team of Rick, John Knightstep, Bill Allen and Bill Pierce were joined with new members Glen and Karen Van Wyk. Rick is always looking for new members to become part of the team. If you would like to help sometime please contact Rick.

A Memorable Easter Egg Hunt
Posted April 14, 2016

Carols, 900 eggs, Pastor Terry's Easter story, cookies and lemonade, the bunny hop, more than 30 children and a zillion bubbles is the recipe for a perfect Easter Treasure Hunt.   Saturday morning March 26 the ingredients were combined at the Chapel.

As they blended together celebrating Jesus resurrection, Charlie and Chris Whisenand led the group in singing Easter carols.  Most carols had actions that added wiggly fun.

Pastor Terry reminded the children that as sad as we felt on Friday, there was a glorious morning coming.

Then we hop, hop, hopped to the Bunny Hop, made and chased bubbles everywhere and munched some yummy cookies.

Certainly the most anticipated activity was collecting those eggs.  A mathematician better known as Bubble Man, Mr. Scott's and his bubbly assistant, Mr. Duncan's calculation proved the children had to collect 28 eggs each to get them all.  And they did!

Two boys arrived with Tonka trucks in which to collect their eggs.  Why use a basket when a truck will get around faster and hold more eggs?  Their plan worked and provided an opportunity for their parents to encourage sharing with others.


Those boys and the wonderful antics of the 12 and under set made the Treasure Hunt a memorable one for this spectator.  Thank you to Debbie Bradley and her Children's Ministry team.

2016 Chili Cook Off, Fun and Competition
Posted April 14, 2016

A big THANKS goes out to the White Bluff Chapel membership and a few people outside the chapel for making the Men's Ministry Chili Cook-Off an overwhelming success. Approximately 70 people attended the chili cook-off enjoying 18 different chili recipes.

Also we would like to thank the judges Bill Pierce, David Wood, Wes Mitchell and John Knightstep. They did a fantastic job that they really enjoyed.  Even after tasting all the entries, they made a few trips to the line to eat more.

A special thanks to all the contestants, without your entry we could not have made this a success. God Bless all seventeen of you. Yes we had seventeen entries and one complimentary chili donated by Ava Wood.

Out of those 17 entries we had 4 winners. Vicki Shultz won for Wild Game.  Mary Parish won what the Texans call Yankee chili, Chili with Beans. Chili of the Mild flavor with no beans was captured by Bill McKee and last but not least the Hot variety was won by Jerry  Shultz.  And we say last but not least because Jerry is the 2016 Men's Ministry Chili-Cook-Off CHAMPION. His name will be added to the plaque with the previous champions. The plaque hangs on the wall in the Fellowship Hall kitchen. Jerry was also the champion in 2014. All the winners received a $25 Gift Card from Brookshire's. The Champion received an additional $25 Card.

As a result of your attendance, your entry and especially your donations the Men's Ministry was blessed with $1,102.00.

God is Good, and through Him all things are possible.

Thank you to all.

The Men's Ministry, White Bluff Chapel
Harry Seurkamp

Easter Week Draws Crowds
Posted March 31, 2016

Easter Week services began with the children and choir members bringing in palm branches and laying them at the cross.  This was followed by wonderful music by the choir and Pastor Terry Cosby's sermon "Some Said It Thundered".

Around 85 people attended the Maundy Thursday service with communion served in memory of Christ's Last Supper with His disciples.

Approximately 100 people, including the choir, attended the Tenabrae Service on Good Friday. The music at any service at the Chapel  is well tuned to the occasion.  Friday night was enhanced by guest violinist, Marc Elysee.

The moving interpretive readings by Kathy Dorsey, Gus Larson, Glenda Bettina, Bill Pierce, Scott Shelton, Tricia Shelton and Robert Wood  took attendees to moments in Jesus' life and moved them down the path Jesus walked to the cross.  During that walk the choir provided a powerful performance.  They were accompanied by Mr. Elysee.  The readings were authored by Pastor  Cosby covering how He Changed Me, He Healed Me, He Accepted Me, He Freed Me, and He Raised Me.  A candle was extinguished after each reading.  Cosby then delivered the Homily "More Than The Moment" taking everyone to additional moments in Christ's life. 

At the conclusion, special music "Jesus Walked the Weary Road" was performed by Mr. Elysee and organist Donna Spotts.  Following the song Cosby extinguished the final candle signifying the death of Christ.  Everyone departed in silence focusing on Christ's death. 

If you were not able to attend the service you can listen to the service here. The audio recording is divided into 8 tracks, totaling about an hour. Each track is between 1 and 9 minutes with the exception of track 7 which is 19 minutes long.

Tenebrae Track 1
Tenebrae Track 2
Tenebrae Track 3
Tenebrae Track 4
Tenebrae Track 5
Tenebrae Track 6
Tenebrae Track 7
Tenebrae Track 8

A follow up on the Easter egg hunt will be in the next issue of the website.

The Holy Week ended on Easter Sunday with a 7:00 AM sunrise service overlooking the marina followed by the Men's Ministry hosting breakfast in Fellowship Hall.  The 9:15 AM Easter Sunday service drew a crowd of 292 people.  The floral wrapped cross, beautifully decorated by Howard and Pat Clement, overlooked the Easter Lilies around the pulpit area setting the stage for celebrating our Risen Savior.  Pastor Cosby challenged the congregation with his sermon "Let's Get This One Right".  Once again the choir provided wonderful music and closed the service with a glorious special arrangement  of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus".

Over The Hill Care Group Celebrates St. Patrick's Day
Posted March 31, 2016

On Saturday, March 12 the Over The Hill Care Group held their March gathering at the 19th hole.  Co-hosts Marcie Burris and Glenda Bettina provided St. Patrick's Day decorations and all attending brought an appetizer or dessert.  As usual there was plenty of food and beverages for all.

There were 33 partygoers, a record, and three couples that are new neighbors were part of the group: Bill and Marsha Brown, George and Shirley Gonos and Don and Greta Mankins.  The Mankins brought their family as well.    The group encourages folks to bring family and friends if they are visiting.  There is always enough food.  Former neighbors and members Steve and Elyse Short traveled up from Buda to spend some time with the group before heading back home.

Glenda Bettina placed an Irish Blessing on every table.  She had someone from each table read the blessing to the group.  It was a most fitting touch to a St. Patrick themed gathering.

Before adjourning, Marcie Burris spoke to the group making sure they all knew what the group was all about, caring for one another.  She thanked everyone for coming and acknowledged the new members.

The next gathering will be in June with Jan Hasty and Debbie Bradley hosting.  The location will most likely be the Live Oak Park.

Celebrating White Bluff's Newest US Citizen
Posted March 31, 2016

During the recent gathering of the Over The Hill Care Group one of the members, Ursula Stone, was honored.  Ursula was granted US Citizenship on February 26, 2016 in San Antonio in a ceremony that included 586 new citizens from 86 countries.

Co-host Glenda Bettina presented Ursula a floral arrangement complete with the American flag.  She also read the following background information about Ursula and 33 attendees sang God Bless America.  It was a special moment for Ursula and the rest of us as well.

Ursula Bader (Stone) was born in Augsburg Germany.  While a teenager she had an opportunity to visit New York as part of an exchange program.  Ursula spoke English, she was taught in school, and was placed with a German family with two small children.  She helped with the children and really enjoyed sightseeing in New York.  She loved the US and of course New York.

Returning to Germany she learned and apprenticed in the textile industry.  The textile industry was not promising at that time and she found work with the US Army Procurement Office in Augsburg.  Her future husband, Ron Stone, was in the US Navy and a member of the German-American youth club in Augsburg.  When they tried to discontinue the youth club, Ron found a way to keep it active.  It took Ron a lot of effort, but he was later reassigned to the Army Public Affairs office to run the program.  Ursula's office was across the hall from Ron's.  Makes you think and believe someone had a plan for them all along!  They were married in Sprendlingen Germany in April 1975.

Ursula is an active member of our Chapel community and within White Bluff.  She has an infectious personality that affects everyone.  The Care Group is blessed with her presence.

Alzheimer's Support Group Presentation
Posted March 3, 2016

Christine Schroeder-Morren of the North Central Texas chapter of the Alzheimer's Association held a meeting in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall on February 4. Christine answered questions and gave guidance helpful to a family member, caregiver or friend of an individual with Alzheimer's or related dementia. The meeting offered a confidential environment where participants could share their concerns, support each other and learn ways to cope with challenges associated with long-term care giving.

The meeting was attended by nine individuals and two individuals have volunteered and will receive training next month. Future meetings are scheduled as the North Central Texas chapter of the Alzheimer's Association describes below.

Whitney Caregiver Support Group

Many people feel overwhelmed these days juggling the demands of daily life. But for someone who cares for a loved one with dementia, the balancing act is tough. Caregivers may be managing care responsibilities along with a full-time job, as well as everyday household chores.

If this sounds like you, then consider joining a support group that you can rely on for help. In fact, not finding the support you need may lead to caregiver burnout, damaging to both you and the person with dementia.

An Alzheimer's Association Caregiver Support Group in Whitney will be meeting the 1st Thursday of the month at 2:00 p.m. It will be held at the White Bluff Chapel (1072 White Bluff, Whitney, TX 76692). Christine Schroeder-Morren is the facilitator at this time and she can be contacted at 254-753-7722.

Join us at the next meeting where you will find help with issues concerning the Do's and Don'ts of working with persons with Dementia, How to find Respite Care, Emergency Room Visits, Behaviors, Money Matters, Legal Plans, Basic of Alzheimer's Disease and many more helpful topics.

Our support groups are offered free of charge and are held in a variety of locations and at different times to accommodate those who wish to attend. Please go to the Alzheimer's Association website , call 800-272-3900 or email Christine for more information.

Love Was Born At Christmas
Posted February 18, 2016

White Bluff Chapel contributes time, effort and resources  in support of The Joint Committee for Christmas (JCC).  JCC helps bring a brighter Christmas to less fortunate children in the Lake Whitney area.  This past Christmas was no different.

You may have seen a Letter to the Editor in the local paper written by Connie Merrill.  Repeating it on our website will remind everyone why supporting JCC is a worthwhile and rewarding effort.  Due to the length of the item in the paper a condensed version of Connie's letter follows:

"Abundance, blessings and love filled the Whitney community on December 17 at the First Baptist Church.  Thanks go to Dr. Carl Jennings and a giving congregation for the use of their family center.  The JCC led members of Whitney area church congregations, Whitney High School National Honor Society and PALS, Businesses, volunteer fire departments, and other groups in distributing new clothing, shoes, toys and gifts for 450 youths, gifts to 60 senior citizens, and Christmas meal boxes and grocery store vouchers for over 1,100 individuals.

"The Lake Whitney Public Library Crochet Club, with each person's signature stitch and style, produced a vast array of colorful and warm hats to fit every age from infants and toddlers to youth, teens and adults.  In addition a special act of love by Nena Booth and Elyse Short led to the creation of 530 crocheted hats, mitts and scarves for the JCC client families.

"Yes indeed, love was born at Christmas. It is from John 3:16 that we may fully embrace this Love "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting live."

"It was with love that so many gifts were distributed by over 50 volunteers and it was with love that so many people adopted a record number of angels, brought toys and gifts and gave a record amount of financial donations very generously.

"In prayer, we ask that we all may give with love, receive with love and forgive with love and live in the love of Christ and God."

Cluster Group Super Bowl Party
Posted February 18, 2016

On Super Bowl Sunday members of the Cluster group lead by Holly Faught gathered at Richard and Patty Turner's house to watch the game.

Those attending were Keith and Patti Moreland, Larry and Linda Turner, Rick and Holly Faught, Jerry and Vicki Shultz, Bill and Noel Allen, Bill and Terry Pierce and of course the hosts Richard and Patty Turner.

They all visited and sat around the TV to watch the game and the funny commercials and what WBC members always do, "they ate". They had tons of food, sausage balls, teriyaki chicken, pigs in a blanket, sliders, queso, shrimp dip, chips, nuts, veggie and fruit platter, chocolate dream dessert and a football shaped cake balls.

The group was pleased that Keith and Patti Moreland were able to attend but they had a void with Glen and Madeleine Lively not being able to attend. Hopefully the Livelys will be able to rejoin the group well before next year's Super Bowl party.

Valentine Banquet Draws Large Crowd
Posted February 18, 2016

Festive decorations, great food and entertainment were enjoyed by another large crowd this year. Once again Mary Parish and her hospitality committee laid out a wonderful feast and they provided crowd-loving entertainment at the 2016 Valentine Banquet. The event was held for 96 people in the Maurice Martin Fellowship hall. Dottie Redding welcomed everyone with a glass of punch. Jim Browder and Bill Burris took pictures and they observed others taking group pictures of their table mates.

Nancy McGinnis emceed the entertainment program that was performed by Ralph Sparks. Nancy gave the crowd a list of Ralph's impressive accomplishments. You may remember Ralph playing for the membership at a Sunday service last year. He was effective in getting those attending to get "Lost in the 50s" for the evening. As the crowd joined in with singing, it was evident they enjoyed getting lost in the moment. When it came time for Ralph to close his performance, the Sweetheart Trio consisting of Nancy McGinnis, Carol Campbell and Kathy Dorsey joined him with the appropriate song, "Goodnight Sweetheart". They showed great stage presence, captivated the crowd and got some laughs and cheers. Maybe next year could be a WBC sing-off between the trio and last year's quartet.

It was once again another memorable evening. All who attended are already looking forward to next year's event knowing that Mary's committee will once again raise the bar.

Acknowledging Retiring Trustees
Posted February 4, 2016

On Sunday January 31,  2016, Trustee Chairman Wes Mitchell acknowledged the Trustees that retired at the end of last year.  Trustees serve a three-year term on the board.  Honored were Cheryl Robinson, Chairman for 2015,  Charlie Whisenand and Terry Newman.  In addition, Wes made a special presentation to Bob Harris for his five plus years of service as the Chapel Treasurer.

After serving with them for two years, Wes detailed the quality of service and commitment each gave in their role with the Chapel.   In addition, each retiring trustee was given a certificate signed by all current members.

Wes thanked both Terry and Charlie for their dedicated support in their roles with the Trustees and the overall commitment they each made.

Wes acknowledged Cheryl as a trusted leader, and noted her dedication and the mentoring she gave him for his current role with the Trustees.

Wes paid tribute to Bob Harris for the dedication he has given the Chapel as Treasurer over the past five plus years.  Wes presented Bob with a gift certificate he said could not begin to repay Bob for his service and dedication.  Bob is retiring as the Treasurer but has committed to being the assistant Treasurer moving forward.

933 Cleanup
Posted February 4, 2016

White Bluff Chapel has volunteered through the Texas "Adopt the Highway" program and been cleaning a two mile portion of FM 933 for many years. The Chapel volunteers perform the cleaning three or four times a year.

On January 30 the team was at it again and having fun and productive. The team consisted of Louis Hicks, David Woods, Larry Lively, Bill Pierce, Ron Stone, Danny Bodeker, Bill Allen and Rick Faught.

There are opportunities to join this team. If you're interested email Rick Faught.

Another Cluster Group Gathering
Posted January 21, 2016

On Thursday, January 14 the Cluster Group chaired by Tonia Chapman met for a soup and sandwich party at the 19th hole.   This group is one of the very active groups and have great celebration and friendship at each gathering. 

Tonia and Ora Johnson hosted the event.  There were 7 couples in attendance: Larry and Tonia Chapman, Ron and Carolyn Williams, Scott and Tricia Shelton, Roy and Ora Johnson, John and Caroline Upchurch, Jim and Cindy McMahan and David and Ava Wood.  You can tell by the smiles on their faces that all had a great time.

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