"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."
Matthew 28:19-20

Senior Sunday, May 30, 2021

Senior Sunday is a wonderful celebration of God’s grace in the lives of White Bluff Chapel’s scholarship recipients.  Twelve graduates and their families were honored in our service this year.  As students were introduced to the congregation and their WBC mentors, their mentors presented an award Bible to them in commemoration of the event.  Mentorship is the foundation of our program’s success.  The mentor’s role is to pray for the student, offer encouragement and assistance regarding any difficulties being faced in navigating the college experience.  Many of our members have mentored at least one student over the years providing friendship and guidance to students just beginning their advanced education.  


This was our seventeenth year of awarding educational aid to deserving Whitney area graduates.  We want to congratulate these young people for their courage and endurance in this difficult pandemic induced remote learning year.   We also want to recognize and the thank the caring members who are providing mentorship to them.

senior 2.jpeg
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         Student                                                   Mentors

Jessica Brooke Allen                         Susie & Randy Marshall

Kylie Lynn Booth                                Debbie & Mark Hamner              

Holland Liberty Paige Burkett          Vicki & Dale Thompson

Dawson Brady Hightower                 Maura & George Collins

Grace Ann Karr                                  Linda Yeary

Valerie Ashley Panuko.                      Becky & Paul Jacobus

Isiah Deshonte Payne.                      Gerry & Linda Mayer

Cassie Paige Pettigrew                     Kay & Jay Miller

Fritz Edward Sauer                            John & Kathleen Knightstep

Maebry Analyn Sneed                      Jil Tankersley

Madison Brook Strickling                 Susan & Bill Borg

Kirstyn Mikayla Ward                        Gina & Brad Blankenship


June Student of the Month

Clay Richters - Class of 2018


As a WHS student, Clay was a star receiver on the football team.  He aspired to become a Texas Game Warden.  People joked that he would be transferring his skills from catching footballs to catching poachers.

Three years later, Clay is on track to achieve that goal as he stated in this e-mail message:

“I am having a great time at college, despite the ongoing problems regarding Covid.  I started working for a fishing guide service on Lake Whitney, which has been challenging between school and work.  But I am still keeping up with my school work, making the Dean’s list every year.  This scholarship has helped me greatly in paying my tuition so I can complete my degree.  I am still a criminal justice major, and I plan to be a game warden.”

Jack Maddux, former game warden, and his wife, Ruth, have been Clay’s mentors.


National Day of Prayer

Thursday, May 6th, was the National Day of Prayer in the United States, a tradition that began in 1942 when President Truman signed into law the annual event.  White Bluff Chapel participated in the community prayer service hosted by the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance to observe this day.  Pastor Randy helped lead that service by praying for our military. Other community leaders Ron Roberts, the chaplain of the LWMA as well as Chief Chris Bentley also led prayers for our national, state, and local leaders as well as our police force.

Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance

The Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance met in person on May 12, 2021, for the first time since March 2020.  The meeting took place at the Whitney Senior Center with numerous representatives from other churches and volunteer groups.  These individuals work together to ensure that our community can offer services to those needing food, clothing, school supplies while also addressing spiritual and emotional needs.  The Lake Whitney Senior Center provided lunch for the attendees after their meeting.


May Student of the Month

Our student of the month is Ashtyn Thompson, a 2018 graduate of Blum High School.  The following letter from her is heartwarming, and bears witness to the  influence WBC’s Educational Aid/Mentoring mission is having on the lives of local students.


“My name is Ashtyn Thompson, and I am classified as a J2 (Junior semester 2), Nursing Student at the Texas Woman’s University College of Nursing located in Dallas. Once I am finished with this semester, I will have one year left to complete and I will graduate with my BSN in May 2022. This semester I have been providing care during clinical visits to mothers and their infants, as well as to U.S. Veterans. My college experience has been a rollercoaster to say the least, but I have learned so much and made many new friends along the way. The biggest challenges I have so far faced are the COVID-19 pandemic like everyone else, and depression. I struggle with depression and on my bad days it can make me feel like I am worthless and a failure even though I have accomplished so much and continue to succeed every day in nursing school. Despite my depression, I have an amazing support system and I pray that God will keep me strong and faithful. I have also been taking the time to learn to take care of myself and my mental health which has helped a lot. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been a challenge as my courses are now all online, even in nursing school. I do get to attend clinical rotations and that is a huge blessing as I have encountered many patients who had so many kind and encouraging words to say to me. Online learning is much harder than one realizes but I do my best and try to be optimistic. After all, my future career will be rewarding for all my hard work and I cannot wait to be blessed enough to be able to take care of those who will one day become our future which is our children.

The support I have received from WBC was truly a Godsend. My family struggles financially and I was worried from the beginning of my college experience that I would not be able to finish due to a lack of money. The scholarship from WBC has helped to relieve that fear and the stresses of finances. Some of my scholarship money from one semester was also saved and helped me afford to buy a better car that would be safer and cheaper gas wise to drive back and forth to Dallas for nursing school. I also need to mention my mentors, Nancie and Jody Yarbro. The support I have received from them has been amazing as well. They make sure to ask me if I ever have any prayer requests and continue to pray for me. They have also been very invested in my college journey and continue to text me asking for updates and how I have been. I want to thank them as they are absolutely wonderful and God-fearing. WBC is lucky to have such amazing people in their congregation who are whole-heartedly invested in their students.


Thank you for everything, Ashtyn Thompson”

Education Mission Committee

Each year White Bluff Chapel serves a burrito breakfast to the teachers and staff at each Whitney School in appreciation for their contribution to our community.  Our “Teacher Appreciation” includes a Montes Wildcat burrito, a bottle of water, and a homemade cookie.  This year we also gave each one a “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed” candle as a token of our recognition of their sacrificial service to our children during this challenging pandemic.  They were so appreciative of our recognition and our support.

This is one of our local missions in which we recognize the contributions of those who serve our community enriching the lives of those who live in our neighborhood.


March Student of the Month

"I had the honor of being awarded the WBC scholarship in my graduating year of 2018, and since then I have obtained my associates degree and more. I am currently enrolled in classes at Tarleton State University through the university center provided by McLennan Community College in Waco. My goal is to graduate with a degree in psychology and use this degree to become a criminal investigator. Classes at MCC and TSU have been great. In May of 2019, after my first year of MCC, I decided that I wanted to become a Marine Reservist. My marine/radar operator training concluded in March of 2020. I had been gone from my classes for almost a year, which meant that I was a semester and a half behind schedule. No biggy, that just meant I had to take summer classes and a minimester to get back on track. I was able to catch up and am now on track to graduate fall of 2022. That is where I am up to this point in time, but I wouldn’t have been able to get here if it wasn’t for WBC’s support, and my mentor's, John Jaskie's, guidance." --- Juan Arredondo
Juan's mentor, John Jaskie, had this to say about his experiences mentoring Juan:  
"I have enjoyed being a mentor for Juan.  He is a fine young man with a bright future. We have had some really good talks about school, life and fun. We have enjoyed fishing and golfing together. He beat me both times. He has a real solid life plan that has included going through the marine boot camp for reserves. He will utilize this training for his future plans. Juan is greatly appreciative of the opportunities his WBC scholarship has opened for him."
We are excited to know that our loving support of students like Juan is making a difference in their lives.  And we want to thank the congregation and all who have made designated gifts to make this program possible.

February Student of the Month

Our “Student of the Month” is a 2018 WHS graduate, Emily Hudechek.  When asked to update us on her status, our high school band head majorette characteristically responded in a thorough and efficient manner:


Where I’m studying:
Junior at Texas A&M, College Station, environmental geoscience major concentrating on the human impact on the environment, military studies minor, and GIST (geographic information systems and technology) minor.

Army ROTC contract, interested in engineer or logistics branches in active duty.  I am going through a Talent-based branching program, which is the army’s selection process to receive your branch (job).

Surprises or challenges I have encountered:
The biggest challenge that I have faced, personally, is finding the time and patience to talk to God and read the Bible.  With the workload of academics, the Corps, and Army tasks, I would at times go days without stopping to focus on the Lord.  This last spring, however, I was able to better prioritize my time, allowing me to pray and do devotionals.  I’ve been able to find one or two people to do devotionals with me or watch church virtually in our dorm room.


I find that being involved in the White Bluff Chapel through this scholarship program has been very helpful. I think prayer has been the most powerful thing.  Having my mentors thinking of me and praying for my success through the challenges of college is amazing and I appreciate it greatly. I know both Bill and Betsy are there for me if I ever need anything, and just knowing that there are people back home thinking about me brings me comfort while I am away from home.


I would like to also send a prayer request. We have seen a mass increase in mental health problems this year in the Corps and have lost two people to suicide since 2021 began. We, as student chaplains, have increased our presence around the organization and have connections to resources for those who need help, such as a counselor or person to talk to. I would just like to ask that you guys pray for cadets to be introduced to Jesus and that those of us who are followers will have the courage to reach out and plant seeds of hope in others.

Thank you again and I hope to visit you soon, 
Emily Hudechek

Note to David Briggs, WBC Scholarship Chairman, from Bill and Betsy Torman, Emily’s Mentors:
Emily has been such a dedicated student and has been honored several times for her leadership. We are privileged to be her sponsors and to recognize that the Lord is using her in a special way. 

Below are mission ministries White Bluff Chapel supports financially through our church budget.  If you would like more information and/or would like to be directly involved as a volunteer, please contact the church office at office@whitebluffchapel.org.


Athletes in Action

Winning athletes to Christ by earning the right to be heard, walking them towards Jesus, molded-in deep relationships. Showing up at bike races, ready to serve and show the love of Christ when many others are not.

Casa Bernabe Ministries

A Christian orphanage in Guatemala City that serves 150 children.

Christian Dental Society

Provides scholarships to dental students doing mission dentistry in Guatemala and other poverty-stricken countries.

Foundation Ministries

Trains pastors for service in their home churches in Africa and Romania.

Gideons International

WBC helps to distribute Bibles in the Whitney, Blum, and Hillsboro school districts, as well as at Hill College.

OneCry Ministry

Guides Christians on a journey to rediscover a vibrant walk with Jesus through national and local Zoom prayer calls.

Orphans and Widows Hope Project

Pairs orphans with widows in Kenya Africa. The goal is to help orphans grow up healthy, educated and to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Wee Can Know

A ministry in New Orleans to reach children for Christ through partnerships with local churches and schools.


Angel Tree

Provide Christmas gifts for children of prisoners.​

Cedar Creek Youth Ministry

Pays for a portion of the van expense for transporting kids to Wednesday night bible study.


Make hand-crafted stuffed animals for children in crisis situations, small gifts for nursing home residents and caps for cancer patients.

Isaiah's Place Retreat & Learning Center for the Deaf

Assist in various events at a local retreat and learning center for the deaf community.

Joint Committee for Christmas

Originally formed over 20 years ago, the Joint Committee for Christmas (JCC) is organized to discover the real needs of individuals at Christmas time, and to avoid unnecessary duplications in the efforts to meet those needs.

Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance

Umbrella organization for multitude of services for those in need in the Whitney Area, including the Food BankBenevolence and Joint Committee for Christmas.

There are many varied volunteer opportunities through this community ministry. To learn more about this organization, go to the LWMA website.

LWMA Benevolence

Benevolence function of the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance. To learn more about this organization, go to the LWMA website.

Mission Hillsboro Medical Clinic

Provide medical services for the working poor in the area who do not have insurance. 

Our Daily Bread

Whitney area food pantry.

Providence Hospice of Whitney

Provide care for those facing end-of-life issues; medically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Sandy Creek Bible Camp

Provide funding for local disadvantaged children to attend a Christian summer camp.

White Bluff Volunteer Fire Department

Donations from the Chapel missions committee are generally used to assist with the cost of equipment for the firefighters.


College and Career Day

Sponsors with the Whitney community a half-day career program for Whitney High School Juniors. Members participate on panels which explain the educational requirements and rewards of various careers.

Educational Aid Committee

Provides numerous scholarships for seniors graduating from Whitney and Blum High Schools for university, junior college, and trade school tuition. In addition, to help students develop their spiritual as well as educational lives, we link each recipient to a chapel member who serves as a mentor, providing encouragement and advice.

English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) Classes

Provides an opportunity for Spanish speaking people to learn English and become better equipped to function as parents, employees and citizens in our community.

School Supply Program

Assists with the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance annual drive to provide school supplies for needy students.

This program provides school supplies for needy students in grades pre-K through 5th. Volunteers help purchase, package, and deliver the supplies to the schools.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Express the support and gratitude of White Bluff Chapel to the staff in the Whitney Schools by taking snacks to each of the schools annually.

Wesley Foundation at Hill College

Offers a place for Christian activities at Hill Community College. Chapel members provide lunch twice a year.