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Fall Deaf Day
Sat, Oct 19

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The Heart of a Pastor
    Sep 29, 2019
    1 Peter 5:1-4
    Dr. James Pool

God's Promise for God's People
    Sep 22, 2019
    Acts 1 and 28
    Dylan Price

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ission  Isaiah's Place Debuts Saturday Services
 oment  Posted October 10, 2019

by Diane Frederickson

Twenty-eight people showed up for the first Saturday 4:30 pm service, which Isaiah’s Place held on Saturday, September 21. Eleven were deaf, with others from family and our IP ministry base attending. All could communicate in ASL. There was only one other guest. His story is such a blessing! 

The Hillsboro Reporter newspaper had run the story showcasing our new Pastor Raymond and wife Mistie. The morning that this certain guest got the paper, he had prayed for a place to put his tithe money. He was currently not in a church and was looking for a ministry whose purpose was to save souls for Christ and with whom to share his money. He saw the word Isaiah and thought there might be something to this.

As he told the story of his experience with God, he almost began crying. The Lord told him to check us out, we were doing good work. The gentleman did not believe all of that "waving of hands" could be a language at all. He was also told that the deaf could feel the vibration of the drum. (You can view a 13 second video of the waving of hands.)  He did come Saturday and he shared his story with all the personnel and with Vicki Thompson, one of our board members who was also present. We were all blessed, as was he! God is good! I was again moved at how detailed and orchestrated God's plan is and how he touched all our individual hearts! That certain gentleman did bless us with his check, which was icing on the cake!!

Thanks, White Bluff Chapel, for your continued support. 

Diane Frederickson                                                       
231 HCR 1207
Whitney TX 76692
254-694-7771 254-205-7880 cell/txt

ission  AIA: How Human He Was to Me
 oment  Posted October 10, 2019

by Brian Firle

The following update from Brian Firle, with Athletes in Action, continues to give us insight into his ministry within the Pro-Cycling arena.  His communication skills are the main builder of this ministry.  He is reaching more riders with each meeting to spread the love of Christ and how He can enrich a person's life. This particular challenge that Brian describes below started four years ago.

Four years ago...
We met at stage 1 of Redlands Classic in California. I heard that he had a faith background and might be interested in knowing that we existed. Before the start of Stage 1, we chatted briefly, made our introductions and I took the risk and invited him to get tacos with me after the race that day. He took me up on it. It all started there. 

He came from a more conservative faith background, wasn't sure what he thought about God anymore and didn't like reading the Bible because it seemed to create more controversy within him than he already had. He was skeptical to say the least (just how I like 'em!), and I knew his faith walk was going to be a long journey of working through all the baggage he possessed that drove him away from God. Click to see the rest of the story.

What's Happening

Chapel Hosts Fall Bible Study
Posted October 10, 2019

On September 18, White Bluff Chapel began the Fall Wednesday Evening Bible Study, led by Perry and Joan Gaudet. This year's subject is David, with a teaching video by Dr. James Merritt.  Each year the studies attract a number of Chapel members and, on occasion, Christians from outside the Chapel membership.

The evening begins with a light meal prepared by Mary Parish and her team and served before the study starts.  Two attendees volunteer each week to bring dessert.

It is highly recommended that consideration be given to attending these studies, and it is not too late to begin this one.  It's a wonderful combination of fellowship and learning more about God's Word, the Bible.

Fall Festival Coming to Isaiah's Place
Posted October 10, 2019

Isaiah's Place will host Fall Deaf Day on October 19 from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm. The afternoon will begin with fun activities, followed by a worship service and baked potato dinner. Bring a topping and drink or dessert and join in the festivities.

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On the Road Again

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On the Road to Recovery

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What We've Done

Chapel-Sponsored Ministries Team for the Children
Posted October 10, 2019

This past summer, the White Bluff Chapel liaison for Sandy Creek Bible Camp, Bob Buckner, and Glenn Carrell, Chapel liaison for the Gideons, joined forces to provide the children attending this year's summer camps with Scriptures.

Carrell met with each of the four groups attending the Bible camp to pass out the Gideon Scriptures.  He reported that the children were very happy to receive their gifts.

There are so many ways the Chapel's sponsorship of Ministries has a positive effect on the children of the Lake Whitney community.

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