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It All Depends
    Nov 17, 2019
    Proverbs 20:24
    Dr. Scott Gibson

True Worship Always Comes Out of a Healthy Love Relationship With Jesus
    Nov 10, 2019
    Dr. James Pool

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ission  God Speaks Pame
 oment  Posted November 14, 2019

by Susan Toler

The following is the latest update from the Toler family's mission in the hills of Mexico, translating the Pame language into words, and then translating the Bible into Pame.

Now we know!

"Now we know that God speaks Pame!" This was the proclamation that Pastor Catalino made during the recent Jonah presentation in the small, Mexican village of La Parada. For many of us, the book of Jonah is simply a story of a man who disobeys God and gets swallowed by a big fish. Imagine growing up in a culture full of false gods and spirits who are believed to be angry and who need to be appeased with constant sacrifices and offerings. The true God that we see in Jonah's story is a forgiving, loving and just God. He loved the people of Nineveh enough to bring Jonah via the belly of a big fish to preach to them about His coming wrath.

On September 14, 2019, the Central Pame translation team presented the first orally-translated book of the Bible in Pame to the community, and many Pame speakers heard about this forgiving God for the first time. The translation team was presented to the community and, after listening to the book of Jonah, the pastor shared a short sermon. They had a special class for children who learned the story of Jonah as well as a recently translated song about Jonah in Pame. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed mole (moe-lay) and fresh tortillas which were prepared by the ladies from the church. Please pray that this translation will spark a desire in the hearts of the Pame to know more about God and to want to hear more Scripture in their language.

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ission  Isaiah's Place Holds Fall Deaf Day and Worship
 oment  Posted November 14, 2019

by Diane Frederickson

The following report details the events that took place at the Fall Deaf Day and Worship at Isaiah's Place's last month. You can also check out their upcoming November and December events.

Fall Deaf Day & Worship

28 Deaf friends and family joined together on October 19 for fall activities: straw-hat door decorations, pumpkin carving, and baked-potato dinner with lots of toppings and great desserts!

As Isaiah's Place personnel transitioned through with IP Deaf Church, we were constantly busy mid-weeks with plans for an ASL Retreat at IP on November 1-3. DCM (Deaf Christian Ministry) began November 7 in Waco, TX with the elementary-aged Deaf. We planned an early November gathering for 6th- 12th grade from our area. Watch for ongoing news on DCM FB or IP FB with text.Me.

ission  AIA: A Disciple is a Learner
 oment  Posted November 14, 2019

by Brian Firle

Brian Firle provides a testament to the fruits of their efforts in reaching the riders in the Pro-Cycling arena. His and his team's four-year outreach has been very fruitful. This is a very productive mission that the Chapel is supporting through the Global/National Sub Committee.

"A disciple is a learner, but not in the academic setting of a schoolroom, rather at the worksite of a craftsman. We do not acquire information about God, but skills in faith."
- Eugene Peterson

When I joined the AIA pro-cycling staff team in 2015, the idea of one day having a "spiritual retreat" for athletes was a pipe dream. We could hardly get athletes to come to the chapels we were hosting at races, much less be interested in their own spiritual journey. The dedication and focus of athletic pursuit is so strong that it was tough, and still is, to get athletes to give any attention to the deeper parts of their life. But slowly that has changed over the last 4 years. Normally, the first week of November is reserved for our Mexico home-build mission trip that we have taken athletes to since 2012. But because of the cost of the trip this year, it didn't seem like it was in the cards. Coupled with that, we had been feeling the need to build a space where athletes who were interested in growing in their faith could learn how to "be the disciple" within sport. So we began praying about doing a spiritual retreat where athletes would come, rest, learn, worship, pray, and grow together. We took the risk and spent many hours praying about how that time would look and who might be able to attend. After all, like the Mexico trip, getting someone to jump on a plane and fly somewhere else after spending the year traveling and not sleeping in their own bed, is a challenge to say the least.

The result, however, was a weekend filled with conversation on invitations to knowing the Holy Spirit, what real rest looks like, going to the true source for energy, love, joy, and hope, long talks on identity and calling, and finally, what it looks like to participate in being a "Kingdom builder" and living in community. It was rich and beautiful. In the mornings before we began our sessions, we had 10 minutes of worship. Todd, our AIA lead staff, broke down one morning and confessed how he never thought one day that a bunch of professional cyclists would be worshipping God together in a living room. It was magical, beautiful, and a testament to what God has done over many years of sowing seed in the sport.

One moment that sticks out to me came during one of our sessions where a local pastor was describing the difference between something being true, and something being real. Something that is true stays in our mind. It's an idea we can describe and talk about, but doesn't move further into our hearts. Something that is real is something we are convinced of, something that has become real because we experienced it. Our goal then isn't to download truths about God to use them simply as ideas, but experience those truths so they become real to us. This conversation percolated the entire weekend where athletes were describing all sorts of different truths that they have heard and learned over the years, but how they never have become real to them. And that is where our prayer time began: in those spaces of honesty where we can address truths that are not real to us, and ask God for an experience that plants them deep within our hearts and lives.

It's these subtle shifts that move us from being learners in a classroom to being learners at the foot of a craftsman. We don't acquire information about God, but skills in faith.

Click here to see an assortment of pictures from the gathering.

What's Happening

Feeding the Playoff-Bound Wildcats
Posted November 14, 2019

by Rick Faught

“How About Those Wildcats!”

Our Whitney Wildcats are the undefeated District Champions and are playoff bound to Belton this Friday, November 15. Just in case you didn’t know, on October 28 the Wildcats defeated Grandview, last year's State Champs. Grandview was also this year's number 1-rated team in the State of Texas. The Wildcat win broke Grandview's nineteen-game winning streak and many White Bluff residents were on hand to watch our ‘Cats defeat Grandview 26-21.

The Men's Ministry has the privilege of feeding and encouraging the Wildcat team and cheerleaders at the beginning of each new season. We now have the honor of repeating that event to celebrate their regular season success and to give them a good-luck send-off on the eve of their November 15 game against Belton and their quest to WIN STATE.

All who are able have been asked to help the WB Chapel Men's Ministry serve dinner to the team, coaches and cheerleaders on Thursday evening, November 14, in Fellowship Hall. Note that since these young men can eat a staggering amount of cookies and cake, all donations of this kind will be greatly appreciated and devoured with vigor.

Athletic success is a wonderful community-building phenomenon, football especially. I’m thrilled White Bluff Chapel is participating. Hopefully some of you have been able to join in on the fun and that even more will follow.

Saturday morning, our regular Men’s Ministry breakfast will be held in Fellowship Hall. Interested guests are encouraged to attend.

Should you know of anyone who needs a power wheelchair, please contact Rick Faught (817-913-0777), Men’s Ministry President, for information about a gently-used chair in good condition.

WBC Columbarium/Prayer Garden Nearing Completion
Posted November 14, 2019

by Bill Torman

There is great news to report on the progress of the WBC Columbarium/Prayer Garden. Many have seen the construction activity on one of our vacant lots just east of the Fellowship Hall entrance. The Columbarium/Prayer Garden will be in a beautiful setting with many trees surrounding it and with walkways for access.

Plans are to have a sitting area inside the Garden with landscaping for added beauty. A large cross will be located in the center with lighting to highlight the cross and area at night. Plans include having the project completed by year-end.

For those of you who have been contemplating whether to purchase a niche or memorial wall plaque, now is the time to buy. Niches are $1800 (holds two urns) and memorial wall plaques are $500. We currently have 25 niches and 7 memorial wall plaques purchased by our membership thus far. The photo indicates the progress that has been made. David Murphy’s Landscaping is doing the construction with Ron Roberts managing the overall project. The electrical requirements have been provided by Richard Ashley.

We are fortunate to have these individuals available to complete this special Garden and look forward to the day we can celebrate the opening of it.

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On the Road Again

A Special Trunk or Treating in Florida
Posted November 14, 2019

by Kay Lea Scott

The Scotts love God and children. So, when an opportunity to do some trunk or treating with our Florida church family arrived, how could we not participate?

Santa brought us a 2015 red convertible VW Beetle (Lady B) for Christmas last year. Oma (Kay Lea) told the grandkids that if we were ever in Florida at Halloween time Lady B would dress as a lady bug. Some of you may remember that Bailey (the grey Texas VW Beetle) was Jonah's whale for a WB Chapel Trunk or Treat a few years ago.

Scotty started searching for Lady B's dots and eye lashes while Kay Lea registered for the Indian Rocks Baptist Church's event. That's when we got the first inkling that this trunk or treat would be a little different than we'd experienced before. IRBC asked each trunker to bring at least 2000 pieces of candy! The Florida event includes bounce houses, food trucks and music. We decided to bring 2000 pennies as well.

The next step was shopping for our costumes and candy. Scotty did not warm to the idea of dressing as a lady bug, until he saw Kay Lea and Lady B in their costumes. A red t-shirt with stick-um felt dots and he looked like a lady bug too. He did refuse to wear an antennae head band. After all, he has macho principles to uphold.

Acquiring 2000 pennies brought us the next ah-ha moment. The bank workers knew all about IRBC's Trunk or Treat and never miss it. As they told us about it, we learned first-hand how successful the event is at introducing and involving surrounding neighborhoods in the church.

The great day came. We joined the 100+ cars in the church parking lot. Scotty handed out the candy while Kay Lea gave each child a penny, "One cent to remind us of the One Sent to save us".

Scotty gave a penny to a little girl who listened intently, held the penny close and said, "I'm going to keep this cent forever."

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