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Terry Cosby's Final
WBC Sermon

I Am Redeemed
    Feb 24, 2019
    Mark 5
    Terry Cosby

I AM: The Light of the World
    Mar 17, 2019
    John 8:12-20
    Dylan Price

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled
    Mar 10, 2019
    John 14:1-6
    Dr. James Pool

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ission  Understanding the Goal and Scope
Of the Chapel's Mission Programs
Part Three
 oment  Posted March 14, 2019

In the last two website updates, both the Local Mission and Educational Mission committees have been featured to show the extent of the programs the Chapel helps support.  These two committees support a variety of mission activity within the local community and a clinic in the Dallas area.

This week we feature the Global/National Committee chaired by Vicki Thompson.  The missions sponsored by this committee extend beyond Texas’ and America's borders.  Chapel support is felt in Guatemala, the international Pro-Cycling arena, New Orleans, Kenya, Mexico and with The Gideons in Hill County and throughout the world.

Goal and Scope of the Chapel's Mission Programs

  Athletes in Action

WBC Sponsor: Bill Burris Email

Winning athletes to Christ by earning the right to be heard, walking them towards Jesus, molded in deep relationships. Showing up at bike races, ready to serve and show the love of Christ when many others are not.

AIA builds athletes in their faith through Life on Life discipleship, whether locally or virtually.

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  Casa Bernabe Ministries

WBC Sponsor: Pat Griffin Email

A Christian orphanage in Guatemala City that serves 150 children.

Casa Bernabe serves children from infancy to 18 years of age. Their medical clinic and school also serve the nearby community.

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   Christian Dental Society

WBC Sponsor: Jody Yarbro Email

Provides scholarships to dental students doing mission dentistry in Guatemala and other poverty stricken countries.

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   Foundation Ministries

WBC Sponsor: Becky McKee Email

Trains pastors for service in their home churches in Africa and Romania.

Foundation Ministries helps to train and equip pastors in their home churches in 28 African countries and in Romania.

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   Gideons International

WBC Sponsor: Glenn Carrell Email

Provides worldwide Bible distribution and evangelism.

WBC helps to distribute Bibles in the Whitney, Blum and Hillsboro school districts, as well as at Hill College.

More >>

   Orphans and Widows Hope Project

WBC Sponsor: Becky McKee Email

Pairs orphans with widows in Kenya Africa. The goal is to help orphans grow up healthy, educated and to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

James 1:27 (NLT) – "Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you."

More >>

  Wee Can Know

WBC Sponsor: Bill Burris Email

A ministry in New Orleans to reach children for Christ through partnerships with local churches and schools.

This ministry provides personnel training and outreach to the children of the greater New Orleans area, as well as training for other churches and individuals in bringing young children to Christ.

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  Wycliffe Bible Translators

WBC Sponsor: Open

WBC supports one missionary family in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Wycliffe Bible Translators provides support for missionaries working abroad who are training teams to translate the Bible into native tongues.

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ission  Whitney High School College & Career Day 2019
 oment  Posted March 14, 2019

Community volunteers came together on Thursday, February 28, for the 13th annual Whitney High School College & Career Day event for the junior class. Reverend Greg Johnson of the First Church of the Nazarene opened the church for the annual event. Students arrived ready to attend four break-out sessions after Superintendent Gene Solis welcomed them to the event.  Whitney High School counselors Lynn Hundley and Stephanie Gober played an integral role in coaching students as they signed up for their areas of interest.

This event was funded by the White Bluff Chapel's Educational Mission Committee. Committee Chairperson Terry Pierce, assisted by Dottie Briggs and Lynette Moore, organized the event to include local professionals, representatives from Hill, McLennan, Navarro Community Colleges, and Texas State Technical College.  Military personnel from the Air Force were also in attendance to provide information about military opportunities.

Based on personal interest, students selected four of the following seven break-out sessions to attend during the morning.

The Creative Arts session was moderated by Ann Jackson.  Her panel included Randy Sparks, musician; Wendy Anderson, photographer; and Jenny Corder, Hill College drama instructor.

Students who attended the Public Service panel, moderated by Kathy Corbin, listened to local first responders: Police Chief Christopher Bentley; Fire Chief Wayland Price; EMS Hannah Landwersiek, EMS Nick Ratliff, and Larry Smith, National Park Service representative. All talked about their experiences and qualifications for entering the field of public service.

David Briggs, retired middle school teacher, moderated the Education panel that gave students an opportunity to hear from Sissi Hester, Whitney Middle School teacher; Monte Geren, retired school superintendent and Region 12 consultant; and Jay Miller, retired high school teacher, coach, and principal.

Ronnie Roberts, owner of Syncon Construction, lead the Business panel. It consisted of Tom Duncan, oil businessman and consultant for High Desert Consultants, LLC; and Darren Hayes, Farmers Insurance Agent.

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) panel was moderated by Kae Keith, of Keith Advertising. Students enjoyed hearing Jordan Keith, a chemical engineer graduate student from the University of Texas at Austin; Terri Beckman, of Vista Proppants, and herself, talk about their technical careers in IT and engineering. 

Sharon Wottrich, social worker for Town Hall Estates, moderated the Medical/Health Care panel which consisted of health professionals. They included Sara Youngblood, a pharmacy technician at Eubanks Pharmacy; and Tanya Sulak, medical office manager for Dr. Wesley Sulak, Chiropractor.

After the students enjoyed a pizza lunch, college representatives Sally Frazier from McLennan College; Traci Brown and Joe Price, Hill College; Margaret Alfaro, Navarro College; and technical college representative, Kali Reedy from Texas State Technical College all spoke about their schools.  At the end of their presentations, students were invited to visit each of the college tables for more information and individualized discussions.

Patty Turner and Lynette Moore provided a hospitality room for the volunteers and helped to serve a pizza lunch to students.  Larry Smith took pictures for the event.  Dottie Briggs recruited cookie bakers from local churches and Linda Yeary ordered Milano’s pizza.  Drinks were donated by Brookshires.  The support of Milano’s Pizza and Brookshire’s was noted as particularly generous.

Rick Faught, chairperson of the White Bluff Chapel Men’s Ministry, arranged help for Nazarene church member Leon Sparks to set up the worship center and classrooms for the event.  Philip Helms managed the audio system. 

The day was a resounding success!  Students learned a lot about various careers.  With a variety of input from colleges and the military, students were provided choices to plan their education beyond high school.  Hearing from professionals with successful careers gave students first-hand valuable information and ideas to chart their futures.

ission  Foundation Ministries January 2019
Report to White Bluff Chapel
 oment  Posted March 14, 2019

1.   Orphans & Widows Hope Project of Foundation Ministries

a. School Expenses
All 107 orphans will be enrolled in school this month. Their school year runs from January to December.  The orphans in Primary School number 90 and 17 are in Secondary School. Though all school fees are not paid in January, all the fees will be paid as the year progresses. That is the African way. This month they get uniforms, books, notebooks, pens etc. Special fees are paid as called for. None of the children we pay fees for are in arrears.

b. Chicken Projects
Pastor Dan Agao is raising chickens to supplement the monthly stipend we are able to send for the orphans and widows he cares for. We built one large chicken house to get started. He can sell chickens as needed to pay for numerous small items that are needful from time to time. It was never our intent for the monthly stipend to cover all their food and supply needs but rather to supplement what they are raising for themselves. Many have a small garden to raise greens which provide vitamins A, C, E and K plus iron and calcium.

You can read more of this monthly report to see all that they are doing for the orphans.

ission  Toler Family Latest Newsletter
 oment  Posted March 14, 2019

Ready or not, March is here!  It has been too long since we’ve sent out an update, but God has been working big time on our project. We are excited to share the great things He has done.  

If you are not a part of our Facebook group (Tolers’ Treasures – An Adventure in Faith), we wanted to share our “Mark Challenge” with you. As our Pame team begins translating the book of Mark, we’d love for you to join us in studying the book. Not only is it a great book to study, it will also be a good reminder to pray for the translation work. We’ve been so encouraged by the people who have shared with us that they are studying and praying for us. Our team is always encouraged to know that they are not doing this task alone. You are such an important part of our ministry here in Mexico. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest newsletter. This one is full of pictures!  

In Christ Alone,

Kris, Susan, Kieran and Elyse Toler

ission  Wee Can Know February 2019 Update
 oment  Posted March 14, 2019

Phil and Debbie Smith continue to grow their mission reaching out to the children in New Orleans.  Their concentration is primarily the 9th Ward, a depressed area of the city.  They established Wee Can Know 15 years ago and have been involved with mission work to children for over 25 years.

Their latest update details their preparation for their Mardi Gras outreach efforts, working with a mission in S. Africa and prayer requests.

If you would like to know more about Wee Can Know, you can contact Bill Burris, Chapel Liaison for Wee Can Know.  Phil and Debbie would love to welcome visitors to New Orleans from the Chapel to show them first-hand their work with the children.

What's Happening

Moving Forward After a Loss
Posted March 14, 2019

On Tuesday, March 5, our Lord chose to bring Terry Cosby home.  For more than ten years, Cos has been the Chapel family's Sheppard, Leader, Mentor, Pastor and Friend.  During this difficult time Cos would be the first to ask the Chapel Family to pray for council, guidance and direction for the Trustees, for continued growth and focus on missions, and to mentor and walk with Dr. James Pool and Dylan Price. 

Our hearts are saddened by Terry’s death, but our love for White Bluff Chapel and each other will sustain us.  With God’s grace and guidance, we are committed to leading White Bluff Chapel during these difficult times.

A Search Committee was formed last year to identify a qualified Interim Pastor to serve during Terry’s medical leave.  Based on the recommendation of this committee, the Board has named Dr. James E. Pool as our Interim Pastor effective March 1st.  As his résumé indicates, James has over 35 years of service as a senior pastor and religious leader.  James was a guest speaker here in November and he conducted our worship service on March 10.  In general, James will share the duties with Dylan for leadership of the Chapel - including preaching, teaching, pastoral care, visitation, and special services. 

Pastor Terry's Last Sermon
Posted March 14, 2019

Some Chapel members have asked for it and some have stated that they would like to hear it again. Perhaps some may have been out of town that day. It was decided to keep Pastor Terry's last sermon accessible in the sermon section of the website, in the left sidebar of the home page. It will remain there for at least two months.

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On the Road Again

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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

Hand-bell Ringers Attend Workshop
Posted March 14, 2019

White Bluff Chapel's Hand-bell Choir Director, Lois Partridge, and three other members of our "Ring of Praise Hand-bell Choir" attended a sight-reading and technique workshop recently at Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church in Arlington. The workshop was conducted by Cynthia Dobrinski, internationally renowned composer and arranger of hand-bell music.

Dobrinski currently has more than 175 works in print. She also serves as an instructor and has conducted about 350 hand-bell workshops and festivals internationally. Her Bachelor of Music degree is from Texas Christian University and she earned her Master of Music degree in organ from Northwestern University.

Cynthia Dobrinski was a Fulbright scholar and taught for 15 years at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. WBC's "Ring of Praise" Director Lois Partridge trained under Dobrinski's tutelage while living in Arlington.

Also attending the workshop from White Bluff Chapel were Assistant Hand-bell Director, Lynette Moore, as well as Pam Gober and Madeleine Lively. Gober is a former member of Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church in Arlington, where she participated in their hand-bell choir.

10th Annual Chili Cook-Off a Big Success
Posted March 14, 2019

by Rick Faught

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in our 10th annual White Bluff Chapel Chili Cook-Off.  There were a total of 17 entries, eight of which were made with wild game.
Thank you to the 80 consumers who joined the festivities and enjoyed a meal. They just kept coming back for more! Some of the cooks who had planned to take some leftovers home were disappointed. 

Thank you to the generous supporters who donated over $500 that we will use to help folks in need in our community. 

Thank you to all of the support team, Holly Faught, Terry Pierce, and Bill Allen. I couldn’t have asked for better helpers. A special thank-you to the judges who did a great job challenging their taste buds. They were Jerry Owen, Jerry Moore, Bob Buckner, and David Kernan.

Thank you to all of the Chili Chefs. Every one of the entries was delicious.

The 2019 Chili Cook-Off Winners are:

Mild with no beans-Perry Gaudet
Mild with beans-Rick Faught
Wild Game-Vicki Shultz
Hot-Jerry Shultz
Overall Winner-Jerry Shultz>


We’re looking forward to next year!

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