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What We've Done in 2019

Articles are sorted with the most recently posted at the top.

White Bluff Chapel Attracts Talent
Posted December 19, 2019

In addition to the various musical talents within the Chapel, WBC choir Director Tom Reedy continues to find and bring in other musical talent as well.  The Southwestern Adventist University is one of his sources.

During the December 8th Sunday service a Flute Ensemble from the University played Joy to the World as the Prelude to the service and A Child is Born for the Offertory.  Both performances were rewarded with resounding applause.  One of the flutists is the sister of our organist Esther, who also attends SW Adventist University.

The December 15th worship service Prelude featured a performance of "Little Drummer Boy" by our WBC Ring of Praise Hand Bell Choir.  A most ambitious dual piano accompaniment by Betty Newman and Paula Carpenter then highlighted the special choir anthem, "Angels from the Realms of Glory."  

The Chapel is blessed with wonderful talent and their willingness to share their skills to provide moments of prayerful inspiration during our worship services.

Choir Blessings Abound
Posted December 19, 2019

One of the traditional features of the Christmas season for our busy White Bluff Choir is that of reaching out to the community with their Christmas caroling.  About forty choir members typically show up for the event and then split into several small groups as they are dispersed to the various venues that they are assigned to. Besides having several groups caroling at the homes of White Bluff residents who are limited in how much they can get out, there are also some carolers who forge out into Whitney to Town Hall Estates Nursing Home and Country Club Retirement Center, bringing joy to all they encounter.

This year, the community members enjoying visits from the Choir Angels included:

Steve & Trudy Baffic; Bob & Bonnie Cunningham; Lana Gage; Scott Shelton; Delaine and Mark Fletcher; Bill and Marcie Burris; Jim and J'Vine Lindsey; Diane Holley; Clayton McConnell; Gail Hatherly; Mary Nell Ashmore; Ardell Botten;  Tom & Sharon Parker; Glen Lively; Ann and Joe Jackson; Betty and Wally Windle; Tom and Winona Childress; Don Schmidt

Chapel Choir Brings Christmas Cheer to WB Homes
Posted December 5, 2019

Each December, the WB Chapel choir holds their annual Christmas party, an event which features three different phases of mirth-sharing. The main feature of the evening is that of reaching out to the community with their Christmas caroling.  About forty choir members typically show up for the event and then split into several small groups as they are dispersed to the various venues that they are assigned to. Besides having several groups caroling at the homes of White Bluff residents who are limited in how much they can get out, there are also some carolers who forge out into Whitney to Town Hall Estates and the Country Club Retirement Center, bringing joy to all they encounter.

This year the event took place on Monday evening, Dec. 2. According to tradition, it began with the hors-d'oeuvres phase of the party for the first hour. Then the small break-out groups took to the cars, venturing out to their assigned venues where they shared Christmas carols with the members of the community. Once all return to Fellowship Hall, the cold and hungry carolers dive into the array of scrumptious desserts and then present their Christmas gifts to Director Tom Reedy and the accompanists, Paula Carpenter and Donna Spotts. This year, since Donna has recently moved, her gift will be delivered by mail.

One of the highlights of the evening is the taking of the group photo, which is always a circus in itself. Paul Carpenter got roped into wielding the camera this year, while Karen Williams took on the impossible task of lassoing in the riotous group.

Additional photos taken while caroling at the various homes will be made available in time to include in the next issue of the website. Watch for those in two weeks!

WB Chapel Celebrates 20 Years in Grand Style
Posted October 31, 2019

The week-end of October 18-20 was chock-full of celebratory events marking twenty years since White Bluff Chapel organized as an interdenominational church, a mission-driven church.  The celebration officially started on Friday evening with a dinner party at the lake home of Dale and Vicki Thompson, moved to the official main event on Saturday evening at the Texas Country Café party venue in Whitney, and closed with our Worship Service and Reception on Sunday. Undeniably, it all centered around Ann McAlpin, the guest of honor of every gathering.  For as Trustee President Milt Bergman expressed it when referring to the role McAlpin played in the founding of the Chapel, “Ann was the glue that held it all together.”

Mildred Jackson played hostess for Ann for the five days she was in White Bluff, along with her “chauffeur” Kay German, formerly of White Bluff Chapel, as well. And Mildred composed a poem for the occasion of the 20th Anniversary Celebration, which she read at the closing of the Saturday event and at Sunday Worship Service. Ann had graciously accepted to deliver the sermon on Sunday, which elicited many appreciative comments on how nicely she drew together memories of the beginnings of our Chapel and their significance in our walk with the Lord through it all.

Jamie Barnes of the original Trustees and his wife Merle attended the weekend festivities and made the rounds visiting with folks. Cate Fritz, daughter of Don and Betty Fritz, represented her parents at the Sunday Service and reception. Sorely missed at the celebration were founding Pastor Maurice Martin and his wife Kathy and founding Associate Pastor Jack Horn and his wife Joyce. Health issues kept them away in body, but the presence of their spirit was felt by all.

The entertainment at the Saturday Main Event consisted of a Power Point Slide Show and narrative prepared and presented by Patty Turner and Madeleine Lively. It provided an historic walk through the development of White Bluff Chapel, from the spark of an idea, to the first Trustees and the meetings in the Lone Star and Conference Rooms, to the construction of our building, and up to the present day.

Terry Pierce and her committee for the 20th Anniversary Celebration spent many weeks planning; preparing; making guest lists and sending out invitations; handcrafting decorations; lining up the venue, menu and catering; decorating the hall and putting together the program. These busy bees consisted of Pierce, Mildred Jackson, Bubba Radke, Mary Parish, Cheryl Robinson, Dottie Redding, Linda Turner, Ron Stone, Peggy Mitchell, Glenna Bodeker, Judy Kidd, Ava Wood, John & Kathleen Knightstep, Patty Turner and Madeleine Lively.

Sunday’s Reception featured many more visitors and a magnificent cake.  Several additional gatherings throughout the weekend were held in Ann McAlpin’s honor, including a banana-split lawn social by the Care Group she founded.

White Bluff Chapel's Legacy of Giving
Posted October 31, 2019

In a recent website update, an item was included indicating that Providence Hospice had asked us for an article to be part of their fall issue of “Providence Hospice Whitney's Dove Prints”.  That article explained the origin of the Chapel's need to reach out to the local community and was focused on the Chapel's support for the local Hospice group.

While our support for Hospice is most important, it is also important to recognize the other receivers of the Chapel's local support.

Because the majority of White Bluff residents are from the world of Academia, some of the initial efforts were focused on the students and teachers in the Whitney Independent School District.  There are several ways that support is granted through the Educational Mission Committee.  The major effort has been the scholarship program with the successful mentoring by Chapel members with the award recipients.  The College and Career day event quickly became a popular annual gathering for the junior class students to better understand their many options to have a brighter future through continuing and higher education.  Teacher Appreciation Day tells these great classroom leaders that the Chapel knows the sacrifices they make daily to ensure that their students be better prepared for the future.

The Local Mission Committee has a broad reach within our community.  Again, the main focus is on the children of the Lake Whitney community.  Casa, Angel Tree, Sandy Creek Bible Camp, Cedar Creek Youth Ministry, Child Protective Services, Critters, Isaiah's Place, Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance, Mission Hillsboro Medical Clinic, The Salvation Army, Prairie Valley After-School Bible Study, Providence Hospice and Our Daily Bread all feel the effects and reap the benefits of the Chapel's gift of giving to the local community.

If you have an interest in getting more involved with the Chapel's mission programs, take a look at the section under "Get Involved with Missions" on the Chapel website to see if you can find a place that fits your interests. You can view the complete Dove Prints.

Chapel Bids Farewell to Organist
Posted October 31, 2019

It was with a heavy heart that the choir and congregation bid farewell to our organist, Donna Spotts, on Sunday, October 27. Donna and her husband, Dick, have decided to move to Tennessee to be close to one of their daughters.  Donna has blessed us with her beautiful music since July 2015.  

Donna's two great-grandsons (ages 4 and 2 years) treated the congregation to a vocal performance of two songs, accompanied by their great-grandmother, Donna, during the Worship Service. A reception for Donna and Dick followed the service in Fellowship Hall.

We pray for God's continued love and blessings as they make this move.

Chapel-Sponsored Ministries Team for the Children
Posted October 10, 2019

This past summer, the White Bluff Chapel liaison for Sandy Creek Bible Camp, Bob Buckner, and Glenn Carrell, Chapel liaison for the Gideons, joined forces to provide the children attending this year's summer camps with Scriptures.

Carrell met with each of the four groups attending the Bible camp to pass out the Gideon Scriptures.  He reported that the children were very happy to receive their gifts.

There are so many ways the Chapel's sponsorship of Ministries has a positive effect on the children of the Lake Whitney community.

Providence Hospice Features WBC's Work
Posted September 25, 2019

White Bluff Chapel was recently asked by Providence Hospice to send them an article that explains how the Chapel became involved with the local Hospice.  Additionally, they wanted some history that explained why the Chapel has become so involved with the local Lake Whitney Community.  The Chapel input will be part of their next newsletter.  The information in the following article was submitted to them as requested.  It was also thought that the Chapel congregation would like to see the total package, including the pictures sent.

The Chapel supports these efforts in the local Whitney community as part of the caring and Christian membership of the White Bluff community.

A legacy of giving

White Bluff Chapel is a church built on service

Most legacies take shape over a long lifetime, but the faith community meeting at White Bluff Chapel carved out its place in Whitney history from its first steps.

White Bluff Chapel founding families made service the cornerstone of their church, building a house of worship that today extends its helping hands across Whitney and around the globe.

Its story began in 1998 when a handful of the faithful gathered in the White Bluff Resort community home of Don and Betty Fritz. They dreamed of growing an interdenominational church, but there was an obstacle.

Many of them were urban transplants. Longtime Whitney residents kept a wary distance from their new neighbors, fearing the growing White Bluff Resort community would change the character of their hometown.

There was only one thing to do, founders decided: they must serve their neighbors.

“White Bluff is a community filled with loving, caring Christian people who are willing to share the gifts of talent and financial comfort that God has given them.  The Chapel saw a need to reach out to the community,” Bill Burris, White Bluff Chapel chair of public relations, said.

Hospice of the Heart, which became part of Providence Hospice in 2012, was among the first blessed with time and treasure from the new congregation. White Bluff Chapel members gave money and trained as volunteers, visiting hospice patients and more.

Needle arts volunteers soon began creating American flag lap blankets for veterans in hospice care, a treasured program featured in the spring issue of Dove Prints.

A cake ministry followed, and now White Bluff Chapel members bake and deliver homemade cakes and words of comfort to Whitney families that lose a loved one. 

Now 20 years old, White Bluff Chapel has grown from 11 founders to more than 300 members representing 15 different denominations. The congregation remains a faithful supporter of Providence Hospice, and its members’ extraordinary charity extends throughout the community and world, reaching from the homes of neighbors in need to Central American schools and African medical missions.

Men's Ministry Feeds the Wildcats
Posted September 12, 2019

While the POA discourages our feeding the local feral hogs with deer corn, feeding the Whitney Wildcats is quite another story.

The afternoon of August 29, the Men's Ministry served up chow for 55 Whitney High School Wildcats, including football players, coaches and cheerleaders.  Ten of WB Chapel's men gathered to prepare and present the meal.  Danny Bodeker provided some of his famous BBQ and Larry Turner arranged for an assortment of side dishes.  Other volunteers provided desserts.  As one can well imagine, as always when dealing with feeding a football team, there were very few leftovers of anything, including the nine gallons of tea and lemonade.

Each new year provides the Chapel men opportunities to demonstrate in real life what it means to serve both the community and the Lord, as well as to share their faith.  Larry Turner gave a typically pre-game devotional prior to the meal. According to Wildcat history, they have traditionally won their game on the evening following this event.  The streak is still intact since the team beat Jarrell on Friday night, August 30.

Larry Smith Gives Tea Time Tours
Posted August 29, 2019

"Tea Time" with Larry Smith at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays proved to be a very entertaining event: fun, informative and interactive with well-prepared slide presentations.

There was a trip through the Holy Lands, including photos Larry took while on an extended journey of his own.

Next up were programs on the best and the least-known National Parks. Being a former Park Ranger, Larry knows his stuff. The programs included quizzes with quirky prizes being awarded for correct answers.

The series ended this week with "Learning the Night Sky." Larry knows his astrology and frequently conducts star parties at Lake Whitney State Park.

Refreshments were available each evening, and attendance was good, growing each week as word spread of the excellence of the presentations.

Following one of the National Park programs, Lanette and Jim Browder displayed some 50-million-year-old fish fossils they dug up in Wyoming, and they gave away samples.

If you missed Larry's programs, you missed a real treat. Those interested should check with Larry about his teaching schedule in the Continuing Education program at Baylor. It'd be worth the drive to Waco.

Chapel Celebrates New Members
Posted August 29, 2019

White Bluff Chapel celebrated and officially welcomed fourteen new members to the congregation on Sunday, August 18.  Following the service everyone met, greeted, welcomed and mingled with the new members.

New Members are:

Martin Coons (Kathy not pictured)Henry Harms and Jeri BallouLinda DeWitt
Verna SigmonTodd and Gwen WilliamsWL and Christina (Chris) Sanders
Steven Sigmon Mike and Reba Miller  

Not pictured: Keitt Wood

Following the greetings everyone enjoyed an array of refreshments assembled by Mary Parish and her team.  

Group Cools Their Heels at Annual Ice Cream Social
Posted August 29, 2019

On the hot summer evening of Friday, August 16, approximately 35 members gathered in Fellowship Hall in quest of cooling desserts and fun.

A riotous marshmallow-toss game was played, with our spiritual leaders, Dylan and James, coming in last place in the competition.

Debbie Hamner's cobbler and Larry Smith's chocolate mango ice cream were big hits. It was evident that all who attended were glad they came.

Men's Breakfast and Chapel Work Detail
Posted August 8, 2019

by Rick Faught

The Men's Ministry held an overdue breakfast on Saturday, July 27.  Sixteen men showed up for breakfast, a short devotional talk by Todd Williams, and work assignments to assist John Knightstep on a number of projects in and around the Chapel grounds.

Good nourishment was especially important this time as they were assisting the Chapel's hard- working and competent property manager John Knightstep on a number of projects he had planned to get done for quite a while. The men were eager to lend their hands to assist John.  The following are the projects that were accomplished that morning. 

1)  Power wash eaves, rock borders, drives;
2)  Cut down trees and haul off debris;
3)  Fertilize large live oak trees;
4)  Install hooks to store carpet in storage room;
5)  Reverse the freezer and refrigerator positions in storage area;
6)  Install a shelf in the storage area above the small tables; and
7)  Do touch up painting.

In His Service,
Rick Faught, 817-913-0777
Men's Ministry Chairman

Over the Hill Care Group Meets
Posted July 11, 2019

On June 15 the Over the Hill Care Group convened at the Lone Star Room for their quarterly gathering.  The hosts, Bill and Aggie Gladbach and Ron and Susie Quiggins, selected weddings as the feature of the party.  Those attending were asked to bring a wedding picture.  A game of the guests matching the correct couple's names with their pictures proved more challenging than one would expect.

25 members attended and were treated to grilled hamburgers with all the trimmings along with a variety of desserts.  Ron Quiggins tied the day's event of Father's Day to celebrating our Father in Heaven prior to offering the blessing.

The wedding theme had been chosen since Bill and Aggie Gladbach had recently celebrated their 56th anniversary.  Bill Gladbach shared with the group how he and Aggie had gotten together and how long afterwards they were married.  That prompted other couples to do the same.  It was a very entertaining part of the evening.

The next gathering will be in September for the annual tailgate party.

Chapel Hosts Whitney High School Jazz Band
Posted May 30, 2019

On Monday, May 20, the Chapel hosted the Whitney High School Band “New Blue” and brass, clarinet and percussion ensembles under the direction of Elizabeth Martinez and Josh Nowlin.

These accomplished student musicians presented selections ranging from the beautiful (Brass Quartet and Clarinet Quartet) to driving rhythms (State-Advancing! Percussion Ensemble) and “New Blue” Jazz Band’s set, which was capped with director Nowlin’s rousing arrangement of Freddie Mercury’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

It was a great evening! If you were unable to attend, don’t miss their return engagement sometime this fall.

Helping Restore God's Gift of Nature
Posted May 16, 2019

Members of the Men's Ministry spent two full spring days overhauling and restoring one of White Bluff's finest gardens, that of Donna and Lee Hall. Help from the Lake Whitney Garden Club also provided a couple of rewarding and productive work days at the site. Donna and her husband Lee, who recently passed away, were among the first residents of White Bluff.

Donna's pride and joy has always been her beautiful home and yard. But because of other priorities that arose recently, her yard responsibilities had to be put aside for awhile. With the spring rains and warm, sunny days, the yard quickly needed serious intervention. The volunteers picked up, cleaned up, trimmed up, loaded up, and hauled off many truckloads, in addition to assembling all new yard furniture that had been ordered before Lee fell ill. 

Throughout the years, Donna has been very involved with charitable projects in the Whitney and White Bluff communities. Helpers from the Men's Ministry were Jay Miller, Howard Clements, Jerry Moore, John Knightstep, Paul Jacobus, and Rick Faught. A few energetic other Chapel joined them, as well: Nancy Yarbro and Martin and Kathy Coons. Helpers from the Garden Club were Pat Huffman, Margaret Brunett and Jerri Mullins.

Mother-Daughter Luncheon a Hit
Posted May 16, 2019

White Bluff Chapel's annual Mother-Daughter Luncheon, held on the Saturday proceeding Mother's Day, once again scored a hit for the women of our community and their guests. Mothers, daughters, granddaughters, grandmothers, nieces and sisters were treated to colorful springtime decorations, hanging basket centerpieces that doubled as door prizes, a delicious brunch menu and garden-themed favors.

The pièce de résistance of the event, however, was the Spring Style Show presented by A Daughter's Dream Boutique from downtown Whitney. The models consisted of members of WB Chapel plus ladies from the boutique. Each model presented two outfits, including handbag and jewelry.                

Mary Parish and her congenial Hospitality Committee served as hostesses for the event. The menu consisted of varied egg casseroles, cheese grits, mini muffins, fresh fruit salad and Mary's homemade desserts of crème puffs and chocolate cake.

Care Group Celebrates St. Patrick's Day
Posted April 4, 2019

On March 16, the Over-the-Hill Care Group met at the Lone Star Room for their annual St. Patrick's Day gathering. A record forty people showed up to enjoy some traditional Irish food, including Irish stew and Reuben sandwiches, accompanied by the typical large variety of salads, appetizers and desserts.

Larry and Cheryl Lucas hosted the evening with help from Ron Stone and Bill and Marcie Burris. Larry Lucas offered the blessing and, after the meal, gave an overview of the history of St. Patrick.

Marcie Burris, the group leader, followed with reminders of what the care group is all about and asked members to always let her know of any prayer needs so she could get word out. This care group prides itself in being a good group of prayer warriors.

Lou Storm referred to his musical quartet as the Bluffets and introduced Ron Stone, Emily Morris and Chris Hicks. They offered Irish, Rock and Roll, and Christian music. Many guests sang along since handouts were provided, and during the Rock and Roll segment, some even got up to dance.

The gathering that had been scheduled several months earlier coincided with the date of Terry Cosby's Memorial Service, which many guests had attended earlier that day. So the fellowship time was also used to celebrate Terry Cosby's life and his devotion to the Chapel. Lou Storm closed the session with the song, "I will Rise" as a tribute to Terry. It was a fitting ending to the evening and to the entire day. Those present at the gathering and who attended Sunday's Worship Service at the Chapel the following morning had the benefit of hearing the inspirational song by Mel Bergman and were able to realize how it relates to Terry and to the final five minutes of his last sermon.

The next gathering of the Over-the-Hill Care Group will be held in June and hosted by Bill and Aggie Gladbach and Ron and Susie Quiggins.

Hand-bell Ringers Attend Workshop
Posted March 14, 2019

White Bluff Chapel's Hand-bell Choir Director, Lois Partridge, and three other members of our "Ring of Praise Hand-bell Choir" attended a sight-reading and technique workshop recently at Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church in Arlington. The workshop was conducted by Cynthia Dobrinski, internationally renowned composer and arranger of hand-bell music.

Dobrinski currently has more than 175 works in print. She also serves as an instructor and has conducted about 350 hand-bell workshops and festivals internationally. Her Bachelor of Music degree is from Texas Christian University and she earned her Master of Music degree in organ from Northwestern University.

Cynthia Dobrinski was a Fulbright scholar and taught for 15 years at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. WBC's "Ring of Praise" Director Lois Partridge trained under Dobrinski's tutelage while living in Arlington.

Also attending the workshop from White Bluff Chapel were Assistant Hand-bell Director, Lynette Moore, as well as Pam Gober and Madeleine Lively. Gober is a former member of Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church in Arlington, where she participated in their hand-bell choir.

10th Annual Chili Cook-Off a Big Success
Posted March 14, 2019

by Rick Faught

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in our 10th annual White Bluff Chapel Chili Cook-Off.  There were a total of 17 entries, eight of which were made with wild game.
Thank you to the 80 consumers who joined the festivities and enjoyed a meal. They just kept coming back for more! Some of the cooks who had planned to take some leftovers home were disappointed. 

Thank you to the generous supporters who donated over $500 that we will use to help folks in need in our community. 

Thank you to all of the support team, Holly Faught, Terry Pierce, and Bill Allen. I couldn't have asked for better helpers. A special thank-you to the judges who did a great job challenging their taste buds. They were Jerry Owen, Jerry Moore, Bob Buckner, and David Kernan.

Thank you to all of the Chili Chefs. Every one of the entries was delicious.

The 2019 Chili Cook-Off Winners are:

Mild with no beans-Perry Gaudet
Mild with beans-Rick Faught
Wild Game-Vicki Shultz
Hot-Jerry Shultz
Overall Winner-Jerry Shultz>


We're looking forward to next year!

Winter Bible Retreat Draws Record Crowd
Posted February 28, 2019

This year's winter Bible Retreat was held on February 15 and 16 with Dr. Hulitt Gloer providing a “three-fer” by serving as our guest speaker for the third year in a row. He also presented the Sunday Worship Service message.  The subject of this year's retreat was "Father, Teach Us to Pray."  Dr. Gloer organized his lesson around The Lord's Prayer. He analyzed each line of the prayer, providing the full-house attendance of approximately 90 members with thought-provoking questions and responses throughout the prayer.

Jodie Yarbro, Chair of the Adult Education Committee, arranged for Dr. Gloer’s visit, along with Gloer’s Sheila. The couple, who made the trip from Arkansas to bring us the retreat, is well-known and appreciated by the WBC congregation. Nancy Yarbro and Larry Turner assisted in preparations for the event.

As always, with gatherings of this type, Mary Parish and her Hospitality team provided tasty refreshments throughout the weekend, including Friday evening, Saturday morning, and finally Saturday lunch. Lunch featured a variety of items for building gourmet sandwiches, along with chips and cobbler with ice cream.

Chapel members look forward to the Bible Retreat each year. Once things are in place for next year, there will be several notices sent out through various media.

Valentine Dinner and Entertainment Score Big Hit with Full House
Posted February 14, 2019

Approximately 90 people attended the Chapel's annual Valentine's Dinner on Friday, February 8.  For it, Mary Parish's Hospitality team put together exquisite decorations and a wonderful meal that included a choice of chicken cordon-bleu or chicken and broccoli with two sides and a variety of cheesecake for dessert.

Following the dinner, Nancy McGinnis served as emcee for the evening's entertainment.  She began by acknowledging the many heroes at the Chapel for their volunteering attitude and praised Mary Parish and her team for the efforts spent putting together the evening.  She then introduced Dwayne Redding, David Wood and Jody Yarbro to start off the entertainment with a few popular songs that encouraged many of the attendees to sing along.  Afterwards, while accepting the enthusiastic applause, Dwayne indicated that they were NOT the main attraction. That was still to come!

McGinnis then announced the main event as she brought out the "Ladies of the Evening."  The sexagenarian, septuagenarian and octogenarian "Ladies" entered in house robes, with walkers, and began dancing around to music of "Pretty Women" by Roy Orbison.  They brought the house down with their show.  It was a hilarious event.  The cast of Ladies consisted of Mary Parish and her team of eight Hospitality volunteers and performed a routine created and choreographed by Nancy McGinnis. What great sports these ladies were to present such a fun show for this special occasion!

Thanks go to Anne Fox for providing the video excerpts of the “Ladies of the Evening” performance. Linda Wilmarth used her technological wizardry to get around some of YouTube’s copyright limitations in order to bring this video to you, which necessitated muting the copyrighted music recording of “Pretty Women.” But the video is still oh! so highly entertaining.


And in case you can’t remember or weren’t here for a similar performance at our 2012 Valentine Banquet, check out the video presented at that event by our “Gentlemen Synchronized Swimmers of White Bluff.” Thanks to them and to the creator and choreographer of their routine, (again) Nancy McGinnis, they started a great tradition of light-hearted, affectionate competition.

Now see if you can pick out which of the “Ladies of the Evening” in the 1st column go by which of the monikers in the 2nd row:

Mary Parish

Marshmallow Millie

Patty Turner

Polka Dot Dottie

Mildred Jackson

Lollipop Linda

Terry Pierce

Madam Mary Milky Way

Dottie Redding

Baby Ruth Ann

Linda Yeary

Doris PayDay

Doris Hollingsworth

Lemon Drop Linda

Ruth Ann Cashon


Linda Turner

Hot Tamale Terry

Men's Ministry Holds Kickoff Breakfast
Posted January 31, 2019

by Rick Faught

The White Bluff Chapel Men's Ministry kicked off 2019 in grand style with 23 men in attendance, seven of whom were first timers. The group gathered for breakfast, fellowship, and enthusiastic discussion of ways we can be a blessing to our community.

First of all, THANK YOU TO THE COOKS! They always do a great job.

We planned for activities already on the calendar and started planning for new opportunities that will present themselves soon.

We ask everyone to keep us in mind when you need help. HELPING YOU IS WHAT WE DO BEST. 

I am so thankful to be associated with this group that strives to help anyone at anytime with anything that we can. Thank you for allowing us to serve.

Rick Faught
Men's Ministry Chairman

WBC Members Participate in Annual Christmas Gathering
Posted January 3, 2019

Each year near the beginning of the Christmas season, a group of Chapel members assemble for a progressive Christmas gathering. Approximately eighty members and guests attended this year’s annual event. Based on a progressive-dinner format started well over ten years ago and having undergone several transformations in design, this year’s format morphed into one consisting of three different stops.

The first stop on the itinerary featured a choice of two options for the hosts receiving guests in their home. Two couples, Gary and Cheryl Comer and Jay and Kay Miller, opted for a sit-down dinner with items on the menu being provided by the hosts and the couples assigned to their group. Other hosts opening their homes for the “progressive” party consisted of Perry and Joan Gaudet, Larry Smith, Dale and Pam Kimble, and Sherral and Judy Kidd. These hosts and their teams served a hearty hors-d’oeuvres buffet.

The second stop for the evening was a gathering at the Chapel sanctuary for a short concert of Christmas carols. Nancy McGinnis acted as emcee for the event and introduced the party hosts for the evening. Four musical renditions were performed by the new WBC hand bell choir, “Ring of Praise,” directed by Lois Partridge. The group’s assistant director is Lynette Moore. The new bell ringers have become a welcomed addition during Sunday service as they contributed to all of the worship services during Advent. Dwayne Redding ended the concert by leading the audience in the singing of a few popular carols.

Finally, the party guests proceeded into Fellowship Hall where Mary Parish and her team served an amazing array of desserts, punch and coffee. All in all, the camaraderie, delectable holiday cuisine and joyful Christmas music served as a wonderful way to usher in the Advent Season.

WBC Hosts 14th Annual Community Christmas Concert
Posted January 3, 2019

In partnership with the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance, White Bluff Chapel opened its doors to members of all churches throughout the Lake Whitney area to gather together for the Alliance's community-wide Christmas concert. This event, which started with the custom of the hosting duties rotating among member churches of the Alliance, originates back to 2005. In more recent years, White Bluff Chapel has assumed that role, under the leadership of WBC Music Director, Tom Reedy. Betty Newman of WB Chapel, who serves as our liaison on the Ministerial Alliance Board, handled the duties of emcee for the standing-room-only event.

The program consisted of Christmas carols sung by the congregation and led by Tom Reedy, prayers and scripture readings offered by visiting clerics, and performances by several musical groups. A wide array of Christmas music was presented by Whitney High School (Jazz Band, Choir and Jazz Choir), First Church of the Nazarene, Whitney First Baptist Church and White Bluff Chapel. Tom Reedy lead the audience in singing carols during the intervals in which the choirs ascended and descended the dais.

Donna Spotts on the organ and Paula Carpenter on the piano provided the musical accompaniment. Mary Parish and her Hospitality Committee received the group in Fellowship Hall with a reception of seasonal treats.

Care Groups Hold Christmas Parties
Posted January 3, 2019

Two Care Groups, the Over the Hill Care Group and the Faught Care Group, each met in December for their annual Christmas and gift exchange evening. The former group was hosted by Bob and Cathy Valenta and the latter by Bill and Terry Pierce. 

Marcie Burris, Over the Hill Care Group leader, thanked Bob and Cathy Valenta for hosting, Emily Morris and Chris Hicks for leading the Christmas carol sing-a-long, and Lou Storm for his heartfelt scriptural readings of the Christmas story. 

The 21 members of the Faught group in attendance enjoyed a raucous game of “Left, Right, Center” before moving to their Chinese gift exchange, one they limit to a wide variety of $25 gift cards. Among a choice of practical gifts, the Over the Hill Group also had some silly gifts in their White Elephant event. These brought a lot of laughter, especially the big Christmas hat. For some reason the rubber chicken decided not to make an appearance this year.  Everyone was looking forward to see who the lucky recipient would be, but most were disappointed that he didn’t appear in any of the packages!

Members of the two groups were reminded that everyone’s main purpose is to help those of their group who are in need of assistance.  The groups may be in the "Over the Hill" time in life but will do their best to meet the needs of all. The groups’ prayer warriors always come together to send up much-needed prayers for those who request them.

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