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What We've Done

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Men's Ministry Clears FM933 Trash
Posted January 16, 2020

On Saturday, January 4, members of the Men's Ministry and other Chapel members spent time walking and cleaning the 2-mile FM933 highway stretch in front of White Bluff Resort. 

The group was joined by Jim and Ann Duncan's grandson, Jeb Duncan.  Jeb was working for community service awards at school.  Joining Jeb were Mark Baker, Gary Copple, John Knightstep, Larry Turner and Rick Faught.  A total of fifteen bags of trash were collected.

More Musical Talent on Display at Chapel Services
Posted January 16, 2020

A wealth of special music has been recently added to WBC's recent worship services, highlighting a variety of talented resources to tap. To open the January 5 service, the three grandsons of Jim and Pat Griffin, Jude, James and Joel, performed a medley of Christmas carols on two violins and a cello.  The three have previously performed for the Chapel, as well.

Two Chapel members who fairly regularly perform as vocal soloists, Patti Moreland and Jeff Williams, separately contributed their talent to embellish the beauty of the season.  Choir member Moreland provided the featured solo during the choir's December 29 special anthem, while Williams, on another Sunday, provided a touching arrangement of the song, "Somebody's Praying," accompanying himself on the guitar.

Debbie Hamner also returned to the WBC dais recently to add her flute accompaniment to the piano embellishments of Paula Campbell for the January 12 choir performance of “Beautiful Savior.”

Any time special musical performances are featured, should anyone take a picture, please send a copy of the photo to Bill Burris at aceburris42@gmail.com so it can be included on the website.  The last time the website highlighted a musical performance, it was the quartet of flutists and Mike Miller was kind enough to send a picture he had managed to take.

Chapel Hosts Community Christmas
Posted January 1, 2020

by Tom Reedy, WBC Music Director

White Bluff Chapel was pleased to host Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance's Community Christmas Service on Sunday evening, December 8. The service was very well attended by the community and, for the first time, the White Bluff Chapel choir had to participate from the fellowship hall when not in the choir loft in order to accommodate all of the other participants and attendees.

The Chapel's bell choir, Ring of Praise, began the service and was followed by the Chapel's choir, three Whitney High School choral groups (Concert Choir, Combined Choirs, and Jazz Choir), the Whitney High School New Blue Jazz Band, and the combined choirs of First Baptist Church and First Church of the Nazarene. The congregation heartily sang carols throughout the service while the groups moved to and from the choir loft.

Local ministers participating in the service included Greg Johnson (First Church of the Nazarene), Jay Morris (First Baptist Church), Philip Wottrich (Our Savior Lutheran Church), and James Pool (White Bluff Chapel). Our own Betty Newman, President of the Ministerial Alliance, opened the service with a welcome and prayer.

Following the service, the Chapel hosted a time of fellowship and refreshments in the Maurice Martin Fellowship Hall. Thank you to Mary Parish and her team, as well as the many Chapel members who provided the delicious Christmas goodies!

Every year this is a much-anticipated event in Whitney and this year's rendition was especially well-received. Many thanks to everyone involved in making this service a success!

Dylan Price Earns Masters Degree
Posted January 1, 2020

On Friday, December 20, 2019, Dylan Ray Price received the Master of Divinity degree from Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary during a Commencement service held at First Baptist Church in Waco. He was also presented the Dr. Abda J. “Chip” Conyers Outstanding Graduate Award for the fall, 2019,  class, which included a collection of books from Smyth and Helwys Publishing, Inc. Both Dylan’s and Shelby’s families shared in the celebration.

The Commencement included joyful hymns, beautiful vocal and instrumental music, and inspirational words for the graduates. The reception following the service overflowed with smiles, hugs and well wishes. 

Please continue to pray for Dylan and Shelby as they begin their ministry in Mount Enterprise, Texas and Shelby recovers from her surgery.

Men's Ministry Assists Another Family
Posted January 1, 2020

Recently the Men's Ministry, specifically Rick Faught and Bill Pierce, came to the rescue of White Bluff residents, Bill and Marcie Burris, to remove leaves from their gutters and around their yard.  It took them the better part of an afternoon to finish what they could.  Seems the Burris's ran out of yard bags with a small amount of work left to be done.  They were most appreciative of the efforts expended by two gracious gentlemen.

The Men's Ministry has been coming forward to give those who need assistance with taking care of their home territory for quite a number of years.  If you have a need, it is suggested that you contact Rick Faught to see if their skills can meet your needs.

New Year Brings Changes in Mission Committees
Posted January 1, 2020

Beginning with the New Year 2020, Tom Edgar is stepping down as Chair of the main Mission Committee.  Vicki Thompson is taking Tom's place and Tom will remain on the committee.

Carla Roberts will be taking over as Chair of the Local Mission Committee.  With the death of Bob Buckner, she is looking for his replacement to be the Chapel liaison for the Sandy Creek Bible Camp mission.

Bill Burris will be replacing Vicki Thompson as Chairman of the Global/National Committee.  Perry Gaudet is joining this committee and will replace Bill Burris as Chapel liaison for Athletes in Action.  Perry brings a unique understanding of what Brian Firle deals with in the cycling arena.  Perry is an avid cyclist, as many of you may know.

Peggy Mitchell continues as Chair of the Education Committee.

The head committees of the three major categories (Local, Global/ National, and Educational) understand the need to be aware of all the missions they support and (in the form of regular reports of their missions' activities) are getting a good return for the money that the Chapel entrusts to them.

Those seeking to know more about the Chapel's mission efforts will find significant information on the Chapel website.  From the main page, select "Get Involved with Missions."  From there, you can find all the information about each of the three major committee categories, as well as the Chapel's overall intent to pursue mission work.

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