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Unity for Sake of the Gospel
    Aug 12, 2018
    Philippians 1:27-30
    Dylan Price

And It Was Night
    Aug 5, 2018
    John 13:26-34
    Terry Cosby

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ission  VanWyks Discover that Trash Work Can Pay Off
 oment  Posted August 9, 2018

by Rick Faught

Many thanks to Glen & Karen VanWyk for clearing the trash from the Chapel's section of FM 933 during a very hot week in July.  They have taken on the highway clean-up project as their personal mission.  Over a five-day period and many work sessions, they collected over 30 bags of trash, some tires and an above-ground swimming pool. 

While volunteering can fill your heart, Karen discovered that it can also fill your pocket. She was the lucky finder of $25 in cash!

ission  Student Dentists Describe Mission Work
in Jamaica
 oment  Posted August 9, 2018

by Two Dental Students

Jody and Nancie Yarbro led a team of over forty people (32 dental students, 4 dentists with spouses and Pastor John Wheatley from FBC Valley Mills) on a mission trip to Jamaica in July. While there, the team treated over 400 dental patients. Several of the student dentists have since shared with the Yarbros how much the week meant to them in terms of dental experience, but even more importantly, in bringing them into a closer relationship with God and in exposing non-believers to Jesus Christ. Thanks come from members of the team in the form of letters to their beloved mission-trip organizers, Jody and Nancie, as well as to White Bluff Chapel for its ongoing support of Dental Missions abroad.

The following letters are from two of the student dentists who made this year’s mission trip under the the Yarbros’ guidance. Both served as team leaders. The first is from Sarah Jackson. For Sarah, it was a moment of discovery.

Jamaica Discovery


My name is Sarah Jackson and I had the incredible opportunity to serve as a group leader for this year's trip to Jamaica. When I signed up initially I assumed it would be a trip that simply revolved around dentistry, but what I realized is that it was about much more than that. 

The focus of the trip was about strengthening our relationship with God, learning to accept others as they are, and getting closer to my peers. Each morning started with songs of worship, prayer, and a lesson to reflect on. After that we would head to the clinic where patients were lined up waiting to receive dental care.

Having the chance to take care of people who were in pain or bothered by the appearance of their teeth was life changing. Everyone was extremely grateful to us for being there. I got to do my first filling ever and that is an experience I will never forget.

I know that these trips would not be possible without the incredible sponsors and donations from those who believe in our ability to change lives through dentistry and prayer. I want to tell you how grateful we are and how excited we are to return next year.

4th-year dental student, Danny Moon, organized the morning devotionals for the team in addition to getting invaluable dentistry experience.  

My Jamaica Experience

Upon being approached by Dr. and Mrs. Yarbro to serve in the Dental Mission in Jamaica once again, I was at first hesitant. Selfishly, my initial thoughts were that even though I loved every moment of last year’s mission trip, my experiences then just couldn’t be topped. I didn’t want to try to replicate my time there and ultimately be disappointed. Luckily, God had other plans in mind. Through a combination of prayer and Mrs. Nancie’s ceaseless emails, I finally decided to return to Helping Hands Dental Clinic.

Not only did this trip further increase my confidence and abilities in dentistry, but also it showed me the fulfillment one gets in helping others achieve this same composure. As a fourth-year student dentist, I had the privilege of guiding the third years with some helpful tips and wisdom I picked up in my few but impactful experiences. I was pleased to see my peers quickly develop assurance in their skills in only four days.

But above all of these things, I believe the biggest impact I received was the growth I received spiritually. As a timid third-year student last year, my mind was preoccupied with every detail in clinic, worrying and praying that I didn’t mess up the procedure or harm the patient in any way. It was difficult for me to take a step back and really appreciate the big-picture effort we were participating in.

I was absolutely blown away at the impact our team was making on the community in Treasure Beach. As over 400 patients came through the clinic, we were bringing joy to these Jamaicans and showing God’s love through the skills we’ve worked so hard to achieve. With the help of these amazing mentors, I was able to understand a much broader picture of dentistry:

Being a great clinician with excellent skills is important, but loving people through our good works is the biggest impact we can make in this world.God has blessed us with amazing gifts, and it is our calling to bless others with these talents and to love others as He loves us.”

I can confidently say that returning to Jamaica was one of the best decisions I have made in my life and I would love to return annually to continue this mission we have started. Thank you so much, White Bluff Chapel, for your prayers and support. We would not have been able to experience all of this and share His love without your amazing congregation. We love you guys!

ission  "Wee Can Know" Report and Prayer Requests
 oment  Posted August 9, 2018

The Wee Can Know ministry in New Orleans, Louisiana, is run by Phil and Debbie Smith and has received support from the Chapel since early 2013. The Global/National Mission committee led by Vicki Thompson oversees the support that WB Chapel provides this unique group.

During this year they have had several hardships but have managed to continue growing their outreach to the children in New Orleans.  Phil lost both his parents this year and, most recently, he had ankle- replacement surgery.  In addition, the couple has had several car issues.  However, they still keep their ministry forefront in their daily activities.

You can read their latest report and prayer requests.  If you would like to know more about this ministry you can contact Bill Burris.  Bill is the Chapel liaison for the ministry.

ission  Who Is the God of Cycling?
 oment  Posted August 9, 2018

Brian Firle is part of the Athletes in Action, AIA, team that is bringing the word of God to the Pro-Cycling arena.  They continue to make great gains in reaching these riders.  Brian, himself, is a professional rider and will be competing in the upcoming race in Colorado.

Brian always provides a detailed account of their actions and growth.  Please take some time to read his latest report, “Who is the God of Cycling?”  If you want to know more about this ministry you can contact Bill Burris.  Bill is the Chapel liaison for this ministry.

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Terry's Blog

Wizard of Cos
Terry's Blog

The Hole in My Pain
Posted August 9, 2018

There’s a place where fear has to face the God you know.  --Mark Hall, Casting Crowns

Life is hard. I don’t like that part of it. Maybe I’m spoiled, but maybe it is God who spoiled me a little. I have been wonderfully blessed in every area of life you could imagine so when something shows up that hurts, causes fear to rise and makes the soul to doubt God, it causes problems.

Many of my friends have been hurt in life lately. Cancer, arthritis, wrecks, lost jobs, lost marriages, loss of grandchildren, and even death fly into the face of God’s blessings. They feel bigger, frankly, than the blessings. I remember in younger days how badly I felt after losing a ballgame. The losing felt worse than the winning felt good. In hearing people's stories I don’t know whether to cry or curse. Sometimes I do both.

Many in our world would point to the problems and say, “See there is no God. Give up this religious silliness and you will find that you made the blessings in your life with good education, clear-headed reason, persistence and hard work. Make the truth that works for you.”  I have been taught it is okay to question God about things. He says "come, let us reason." Abraham questioned God as did the disciples and Paul. People of faith tell me to question God or at least my perception of him. They may truthfully point out that faith, even genuine faith, has holes in it.

I once was young, not so much anymore. The longer I live I see that blessings come and go, they are enjoyed but sometimes missed. My stubbornness, my lack of seeing what lies before me, my disobedience may cause me to miss some blessings along the way. But I also have discovered that I don’t have to live for blessings. I need them in various ways from time to time, this is true for all of us. But the largest and greatest blessing has always been God’s very Presence walking with me in the slough of despair, the desert of sameness, and the valley of the shadow of death.  He walked so quietly at times he was easy to miss. His pace was slow when I wanted speed and quick and rapid when I wanted to take it easy. He persistently kept going when I wanted to quit and he stopped when I wanted to press on. But he was there. I often missed that blessing when I was young. It is now what I crave more that any other. He is with me.

So I hope you will forgive me and all Christians for the holes in my faith and the understanding of all that faith in Christ means; I am still learning. But you also need to know that despite all the pain, sorrow, disease, and death in this world, there are other holes also. My pain has holes in it. My doubt has holes in it. Even my cynicism has holes in it. As the song writer says, “there’s a place where fear (and all Godless thoughts and emotions) has to face the God you know.”  They are imposters that will fade in the light of his eternal glory.

So despite all the hell-sent imposters Satan may try to share with me, the God I know keeps poking holes in Satan’s lies. So I keep running back to Jesus and it’s becoming a much shorter trip.

Care to join me?

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Organist Celebrates 60th Wedding Anniversary
Posted August 9, 2018

WBC's talented organist, Donna Spotts, and her husband Dick recently were honored at a reception commemorating their 60th wedding anniversary. Music Director Tom Reedy and his wife, JoAnn, represented the Chapel choir at the festive event.

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