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The Final Test of Love
    Mar 8, 2020
    John 21:15-17
    Dr. James Pool

Not This Again: Revisiting an Old Story
    Mar 1, 2020
    Luke 10:25-37
    Dr. Hulitt Gloer

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ission  Foundation Ministries September 2020 Update
 oment  Posted September 24, 2020

Foundation Ministries was one of the first missions White Bluff Chapel chose to support.  Since that time, a lot of things have happened within that ministry and the way the Chapel supports the mission.  Becky McKee is the Chapel liaison for this ministry and has worked with them for a number of years.  If you have questions about Foundation Ministries or want to get more involved with it, please contact Becky.

After reading their latest report, you can view a picture file with explanations.

Foundation Ministries 

  P. O. Box 291130 Rene P. Brown, President
  Kerrville, TX 78029 Elizabeth Brown, Director
  Ph: 830-257-0541; C: 210-863-7124      Hope Project

September 2020 Report to White Bluff Chapel

East Africa Locust Invasion   

The locust invasion remains stalled. It was stopped by the heavy, flooding rains. What a blessing!

Purchase of Corn (called ‘maize’ in Africa)

We maintain our stocks of corn and beans and add to them when possible.  We have several tons in store.

Rice Planting

Our rice crop worked out well (no locusts!) The harvest is now in progress, and we should receive a report soon. We constructed some shelves in our rice storage barn to keep it out of any future flood waters.


We think there are far more deaths in Africa from starvation caused by the government response to Covid-19. Overall, Africa has reported 1,120,722 cases and 24,244 deaths. With about 27% of Africa’s population, the USA has 6,630,000 cases and 196,000 deaths.

We have no deaths of people in our care and, as far as we know, no known cases among all the people related to Foundation Ministries. We have, however, had some really difficult malaria cases.

Our Orphans & Widows Hope Project

We have added about 20 orphans from four families that one of our Africa Team members was trying to help. It was overwhelming him. One home has a 20-year old son as the adult and the others have aged grandmothers with no way to help their orphaned grandchildren. These children slept on the bare dirt floor in their clothes with no blanket. Most had never had any schoolbooks and few supplies. We have given them street clothes (good, used clothing) along with blankets. There was no food in the house and in some cases, no utensils for cooking food, if there had been any food. We have supplied simple cook pots and food. We are gradually giving them schoolbooks.

School Situation

Kenya plans to begin school in January. They were trying to do some schooling this month, but parents are suing the government to prevent it. Fear in Africa is rampant. Fear of Covid-19 is controlling people’s lives and bringing on starvation. Most of the children are studying on their own and trying to keep up with studies. For that reason, we have been purchasing needed schoolbooks for children without. They love to study!


We have helped many of our Africa Team to plant gardens and to help orphans and widows in their care to plant gardens. It has been a big success. Most everyone with a small plot has a garden supplying cabbage, greens, corn, beans, tomatoes, onions and so on. Adding this to the dried corn and dried beans we supply adds greatly to the health of their diet. They dig their garden, plant it, weed it and harvest it, which gives them a sense of well-being as well as the nutrition they desperately need — especially growing children.

Overall People Helped

Due to the stress of Covid-19, we have been helping our Africa Team with food and essentials. Before Covid-19, we only needed to help with travel expenses and perhaps a boost from time to time. With no church meetings, no offerings, few jobs and little work, most rural people are living on the edge. People in our care get a minimum of one full meal per day. Most get a light breakfast (bread with tea) plus a full meal at evening time. The gardens really help! We supply the calories, but the gardens supply needed vitamins and minerals.

  Orphans Helped 127
  Widows Helped 37
  Africa Team Helped 15
  People with the Team (estimate)35
  Total People Helped Each Month      314

Our thanks to White Bluff Chapel for your ongoing support.

Yours truly,

Elizabeth and Rene

ission  Riding the Colorado Trail with God
 oment  Posted September 24, 2020

In the previous edition of the WBC website, there was a Mission Moment article relating to Brian Firle's latest update report.  In that report he mentioned that he and several other Pro-Cyclists were going to take the challenge of the "Colorado Trail," a 500-plus mile ride in the Rockies from Denver to Durango.  Below is a follow-up report from Brian about the ride, as well as his thank-you for the support he receives from Perry Gaudet, Bill Burris and Betty Newman. He also appreciates the Chapel's support, both in prayer and in funds.

Hello WBC Friends! 

We made it back to Boulder last night after an amazing trip on the Colorado Trail last week! I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers—we had no mechanical or weather issues all week long. The trip was a great success and we had many great spiritual conversations along the way. I'm exhausted!

I also just wanted you all to know that I got the WB 2k gift as well! Thank you so much, as usual, for advocating for us and our ministry. Love you all, thanks! Here is a pic of a few of us upon our arrival in Silverton, CO last week. 

ission  Casa Bernabé to Celebrate National Family Day
 oment  Posted September 24, 2020

Pat Griffin is the Chapel liaison for Casa Bernabé.  Through the past updates on Casa Bernabé, Pat has mentioned that she and her family have been involved with Casa Bernabé for quite some time.  She is very much aware of their needs through regular communication.  You can contact Pat if you would like to get involved with Casa Bernabé.

Casa Bernabé has really been hurt by the lock downs associated with COVID.  Their teams from the US could not come to help and bring money and supplies.  Guatemalan law made them pay staff and teachers even when they couldn't work because of the severe curfews.  The school is now reopening and they are trying to get everything working again.  Here is their latest report.

This Saturday, September 26, is National Family Day. Family is something that is very important to us at Casa Bernabé. It is a significant piece of the foundation that our ministry is built on and it is what sets our ministry apart.

Casa Bernabé evolved into providing residential family care in 1998. Before this time, the type of care that was provided had a more institutionalized focus. However, over time, we became convinced that the family model was more effective because the child and all his different needs are best taken care of by a family, and in this way, the children are given an opportunity to mature and develop within a family setting rather than an institutionalized one. Over time we have seen strong and effective links form between parents and their children.

As we celebrate Family Day we want to recognize our house parents. They are the heartbeat of Casa Bernabé. They are the scaffolding that every other activity, program, or initiative is built off of. Every child that comes through our gate has a skewed sense of what family is, of what parenting should look like. Our house parents serve at ground zero, ensuring that the psychological, nutritional, spiritual, and educational pieces all come together to produce healthy, socially-contributing, independent individuals. The house parents by their very existence in our children’s lives reframe what family is supposed to look like, what love looks like, and how it feels to be unconditionally cared for. This is where the relationship of change lies, is fostered, and takes root. 

Read more about Haciendo habitar en familia : “Living in Family”. 

If you would like to help celebrate Family Day and support one of our families though a Hope Sponsorship, you may do so here.

Let's run together.

Every autumn Casa Bernabé sponsors a 5k run through Guatemala City to raise funds and awareness for the children’s home and the greater ministry (school, clinic, vocational/transitional program, and Families United.) This year, because of COVID19 restrictions, they cannot make this 5k happen.

But we can. Please consider joining them in spirit and with your virtual 5K registration, which goes directly to continuing the ministry. 

Let the kids know they are not alone. 

We run for family. 

Learn more and register to run.

Celebrating 199 years of Guatemalan Independence!

Even though COVID-19 changed the traditional, national Independence Day celebrations, we still had a great day with our Casa Bernabé families celebrating!

Imagine the food, fun and recreation of your Independence Day celebration...

At Casa Bernabé we joyfully instill the same sense of pride, happiness and fun -- especially when we all needed it this year!

Watch a video of our recent on-campus celebrations!

We wish all of you and your families a Happy National Family Day as well. 

We love this opportunity to pause and shine a light on the people who make our lives meaningful. Families come in all different shapes and sizes, but what they all share is unconditional love and support. 

Ashley Cunningham
Development Director
Casa Bernabé and Friends of Children Everywhere

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By Randy Marshall

Fresh Eyes
Posted September 24, 2020

A couple of years back, I was at the barber shop waiting for the next available chair.  While checking messages on my smart phone, I noticed a man and presumably his two young daughters enter through the glass doors.  The father had the look of others in the room – a dispassionate demeanor in the midst of an ordinary routine.  The two children, however, had a completely different countenance. 

As they walked into the room, their eyes widened, their mouths gaped open, and their feet moved with excitement… their senses were firing on all cylinders.  You would have thought they had just entered Disney World!

I glanced around the room at the mirrors, chairs, cash register, and other nondescript items – I failed to see what these young, fresh eyes were capturing, but it was evident that they were engulfed in the moment. 

I continued to watch the joy in the faces of these children. With my smart phone in hand, I thought, “I wish I had an app for that!”  Maybe someday, technology can provide us smart glasses to wear in order to color our day with a childlike faith and unfettered joy.  Better yet, maybe we can set aside our technology, and as Jesus taught, learn directly from our children concerning the finer points of life. 

Taking the time to look at the world through fresh eyes can give us a new perspective, turning our ordinary days into a series of extraordinary moments!  Fresh eyes are available from our Lord today, no matter our age.  Let us all accept the gift of a new perspective as we experience the wonders of our Lord!

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