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Below are some recent ministry events.


Valentine Dinner

The White Bluff Chapel Hospitality Committee hosted a Valentine dinner for its members and guests on Friday evening.  Close to 100 gathered to enjoy a delicious meal along with entertainment by Bill Louthan, David Murphey, and games by Joyce and Steve Triplett.  Bill told funny stories based on his experiences and David Murphey entertained us with live music.  It was especially enjoyable to hear some of David’s own compositions that he had written for his wife Kathyrn.  Steve Triplett led a game of “Name that Love Song”.  Tables competed against each other as they tried to name the song, artist and the year the song was published.  All had a fun filled evening.

New White Bluff Chapel Soundboard

If you have noticed a sweet sound emanating from WBC, it’s due to a new soundboard and upgraded microphones that have been in service since December. The new digital mixer board is a PreSonus 32S, and it can accommodate up to 32 mic and instrument inputs. The old analog board served us well for many years, but its capabilities were somewhat limited for a growing music ministry. Mark Fusselman has been at the forefront in implementing the new system. He has used his vast sound experience and personal equipment to install, setup, and troubleshoot the new board to ensure high quality sound in the WBC sanctuary. Mark has also spent many hours training the WBC Audio Team on the new mixer board operations. Thank you Mark!


Kudos also go to Lois and Tom Partridge for their time and talents in constructing a beautiful cabinet to house the new board and sound equipment.


Hospitality Chairman Retires

Mary Parish officially passed down her apron strings at the end of 2023 after serving as the Chairman of Hospitality for 13 ½ years.   She stated that she thoroughly enjoyed every one of those years as Chairman.   Mary and her hospitality ladies were busy with many special events such as the Christmas Gathering, Progressive Dinners, Mother’s Day Luncheon, Dinner for 8, and Supper Club.

During Covid, the Chapel was not open due to the necessity to quarantine.  Mary was concerned about the shut-ins and others who needed a warm meal.  She prepared meals weekly for those who wanted a home cooked meal.  Meals were delivered to homes or members drove to Mary’s home for a take home dinner.

When Acts 2:42 was introduced, meals were needed every Wednesday.  The unofficial motto was, “Feed them and they will come!”   AND come, they did!  Marilyn Pollard began preparing delicious soups and later, Mary began to prepare the meals.

We appreciate Mary’s dedication to White Bluff Chapel over the years. 

Wee Can Know

We had two special guests, Phil and Debbie Smith from New Orleans who came to talk to our Acts 2:42 group.  Bill Burris introduced Debbie, who is his cousin, and Phil to the group.  They are a part of an organization called Wee Can Know.  This is an organization that teaches young children about God.  Their program is planting seeds for the little ones, in order that they may know Jesus.  They want to give a foundation for religious belief to each child.  Teach them to be resilient.


During their presentation, they presented slides and videos of their ministry which began over 20 years ago.  At each table, there were brochures and handmade bracelets.  This ministry is based in New Orleans, but Phil and Debbie have expanded this worldwide.  They have trained teachers to bring the word of God to the little ones in Japan, Canada and Peru.


Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Christmas Eve is always special.  However, children in our Kidzone participated in an extra special celebration when they walked into a birthday party for the baby Jesus that morning.  Games and activities were used to teach the children about the holy birth of Christ our Savior.  Cake, juice and the story of the Nativity were enjoyed by all as they talked about gifts we can give to Jesus.


The Beautiful Music at Christmas time

White Bluff Chapel was blessed to have numerous inspiring musicians sharing their talents with us during the Christmas season.  Every Sunday was filled with beautiful choral and instrumental music that helped all worship our Savior and the celebration of His birth.  The angelic voices of the choir, soloists and gifted musicians who played bells, violins, saxophones, guitars, the piano and the organ were gifts to each congregant as they worshiped each week.


Who may use the Columbarium? 

Inurnment in the WBC Columbarium will be limited to current/former members of WBC, spouses of members, children/grandchildren/ stepchildren of members, parents/ stepparents of members, and current or past ministers of WBC.


How much does a Columbarium Niche Cost? 

Each niche, holding up to two urns, will cost $2,500 including two engravings.  Additional engravings will be paid by the member at a cost of $100 each. This cost does not cover the cost of the urns or the cremation.   


Why a Memorial Wall? 

WBC members may choose to have a family member memorialized by purchasing a memorial wall plaque with their name on it.  The plaque will cost $500 which will include one engraving.  Additional engravings will be paid by the members at $100 each.  No more than four names may be placed on a plaque.  Font style will be determined by WBC.


If you have questions, you may contact any of these Columbarium Committee Members:

  • Betsy & Bill Torman, Chairman

  • Marilyn & Mike Pollard

  • Maura & George Collins

  • Kathleen & John Knightstep


Youth Fellowship

On January 8th, fifteen middle school youth gathered at the Martin’s home in Whitney. After everyone reviewed their thoughts and actions in 2023, they prayed for forgiveness for a sin that was on their heart.  Then they symbolically burned them. Each youth adopted a word from the fruits of the spirit, the beatitudes and others to remind themselves and to encourage all to live more like Christ in 2024.


White Bluff Chapel Salvation Army Bell Ringers

On Wednesday, December 20th, White Bluff Chapel donned red aprons and grabbed a bell to help raise support for the Salvation Army Kettle Drive. The weather was beautiful and spirits were high as they greeted customers with a “Merry Christmas” and on occasion a “Ho-Ho-Ho”! 


What a great way to serve and receive a blessing.


Texas Ramp Project Continues To Help Others

The Men’s Ministry vamped it up this December; they constructed two ramps for two gracious families.  The first ramp project consisted of four men who completed a ramp in four hours!  After working on the ramp, the men presented the family with a Bible. 


The second project was a two part job.  It consisted of building a ramp and leveling the porch.  The daughter continually thanked the men for the ramp and leveling the porch.  

This group is such a blessing.   As you can see, the transformation is amazing.  The recipients now have a safe entrance to their home.

It’s beginning to look like Christmas

Tuesday, several members arrived at the Chapel eager to decorate for our busy Christmas season.  Crews decorated the exterior, set up the Chrismon tree in the foyer, hung garland in the sanctuary, and added more Christmas touches throughout the building. You can see below the many possible Christmas programs that you may participate in.

  • Sunday, December 3rd :  Advent Sunday:  Hope Candle during 9:00 and 10:30 services

  • Wednesday, December 6th:  Whitney High School Jazz Concert at the Chapel 6:00

  • Friday, December 8th :  Christmas Gathering at 5:30

  • Sunday, December 10th :  Advent Sunday:  Peace Candle during 9:00 and 10:30 services

  • Community Christmas:  6:00 at the First Baptist Church

  • Youth Christmas Party:  6:00 at the Chapel

  • Tuesday, December 12th:  POA Dinner at the Chapel 6:30

  • Wednesday, December 13th:  Acts 2:42  5:45 

  • Sunday, December 17th :  Advent Sunday: Joy Candle during 9:00 and 10:30 services 

  • Wednesday, December 20th:  Acts 2:42  5:45

  • Sunday, December 24th :  Advent Sunday:  Love Candle.  One service only-10:30

  • Happy Birthday Jesus Party for the children- 10:30

  • Christmas Eve Services:  5:30 and 7:00

  • Sunday, December 31st:  Once service only-10:30


Honoring our Veterans

We were privileged to honor our Veterans during both of our Worship Services on Sunday Morning, November 12th.  There was a patriotic touch during the services. Veteran Larry Lively shared some thoughts and led in prayer.  Veteran Ron Stone read the Scripture. Our Pastor and Veteran Colonel Randy Marshall preached on the faith of a Roman Centurion from Matthew 8:5-11.  The morning worship allowed us to recognize and appreciate our Veterans and their families while focusing on the grace and mercy of our God.

After the 9:00 Worship service, many gathered in the Fellowship Hall for cake, visited with one another, and heard some stories from days past.


Pizza and Pickleball Games

The due to the chilly weather, the Pizza and Pickleball night turned into Pizza and Games!  Twenty youth & sponsors showed up in the Fellowship Hall for dinner and camaraderie.  After enjoying pizza, they watched football on the television; they played video games, dominos, Jenga, Connect Four and more. 


Fall Festival

What a fun night!   About two hundred children and parents came out to enjoy the evening of games, painting pumpkin gourds, getting candy and cupcakes.  The children also enjoyed climbing into the fire truck and pulling the cord making the siren blare and petting Smartie, Cheryl’s beautiful horse. Inside the Fellowship Hall, our wonderful Hospitality Committee served hotdogs, chips, cookies and lemonade.  There was a fall theme photo booth inside and everyone was able to have a family picture made.


Barbecue at the Griffin’s Ranch

WBC church members and friends gathered at the Griffin Ranch on Saturday, October 21st to enjoy a time of great fellowship, a bounty of food, and live music. This biennial event is an opportunity for us to gather and celebrate as we anticipate the coming Fall activities and ministries.  A special thanks to Jim and Pat Griffin for their hospitality!



Thanks to the WBC Ministry Opportunity sheets, there were SEVEN new people who joined Critters and Knit/Crochet. There was also a lot of interest at our Mission Sunday. The "Halloween" cats are finished and it is time to start working on "Christmas" puppies for the Food Bank and Samaritan's Purse. 


Our friend Beth Woolsey has been busy making "aprons" for our Whitney nursing home residents.


Supporting the Whitney Wildcats!

Thursday evening before the Whitney Wildcats hosted the Maypearl Panthers, the Men’s Ministry fed the Wildcats.  The group served smoked brisket and the fixins’.  Pastor Aaron led a devotional from Ecclesiastes 4, which focuses on becoming the best teammate, while the Wildcats ate.


The next evening, a group from the Chapel worked in the visitor’s concession stand helping the Wildcat Football team raise money. Hotdogs, brats, pickles, nachos, candy, drinks and smiles were eagerly passed out!


Another Successful Ramp Project

The Men's Ministry of White Bluff Chapel helped a family in Hubbard by building a ramp to their front door.  The Texas Ramp Project started in 1985 by members of the Kiwanis Club of Richardson, Texas.  Since 2006, the Texas Ramp Project has expanded into more the 40 Texas regions, from Texarkana to El Paso and Amarillo to McAllen.  Over 24,000 ramps have been built, which laid end to end, would extend for over 122 miles.  White Bluff Chapel is honored to be a part of this project by helping those in need.


Baptism at the Highlands Pool

On Sunday, October 8, Pastor Aaron had the opportunity to baptize Kegan Nadal at the Highlands Pool. Kegan is the third White Bluff Chapel student who attended Wild Week summer camp who has now been baptized. 

A big “Thank You” goes out to everyone who supports our Chapel students.

Mission Sunday

White Bluff Chapel was founded with the mission of sharing the Gospel message to a world in need.  Everything we do has the intent purpose of telling others that Jesus died on the cross, conquered death and was risen from the grave as a sacrifice for our sins.  We share the gospel of Christ in our chapel building.  But we also have funded missions outside our building.  Our funded missions are divided into Local/Education and National/Global.  Each of these ministries has a liaison, a member of the chapel, who connects and reports back to the mission committee.  On Mission Sunday, the liaisons of each funded mission, had an opportunity to share the story of their assigned area.

mission 6.jpg

Mom 2 Mom

We are excited to introduce a new group to White Bluff Chapel.  Mom 2 Mom is a group comprised of new moms and their children from the Whitney area. They meet in the Children’s room on Wednesday evenings at 6:00.  This is a time for getting to know one another, fellowship, and play time for the children.

Dinner for Eight

Dinner for Eight is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from the congregation that you might not know very well.   After signing up in August and or January in the Fellowship Hall with Hospitality, you will be assigned a group that you will have dinner with for the next three months.  When it is your turn to host, you may decide on a dinner in your home or in a restaurant or at a fun evening activity.  Your imagination is your only limit.


WBC Columbarium and Prayer Garden

Having a memorial on church grounds can be a source of personal emotional support for members.  It provides a dignified, yet serene place to pray and meditate.  The Columbarium is accessible all year and its setting is pastoral and peaceful so families can visit and be comforted.  With an increasing awareness of the benefits of cremation, WBC can provide through a columbarium a dignified, aesthetically pleasing resting place for cremains at a significant cost savings.

Cost of a funeral and burial today is between $15K—$25K.  Two funerals/burials might be twice this amount; however each niche can hold two urns reducing the overall cost.


If you have questions, you may contact any of these Columbarium Committee Members:

  • Betsy & Bill Torman, Chairman

  • Marilyn & Mike Pollard

  • Maura & George Collins

  • Kathleen & John Knightstep

Ice Cream Social

What do you do when it is 108° outside?  You have an ice cream social!  Over 50 friendly faces gathered for some ice cream and delicious desserts.  After cooling off with ice cream, they played a game with their table.


Freedom Sunday

Pastor Randy has been preaching a series of sermons through the 23rd Psalm entitled, “A love song in the summer of ’23.”  On the Sunday before the celebration of our nation’s independence, we celebrated the freedom we all have in Christ.  As Pastor Randy said, “Overlaying this Psalm with the theme of freedom is appropriate because the only freedom we can enjoy is the freedom that results from following the Good Shepherd – Godly freedom that leads to true fulfillment and lasting peace.”

The worship service included patriotic music as well as songs of the cross.  Both remind us that freedom comes with a sacrificial cost.


Special Music for Father’s Day

In a conversation with new members, Brent and Julie Leverett, we discovered that Brent and his son Luke enjoyed playing the guitar and fiddle together.  It was a treat to hear Brent and his son, Luke play “Barbed Wire Halo” for the special music on Father’s Day.   This father and son duo touched our hearts with their beautiful music.

Pastoral Anniversaries

The chapel has been blessed beyond measure with the pastoral leadership of Dr. Randy Marshall and Aaron Franklin.  It is hard to believe how fast time flies!  During the Wednesday night weekly Acts 2:42 meeting, we celebrated Randy’s third anniversary as pastor of White Bluff Chapel.  The following Monday, on the first day of Vacation Bible School, Aaron was recognized as being the Minister of Family/Music. 


Baby Dedication

Our second Baby Dedication Sunday was held on Father’s Day.  Conley Elizabeth was presented by her parents Clint and Katy Gober.  Conley was given a pink New Testament Bible and a certificate, as well as a handmade blanket from the ladies of the Knit and Crochet group.

All were reminded that “Children are a heritage to the Lord.” (Psalm 127:3) and each child is a special gift of God.


Celebrating Memorial Day…and a Birthday!

Once a month, Pastor Randy leads a Worship Service for Whitney’s Country Club Retirement Community (CCRC.)  At the most recent Service, residents invited him to a Monday Memorial Day picnic. Randy was able to be a part of their Memorial Day Observance as he visited the residents and led a prayer.  He was also able to have his picture taken with one of the residents who was celebrating a birthday.


White Bluff residents joined 100,000’s of trumpets around the nation to remember more than 1,000,000 brave men and women who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom.  Larry Smith organized this local event which was held on the front yard of the Inn.  Colonial Randy Marshall led a short service.  At precisely 3:00, Taps was played by Brad Lundberg.


Holy Week Services

What a powerful week!  Christ the Lord is risen!  He has risen indeed!  

Holy Week started on Palm Sunday as we proclaimed,” Hosanna!  Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord!”  Throughout the week, all were encouraged to reflect upon the sacrifice of Jesus.  Maundy Thursday and Friday Tenebrae Worship Services were meaningful with over 100 attendees in each service.  During the Maundy Thursday service, communion was served to all who chose to receive the elements.  The Tenebrae service was a touching service with members who read Scripture as the lights were dimmed.  The choir sang “Arise, My Soul, Arise”, accompanied by Dr Rogerio Nunes on the violin.

Over 450 adults and children attended the services Sunday morning.  The Sunrise Service started at 7:00 a.m. overlooking picturesque Lake Whitney.  The 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Worship Services were held in the chapel with joy and celebration.   In the Chapel, Jesus’ cross was beautifully decorated by flowers brought from people’s garden representing new life and new beginnings.  The services ended with the choir singing the “Hallelujah Chorus.”  Hallelujah!  May the joyful celebration of our risen Lord resound as we glorify and serve Him!


If you would like to view a service during Holy Week and our Easter Celebration Service, you may go to the link on the front page of this webpage.


Our First Baby Dedication Service

Four precious babies and their families participated in our first Baby Dedication Service.  Each child received a baby blanket, created by our Knit and Crochet ladies, a New Testament Bible in pink or blue, and a certificate.  

Children were presented by their loving parents along with family and friends who gathered for the special event and Worship Service. The babies dedicated to the Lord were: Emmitt, Ruthie, Taysam, and Quinn.

All were reminded that “children are a heritage to the Lord.” ( Psalm 127:3) and each child is a special gift of God.


Ordination Service

Our Worship Service on Sunday was highlighted with the Ordination of Aaron Franklin, our Minister of Music and Family.  Family and friends from Aaron’s former churches were present to read scripture, pray, and encourage Aaron as he goes forward in his ministry.


Community Veterans Recognition 2022

The Whitney community gathered at the Whitney Senior Sunday on November 11th to honor our Military Veterans.  The event, sponsored by the Fort Graham Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution organized school, community, and military-support organizations to highlight the contributions of our military men and women.  A special WBC thanks to the event organizer, Madeleine Lively; the WBC choir; WBC Men’s Ministry; and Keynote speaker, Pastor Randy for their participation and assistance in making this a memorable event.

Paw Pals Garage Sale

Our Men’s Ministry recently helped our local animal shelter (Paw Pals) with a garage sale.  We are always amazed how God works in our ministry.  We had planned to work for a couple of hours.  Life changes and we ended up helping several White Bluff families who have been going through some rough times.  We were there to help, but visiting with these families gave us tears, re-connection and life awareness.  It is amazing how God works in our ministry.  Several in our neighborhood are moving and were ready to donate items to the garage sale.  The men gladly helped load and take the items to the sale.  Those assisting were Rick Faught, Ron Stone, Jay Miller, Larry Lucas, Terry Newman, Kathy Coons, Roy Ringwald, Reba and Mike Miller.


Fall Festival 2022

What a wonderful idea!!  We had booths, hot dogs, plenty of candy, prizes and lots of volunteers from our chapel to help with our first annual Fall Festival.  Over 300 came to enjoy the games and festivities.  A huge thank you to our many volunteers including our project directors, Gwen Williams and Cathy Maze, for helping us coordinate and celebrate.

fall fest2.jpeg
fall fest3.jpeg

Safety Response Team

The White Bluff Chapel has a well-trained Safety Response Team.  These men and women are trained to handle medical, as well as security, emergencies. Their training is frequent and ongoing to sharpen their skills and ensure our safety.  Below is a picture of their recent training on gun use and safety.  Thanks to Ron Roberts for sharing his shooting range, expertise, and leadership!  


Celebrating the Franklin’s with a “Pounding”

We had a large turnout to welcome and celebrate the Franklin’s arrival by giving them a “pounding”.  In years past, people would welcome their neighbors by bringing them a “pound” of useful items.  Thanks to a well-organized team, we were able to fill the Franklin’s pantry, refrigerator as well as their laundry room with “pounds” of needed and useful items for their new home.

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