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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding:  in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6

The Men’s Ministry of the White Bluff Chapel is composed of men dedicated to glorifying God while ministering to the White Bluff community, Whitney, Hill County, and beyond.

This includes:

  • Small projects and repairs for White Bluff Residents via the Chapel's "Handyman Services" ministry.

  • Building ramps for handicapped individuals in Hill County in conjunction with the Texas Ramp Project.

  • Participation and support of numerous WBC ministry/mission endeavors.

Feel free to contact the church office for more information.



Texas Ramp Project Continues To Help Others

The Men’s Ministry vamped it up this December; they constructed two ramps for two gracious families.  The first ramp project consisted of four men who completed a ramp in four hours!  After working on the ramp, the men presented the family with a Bible. 


The second project was a two part job.  It consisted of building a ramp and leveling the porch.  The daughter continually thanked the men for the ramp and leveling the porch.  

This group is such a blessing.   As you can see, the transformation is amazing.  The recipients now have a safe entrance to their home.

Another Successful Ramp Project

The Men's Ministry of White Bluff Chapel helped a family in Hubbard by building a ramp to their front door.  The Texas Ramp Project started in 1985 by members of the Kiwanis Club of Richardson, Texas.  Since 2006, the Texas Ramp Project has expanded into more the 40 Texas regions, from Texarkana to El Paso and Amarillo to McAllen.  Over 24,000 ramps have been built, which laid end to end, would extend for over 122 miles.  White Bluff Chapel is honored to be a part of this project by helping those in need.


Adopt a Highway


On a beautiful Monday morning after an informative and spiritual Bible study, 11 service minded men converged on Hwy 933 to pick up trash and beautify the sides of the road that White Bluff Men’s Ministry is responsible for.

These cheerful men picked up 22 large bags of trash plus a large amount of miscellaneous wood, metal, and tire pieces that wouldn’t fit in bags. It was a record day of participants and productivity.

Adopt a Highway

The Men’s Ministry recently met on SH 933 to pick up the trash before the mowers begin their summer mowing.  The men waded through knee-high weeds picking up trash.  Two hours later, fourteen bags of trash were collected.  A special thank you to Larry Cosper, Brian McCutcheon, Bob Wilson, Greg Gummelt, Bob Tull, John Knightstep, Jody Yarbro and Rick Faught.


Men’s Breakfast


Seventeen hungry men enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by several members of the Men’s Ministry.  After eating, they had a devotional which was lead by Kevin Hughes.  Kevin is a member of WBC as well as the new Chief of Police for the city of Whitney.

Texas Ramp Project

Phil and Sherry Graham were delighted with the work of our Men's Ministry Ramp Team.  The men built a much needed ramp leading up to the entrance of their home.  Ron Williams, David Wood, John Knightstep, Larry Cosper, Bob Tull, Sherrell Kidd, Timothy Reardanz, and Jody Yarbro were the heros of the day for this project.  As you can see from the smiles, the Grahams were not the only ones who enjoyed this project.


Chili Cook-off

The Men’s Ministry hosted their annual Chili Cook-off, Saturday.  There were about 100 hungry patrons who came out to support the Men’s Ministry’s only fundraiser.  Eighteen participants eagerly brought their home-made chili early prior to the dinner to be judged in one of the four categories.  The categories and winners are:

  • Hot- John Knightstep

  • Mild to medium, no beans- Bobby Littlefield

  • Beans- Chris Hayes

  • Wild- Danny Bodeker

The delicious chili with the overall winning score was prepared by Danny Bodeker. A special thank you to their judges:  Noel Allen, Randy Marshall, Mike Miller, Jeff Williams and Glen Van Wagoner.


Texas Ramp Project

The Texas Ramp Project has been busy!  The WBC team is fast approaching 150 ramps since joining the Texas Ramp Project.  They recently built one ramp in February and two ramps in March. New members who have joined this team are:  John Jaskie, Brian McCutcheon, Bob Tull, and Bob Wilson.  The team has recently broadened their skills.  They built their first ramp over a valley!

Whitney High Student Council Helps With “Build a Ramp”

It’s not uncommon for our men’s ministry, led by Ron Williams, to build a wheel chair ramp for someone in need.  The men’s ministry is always willing to help.  But it is unusual for our local high student council at Whitney High School to send students to help with the project.  We were delighted to have the help from five of our local teens as we worked this past week.  The teens did a wonderful job and were appreciated as they “showed us their muscles” while helping build the ramp.


Paw Pals Garage Sale

Our Men’s Ministry recently helped our local animal shelter (Paw Pals) with a garage sale.  We are always amazed how God works in our ministry.  We had planned to work for a couple of hours.  Life changes and we ended up helping several White Bluff families who have been going through some rough times.  We were there to help, but visiting with these families gave us tears, re-connection and life awareness.  It is amazing how God works in our ministry.  Several in our neighborhood are moving and were ready to donate items to the garage sale.  The men gladly helped load and take the items to the sale.  Those assisting were Rick Faught, Ron Stone, Jay Miller, Larry Lucas, Terry Newman, Kathy Coons, Roy Ringwald, Reba and Mike Miller.

Adopt A Highway

It’s a memorable day when eight men come together to pick up 18 bags of litter from the roadside in 30 MPH wind. The Men’s Ministry not only did the job but had a good time while doing it.  Special thanks to Todd Williams, Danny Bodeker, Jodi Yarbro, David Kernan, Mark Hamner, Ed Helmbeck, Randy Marshall, and Rick Faught

image (3).png

Men's Ministry Trash Pick Up

Our Men's Ministry is composed of men dedicated to glorifying God while ministering to others.  This week the men participated in the Great Texas Trash off.  They collected sixteen large bags of trash plus a lot of items that would not fit into the bags.  Later in the week, the men helped a White Bluff neighbor with yard maintenance.  We are grateful for these men who never tire of serving and helping others.

Men's Ministry Builds Swing Set for a Family

The White Bluff Chapel Men’s Ministry finished 2020 on a high note.
The opportunity to be Santa’s Helpers was seized when a need became evident. A White Bluff resident purchased a large cedar swing set for their children.  It was delivered but not assembled. The “simple” job ended up taking almost 8 hours for 4 men. The family is thrilled with their new backyard play station.

What a great way to serve the Lord by making our neighbor’s load lighter.

The mom’s response was: “I cannot say THANK YOU enough, to the Men's Ministry at the White Bluff Chapel, for building a playset today for 2 happy kiddos! It was a great surprise.”

Men's Ministry II - Construction.jpg

Annual Feeding of the Whitney Wildcats Football Team

November 2020

As in years past, the Men’s Ministry had the opportunity and privilege to serve a pre-game meal to the Whitney Wildcats. The 2020 season was a rebuilding year and the win column was a little below what we’ve enjoyed for the past few years. However, it was evident that these young men enjoy each other’s company and, based on their appetite, they will all be bigger football players next year.

Larry Turner shared words of wisdom about “what a friend we have in Jesus.” (Someone should write a song). Although he didn’t get any Amens some heads were nodding in agreement. Hopefully, this community service opportunity will always be a part of the football experience.

Men's Ministry Builds Ramp for Hillsboro Couple

October 2020

After the Monday morning Men’s Bible Study on September 28, a team of seven White Bluff Chapel volunteers were joined by two men from King Memorial UMC to build a handicap ramp for a thankful client in Hillsboro.  Acting on a referral received through the Texas Ramp Project, the job was completed in just three hours, using materials funded by the Heart of Texas Area Agency on Aging.  The group felt blessed that the folks served were fellow Christians and expressed their thanks for the ramp and the prayers offered by pastors Randy Marshall and Brad Slaten.  The team also enjoyed hearing personal stories from the client’s husband, who goes by the name of “Tex.”  For many years he was the deep voice of “Big Tex” at the Texas State Fair in Dallas.  

Thank-you notes continue to be received, thanking the men of the ramp project of Hill County.  There is one that comes from Betty Elmore.  Betty is Terry Cosby’s mother’s cousin.  Her place in Mertens is close to where Terry’s parents live. 

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