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The Final Test of Love
    Mar 8, 2020
    John 21:15-17
    Dr. James Pool

Not This Again: Revisiting an Old Story
    Mar 1, 2020
    Luke 10:25-37
    Dr. Hulitt Gloer

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Sunday Sermon

Man on the Street - 8/9/20

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ission  Latest Update from Lake Whitney
Ministerial Alliance
 oment  Posted August 13, 2020

by Betty Newman

The Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance volunteers cannot express how grateful we are for the generosity that defines this community.  Our ministries are more vital now than ever, and you make it possible to continue in difficult times.  

Food Bank Ministry - How do you manage a food bank during a pandemic?  Commitment and technology have made it possible.  We are blessed to have devoted volunteers providing leadership for Our Daily Bread, Whitney’s local food bank.  If you visit the facility, you will see face masks, plastic shields, gloves, curbside service and a host of people with smiles on their faces.  Our clients have been wonderful about wearing their face masks and helping to load the food in their vehicles.  Those who cannot help load are making a place for us to put it in your vehicle before you arrive. 

During the second quarter of the year (April – June), Our Daily Bread provided food for 3,596 family members.  We had 50 new clients.  During the month of July, we provided food for 607 family members with only 15 new clients. That’s a total of 53,134 pounds of food. 

The Heavenly Father continues to faithfully supply for our needs through our generous community who have provided ongoing and faithful support during these financially stressful months.  We are very thankful for your support.  We anticipate even more requests for food during the next few months because federal benefits will diminish in the future.

School Supply Program - Our school supply committee has ordered, received and delivered to our area schools the needed supplies for our upcoming year.  While we don’t know exactly what our educational future will look like, we do know that our students will need paper, pencils, spirals, and other items.  Our committee delivered those items to our four schools (Primary, Intermediate, Middle, and High School) in late July so that our administrators, teachers, parents and students will know that they have the necessary supplies and are prepared for the upcoming year.

Benevolence - Our benevolence ministries assisted 27 clients in July with utilities, gas vouchers and prescription needs.    

Without your ongoing support, we would not be able to minister and assist those whose needs are great.  

During these times, our executive staff of our organization is meeting by ZOOM.  We will continue to do our best to meet virtually as long as needed for safety.  Our next general meeting will be September 9th.   

Betty Newman
LWMA, President

We truly hope and pray that you are staying healthy during this unprecedented time.

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By Randy Marshall

Gentle Persuasion
Posted August 13, 2020

In the 1800's, the famed British preacher, Alexander Maclaren once convinced a skeptic to attend his church for four consecutive Sundays and listen as Maclaren presented the basic tenets of Christianity. The skeptic was faithful. He attended church and listened intently to Maclaren's sermons. After the fourth message, he became a believer. Maclaren was delighted and could not resist the impulse to ask which of the four sermons brought him to this decision. The skeptic replied, "Your sermons, sir, were helpful, but they were not what finally persuaded me. What changed my mind was an elderly woman I helped one day on a slippery walk. As I was helping her to her feet, she looked up into my face and said, "I wonder if you know my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is everything in the world to me. I would like you to know Him too." Her penetrating question changed his life.

This story should remind us that though Sunday morning sermons are helpful and instructive, God oftentimes uses simple moments to bring about a life change. The power of the Gospel not only resides in the words of the pastor, but also in the words and actions of everyday, faithful believers. As believers, let us take opportunities of worship and study not only to deepen our own faith, but to equip us for ministry as we help others on their spiritual journey. Let us always be aware of our daily calling to share and represent Christ. Who knows? Maybe our simple words and actions bring change to a life, a family, a community…and a world in need.

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