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ission  Focus on What's in Front of You
 oment  Posted November 25, 2020

by Brian Firle

I've always had the philosophy that our ministry in AIA (Athletes in Action) pro-cycling begins locally with the athletes nearest to us. If we cannot live out our missional calling with the people nearby, how will we do it well regionally, nationally, and globally? We've always operated in the same way Jesus commissioned the disciples after his resurrection. "And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." He started local, then regional, and continued to extend beyond borders to reach the whole world.

Jesus' beginning point was the where the center of the narrative was, in Jerusalem. It was the nucleus of the entire movement. If the disciples couldn't do good ministry there, how could they do it well enough to impact the whole world? 

We've always had this as a guide in our ministry. With so many cycling pros living near and around the front range of Colorado, I have always given a large chunk of my time to athletes living locally. With COVID this year, I have doubled down on that as much as possible. With travel and all bike racing events cancelled this year, we’ve had to think outside the box. If we couldn't do some things, we would do more of other things. 

All throughout this year, as safely as possible, we did very small gatherings of athletes in person. We took what athletes were doing (not racing) and showed up as much as we were able, as socially responsible as we could be. One advantage we had was that most elite athletes generally already have solitary rhythms in place. So when COVID hit, most of them continued to do most what they were already doing. Small bubbles of athletes emerged and we used that to our advantage. 

The folks that we already were building up in faith and discipling, we continue to do so, with even more intention. And with most of them lying low throughout the year, it was a great opportunity for consistency of discipleship and for pushing them to focus on spiritual growth. After all, we had so many socially difficult situations in our nation that it made for application of Jesus-movements just that, applicable. 


What's Happening

White Bluff Chapel Prayer Garden/Columbarium
Dedication Service
Posted November 25, 2020

by Bill Torman

The WBC Prayer Garden/Columbarium Dedication Service will be held on Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 10:05a.m. – between the two morning Worship Services.  Should the December 6th services be cancelled, another date will be established. The service will provide an opportunity to dedicate this place of prayer, reflection and remembrance to the glory of God. 

For some, it will be a final resting place located in the heart of the White Bluff community.  The dedication service will include a word of thanks for all who are responsible for the vision and implementation of this beautiful space as well as a prayer of dedication.  Prayer Garden/Columbarium Committee members will be on-hand to answer any questions relating to the purchase of a niche or memorial plaque.

Getting Acquainted With Our Global Missions
Posted November 25, 2020

Athletes in Action

WBC Sponsor: Perry Gaudet Email

Winning athletes to Christ by earning the right to be heard, walking them towards Jesus, molded in deep relationships. Showing up at bike races, ready to serve and show the love of Christ when many others are not.

More >>

Casa Bernabe Ministries

WBC Sponsor: Pat Griffin Email

A Christian orphanage in Guatemala City that serves 150 children.

More >>

Christian Dental Society

WBC Sponsor: Jody Yarbro Email

Provides scholarships to dental students doing mission dentistry in Guatemala and other poverty stricken countries.

More >>

Foundation Ministries

WBC Sponsor: Becky McKee Email

Trains pastors for service in their home churches in Africa and Romania.

More >>

Gideons International

WBC Sponsor: Glenn Carrell Email

Provides worldwide Bible distribution and evangelism.

WBC helps to distribute Bibles in the Whitney, Blum and Hillsboro school districts, as well as at Hill College.

More >>

OneCry Ministry

WBC Sponsor: Ron Roberts Email

Guides Christians on a journey to rediscover a vibrant walk with Jesus through national and local Zoom prayer calls.

Orphans and Widows Hope Project

WBC Sponsor: Becky McKee Email

Pairs orphans with widows in Kenya Africa. The goal is to help orphans grow up healthy, educated and to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

More >>

Wee Can Know

WBC Sponsor: Bill Burris Email

A ministry in New Orleans to reach children for Christ through partnerships with local churches and schools.

More >>

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with one of these missions or desire further information, locate the name of the Global Missions sub-committee chair where you will find a link to send an email to that chairperson.

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By Randy Marshall

Expect the Unexpected
Posted November 25, 2020

In true 2020 fashion, a major food chain is offering a Thanksgiving meal insurance plan in case something goes wrong this Thanksgiving.  If your turkey winds up overcooked, undercooked, burnt or dry, you can submit a claim with a receipt, a brief explanation and a picture to the store’s website.  If the claim is confirmed, you will receive a $35.00 gift card for your next purchase. 

We have life insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance, property insurance, worker’s compensation insurance… and now a Thanksgiving meal insurance.  In an attempt to plan for everything, we try to cover ourselves with an umbrella of policies and contingency procedures.  BTW, in case you are wondering, falling asteroids, meteors, and other space objects are covered under most policies!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected!  No one would have predicted the world-wide events of the past 11 months.  Even if we could, no policy would have protected us.

Ultimately, as believers, we have the best protection plan.  Yes, we should consider insurance for the well-being of our families.  Ultimately though, we should rely upon the One Who will never leave us nor forsake us: the One Who will be with us on the highest mountain and in the deepest valley; the One Who will provide comprehensive comfort and strength.  As the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 46:1, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”  And in this season of thanks, we rejoice with the apostle Paul who wrote in 2 Corinthians 9:15, “Thanks be to God for His indescribable (inexpressible, unspeakable, priceless) gift!”

Thanksgiving 2020 will bring new challenges, but we can rest assured that our God Who is the same yesterday, today, and forever will be our ever-present refuge and strength – in this world and beyond!

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On the Road Again

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On the Road to Recovery

This Leaden Load
Posted November 25, 2020

by Lindy Lee aka Linda McClary

In these difficult times of endless strife,
When all seems bleak and fear sticks in our guts;
When turmoil and restlessness overflow;
When our minds rage in perpetual motion;
When memories of what once was capture us;
When we spend edgy nights tossing, turning;
When tumult makes us swirl out of control;
When we swell angry struggling and striving;
When we find we have lost our blissful calm;
When we grow weary and spent from waiting;
When we feel forlorn in this austere world;
In our struggles, tussles with pain and grief,
In the midst of tears and cries of anguish,
Seeking One to help with this leaden load.

Lifting daily wants at the break of dawn;
Listening for His sweet, soothing whispers;
Crawling up under His eternal arms;
Casting our cares at His feet and resting--
Searching for restoration, renewal;
Tapping into His reservoir of bliss;
Longing to pass that gladness to others.
Joy ineffable--charged with wonder--
Rejoicing, exulting, celebrating--
Learning flawless peace in the storms of life
As He shelters with tender nurturing.
Discerning God working His perfect plan--
Prospering us, fulfilling hopes and dreams;
Vowing the impossible viable.

Grasping our needs, our vulnerabilities--
Evidenced by His powerful presence.
Transforming, converting souls fresh and light;
Molding shattered shards into something new;
Now serving, sharing with a soft temper.
Breathing beyond the essence of ourselves--
Guided, filled, sealed with the Holy Spirit.
Resting assured in His great promises--
Firmly persuaded by His honesty;
Trusting in His genuine truthfulness;
Convicted by His firmness, His sureness--
Deeming that He is worthy to believe.
Knowing that who He is will never change--
His heart forever remaining constant.

His faithfulness flowing from who He is--
Promising never to abandon us.
Calmly speaking over the weighty winds--
Piloting us through wild and raging seas.
Sanctioning us to run roughly aground--
On the isle of God’s desire for our lives.
Bearing that deliverance may not be mild;
Finding it may be terribly painful--
Yet perceiving warm healing is coming
While we wrestle with our purpose on earth.
Totally surrendering, letting go--
Riding the squall wherever it takes us.
Emptying, exhausting ourselves of self--
Compelled outside our painless, comfort zone.

Humbling ourselves on bent knees each morning;
Bowing quietly in peaceful surrender;
Pausing before Him emptied completely--
Yielding to His bidding with self-control.
Magnifying Him with praise all life long--
Applauding His power and His glory.
Choosing this day whom we will wholly serve;
Showered with vast and manifold blessings;
Humbled by His magnificent largesse--
Gladly welcoming; gladly giving back.
Unleashing love and laughter gleefully;
Singing in the shadow of His grand wings.
Anchored in His goodness, His constancy;
Attending with a pitcher and a towel.

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What We've Done

Key Chapel Members Participate in Veterans Day Event
Posted November 25, 2020

The Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance celebrated Whitney area veterans with a special prayer meeting at Whitney Veterans Memorial Park on Veterans Day, November 11, 2020. Pastors from area churches participated in the service as well as community members. White Bluff Chapel’s Pastoral Care Coordinator, Betty Newman, serves as President of the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance.

The brief service of thanks for our veterans was held with a devotional message included from Chaplain, Colonel Randy Marshall, USAF (Ret), formerly Command Chaplain of the Air Force Reserve Command. Dr. Marshall is currently serving as Pastor of White Bluff Chapel during his retirement.  Ron Roberts, former Trustee and current Chair of WBC’s Safety Response Team, read Psalm 91, which is known as the Soldier's Prayer. "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."

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