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Wycliffe Bible Translators


The Wycliffe organization coordinates the activities of their personnel in areas where the Bible is not available in the local language. No member of Wycliffe receives a guaranteed salary; each has to find support for their living costs and work expenses.

Wycliffe field workers are required to have skills in linguistics and translation in addition to relating to the community and its people where the translation is being done.

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ission  Toler Family Latest Newsletter
 oment  March, 2019

Ready or not, March is here!  It has been too long since we’ve sent out an update, but God has been working big time on our project. We are excited to share the great things He has done.  

If you are not a part of our Facebook group (Tolers’ Treasures – An Adventure in Faith), we wanted to share our “Mark Challenge” with you. As our Pame team begins translating the book of Mark, we’d love for you to join us in studying the book. Not only is it a great book to study, it will also be a good reminder to pray for the translation work. We’ve been so encouraged by the people who have shared with us that they are studying and praying for us. Our team is always encouraged to know that they are not doing this task alone. You are such an important part of our ministry here in Mexico. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest newsletter. This one is full of pictures!  

In Christ Alone,

Kris, Susan, Kieran and Elyse Toler

ission  Pame Bible Translation Project
 oment  July, 2018

by Susan Toler

What do you get when you bring together five different organizations to work on a Bible Translation project? Chaos? Disaster? Insanity? Well, we call it a blessing (with a little chaos thrown in for good measure!). Kris just spent two days in meetings with various organizations and our team to plan out a very exciting path for the Pame translation project. 

We hope you will take a few minutes to read about how God is bringing people and organizations together to help the Central Pame receive the Scripture in their language. There is also an important prayer request included. 

Thanks for your prayers and partnership. We are thankful for each and every one of you and pray you are having a great summer! 

In Christ Alone,

The Toler Family

P.S. If you'd like to see what life is like for our family in Mexico, please check out our Facebook group called Tolers' Treasures: An Adventure in Faith. It is a closed group but you can search it and request to join. 

ission  Toler Family April Newsletter
 oment  April, 2018

White Bluff Chapel has been supporting the Toler family for several years as they work with a remote village in Mexico.  The Global/National Mission committee led by Vicki Thompson manages the Chapel's relationship with the Tolers.  Harry Seurkamp is the Chapel liaison for the Toler family.  Those who would like to know more about this mission can contact Harry for information.  Below is the Tolers’ introductory statement to their newsletter, the complete version of which you can read at the link given below.

Most people born in the US in the past 20 years probably don’t remember what it is like to live without a computer, but for our friends in the village, technology is a very new concept!  A few weeks ago, we did a basic computing class for our translation team.  When I say “basic,” I mean, “This is a laptop.  Today, we are going to turn on the laptop.” Training is a big part of our task as we work towards Bible translation for the Central Pame.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read our latest newsletter and learn about some exciting developments for our family and ministry.

The Toler Family

ission  Christmas Greeting and
December 2017 Newsletter:
A New Way to Say Merry Christmas
 oment  January, 2018

by Susan Toler        

There is so much controversy over wishing everyone "Merry Christmas" versus "Happy Holiday", why don't you try saying, "Tajeun libijiu kanje'!"  Give it a try (hint: the j sounds like h and the apostrophe at the end of the word is just a cutting off of the sound).  You may get a few strange looks, but, hey, 'tis the season, right?

Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your busy holiday season to read about the work God is doing amongst the Pame in Mexico.

The Toler Family

ission  Toler Family Update
 oment  September, 2017

The Chapel provides sponsorship for the Toler family as they work to translate the Pame language into written word in remote Mexico.  They are supported through the Global/National Mission Committee led by Vicki Thompson.  Harry Seurkamp is the Chapel liaison for this mission.  If want more information or have questions about this ministry you can contact Harry. The following is a note from the Toler family.

Since today is the first day of September, we thought this would be a good day to send out our August newsletter!  Better late than never, right? 

These past few weeks have been very busy for our family between back to (home) school, traveling to Oaxaca and participating in the Basic Writer's Workshop with three Pame speakers from our village.  Fall seems to be a busy time no matter where you live!  We pray you have a chance to take a breather this Labor Day weekend.  

This summer we celebrated 5 years serving in Mexico.  Thank you for taking a few minutes to check out our latest newsletter as we look back over the time God has given us here. 

In Christ Alone,

The Toler Family

ission  Toler Family Update
 oment  June, 2017

White Bluff Chapel is one of the sponsors for the Toler family through the Global/National Mission committee led by Vicki Thompson.  The Toler's are involved with a remote village in Mexico.  They are working with them to put their Pame language into written word so they can learn about Christ.

Harry Seurkamp is the Chapel liaison for the Toler's.  Harry and Ginger recently joined the Tolers for a dinner and fellowship in the Dallas area prior to the family heading back to Mexico.  You can contact Harry if you want more information about this ministry. The following is Harry's report from their meeting.

Ginger and I had a lovely dinner last evening with the Toler family.  We had a lot to catch up on. First let me request you keep them in your prayers. They will return to Mexico June 2.  They fly the cheapest way and they take Southwest to Mexico City. The trip requires 3 layovers. But on a more serious note prayers are also needed for Kris.  They may have to return to Dallas in October.  It is essential that he has an aortic bypass. This requires open heart surgery.  His team of doctors is at UT Southwest.  The medical team plan to meet and come up with the plan of action and if the surgery can be scheduled it will occur in late October.  Kris was born with a congenital heart defect.  He had an operation at age five.  But his body has outgrown the procedure they performed at that time.  Please pray.

The kids are certainly ready to get back to Mexico.  They miss their friends.  Kris will be finished with school on June 1.  He will work on his thesis in Mexico.

The team has made great strides.  Kris had on a T shirt that has John 3:16 on the back in Pame language. On the front it says Jesus speaks Pame.

I found out a lot about his staff of translators and the videos they are doing in Pame.  Their efforts are very fascinating with all they are doing to teach them about Christ.  Kieran Toler, Kris's 12 year old son is working with creating animated videos.  With no TV and phone service and being home schooled by Susan he is drawn to helping with the videos. 

The next time our committee meets in September, I will fill you in on a few more things.  By that time we should know if the surgery has been scheduled.

They would love to come to the Chapel on their next visit.

I've attached a thank you note they gave me for the chapel.  We exchanged gifts before taking pictures at departure.  It was a fast 2 hours; I wish it could have lasted longer.

God is all Merciful,

ission  Update on the Toler Family Activities
 oment  March, 2017

By Harry Seurkamp

The Global Missions Committee of White Bluff Chapel supports the Wycliffe Bible Translation Ministry through your donations.

We are currently sponsoring the Toler Family, Kris, Susan and their two children Kieran and Elyse. They are currently located in Central Mexico in the mountainous region, in proximity to a city called San Luis Potosi. The village that they minister to is approximately 50 miles from town about a 2 hour trip depending on the weather.

They spend one week in town in their apartment and three weeks in the village. While in town they work with the bible translation team. Their living quarters in the village are very limited with the utilities. The only connection they have to the outside world is when they're in town.

While in town they work on bible translations from English to the Pame language a form of Spanish. They have translated 19 bible stories to Pame. At the end of this article I have added two links. These links show the animated bible stories that have been translated to Pame for the children of La Prada. Kris expressed the excitement in the children's faces as seen for the first time when they heard these stories in their own language.

Kris is the administrator of the Central Pame Region and has since been asked to take over the Northern Region also. Needless to say they are keeping very busy.

Besides bible translation they support Christianity in the villages with teaching, counseling, building church buildings and being involved in baptisms. Kris and Susan aid in supporting the pastors of the churches.

Although I mentioned Kris a lot in this article Susan, Kieran and Elyse play a very important role in this ministry. They all have a part to play in communicating God's Love to the people of La Prada. Right now Susan is the backbone of this family. As I write Kris, Kieran and Elyse all have the flu.

Prayer is a very important part of support for their ministry. Please pray for them and the people of La Prada. And if you would like to aid in financial support just drop a check in the collection and note it for Wycliffe Ministry.  You can view the Toler's Christmas 2016 newsletter.  Harry Seurkamp is the Chapel liaison for this mission.  If you want more information you can contact Harry.

Animated Bible links are:

Video 1
Video 2

May God Bless and keep the Tolers safe. 

ission  Bible Translating in Mexico
 oment  July, 2015

One of the missionary families White Bluff Chapel supports is that of Kris and Susan Toler and their two children, Kieran and Elyse. This family has been serving in the mountains of southwestern Mexico through the Wycliff Bible Translators mission group.  You may recall that Kris and family were recently in the Dallas area seeking a cure for his labored breathing.  With that corrected, they returned to the remote area of Mexico. Below are excerpts from Susan’s spring newsletter in which she reports on their recent activities and alludes to their upcoming return to the states for additional training.

This past year, we have seen God bring people together to provide plane tickets, housing, toys and clothes for our kids, and even payment for every single medical bill.  Without us even asking, people have sent us supplies and money for food for us to share with people in our community.  Thank you, too, for your continued partnership during this upcoming year of training. 

Please join us in prayer:

Pray for us that we can stay connected to our friends in the village with limited technology.  We can already see how God has begun to work to prepare us all for this temporary separation.  We may not be in the village, but God’s work always continues. 

Please pray for the oral translation team who will continue to work on translating and recording stories from the Bible into Pame. The team has grown to five members and Kris will travel with them to Oaxaca again in July for the second part of the workshop.

Pray, too, for the literacy work that has started in the community. This picture is a "public service announcement" in Pame encouraging people not to litter.

Catch up on the Tolers’ plans for the upcoming year under “On the Road Again“. In it, Susan describes their plans for a return to the US for a year of additional training.

ission  WBC Brings Easter Joy to Children in Mexico
 oment  Posted April, 2013

Caroline Upchurch represents Wycliffe Missionaries as part of WBC's Global Subcommittee for Missions. One of the missionary families our Chapel supports is Kris and Susan Toler and their two children, Kieran and Elyse. This family is now in Oaxaca, Mexico, finalizing their language skills for the mission field very shortly in the mountains of southwestern Mexico.

Shortly after the Tolers went to Mexico, Kay Lea Scott and Caroline decided to form a joint partnership with our children and Global ministries so that not only could Kris and Susan, but also their children feel God's presence and support from our Chapel. WBC's Kids Klub and Sunday School have communicated with the Toler children since the family went to their mission assignment in Mexico, and in late February, our children filled 60 Easter eggs to send to the Tolers. (See the letter below regarding their first glorious Happy Easter in Mexico.)

Dear John and Caroline (and White Bluff Chapel),

Thank you so much for the box of Easter treats you sent. This morning, we had an Easter breakfast and hymn sing in Mitla with missionaries from many different organizations. There was a nice size group of MK's who thoroughly enjoyed your Easter eggs for our hunt (no plastic eggs down here). Several of the mothers said to pass on their thanks to you and your church for sending them. One mother said her daughter had never been to an Easter egg hunt before and was very excited! I have attached a picture of the egg hunt gang.

Thank you again for blessing our kids in this way. We were blessed to hear the resurrection story this morning in both English and Zapotec (the indigenous language in and around Mitla). We also heard the testimony from one villager who was able to watch the Luke video in their own language this past week. Praise God!

We pray you had a wonderful Easter!

Kris, Susan, Kieran and Elyse

Mission of the Month, April 2012

Wycliff Bible Translators

White Bluff Chapel's new missionary family, Kris and Susan Toler and their two young children, will visit our worship service on Sunday, April 29. Caroline Upchurch, WBC's Global Missions Subcommittee liaison for Wycliffe Bible Translators, will be introducing the Tolers to our congregation. Kris and Susan will graduate this spring from the School of International Linguistics (S.I.L.) and leave in July to spend four years in southwestern Mexico, where they will teach and translate our Bible for the indigenous mountain people there.
Wycliffe Bible Translators was founded by John Wycliffe, an English Oxford University professor who first translated the New Testament in 1382. Its mission statement is "Every Verse, Every Tongue, Every Heart." It is dedicated to seeing God's Word accessible to all people in the language of their heart. There are approximately 7,000 languages in the world, and of these, almost 2,100 do not have a single verse of Scripture. That represents 340 million people without access to God's Word.

Wycliffe often works with unwritten languages, developing a writing system to provide ways of recording cultural traditions. It provides reading and writing education to enhance linguistics skills in numerous contexts, such as health information, business, justice, and life-long learning in the mother tongue. Through partnerships with missionaries who go in the global field, this massive effort involves people all over the world.

Wycliffe is an interdenominational, non-sectarian, non-profit mission organization. Their home office is in Orlando, Florida, and they also have a large campus in Duncanville, Texas. That campus houses the School of International Linguistics, with a wide assembly of computer programmers, statisticians, teachers, librarians and countless volunteers.

Upchurch states that she can personally testify as to the Tolers' outstanding credentials and she is very proud and thankful to be the liaison for Wycliffe with White Bluff Chapel. She is full of enthusiasm for endorsing them and assures that we will readily see why White Bluff Chapel's Missions has overwhelmingly decided to sponsor this young couple for carrying on God's fertile work.