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A great way to “plug-in” to the White Bluff Chapel is to be a part of a Care Group.  A Care group is small group of individuals that meet on a regular basis to share a portion of God’s Word, pray for the needs of our community, and build relationships with others.  Normally, these groups meet in homes.  True to the culture of White Bluff Resort, many times food is involved!  All are invited to be a part of these informal groups.  If interested to join a group, please, please email the church office at

One of our newest groups formed is the Hamner Care Group.  Debbie Hamner shares, “Activities such as tracing all our paths that brought us to White Bluff, bringing family pictures and yearbooks to share our past, and attending the Promise of Easter at Glen Rose (after eating at Hammond's BBQ, of course) have drawn us all into a real family together!  The common thread that binds us all together, though, is the LOVE of God.  We all look forward to growing stronger together!”

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