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What Is Happening at Camp Starveyor?
Posted May 10, 2018

As Galactic Starveyors, campers will search the skies and God's Word to uncover God's truth etched in His handiwork. They will discover that the God who created everything there is (the knowable and the unknowable, the visible and the invisible) wants a relationship with them! And from the very beginning, God had a plan to restore the relationship He knew we would break. God sent His Son, Jesus, to be our Savior and His Holy Spirit to be our Helper. From the very beginning, to the furthest reaches of space (and beyond!), nothing is outside God's control or beyond His grasp. God loves us and will never leave us.

Children 3-12 years old by June 1, 2018 are invited to attend.  For safety reasons, the 3-year-old class will be limited to 12 students.

VBS camp days will run June 25-29 this year. All students will attend a typical VBS program from 9 a.m. to noon, Monday through Thursday.  On Friday, June 29, each group will participate in our Farewell Rally, beginning the day at 10:00 and dismissing at 11:00.  Parents, grandparents and friends are encouraged to attend.

The 10, 11 and 12-year-old students can choose to participate in afternoon mission activities and field trips Monday through Thursday.  Lunch will be provided at the chapel.  Their VBS day will end at 3 p.m.

Register a child or Sign up to Volunteer. These two forms may be filled out and submitted ONLINE. As soon as you click on SUBMIT, you will receive a confirmation that your form has been received.
Please note that every child being registered MUST ALSO have a 2018 Permission Form filled out for this year before being admitted to VBS! (Last year's Permission Form will NOT suffice for this year!)

Register for VBS Now!
Posted May 10, 2018

2018's VBS promises to be another exciting time for both the children and volunteers. The week the camp will run this year is June 25-29. Please take the time to fill out the proper online registration form.

Children are enrolled as soon as the Register for VBS online form is completed and the Register for VBS button at the bottom of the form is clicked. A thank-you with a link to the Parental Permission and Release formpops up when the enrollment is complete. This form must be printed out and then filled in on the hard copy. It requires a parent signature and must be on file at the chapel before each child can participate in VBS.  A new version of the form is needed each year to insure that all information is current. 

The completed and signed Parental Permission and Release form must be submitted to the chapel by June 20. (It can be returned to the office by postal mail or scanned and attached to an email sent to Kbkeith14@gmail.com.  Please add VBS to the email subject line to prevent it looking like spam.) Early submission will prevent confusion and delays on the first day of VBS.

Volunteer Sign-up is also online. It should be submitted as soon as possible.

VBS T-Shirts

All Campers and Star Guides will be wearing the latest fashion in VBS t-shirts. Children will be provided 1 shirt. Additional shirts can be purchased for $6.00.

Volunteers are asked to wear either a VBS t-shirt (that they can purchase for $6.00) or a plain shirt that matches the 2018 color. Since the t-shirts are still in design mode, the color has not yet been chosen. Watch for the next update on May 24, 2018.  Shirts must be ordered in early June so sign up now to guarantee a good fit.

To pay for your t-shirt or to order extra t-shirts, contact: Tricia Shelton grammyfrog@windstream.net 254-694-9545  or 325-658-1343.

VBS in Need of New Volunteers
Posted May 10, 2018

Kae Keith is this year's director for VBS, slated to run June 25-29. Kae is soliciting new volunteers. She explains:

"This year many of our people who have "Always" helped with VBS are out.  Anniversaries, Family trips, illness, and Caroline actually MOVED!  I will miss her, and I will miss the others who can't be with us this year, but I am not afraid. God has asked me to be calm and simply believe He will provide.  I believe it!

Please pray and ask God if he wants you.  Are you meant to help this year? Does He have you in mind to pick up the slack so that our loyal, stalwart brothers and sisters can have a little time off? 

We need helpers, we need leaders, and we need everyone at White Bluff Chapel praying for a VBS Program that will reach out to our neighborhood and our community.

This summer we will be teaching our kids that nothing is outside God's control or beyond His grasp. So, VBS is in God's control and I know he is summoning his children to rally around and share His good news with the little ones. "

Please contact Kae Keith at 817-201-8853 to let her know you can be counted among the ones God is asking to help in 2018.  You should consult the Volunteer Job Preference Form first and then register by clicking on the Volunteer Sign-Up Form online.

This year our theme is Galactic Starveyors.

Discover the incredible mysteries of the final frontier - right from your own backyard. Grab your telescope and head to your clubhouse observatory where endless discoveries await! Your telescope becomes a portal through which you encounter amazing and wonderful things designed by a Creator who is even bigger than the vastness of His creation.

As Galactic Starveyors, kids will search the skies and God's Word to uncover God's truth etched in His handiwork. They will discover that the God who created everything there is- the knowable and the unknowable, the visible and the invisible- wants a relationship with them! And from the very beginning, God had a plan to restore the relationship He knew we would break. God sent His Son, Jesus, to be our Savior and His Holy Spirit to be our Helper. From the very beginning to the furthest reaches of space (and beyond), nothing is outside God's control or beyond His grasp. God loves us and will never leave us.

Want to know more about this year's curriculum?  Consult our Overview of Galactic Starveyors.

Chapel to Host the Whitney High School Jazz Band
Posted May 10, 2018

The Whitney High School Jazz Band (“New Blue”) will present a concert at White Bluff Chapel at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, May 14. Led by Josh Nowlin, the New Blue will have you tapping your foot, swaying with the beat, and in general having a great time. You may remember their rousing carols at the Community Christmas Service last December. You can find additional concert information on the flyer in this article.

The Whitney and Chapel communities are invited to attend the concert and refreshments afterwards in Fellowship Hall. Please come support these young musicians. You’ll be glad you did!

Kay Lea Scott to Offer Up Greatest Mothers' Day Gift
Posted April 26, 2018

WBC Chapel members Scotty and Kay Lea Scott are spending a few weeks at their condo in Seminole, Florida. Kay Lea has sent the WBC membership the following letter to share with us on how she plans to spend Mothers’ Day weekend.

Scotty and I want to say "Hello" and tell ya’ll about what I plan to do.

I've got something exciting to do Saturday morning, May 12, Mothers’ Day weekend.  I'll be walking 2 miles for babies on the campus of Indian Rocks Baptist Church.  It's our Florida church home.

You know how I feel about kids and here's my chance to save the life of an unborn one.  So, if you'd like to help by donating to The Walk for Life, please check out my page at
 https://secure.ministrysync.com/ministrysync/event/website/?m=3886975 The donation is one time and not tied to how far I walk. If you'd like to learn more about the event go to iwalkforlife.com.

Thank you for checking out the "I Walk For Life" web site. This is a one time donation and not really tied to how far I walk.  Challenged by numbers as I am, I think a modest gift of$25 would help significantly toward my personal goal of $3,000.  I pray my steps for unborn babies are worth at least that much and maybe more!  

Thank you for considering a donation to help young moms who are thinking about abortion. Perhaps we can help save some of those little ones.

May God smile on you today. He'll be smiling on me May 12.
God Bless Y'all and Happy Mother's Day!
Kay Lea

New Life Solutions, Inc., the organization in Largo, FL. benefitting from the “Walk for Life” project, clarifies their mission:

“Thousands of women in Hillsborough & Pinellas County each year struggle with an unplanned pregnancy. They need help, guidance and information regarding all of their options. We empower women and families to make healthy life decisions. We do this through education, life coaching, discipleship and providing resources for physical, emotional and spiritual support.”

The simplest way to donate is to go to Kay Lea’s page link given above, look to the right and click on the large green rectangle with GIVE written inside the box.

Chapel Hosts Annual Mothers' Day Luncheon
Posted April 26, 2018

For several years the Chapel has hosted a Mothers' Day Luncheon.  Honoring mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, daughters, granddaughters, neighbors and friends who are mothers, it brings family and friends together for uplifting fellowship and a meal in a beautiful spring setting.  Attendance has been great each year and this year promises the same.

This year's Mothers' Day Luncheon will be held on Saturday, May 12, at 11:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.  The menu will feature a salad buffet at a cost of $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children under 10.   Payment is due at the time of your reservation.  Sign-up sheets will be in the Fellowship Hall on the Sundays of April 22nd, 30th and May 6th or will be available in the church office M-F, 9:00-noon.  Plan to bring a/some guest(s) and join in on the fun, food and fellowship.