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I AM: the Resurrection and the Life
    Apr 21, 2019
    John 11:17-27
    Dylan Price

I Am the True Vine
    Apr 14, 2019
    John 15:1-10
    Dr. James Pool

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I Am Redeemed
    Feb 24, 2019
    Mark 5
    Terry Cosby

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ission  Isaiah's Place Holds Three-Day Youth Camp
 oment  Posted April 18, 2019

by Diane Frederickson

Isaiah's Place hosted a three-day Deaf Youth Camp during Spring Break. They had 11 deaf participants, in addition to the camp pastor and a leader. A total of about 30 people attended the entire camp, which included leaders, family members, interpreters, and volunteers.

The camp theme was "Yellow!" Pastor Raymond did an excellent job with Bible and Worship sessions, small groups, and one-on-one. One deaf student told pastor that he wanted to be a preacher. Another student who was troubled finally was told not to worry or be pressured to accept Jesus this week, but to have fun and be respectful. When the pressure was off, he went home with an entirely new countenance and a new Action Bible for teens.

The students participated in making a GaGa Pit out of pallets. That was their favorite outdoor activity. They had several "hands on" Bible activities. Pastor Raymond and Mistie had them all make 6-colored Gospel Bracelets with leather and beads. They actively participated in another Bible application and illustration with yellow and black paper. They tore a piece of black paper into 12 portions. As they recalled the characteristics of God that they wanted to show "as a shining light" for Jesus, they replaced the black pieces with neon yellow labeled pieces.

We as leaders knew that the Holy Spirit was present in this activity. All the students are coming back for Deaf Youth Summer Camp June 20-23. Many of these students have called this "their place" for many years! God is changing lives one family at a time at Isaiah's Place.

ission  AIA Global and Multi-Disciplinary Impact
 oment  Posted April 18, 2019

by Brian Firle, AIA

Brian Firle, with Athletes in Action, continues to provide the Chapel with current events and accomplishments of his ministry.  This year they have continued the ministry with the Pro-Cycling circuit as well as having branched into other professional circuits.  As Brian’s last update explained, they now have additional team members allowing them to cover more events and reach out to a new field of cyclists in the ministry.

Our Global and Multi-Disciplinary Impact!

This year has become the year of truly expanding our impact. This year we have:
•    Ministered in Europe for the last two months through Todd and Tabitha Henriksen's annual trip ministering to full-time athletes living in Spain.
•    Started Race Communities at first-ever gravel race events such as LandRun100.
•    Supported and counseled athletes dealing with loss and suicide at Redlands Classic.
•    Served athletes on Pro Teams as official Chaplains and spiritual support.
•    Expanded ministry and influence in Pro Cyclocross and Mountain Bike.
•    Discipled and built up Christian athletes from India, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, and across the United States.

Intern Drew Dillman (far right) at the LandRun100 gravel race where he finished 3rd and did our first gravel race fellowship gathering. Intern Hayley Lytle ministering to the ladies at Redlands Classic, the first stop of the Pro Road Tour in Redlands, California. Todd and son Logan, praying for Neilson Powless, Lotto-Visma rider in Spain.

Brian has shared an encounter with a former alcoholic and a crew member supporting a team of riders.  Read a quick story he wrote about it: "A Quick Story: Loving One that Felt Far Off."

What's Happening

Sandy Creek Summer Bible Camp Approaching
Posted April 18, 2019

The Chapel, through the Local Mission committee led by Vicki Thompson, provides a very positive support for the children in our community.  Supporting the families with the cost of transporting their children to the camp has given the families a real eye opening to the benefits of sending the children to the camp.  For more information or to get involved, email Bob Buckner, the Chapel liaison for this mission, or call him at 254-694-8527 or 214-957-0310.

We at White Bluff Chapel want to continue to add new campers to our list of attendees, so please think of children you know from this area who would benefit from this wonderful Christian camp experience for the upcoming summer. They may be children you are mentoring, their siblings, or children of families you know of through the Food Bank or other organizations in the community. There is no cost to the children or to their families, except for a small amount of spending money. Financial assistance for the transportation is provided, as well.

This year's dates for Sandy Creek are as follows:

Age Group      Dates
8-12                 June 16-22
12-14               June 23-29
14-17               June 30-July 6
15-18               July 21-27

Isaiah's Place To Host Summer Deaf Camp
Posted April 18, 2019

Isaiah's Place is hosting a Summer Deaf Camp for those from grades 6-12 on June 20-23.  Included in their activities will be the celebration of National Deaf Day on June 20.

Following their recent three-day Spring Youth Camp, the air conditioning system crashed in the Isaiah’s Place bunk house.  Diane reached out to the community for assistance with the cost of replacing the system.  As of April 5, funding had reached a sum of $2,465.00.  She would appreciate any additional funds to help them bring the bunkhouse back its cooling system.

Thank you for reading this IP quick update. Have a great Easter!

Diane Frederickson
231 HCR 1207
Whitney TX 76692
254-694-7771 254-205-7880 cell/txt

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Memories of Cos

Cos’ Famous Humor
Posted April 18, 2019

by Bill Burris

Early in his time with us our doorbell rang. When I opened the door, before I could even say anything, he asked if everything was ok. I must have had a strange look on my face. Then the broad smile came across his face and he said, "I was walking by and saw three buzzards on your roof and thought I should just stop and make sure all was well."

Cos the Mentor
Posted April 18, 2019

by Bill Burris

A powerful memory I have of Cos the Mentor involves his willingness to let me share his sermon time. It was the day I spoke to the congregation about what God had meant to me in my life.  In my work career I had had many opportunities to speak to small and large groups related to obtaining or retaining business.  But the idea of standing in front of the congregation and talking about my personal life was a big hurdle to overcome.  Cos encouraged me all the way as I prepared what I wanted to say.  That experience gave me a deeper relationship with some of the members who were there that day.

Marcie and I were double teamed for that event by Cos and Pam. As Cos sat nearby during my talk giving me additional confidence, Pam was sitting next to Marcie holding her hand for reassurance.  I think Marcie was afraid I would get up there and start babbling.

I came out of that day with a greater desire to tell people about our Lord and Savior. Cos helped me through every step of it along the way. He also encouraged me to continue writing for the website.

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On the Road Again

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On the Road to Recovery

On the Road to Healing: A Year of Searching for Answers
Posted April 18, 2019

by Bill Burris

Most of you have learned through various sources that Marcie and I have been searching over a year for answers to what has been causing my weight loss and low energy.  It has been a very high-stress year for Marcie, as she devotes her time to caring for and worrying about me.

I have been blessed to learn and know how to lay my problems at the cross.  Through this whole year I have had a peace and calmness knowing that God is in control and His will be done.  Marcie has been able to do this some of the time but still has a lot of stress in her life.  Any stress I may feel myself is due to my concern for her health.

The early blood work done last year showed my platelet counts were low.  This is an indicator for the potential of either leukemia or lymphoma.  Knowing I could be looking at cancer was a scary thought.  The stress and delays over a year of going to a host of specialists took their toll on me. But they served to eliminate cancer and provided further proof that God was in control of my life.

The final diagnosis was that leaking valves in my heart were causing the fluid retention and low energy.  My lack of activity due to low energy created the weight loss, primarily through losing muscle mass. 
In January of 2019, I asked my cardiologist if he thought physical therapy would be a benefit.  He wrote the script and I began cardio rehab therapy in mid-February.  The result was a gain of leg strength and activity. But the most beneficial effect was that after more than thirty years of daily use of inhalers to assist my breathing, I've now not used an inhaler in six weeks!

The past year has taught me that if you place your problems at the foot of the cross, God takes control and great things begin to happen.  I've been amazed that through all this time I have had peace in my heart and a calmness I can't find the words to explain.  It has not escaped my attention that the confirmation to my solution came during the Lenten season.  It was just more confirmation that God was in control.

As Marcie's earlier notice to the Chapel membership indicated, we are now looking at a final solution and a renewal to my life that I didn't think would happen when we started the roller coaster search for my healing.

When you're faced with major issues, think about asking and accepting Christ to be your Lord and Savior.  Trust me, it makes it so much easier to hand over your problems to the One who can do wonders.  Marcie and I both want to thank all the great prayer warriors in this community for raising our struggle to our awesome God.

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What We've Done

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