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What We've Done in 2017

Articles are sorted with the most recently posted at the top.

The Flock of Sheep in the Nativity Scene Grew This Year
Posted December 14, 2017

by Harry Seurkamp

Some of the folks have asked me if I have added anything new to the Nativity Scene. I personally have not but there were some sheep added this year. When I originally carved the Nativity Scene I carved 3 sheep. In 2008 I gave all the woodcarvers an opportunity to carve a sheep and add it to the scene as a gift to the Chapel.

In 2008 the sheep added were carved by Richard DeLorenzo (passed), Sandy DeLorenzo (moved), Sharron Lively, Larry Lively, Ray McGinnis, Guinn McGinnis, Bill Torman, Jim Browder, Joan Grubbs, Ginger Seurkamp and Ronnie Moffet (Waco).

This year I did the same for those who had not carved a sheep. This year we have 6 new sheep carved by Billy Campbell, John Knightstep, Ray Fox, James Smith, David Wood and Marty Hayes (Whitney). 

When you see them you can thank them for their efforts and contribution.

Over the Hill Care Group Holds Christmas Gathering
and White Elephant Gift Exchange
Posted December 14, 2017

On December 9 the Over the Hill care group held their annual Christmas gathering and white elephant gift exchange.  This year's event was hosted by Bob and Kathy Valenta.  There were 36 members of the group present.

As usual there was plenty of food for all including soups, appetizers, salads and desserts.  Prior to eating Bob Valenta offered up a prayer.  There was a lot of fellowship happening during the meal. 

Following the meal everyone joined in the white elephant gift exchange.  This year as opposed to past years there was a lot of stealing going on with the associated comments. The rubber chicken and the men's holiday briefs made their return once again.

The next gathering will be the annual St Patrick's Day event to be held in March of 2018.

Chapel Bell Ringers
Posted November 30, 2017

On November 19 the congregation was treated with the additional sounds of the Chapel Bell Ringers as they accompanied the choir and members with one of the hymns during the service.  Music Director Tom Reedy mentioned that the ringers would again be part of the seasonal services.   Lois Partridge is the Director for the group.

The Bell Ringers are just another example of the talents and giving nature of Chapel Members.

Chapel Cleanup and Decoration
Posted November 30, 2017

On November 28 a group of members gathered at the Chapel for a breakfast provided by the Men's Ministry prior to the annual cleanup and decoration for the Christmas season.

The tree was decorated; the Nativity scene in place making the Chapel ready for Advent services and celebrating Christ's birth.

Chapel Welcomes New Members
Posted November 30, 2017

Following the Sunday service on November 19 new members were welcomed in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall.  New members wore a flower in recognition of the day's event and were greeted in the welcome line.

Of course any event at the Chapel includes refreshments provided by Mary Parish and her Hospitality Committee.

The new members consisted of the following:  Tom & Lois Partridge, Gerry & Linda Mayer, John & Bonnie Jaskie, Buster & Christine Cage, Dylan & Shelby Price, Jeff & Sherrie Williams, Paul & Paula Carpenter, Steve & Kay Menzies, Robert & Sherry Sigmon and Gregg & Monica Copeland. 

Chapel Supports WISD Band Program
Posted October 5, 2017

White Bluff Chapel has been supporting projects within Whitney ISD for many years.  This year we've had an opportunity to support their Marching Band program and help them continue the success they achieved last year.

With the addition of the new stadium last year, they held a marching band contest that attracted 13 different schools.  This year there will be 19 bands involved.

Through our sponsorship the Chapel will receive recognition as a sponsor on their T-shirts and at each activity they hold or attend.

Reading their letter will give you some interesting information about the effects of music in a student's life. There is a list of events the band will be attending and it will also give you a way to support them individually, if so inclined.

White Bluff Chapel Brings Food to Evacuees
Posted September 21, 2017

by Nancie Yarbro

Matthew 24:35 says "I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."  Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance called the Chapel needing 15 meals delivered to Latham Springs to feed some folks that had been evacuated due to Hurricane Harvey.  White Bluff Chapel and Chicken Express quickly responded to their need.   When we called and asked Chicken Express to partner with us, they immediately said yes and provided chicken dinners at a much reduced price. 

On Thursday evening the chicken dinners were ready when we arrived to pick them up. We then met Denise, staff member from Devaurex in League City, at Latham Springs and delivered the meals. Devaurex is a special needs facility that was flooded during Hurricane Harvey. The facility is getting cleaned up, but they lost all furnishings.  So, while they wait for the facility to be refurbished, approximately 60 children and their 24 hour staff are being housed at Latham Springs. 

Men's Ministry Participated in a City of Cleburne Project
Posted September 21, 2017

by Rick Faught

The men's ministry in conjunction with the City of Cleburne and 6 Stones ministries participated in the Community Powered Revitalization program. Because of our skills, availability, and willingness I contacted the administrators about participating.

All recipients of this program have to make application to the city and they choose who will receive help. This family requested help because the wife of 66 years could not come home from rehab because of various condition issues. There are two more interior issues that will be done soon and she'll be home.

Five homes/families were chosen.  This was by far the biggest job of the project. Over a 4 day period we replaced the wheelchair ramp, rebuilt and reinforced the porch, built a new back porch, tore down half of the 2 car carport and turned it into a very good one car carport, replaced many fascia boards and soffits, patched a lot of holes, and replaced siding, trimmed trees and bushes, painted the entire exterior, and threw away probably 30 bags of leaves, twigs and trash.

We had quite a bit of help on the last two days so we can't take all of the credit but we did all the carpentry prep work and were there working from start to finish.

Chapel members that participated were:

Ron Williams  Jody Yarbro        Tom Partridge   Bob Buckner      
Rick Faught     Bill Gladbach         Keith Moreland               Larry Turner
Andy Dayton         Harry Seurkamp            John Knightstep Jim Strouse
Lou Storm      Shelley Storm              Paul Jacobus Mike Pollard

We were glad to be of service and show the Love of Christ.

Over the Hill Care Group Holds Annual Tailgate Party
Posted September 21, 2017

On Saturday, September 17, the Over the Hill care group held its annual tailgate party.  32 members of the group met at the Lone Star room to celebrate the beginning of football season.  Members were asked to wear something supporting their favorite team/s. 

Care Groups are all about helping one another.  Recently one of the members, Cathy Valenta, had ankle surgery.  A note was placed on Nextdoor asking if anyone had a wheel chair to loan for a week or so.  When they arrived home a wheel chair was in their drive way thanks to another member, Carrie Hicks.

Marcie Burris and Emily Morris hosted the event that included a variety of appetizers, desserts and sides along with brisket and sausages.  As usual there was plenty of food and no one went home hungry.   The room was decorated with a variety of football related items.

New members Larry and Carol Duffin and Jack and Cathy Maze were recognized and welcomed to the group.

After all had eaten, David Murphey and Emily entertained the group.  David offered songs that most were familiar with and sang along.  Emily shared a couple of songs she had written.  David then closed the show with "God Bless America" and of course everyone stood and joined in for an emotional ending to the evening. 

The group's next gathering will be December 9 at the Lone Star room for the annual "white elephant" Christmas party.  Bob and Cathy Valenta will be hosting.

Good Eats Care Group Meeting
Posted September 21, 2017

The Good Eats Care Group is one of several active care groups with regular gatherings. 

The group met for good food and fellowship on Sunday September 10 at the JG Ranch.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship with awesome friends.  Special 'thanks' to Jim and Pat Griffin for hosting in their beautiful home, and serving delicious homemade burgers!

Life is so much better when you travel it with friends.

Members Assisted Cedar Creek Baptist Church
at Lake Whitney State Park
Posted September 7, 2017

On Thursday, August 31, Cedar Creek Baptist Church provided a noon meal for evacuees from hurricane Harvey at Lake Whitney State Park. A couple of Chapel members assisted those from Cedar Creek Baptist Church. Tommy Edgar's story is an example of how God used His servants, Tommy Edgar and Jody Yarbro, here on earth to help those in need.

Jody Yarbro and I were there from the Chapel. Here's a great story - I was talking to a young family who had evacuated from Freeport, TX where I grew up. In the course of our conversation, the mom asked if we had a dentist in Whitney. Their 10 yr old son Jonathan had a permanent retainer that had come loose on one side making it hard to chew. About that time, Jody walked up, and I told him what was going on. Jody called Lake Whitney Dental and the last time I saw them they were following Jody to the office!

When Jody called Dr. Oakey's office and told them the situation, Dr. Oakley and his staff said of course they would help. The family of four followed Jody to Dr. Oakey's office; an assistant took Jonathan back and removed the space maintainer in 3 minutes. The staff members were compassionate and interested in the family's situation. They are staying in a camper at the park until they can go home. It was a small thing to help, but the family was very grateful.

Men's Ministry Responds to an Urgent Need
Posted July 20, 2017

by Ron Williams

We received an urgent request to build a ramp for a man living near Covington who recently had his leg amputated due to diabetes complications.  So on Saturday July 8 several willing Men’s Ministry volunteers met at the warehouse in Whitney and pre-fabricated ramp framing modules.  Then on July 12 and 13 nine volunteers worked over two mornings to install an 81 foot ramp.  This was the 52nd ramp for our team, and the longest and most complicated. 

We pray it will be a blessing to the recipient.  The healthcare worker who applied for the ramp on their behalf said “You guys are such a blessing to those in need and I'm amazed at how quickly you were able to help him out... Thank you so much! God bless each of you.”

VBS 2017 a Great Success: Learn it, Love it, Live it
Posted July 6, 2017

After all the brainstorming, planning and consulting with Klondyke Kate the 2017 VBS project became a complete success.  Of course, it wouldn't have happened with all the many volunteers who prepared the Chapel, worked with the children and provided the daily meals.  This year's event averaged 82 children daily.  VBS concluded with the children participating in the Sunday service and shared ice cream and cake following the service.

Once everyone had rested up, the volunteers were invited to join each other at the Smokin Hawg for a gathering of food and fellowship.  Approximately 45 people attended and were entertained by Kay Lea as she handed out a bunch of "Golden Onion" awards to some of the volunteers for their efforts to make it all happen.

Chapel Preps for VBS 2017
Posted July 6, 2017

Each year as the Chapel prepares for VBS it takes a lot of volunteers to create the environment that will grab the attention of children to understand the meaning of what Christ has done for the world.

This year Klondyke Kate took the children to the Arctic to help them find Christ.  It takes a lot of planning and imagination to put something like this together.  Kudos to Kay Lea Scott, Debbie Bradley and Harry Seurkamp for bringing this year's VBS from an idea to completion.  Many others supported them along the way.  Harry Seurkamp offered this thank you note to the Chapel.

Dear Friends,

Ginger and I would like to thank every one of you who gave your time and showed up yesterday to help decorate for Vacation Bible School. You all did a fantastic job. You make our job so easy. I can't name everyone of you individually (I may leave someone out), but God knows who you are.

Thank you.

Chapel Thanks Dr. Gloer for His Contributions
Posted June 21, 2017

Following Sunday service on June 18 a reception was held in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall for Dr. Gloer. Dr. Gloer filled the vacancy following the end of Betty Newman's role as Associate Pastor until a replacement could be found. Dr. Gloer's influence will continue with the new Associate Pastor, Dylan Price.

Dr. Gloer's efforts included filling in for Pastor Cosby on several occasions and providing the Benediction. He would always recap the music, scripture and message in his benedictions. On one impromptu sermon his message encompassed the entire program.

At the beginning of service Pastor Terry gave a wonderful description of the way Dr. Gloer has of bringing the word of God when he speaks. He also commented on the message in each benediction that Dr. Gloer presented.

Dr. Gloer will be invited back occasionally to lead the congregation with a message from God.

Men's Ministry Demonstrates Flexibility
Posted June 21, 2017

This fine group of Saturday morning workers on June 10 deserves much thanks and commendations for their flexibility. They came prepared to have fun chain sawing but because of mud were redirected to trash pickup. Rick drew a line in the sand that anyone who didn't want to pick up trash could opt out with the promise that they would not be talked about. No one took the offer. Pictured are Larry Turner, Mike Pollard, David Wood, Tom Duncan, Mark Baker, and Monte Geren. Not pictured Paul Jacobus and Rick Faught.

Over the Hill Care Group Holds Mexican Fiesta
Posted June 21, 2017

On Saturday June 17 the Over the Hill Care group held their quarterly gathering. 35 members of the group met at the Lone Star Room for a delicious Mexican fiesta hosted by Emily Morris and Jan Hasty.

As usual there was a large quantity of food including a variety of options for tacos, tamales and an abundance of appetizers and desserts. Emily offered a prayer before everyone enjoyed the goodies.

After everyone enjoyed their meal Emily Morris and David Murphey entertained the group with songs and everyone sang along with them. It was a fun filled evening.

The next quarterly meeting will be held in September with the annual tailgate party as they welcome in football season. Marcie Burris and Emily Morris will be the hosts.

Our New Associate Pastor Introduced
Posted June 8, 2017

At the beginning of the service on Sunday June 4 Bill Campbell confirmed the hiring of the new Associate Pastor Dylan Price.   Dylan is in his last year at Truett Seminary and will be the graduate assistant for Dr. Hulitt Gloer who has been serving as our interim associate.

Dylan brings a lot of experience and will be joined by his wife, Shelby.  Both graduated from Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas before moving to Waco.  Let's all celebrate God's calling in bringing Dylan and Shelby to White Bluff Chapel. 

Dr. Gloer gave Dylan a wonderful recommendation and stated that Dylan was now and will continue to be a great preacher.  Dr. Gloer's influence on Dylan will be visible as his continues his walk with Christ.

A reception was held after the service in the Fellowship Hall as members extended their welcome to Dylan and Shelby.

Men's Ministry Continues to Help Those in Need
Posted May 25, 2017

by Rick Faught

Brett and Jan Schiftner's outlook is much better now that the dead trees are no longer blocking their view of the beautiful 5th fairway thanks to great work of this great group of men. 

Last week, in addition to the Schiftner's, the men's ministry also cut up and removed a large tree from the front yard for Jim and J'Vne Lindsey and mowed for Jack Horn since his time is being spent helping his wife these days.  We have manpower and energy to spare.


I've heard reports that some are hesitant to use us because they don't want charity.  I have a solution for that concern. We accept donations to the men's ministry. That money is then spent for supplies on the next project.  Donations are not required or expected but accepted. 

If you have a need or you'd like to be part of this ministry please contact Rick Faught.

WB Ladies Meet at Rustic Pool Pavilion
Posted May 25, 2017

The initial meeting of the WB (What Beautiful) Ladies was held on May 17.  Not all but a group of 26 ladies met at the Rustic pool pavilion for lunch, swapping books and fellowship.  The intent of these meetings is for everyone to get to know new neighbors and exchange books.  The bringing of a book is not mandatory.

Nancie Yarbro and some friends came up with the idea for the women of White Bluff to gather on occasion to get to know each other better.  The next gathering will be in September.

Chapel Celebrates With Betty Newman
Posted May 11, 2017

Everyone knew that the time was coming for Betty to step down as Associate Pastor after four years of her commitment to the Chapel.  During that time she found fulfillment and the Chapel was better because she was so involved.  On Sunday April 30 the Chapel honored her service.  Following the service, where she gave the sermon, Pastor Cosby presented Betty with a gift bag honoring her service.

The celebration began after the conclusion of service in the Fellowship Hall with a special cake and all the hugs and thanks from members.  In addition the musical talent in the Chapel dropped in and provided a festive atmosphere to the event.

For those that may not have seen Betty's thank you note it has been added to this article so you can see what her time meant to her.

Dear WBC family,

Sunday was a glorious day!  In so many ways I had dreaded Sunday because it marked the end of my time as associate pastor.  But you made it so much fun.  I can't tell you how much each of you mean to me.  You are the reason I have loved my job.  It has been such a blessing to lead the Bible studies, serve on the mission, worship and children's ministry teams.  I've loved the experience of helping lead the worship services.  I could go on and on.   

I was a little nervous and didn't think about opening my gift on Sunday.  It was two Yeti tumblers that have White Bluff Chapel and my name on one and my husband's name on the other.  What a perfect gift!!  Lulabell and I sit outside every morning and afternoon so the Yeti tumbler will keep my coffee hot in the morning and the sweet tea cold in the afternoon.  By the way, Lulabell has asked that I search for a Yeti dog bowl that will keep her water cool all during these hot summer months. 

Each card, gift, and kind spoken word is a reminder to me of why I love White Bluff Chapel and what makes it so special.  I will continue praying for our chapel as we search for our next associate pastor. 

In Christ's love, 


Men's Ministry Providing a Helping Hand, Again
Posted May 11, 2017

The Chapel's Men's Ministry is an organization that provides assistance where needed in the Lake Whitney community.  Their latest adventure was helping Andy and Sandy Dayton with the clearing of their gutters.  Paul, Mark and Bill gave of their time to help out the Daytons.

As was mentioned in the last issue of the website, the Men's Ministry is in need of more volunteers to handle the projects that come their way. Regardless of your skills, they can find a way for you to contribute.  If you would like get involved you can contact Rick Faught.

Easter Week Activities
Posted April 27, 2017

The Chapel held a variety of activities for Easter Week 2017.  Each event brought our many members and guests to help celebrate the Holy Week.

Following the Palm Sunday Service members attended and participated in Maundy Thursday, Tennabrae Service on Good Friday, the Chapel annual Easter egg hunt, Easter Sunrise Service and Easter Sunday Service.  All of these services required a lot of planning, hours of preparation and member participation.  It was a great, Holy and successful week.

There was a strong turnout for both the Maundy Thursday and Tennabrae services.  The music selection for all the services was a strong tribute to our Savior. The youngsters and the adults that attended the Easter egg hunt had a joyful time.

Around 50 people attended the Maundy Thursday service.

During the Tennabrae service guest musicians Marc Elysee and Paricia Principe, both from Southwestern Adventist University, added a wonderful presence to the music selections in the service.  A combination of scripture, readings and prayer brought home the events of Jesus' last week in Jerusalem.  The readings performed by members provided thoughts of those affected by their encounter with Christ when they learned of His crucifixion.  Approximately 150 people attended the service.

Once again the Chapel's Saturday for kids was a big success.  There were plenty of eggs for them to hunt and other treats as well.  Again volunteers made a difference.

104 members and guests attended the Easter Sunrise service and were fed by the Sunday morning Bible study group.  Six men representing the Men's Ministry volunteered to assist with parking and shuttling folks to the site of the service.

An overflow crowd of members and guests filled the Chapel for Easter Sunday Service.  Howard and Pat Clement did their usual great effort to adorn the cross with the fresh flowers brought in for the service.  The altar was adorned with Easter lilies purchased by members in remembrance of loved ones.  

Men's Ministry Helping the Turners Clean Gutters
Posted April 27, 2017

The Chapel's Men's Ministry is involved in many activities within Hill County.  On Good Friday they were helping a former member clean their gutters.  If you or you know someone that might need some assistance or want to get involved with this ministry please contact Rick Faught.

On Saturday April 14 three vigorous young men that included Mark, Bill and Rick helped Richard and Patty Turner trim trees and clean gutters. For many years Richard was active in men's ministry.  They felt   good to be able to repay his service.

Highway 933 Trash Cleanup
Posted April 13, 2017

On Saturday April 8 a group of ten able and eager bodies met at the waterfall pool to honor the Chapel commitment to keep two miles of FM 933 clean of trash. 

As mentioned in the last website issue April 8 was a day designated by the State of Texas as "Don't Mess With Texas Trash Off". 

When it's time for another round of cleanup Rick Faught will send out another request for volunteers.

Men's Ministry Continues to Help Those in Need
Posted April 13, 2017

The Chapel's Men's Ministry is a valuable asset helping people in our community by shining God's light on those in need.  One of their programs is the installation of wheel chair ramps.  Recently they've completed two ramp improvements and have a backlog of seven more.  One of the seven has probably been completed and will be presented in a future issue of the website.

One of the repairs was completed for Sarah Mulkey.   Her porch had deteriorated to the point she could not access the existing wheel chair ramp.  They refurbished her side porch so she could finally reach the ramp. 

Another ramp was installed for Alice Roden.  She is dependent on her electric wheel chair and could not get out of the house.  The men built her a complete new ramp. 

A third project was mentioned by Harry Seurkamp in an earlier issue about a woman impacted by the recent tornado.  They replaced her utility pole to restore electricity and replaced her damaged water heater.

You may also recall that the Chapel was graciously given an additional lot.  The Men's Ministry gathered to clear the lot.

The Men's Ministry is always looking for able bodied men to work on the ramp projects and other needs where they can help.  If you want more information or want to get involved you can contact Rick Faught.

9th Annual Chili Cook-Off a Big Success
Posted March 30, 2017

On Sunday March 19 the Men's Ministry held their annual Chili Cook-Off.  Before Sunday service began, Harry Seurkamp spoke to the congregation to explain that the proceeds of the event were already spent.  He indicated they could check the Chapel website for the full story.  He asked all to consider attending the event and help fill the donation baskets.

Rick Faught indicated this year was a complete success.  He stated there was a profit of almost $700.00.  He further expressed his gratitude to the members for supporting the Men's Ministry.  He also thanked the judges John Knightstep, Patty Turner, Bill Brown and Noel Allen along with all those who helped set up the hall and those that helped serve.

While everyone was enjoying the chili, Rick announced this year's winners.

Vegetarian chili - Ava Wood 
Mild chili with no beans - Vicki Shultz 

Wild game chili - Ron Williams 
Chili with beans - Rick Faught  
Hot chili no beans - Larry Smith
Grand Champion - Larry Smith 

Winners received a $25.00 gift card.  The Grand Champion received an additional $25.00 gift card. 

It was a generous standing room only crowd.  Rick wants to thank all those who competed and attended the event and those who stayed and helped clean up afterwards.

Over the Hill Care Group Holds St Patrick's Day Party
Posted March 30, 2017

On Saturday March 18 members of the Over the Hill Care Group attended their St. Patrick's Day party.  About 25 members met at the Lone Star Room for the festivities.  As always there was way too much food and lots of good fun.  New neighbors Bob and Kathy Valenta were welcomed.   Bob told the group how happy they were with choosing White Bluff to retire and because everyone has been so welcoming and happy they are here – as is everyone in the group.

A bottle of wine was offered to the first person who could tell why we wear green on St. Patrick's Day.  Emily Morris was the first to answer and got the wine!!  There was no contest for best dressed for St. Patrick's Day, but Gary Jeter would have won hands down!

Emily also played her guitar and led us in a sing-a-long of a couple of Irish songs.  Then David Murphey entertained us with a rollicking version of a country song. Everyone enjoyed the efforts of Emily and David and their singing and guitar playing.  The group hopes that Emily and David would be present to entertain anytime they gathered.  If anyone wonders why we wear green on St. Paddy's Day it's because the mischievous little leprechauns cannot see green, therefore you are invisible to them and they can't pinch you.

Bill and Aggie Gladbach became members of our group recently.  Following the music Aggie made a request for volunteers for Hospice.  Kathy Valenta and Ursula Stone signed up to volunteer.

Marcie Burris, the group leader, indicated that prayers were needed for Pam and Allen Boehm and Doc and Debbie Bradley.  Doc and Allen have medical issues that we pray can be resolved. Prayers were also asked for safe travels for Ursula and Ron aka Yippee Skippee Stone as they headed out for a road trip to San Diego with their two dogs the next day. 

If anyone doubted the power of prayer all they had to do was look to the end of one table to see Brett and Jan Schiftner sitting there with big smiles on their faces and as they watched Jan walk into the Lone Star Room with only her walker.    They overcame tremendous odds by surviving a horrendous motorcycle and car accident back in August of 2015.....proof of the power of prayer and miracles.

Ursula Stone and Debbie Bradley were the hosts and provided wonderful decorations and main entree.  The next party will be in June with Jan Hasty and Emily Morris hosting.  

White Bluff Chapel Welcomes New Members
Posted March 16, 2017

On Sunday March 5 the Chapel welcomed 12 new members.  Several of the new members were not present.  Those present were Bill and Marsha Brown, Judy Jarrett and Jan Pees.  The new members not present were; Louie and Dianne Luna, Dusty and Cheryl Thornton, Jerry and Lynette Moore and Larry and Cheryl Lucas.

Following the service they were greeted in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall where Mary Parish and her team provided a variety of refreshments for the occasion.

Chapel Sponsored Bible Study Retreat
Posted February 16, 2017

On February 3 and 4 the Adult Education committee led by Jody Yarbro presented a two day Bible study retreat.  On Friday evening Jody introduced Dr. Hulitt Gloer, Professor of Preaching and Christian Scripture at Truett Theological Seminary.  Dr. Gloer presented the study of "Following Jesus in the 21st Century: Discipleship in Mark's Gospel".

There were approximately 75 attendees; some that were from Whitney and Hillsboro, and all were lead through parts of Mark's Gospel by Dr. Gloer as he brought out in depth information and explanations of Mark's writings.  During the study he made it clear what it meant to be a disciple of Christ both in Christ's time and in today's world.  He challenged the retreat attendees to become Christ's Disciples.  He further pointed out how Mark used text from the Old Testament to reach the Jewish population in the first century during the rule of the Roman Empire.  

Dr. Gloer concluded the retreat by presenting the sermon on Sunday's worship service with a message entitled, "Servanthood," based on John 13:1-9. 

Mary Parish and her team of Helen Knight, Ginger Seurkamp, Dottie Redding, Noel Allen and Ruth Ann Cushon provided breakfast and lunch on Saturday.  Members of the Chapel provided desserts for Friday evening.  People were heard talking about it all being very good.

Chapel Hosts Valentine Banquet
Posted February 16, 2017

Mary Parish and her hospitality team provided beautiful decorations, great food and entertainment that were perfect ingredients for a delightful Valentine banquet on Friday February 10.  The event was held in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall.  The 89 attendees were greeted by Harry Seurkamp upon arrival and then treated to a tasty punch.

There was a clear sky with a near full moon as God was watching over the gathering.

After Mary welcomed everyone, Harry Seurkamp gave the blessing followed by the stampede to the chow line.  Two couples,  Gus and Pam Larson and Bill and Aggie Gladbach were invited to go first with a hospitality person providing assistance.

Once all had enjoyed their dinner, Nancy McGinnis began working on a new career by entertaining the crowd with a humorous comedy routine and some personal information about herself.  She then introduced Ralph Sparks who once again engaged the group in a walk down memory lane of 50's and 60's music relevant to Valentine's Day.

Nancy implied that the "Synchronized Swimmers" might make a return engagement next year.  She then began handing out a token gift to each of the hospitality ladies along with a floral gift for Mary Parish and thanking them all for their efforts.

Chapel Board of Trustees Hold Retreat
Posted February 2, 2017

The 2017 Board of Trustees along with members of the White Bluff Chapel met on Saturday, January 29 for a time of fellowship and prayer.  They asked God to go before them as they do the business of White Bluff Chapel and to lead and guide them throughout this year.  They covet your prayers to help them accomplish the work God has given them to do. 

The "Good Eats" Care Group Meets
Posted February 2, 2017

The care group led by the Yarbro's got together Sunday January 29 at the home of Robert and Carolyn Hooks to enjoy Fellowship and "Good Eats".  They decided they have great cooks, great neighbors and great friends.

They had three couples join them. Wes and Diane Martin who are new to White Bluff along with Cliff and Carol Bartlett and Jim and Pat Griffin have joined the group.  They were 25 strong.  Thanks to Robert and Carolyn Hooks for hosting.

Retiring Trustees Honored for Their Service
Posted January 5, 2017

On Sunday January 1 Wes Mitchell, in his last role as Chair of the Trustees, announced that Ava Wood was the new Secretary and Bill Campbell would be the new Vice Chair.  He then announced that Nancie Yarbro would be the new Chair of the Trustees for 2017.  In a previous meeting Wes announced that the four new trustees were John Knightstep, Larry Lively, Marilyn Pollard and Tyler Cox.  Their service time is January 1, 2017 through December 2019.

Wes further recognized Mike Pollard as the Chapel's treasurer and complimented Bob Harris on his role as assistant treasurer and the hours he spends daily in this function. 

Nancie Yarbro acknowledged Bubba Radke, Larry Turner and Liz Umble for their service and presented them with a certificate of appreciation for their service.  She then acknowledged Wes Mitchell's contribution to the Chapel in his role as Chair of the board and presented him with a plaque.  These four members have completed their term as trustee.

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