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What We've Done in 2018

Articles are sorted with the most recently posted at the top.

Choir Caroling Party Brings Smiles
Posted December 13, 2018

by Tom Reedy

The weather (thankfully!) wasn’t frightful, and the smiles were so delightful as the Chapel’s choir visited and sang Christmas carols for their neighbors as part of its annual Christmas and Caroling Party on Monday, December 3. Caroling has been a tradition for the choir since its inception as a way of bringing “tidings of comfort and joy” to people in the White Bluff community who are going through difficult times or missing someone dear to them during the holiday season. The group visited approximately 30 people , including members of the White Bluff family and others living at Country Club Retirement Center and Town Hall Estates Nursing Home. 

Over the past recent years, the caroling has begun with the full group singing for Terry and Pam Cosby at their home. This year it was such a blessing to see Terry joining in the caroling at a couple of locations in his neighborhood. 

Welcoming New Members 2018
Posted November 29, 2018

Following the Sunday, November 18 worship service, WB Chapel held a reception to recognize its new members.  Five couples were welcomed into the congregation.  They included Mark and Debbie Hamner, Greg and Janet Gummelt, Perry and Joan Gaudet, Carl and Bonnie Perry, and Dale and Sharon Green.

Members gathered in the Fellowship Hall to greet, meet and welcome the new members with an assortment of refreshments provided by Mary Parish and her Hospitality Committee.

Men's Ministry Holds "Feed the Wildcats" Extravaganza
Posted November 1, 2018

by Rick Faught and Larry Turner

On Thursday, October 25, the White Bluff Chapel Men’s Ministry held its annual “Feed The Wildcats” extravaganza for the Whitney High School football team. This pre-game event provides a great opportunity to model the life of a Christian man and to show the young people that we support them in their efforts. Pastor Terry Cosby shared some motivational words of wisdom.

We had a special treat this year as the players were fed BBQ brisket prepared by our own renowned chef Danny Bodecker. The team left the event well-fed and fulfilled. There was a large turn out of volunteers from the Men’s Ministry, which is never a surprise and always appreciated. Everyone had a great time. We are blessed to have the opportunity to break bread and share the Lord’s love with our local young folks. 

Follow-Up to Former "Stop the Bleed" Article
Posted October 4, 2018

by Rick Faught & Paul Jacobus

Below is a report written by Paul Jacobus. Paul has been a big help to the Men’s Ministry for a couple of years on many projects. This was the first event for which he planned and administered the entire event. Everything having to do with the students is the result of Paul’s efforts. It’s great when new people step up to leadership positions.

“Stop the Bleed” was a success.  The event was held in Fellowship Hall at White Bluff Chapel.  We had a great turnout including student volunteers from Whitney High School Student Council, led by Noelia Delgado.  Not only did they learn some great skills in wound care, most of them learned how to cook bacon, sausage and pancakes!  God was definitely watching over the kitchen that morning.  

Kim McFarland did a presentation on the latest in wound packing, tourniquets, and the use of pressure to stop bleeding.  She also told those attending that the average time it takes for a person to bleed out is 3-5 minutes. Our White Bluff first responders can be at most houses in White Bluff in 3-5 minutes and that is a lot better than most.   

With that information, she said that it is important to have instant responders available. Who is an instant responder?  An instant responder is anyone who takes the time to learn a few basic lifesaving skills like the ones that Kim taught. During the hands-on time, Kim really encouraged everyone to have a very basic kit available that includes a tourniquet for “just in case.” Up-to-date skills are always important to have, as well. Texas Harris Hospital donated two kits to the Chapel and new leads for the defibrillator.  

All-in-all it was a good day with friends old and new.  The young folks who showed up have been helping here at White Bluff since early summer of this year. They have hauled leaves and branches from properties. They have helped build wheelchair ramps. And now they have helped in the kitchen and learned a bit more about basic first aid.  

If you have never taken the time to help out this age-group of students, you have missed a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience. Thank you to all who came to “Stop the Bleed.”  A special thank-you goes to Kim McFarland, Texas Health, CareFlite, as well as to Whitney High School’s Student Council for their parts in presenting the program. And many thanks to the Men’s Ministry for sponsoring this event.  

Griffin BBQ Another Big Hit
Posted October 4, 2018

On Saturday, September 22, a large group of Chapel members and guests met once again at the Griffin bi-annual BBQ. This has become an event that everyone looks forward to attending. Pat and Jim Griffin have a great formula for success. They have the meats done to perfection by Danny Bodeker and ask the great cooks from White Bluff Chapel to bring sides and desserts. Recently they brought entertainment to the party with members of the White Bluff Chapel Ensemble.

Over-the-Hill Care Group Holds Annual Tailgate Party
Posted October 4, 2018

On Saturday, September 22, twenty-nine members of the Over-the-Hill Care Group met in the Lone Star Room for its annual tailgate party to kick off the football season.  A variety of team apparel was displayed by the members.  Ursula Stone and Loraine Bretthauer hosted the party with help from their husbands.  A special thank-you goes out to Ron Stone for returning the next morning to make sure the room was clean.

The group has been so appreciative of the remodeling of the Lone Star room that their leader, Marcie Burris, invited Leonard and Mary-Tullie Critcher to the event to let them feel the group's appreciation.

As usual, there was a wide variety of tasty morsels to be eaten. The theme was football fare of hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans and potato salad, accompanied by traditional appetizers and desserts.  Ron Stone offered the blessing and the line was quick to form.

After the meal, the Critchers delivered a few remarks to the group. Leonard and Mary-Tullie gave the group an overview of the plans that will be put into place and a basic timing of when each event will begin. It was a great time for sharing information and discussion with the group.

The next gathering of the Care group will be the annual Christmas white elephant exchange on December 8 at the Lone Star room.  Bob and Cathy Valenta will be hosting the evening.

Men's Ministry Hosts "Stop the Bleed" Presentation
Posted September 20, 2018

Kimberly McFarland from Texas Health Harris Methodist recently presented a course on updated life-saving techniques at White Bluff Chapel. The session is referred to as "Stop the Bleed" and affords participants an opportunity to apply in practice some of the skills taught.  The event began with a breakfast that was prepared by the Whitney ISD Student Council Volunteers and the Chapel's Men's Ministry. 

The event was well-attended and informative in life-saving techniques.

Chapel Hosts Annual Ice Cream Social
Posted September 6, 2018

On Friday, August 24, the Chapel hosted its annual Ice Cream Social. Without advertising it in advance, Danny and Glenna Bodeker chose the event to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary as well and had a special cake baked for the festivities. It was evident that those attending enjoyed ice cream, cake, fellowship and the games played.

Care Groups Build Camaraderie and Support
Posted September 6, 2018

Labor Day afternoon found a meeting of the Faughts' Care Group at Holly and Rick Faught's home, chowing down on ribs, hamburgers and all the 'fixins'. The friends kicked off the event by circling around the kitchen to offer grace and thanksgiving that they are always there for all and all for one. Each care group gathering serves as recognition of the invaluable camaraderie and support these groups provide in our WBC community.

Organist Celebrates 60th Wedding Anniversary
Posted August 9, 2018

WBC's talented organist, Donna Spotts, and her husband Dick recently were honored at a reception commemorating their 60th wedding anniversary. Music Director Tom Reedy and his wife, JoAnn, represented the Chapel choir at the festive event.

V.B.S. Galactic Starveyors Acknowledge Roaring Success
Posted July 5, 2018

Last week’s Vacation Bible School was themed Galactic Starveyors.  The lessons and stories taught our children that the God of the Universe is our God. He wants a relationship with children and adults, and nothing is beyond his grasp.

The Galactic Starveyors theme permiated every aspect of the children’s activities. They were fed space-themed snacks and multiple portions of the gospel.  The children learned “To Search The Visible; To Find The Invisible.”  All learned that the hands and feet of Christ are present in first responders and that Christian Duty and Civic Duty go hand-in-hand. Guest speakers represented the Whitney sheriff's department as well as the Fire, EMS and 911 services. Care Flight came and taught the ’Tweens about what they do and why Careflight is so vital for people who live in rural areas. Several also learned CPR life-saving techniques. The week ended with “dancing in the rain,” provided by the WBVFD brush truck. 

Eighty-five children participated, with about 15 of those kids signing up only on the first day.  There were 60 officially-registered volunteers, while more volunteers just showed up for craft prep day and decoration day.  In May the list of volunteers outnumbered the children, so this fact lulled Director Kae Keith into a false sense of security. She claims she will be savvier next year. 

Because the number of children grew and the number of volunteers did not, the class sizes were quite large.  Keith admitted that she was a bit nervous about that but decided it’s ok to be a bit nervous since it keeps the blood pumping.  But she says she was never afraid or seriously worried.  God made it very clear this was His show and He was in charge. Keith felt Spirit- inspired all during the planning process and during the Worship Service on Sunday, June 24th, God gave her a tremendous gift.

Kae Keith explains that there have been two terrible storms in her life and that Psalms 40 was the verse that saw her through them both.  She has read that verse thousands of times, written it on paper and on her heart.  After she heard the first few lines of the Psalm, she felt like a contestant on the Price is Right.  “Kae Keith!  This is your gift, come on down!”

But wait! There is more:

The Choir performed, “Don’t Worry About Tomorrow” and Tom Reedy read the verse from Matt 6:25.  After the first major storm of Keith’s life in 2000, she made that verse her email signature, and it is still on her Kaesmi@gmail.com address.  Eighteen years later she still lives by that verse and she has preached Matt 6:25 to her daughters so many times she can hear them roll their eyes over the phone.  Not one but two gifts, God went to extra trouble to tell her, “Kae, it’s nice you need me again. Keep serving so we can stay close.” 

To pull off a significant event, you need some objectives to guide you.  This list served Kae and her team as their guide for this ambitious project:

1.    Make sure every child understands there is something called the “Gospel” or “Good News” and what that Good News means to them personally.

2.    Make memories associating God and Church with positive, happy and even celebratory times. Someday these little guys will be adults, and they may have storm seasons.  Maybe such memories will lead them to ask God for help. Perhaps they will crack open a Bible and look for a verse that carries them through to better times.  Maybe they will put it on their email signature to share it with others. 

3.    Finally, help these children to meet Jesus - a smiling, loving, joyous Jesus who wants to be their friend and savior. 

Keith says with no conceit, “We did it! Sixty registered volunteers and so many more who didn’t fill out a form. The staff and members of White Bluff Chapel gave over their beautiful facility and prayed their hearts out over this event. The Holy Spirit was there loving on our babies and giving us the energy to laugh and smile. Look at the pictures. Children are chasing Associate Pastor Dylan with ice water, and their faces say it all.  One day they will look back and think of these happy times.  I know I will.”

Over the Hill Care Group Holds Quarterly Meeting
Posted July 5, 2018

On Saturday, June 23, the Over the Hill Care Group held its latest quarterly meeting at the Lone Star Room.  Thirty members of the group attended and it was hosted by Dottie Briggs and Ursula Stone.  Their husbands David and Ron, respectively, were great support leading up to the event and helping set up and decorate the room.

Members were treated to a meal consisting of pulled pork and pulled chicken with a variety of sides and desserts.  You never leave these gatherings with an empty stomach.

Before the meal, Bill Burris offered a prayer and then the race for food began.  It was good to see Steve and Elyse Short as they drove up from Buda to spend the evening with their White Bluff friends. 

Following the meal, the group's leader, Marcie Burris, reminded everyone that the group mission was to care for each other and she asked them to contact her when they have a need so she can alert the group for a response.  She asked if anyone had any prayer requests.  Members asked for prayers for Doc and Debbie Bradley, Terry and Pam Cosby, Bill and Marcie Burris and Howard and Linda Yeary.

Marcie also welcomed new members, Greg and Janet Gummelt.  Then Lou Storm offered to play a medley of patriotic songs for a sing-along.  He provided everyone with the lyrics.  Following the sing-along, Lou said he wanted to do one more song, which he dedicated to Bill and Marcie Burris.  Lou asked everyone to gather around Bill and Marcie and touch them or hold hands with those who were touching them.  He sang the song "In This Very Room."  Bill commented later that it was the most humbling and touching experience he's ever had.  He stated that only accepting Christ as his savior and being able to share a life with Marcie that have touched his heart more.

The next meeting will be the annual "Tailgate" party to be held in September and will be hosted by Marcie Burris. 

Betty Newman Trades in Her Ivory Keys
Posted June 21, 2018

Betty Newman, our talented, vivacious and outstanding pianist and accompanist, has decided to trade in her ivory keys for more time with her grandchildren. Now that their second grandchild has been born and this one is living in Midland, Betty and hubby Terry have decided to clear their busy calendar of Sunday commitments so that they can spend weekends further away. The first grandchild lives in Waco, allowing them to juggle their agenda with the short drive between Waco and Whitney, but the trip to West Texas demands a much longer commute.

Betty has devoted seven years to enriching White Bluff Chapel’s music ministry program, ever since she and Terry retired from their careers in Midland. In addition, she doubled up to serve as WBC’s Associate Pastor for a number of years during that tenure.

Music Director Tom Reedy, organist Donna Spotts and all the choir members were greatly saddened to bid Betty farewell at a reception in her honor in early June. Mary Parish and her Hospitality Committee catered the event in Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall following Sunday Worship service. Reedy closed the service with a tribute to Newman, who promptly “accepted” the microphone for her own tribute to the choir and congregation.

Paula Carpenter has recently been trading off Sundays with Betty, proving herself a most capable musician, as well. She will now take over completely the pianist and accompanist responsibilities for the WB Chapel music ministry, in addition to some of her compositions that she occasionally plays and sings at service.

Mothers Honored at WBC Annual Event
Posted May 24, 2018

Mary Parish and her talented hospitality team catered a lovely Mothers’ Day luncheon for a record number of 67 reserved guests on Saturday, May 12. The menu consisted of an appetizing variety of spring salads, served buffet style.

Nancy McGinnis brought her talent and imagination to the event by organizing and participating in an encore of last year’s popular style show. The event featured Teresa Wyatt, owner of “My Daughter’s Dream” boutique, who emceed the style show. She offered an entertaining commentary on the ensembles modeled by her team of models, many of whom are White Bluff residents. Her shop is located on Colorado Street in downtown historic Whitney.

The vocal duo consisting of Carol Campbell and Mary Parish performed “I Don’t Know About Tomorrow,” a rendition received with great enthusiasm.

Party favors included a choice of decorative garden hangers for all attendees. In addition, the table centerpieces were won by one guest at each of the eight tables. The tables were decorated in a variety of bright colors and florals.

The Hospitality Committee that prepared and set up the luncheon consisted of Mary Parish, Chair, and Dottie Redden, Carol Campbell, Mildred Jackson, Helen Knight, Terry Pierce, Ginger Seurkamp, Linda Turner, Patty Turner and Noel Allen.

Over the Hill Care Group Celebrates St. Patrick's Day
Posted March 29, 2018

On Saturday, March 17, the "Over the Hill Care Group" met at the Lone Star Room for their annual St. Patrick's Day dinner.  33 members of the group joined in for fellowship and great food.

Marcie Burris and Emily Morris were the hosts for the evening.  Featured menu items were two typically Irish dishes, Irish stew and corn beef and cabbage. And of course there was a wide variety of desserts.  Little Erin was once again the life of the party.  She helped in any way she could.

Before the rush for food, Emily Morris offered the blessing.  After everyone had finished eating, Ron Quiggins gave all a short overview of St. Patrick.  Quiggins had done a lot of research which he shared with the group. 

As people arrived they all were impressed with the renovations the POA had made to the Lone Star Room.  It was very well received. 

Three new couples to group were in attendance.  Both Mike and Jill Hubbell and Russell and Debbie Louge have been members for a while but it was the first time their schedules gave them the opportunity to attend.  Ron and Pat Boyd have just become members and were also able to attend.

Good Eats Care Group Met for Fellowship and Food
Posted March 29, 2018

The Good Eats Care Group met on Sunday, March 18, at Jim and Lanette Browder's for lunch and fellowship. Twenty-five members were in attendance. There was plenty of good food and it was a beautiful day. It is always nice to have a chance to visit with friends and neighbors.

Winter Bible Retreat Focuses on
"Nothing is Impossible with God"
Posted March 1, 2018

On February 22 and 23 White Bluff Chapel hosted its annual Winter Bible Retreat in Fellowship Hall.  Approximately 90 people attended to hear Dr. Hulitt Gloer present an overview of Jesus' last week on his travels to Jerusalem, as told by Luke.   It was a return engagement for Dr. Gloer, who last year provided for the Winter Bible Retreat an in-depth understanding of Mark's Gospel.

Jody Yarbro, Chairman of the Adult Education Committee, introduced Dr. Gloer, a Preaching Professor at George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University and past interim Associate Pastor at White Bluff Chapel. Yarbro called on him to start off by providing some thoughts on the life of Billy Graham, following Graham’s death earlier in the week.  Gloer gave the group a unique insight into what Rev. Graham managed to accomplish at a time when our country was very much segregated. 

Dr. Gloer's Retreat lesson tied Luke's message to the Jewish year of the Jubilee and clarified the meaning of many of Jesus' parables, emphasizing throughout the parables that “nothing is impossible with God.”  His presentation was both thought-provoking and educational, confirming Gloer as a powerful and knowledgeable speaker.

The Friday evening session began with refreshments provided by Mary Parish and her Hospitality team.  They also provided a continental breakfast on Saturday as well as a lunch consisting of a variety of sandwich options, salads and desserts.  At the conclusion of the day Dr. Gloer congratulated Mary and her team on their efforts and the fine food.  Those attending gave them a round of applause and someone was heard shouting that it was a Gold Medal performance.

In his closing, Dr. Gloer indicated that he and his wife Shelia were retiring this year and would be moving to Arkansas where he will serve part-time as Scholar in Residence at the Second Baptist Church of Little Rock, a church where he once pastored before.  Following that term, they plan to relocate to the Kansas City area to be near their granddaughter.  He indicated that he would look forward to returning to White Bluff Chapel again for another retreat.

Valentine's Banquet Marks 13th Year of Celebration
Posted February 15, 2018

Beautiful decorations, a scrumptious meal consisting of shrimp cocktail, salad, lasagna and cheese cake; romantic sing-along music; an entertaining stage show; and engaging conversation with neighbors made up an evening enjoyable for all. It was the evening of February 9, 2018, which saw another capacity crowd join in fellowship for the Chapel's 13th annual Valentine's banquet. 

Upon arrival, 100 guests were welcomed with a tasty punch and led to an area where Jim Browder took their photographs.  The photos will be used in the Chapel's online Directory and sent to the guests as a party favor. Seven additional guests took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy “take-out” plates at home.

Following the dinner, Emcee Nancy McGinnis entertained the crowd with some of her great humor about becoming a little older.  She then introduced Paula Carpenter at the keyboard, who played several love songs for the sing-along phase of the program.  A surprise quartet consisting of Ron Stone, Mary Parish, Nancy McGinnis and Guin McGinnis then entered the stage to the tune of Michael Jackson's “Beat It.” Dressed a bit like Michael Jackson, (wearing the one white glove, a black hat, and black and white garb), they performed a dance number to the music, “Billy Jean,” which brought down the house to wild applause.

Following the entertainment, Mary Parish expressed her thanks to her committee for their contributions in the cuisine and to Peggy Mitchell and Kathleen Knightstep for the elaborate banquet decorations.

Celebrating the Years with Mary Parish
Posted February 15, 2018

Members of Mary Parish’s Hospitality Committee organized a Birthday party in her honor and invited the entire Chapel membership to join in. The event was held after worship service on Sunday, February 4, in Fellowship Hall. Mary has been most giving of her culinary talents, taking care of all the Chapel’s catering needs over the last 11 years.

The celebration gave folks a chance to sing and to say Happy Birthday face-to-face to Mary, while many also brought her birthday cards. The Hospitality team ensured that everyone had an ample supply of an enticing variety of treats to sample. They also enjoyed answering the “forbidden question” with the clever response that Mary was celebrating her 59th anniversary of her 21st birthday.

In addition to managing the Chapel’s Hospitality Committee, Mary Parish also adds her wonderful voice to the choir and even occasionally joins another choir member in a duet during Sunday service. Those who attended this week’s Valentine Banquet were treated to a glimpse of her dancing skills, as well!

Chapel Members Step up for Trash Pick-up
Posted February 15, 2018

by Rick Faught

You may or may not have noticed, for quite some time there has been no appeal for a group to meet on Saturday morning to clean our section of Highway 933. You also didn't notice an accumulation of litter because there is none. Glen and Karen Van Wyk took this on as their private mission and have done a fantastic job.  Next time you see them, thank them for their service.


Holly Faught Captures Grand Champion Prize for Chili
Posted February 15, 2018

The annual Men's Ministry Chili Cook-Off, held on February 11, was another great success this year. Eighteen chili entries represented the trophy wanna-be’s who had armed themselves with spoons and spices in hopes of rising above the rest. The top-placing competitors featured two women who walked away winning two categories plus the Grand Champion prize, and three men who took top honors in two categories, two of whom tied for the wild game prize.  Holly Faught took possession of the Grand Champion prize with the entry that also won her the “Mild Chili with No Beans” category. Vicki Shultz won the “Chili with Beans” category, while hubby Jerry Shultz won with his entry in the “Hot Chili” group. Jody Yarbro and Ron Williams tied for top honors in the “Wild Game Chili” category.

Judging the event were Mike Pollard, Dylan Price, Ben Keith and Kae Keith. Support staff consisted of Marilyn Pollard, Shelby Price, and Paul and Becky Jacobus. All chili entries were served in a lunch buffet immediately after the judging took place and the winners were announced. Condiments accompanying the chili were cornbread, crackers, onions, cheese and corn chips. About 60 attendees participated in sampling the various chili entries for lunch and in making “love” offerings for the privilege.

Men’s Ministry Committee Chair Rick Faught thanked the hungry crowd for coming out in the perfect chilly/chili weather and for contributing over $400 for the Men's Ministry upcoming projects.

Men's Ministry Continues to Answer the Call
Posted February 1, 2018

On January 20, one of the more pleasant Saturdays so far this year, Rick Faught and Bill Pierce arrived at the home of Bill and Marcie Burris to clean out their gutters, a normally thankless job that was greatly appreciated.

Bill had indicated to them that in a letter recently posted on the website by Rick Faught, a certain line rang a chord with him. Rick's line was: "When Father Time has you questioning your ability to do the job and Mother Nature is questioning the wisdom of attempting the job, CALL US!" Not only were Father Time and Mother Nature questioning things but Marcie was not too keen on Bill's being up on a ladder.

Bottom line is that Bill and Marcie can attest to the fact that if you call the Men's Ministry, they WILL answer and respond! They are a major blessing, not only to the Chapel's members, but to the local community as well. God bless this giving organization!

The Heart and Soul of the Care Group Ministry
Posted February 1, 2018

So what is this Care Group Ministry all about, anyway? Does it sound to you like these groups are just all about social? Well, while that is partly true, Betty Newman recently had an experience that demonstrated for her what the deep, underlying purpose of this ministry is more accurately about. Now Betty can witness to the true heart and soul of the Care Group Ministry through the following anecdote.

The Chapel recently sent out a prayer request in which folks were notified that Patty Turner's mother had just gone home to meet the Lord.  Richard and Patty are members of the Chapel Care Group led by Rick and Holly Faught.

Betty Newman was shopping at the local Brookshire's and ran into three members of their care group.  They were shopping to prepare food items to donate to the Turners during their time of need.

This action demonstrated the meaning and ideals of what the Chapel Care Group Ministry is all about, looking out for the group's members and, when the need arises, helping them along the way.

Men's Ministry Receives $5K Grant
Posted January 18, 2018

The Dorothy Gaines Foundation has awarded a $5,000 grant to the WBC Men's Ministry to support the Chapel's efforts in Hill County on behalf of the Texas Ramp Project, Waco Region. Several updates regarding the handicap ramps that the Men's Ministry has built for those in need have been posted on the Chapel website. The January 4th update contained information on how the ramp project operates, as well as other recent projects.

Attached is the application submitted in August by The Texas Ramp Project seeking a grant from the Dorothy Gaines Foundation to provide funds for materials needed to build handicap ramps in Hill County.  A team of volunteers from White Bluff Chapel provides the labor for the construction.  This is the second year in a row that $5000 was awarded for the ministry.  It is clear that the Gaines charitable foundation appreciates our work here in Hill County.  The Men's Ministry also received a $2000 grant from HILCO Roundup and $2000 from ExxonMobil in 2017.  They plan to keep up the good work and not tire of helping others!
2018 already has several ramp projects in the works with many more to be added as applications are received. Those interested in getting involved with these projects should contact Ron Williams at 254-694- 9680.

Chapel Observes Advent Season with Four Services
Posted January 4, 2018

On the four Wednesdays prior to the Sunday December 24 service the Chapel hosted their annual Advent services.  This year the services began with a gathering in Fellowship Hall for a dinner of soups and desserts.  The attendance for this year's services was increased over previous years.

In case you were not able to attend any of the services you can listen to them through the links listed below.

Hope 11/29/17
Peace 12/6/17
Joy 12/3/17
Love 12/20/17

Choir Christmas Dinner and Caroling
Posted January 4, 2018

Each year the Chapel Choir holds a Christmas dinner followed by caroling around the community and this year was no different. The Choir made 21 visits including Park Plaza and Country Club Retirement Center.

They spread joy whether in the choir loft or around the community.

Chapel Members Celebrate Glenna's Retirement
Posted January 4, 2018

On December 14 Chapel members along with some of Glenna's family spent a very enjoyable evening celebrating Glenna's contributions to the Chapel and doing what she called "God's Work."  It was previously announced that Kathleen Knightstep would assume Glenna's position. 

Mary Parish and her team provided a wonderful assortment of refreshments.  Peggy Mitchell and Kathleen Knightstep helped with the refreshments and also decorated the room.

Both Nancie Yarbro and Michael Pollard spoke about Glenna's contributions.  Michael also read a note from Pastor Terry Cosby.  Terry wanted to be there but the doctors advised him not to go considering his current condition.

If you weren't able to attend the reception you missed a visit from Forest Gump who assisted Michael Pollard with Terry's note.  You can read Terry's note if you want to refresh your memory or would like to know what was said if you could not attend.

In addition to the letter, here are comments by people who have worked closely with Glenna.

From Nancie Yarbro

Last year Glenna decided to stay on “one more year” much to my delight. She has proven to be invaluable to me in my role as Chair of the Trustees. She will be missed but we expect her and Danny to enjoy the traveling they have put off to help the Chapel. 

We are so excited that Kathleen Knightstep has felt the call to work at the Chapel as Office Administrator. Her loving and gracious spirit will be such an asset to the Chapel. 

From Bob Harris

While working with Glenna the past 8 years, I have seen what a gift and blessing she is to the White Bluff Chapel.

From Wes Mitchell

I don’t remember ever being in the Chapel office and experiencing a gloomy or depressed atmosphere. While there, I don’t recall ever hearing gossip or disparaging remarks. The reason I can make these statements is not that I am forgetful even though that might be true. The reason has been that Glenna Bodeker was there.

She is the perfect example of an upbeat and cheerful attitude regardless of the circumstances. Proverbs 17:22 is about Glenna: “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

I could always count on her to tell me who might need a visit. I am and will always be inspired by her servant heart and I will miss her greatly.

Glenna, will you still be replenishing the supply of chocolate in the office?

Chapel Announces New Trustees
Posted January 4, 2018

On Sunday December 31 Nancie Yarbro, retiring Chair, announced Bill Campbell as the new Chair of the Board of Trustees, Karen Williams as the Vice Chair and Pat Clements as Secretary.    She thanked them for their contributions to the future of the Chapel.

Due to his relocation Tyler Cox resigned his seat on the Board of Trustees.  During the board's November meeting they selected Karen Williams to complete Tyler's term. 

Those who completed their term on the board on December 31 are:  Nancie Yarbro, Ron Roberts and Gary Comer.  As the new Chair, Bill Campbell brought each forward to acknowledge their contribution with a certificate.

Nancie had previously acknowledged the four new members to the board.  They are:  Cheryl Comer, Jody Yarbro, Pat Clements and Robert Woods.

POA Potluck Dinner and Entertainment
Posted January 4, 2018

On the second Tuesday of each month POA members gather at the Chapel's Fellowship Hall for an evening of fellowship and dinner. POA members that gathered for the December dinner were treated to guitar and choral mastery. Everyone joined in and sang Christmas carols. A fun time was had by all.

Building a Ramp for Christmas
Posted January 4, 2018

by Ron Williams

The Men’s Ministry “Ramp Building Guys” have been busy this year, completing fifteen handicap ramps located in Whitney, Hillsboro, Hubbard, Grandview, and Covington.

Work begins when a referral is received from The Texas Ramp Project, which manages client applications, funding grants, and material purchases throughout Texas.  Locally, most of the funding has come from grants by HILCO Roundup, the Dorothy Gaines Foundation, and ExxonMobil.  Our team from White Bluff Chapel provides the volunteer labor within Hill County. 

After an application is received, one of our team visits the home of the client and verifies the need, and surveys the site to determine the design and material requirements.  Then materials are ordered, and we usually have a prefab session at the team's warehouse in Whitney to build the ramp modules.  Then team members are polled to find a suitable date for the on-site build.  Most builds take 4-6 hours.

Sporting new “I Gave a Ramp for Christmas” T-shirts, six team members built a 26’ ramp for a client here in Whitney on December 20.  Several more are on the waiting list, and many new applications are expected in 2018.

If you would like to join the team, or just find out more about how it operates, please contact Ron Williams at 694-9680.

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