Below are some recent ministry events.

Wee Can Know

Wee Can Know recently sent us a thank you card for our continued support of their mission.  They let us know that our recent donation to their ministry helped purchase 300 Resurrection resource/goody bags which were distributed during Easter week, benefitting nine various ministries.  Phil and Debbie are continuing their “Good News Club” with the children by Zoom each Tuesday evening.  The numbers of children are down, but Phil and Debbie are grateful that they can still connect with children and parents. 

Phil and Debbie are meeting in person at Gethsemane Preschool and First Baptist after-school care each week.  Ninety children participated with their parents at the Easter weekend “Resurrection Egg Drive-Thru” on the parking lot of First Baptist Chalmette.  They also donated 210 of their resource bags to eight additional churches and ministries!!

Men's Ministry Trash Pick Up

Our Men's Ministry is composed of men dedicated to glorifying God while ministering to others.  This week the men participated in the Great Texas Trash off.  They collected sixteen large bags of trash plus a lot of items that would not fit into the bags.  Later in the week, the men helped a White Bluff neighbor with yard maintenance.  We are grateful for these men who never tire of serving and helping others.

April Student of the Month

Jackson Justus is our student of the month for April

A 2018 WHS graduate, Jackson Justus, is our Student of the Month.  In high school, Jackson played baseball and football, and was a tuba, baritone, and trombone player in marching and jazz bands.  He started his higher education at Victoria College where he utilized his scholarships to completely pay for his freshman year.  

Jackson was then accepted into the CSPI program with the US Coast Guard where he completed basic training at Cape May, New Jersey in August of 2020.  He said “it wasn’t the best summer I ever had, but it was worth it!”  Now he is on active duty while he continues his college studies, fully financed by the Coast Guard, and earning an E-3 military salary.  He will receive his BS degree in computer science after three more semesters at TAMU Galveston.

Jackson said that his biggest challenge has been balancing his time among his Coast Guard duties, his studies, staying in shape, and maintaining his relationship with his girlfriend.  When he is feeling overwhelmed, he relies on prayer, asking for peace in his heart and mind, and it is always granted to him.  

Jackson’s mentor, Jim Lindsey, relates that Jackson has always seemed in control of his education goals, and has required little assistance from him.

In Jackson’s last note to me, he said “I forgot to mention something rather important.  Over Thanksgiving, I got engaged to the love of my life and high school sweetheart, Madeline Ayers!

Easter Weekend

He lives!


Easter weekend at White Bluff Chapel was filled with worship and activities as we focused on the Easter message – He lives! We began with our Maundy Thursday service where we reflected on God’s commandment to love one another, while also sharing in a time of Communion.  A meaningful and somber Tenebrae service followed on Friday with beautiful music and Scripture readings.  These worship services reminded us of the last days of the earthly ministry of Jesus, including His death and burial. 


Families joined a fun-filled Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.  Our Children's ministry provided face painting, a bubble station and egg dying stations for all to enjoy.  With almost forty children, plus their parents and grandparents present, Pastor Randy told the Easter story to the children before the big hunt. 

Resurrection Sunday celebration began with a Sunrise Service overlooking the White Bluff marina.  Over 70 people gathered on the chilly morning as we prayerfully reflected on the events of the first Easter morning.  We were reminded that though there was darkness and despair over the death of Christ, Sunday morning brought the incredible message of hope and joy!  The celebration continued in singing hymns of praise and hearing God’s truth during our two chapel worship services   Our first service had a turnout of over 90 people and our second service had over 175 people.  The Easter morning worship services were truly times of celebration and joy for what Christ has done and continues to do in our lives.  It also reminded us to tell the Good News to a world in need - “He lives, He lives!  Christ Jesus lives today!”

WB Chapel Proud of Our Ring of Praise

Within the past three years, Lois Partridge and Lynette Moore have taken on the challenging task of organizing, teaching and directing White Bluff Chapel’s new Handbell Choir. Eleven dedicated ringers, known as “The Ring of Praise,” and affectionately known as “The Ding-a-Lings,” work together to play a single instrument under the capable baton of one of the two directors. The handbells or handchimes are similar to a piano keyboard. There is one bell for every note, including the black notes (sharps and flats). It takes every one of the eleven players to “ring a song to life.” 


Ringing handbells is a delight for this group as well as for the congregation. Lifting the sonorous bells up to God as our gift in worship is a visual praise as well as an audible one! 

Members of the congregation who would like to become a part of this group should contact one of the directors.

Foundation Ministries

Did you know?  We support Foundation Ministries which has an African team in Kenya that is directly involved in supervising various parts of the Orphans and Widows Hope Project in Kenya.  Foundations supports 48 widows and 347 orphans who receive food, medical care, clothing and school expenses.  All of the orphans live with church members many of whom are widows that the Hope Project assists.  Foundations does not have any brick-and-mortar orphanages.  The children grow up in the same atmosphere as most rural Kenyan children which is a grass and mud hut home.  

To help, Foundations has done the following: 

Growing gardens — They have given out seeds, seedlings and fertilizer and sometimes a hoe to dig with. This has been a huge success. Most importantly it adds healthy items to their diet. Church members grow green beans, kale (greens), cabbage, onions, tomatoes, and corn to eat fresh.

Goat & Chicken Projects — Foundations is gradually helping widows get some chickens and/or goats. This provides both food to eat and something they can sell to purchase other necessities. 

Passing out dry foods — Foundations provided rice and beans and will give out 3-5 pounds of these items when destitute people come to Team Members’ doors. In the African culture, they expect anyone who is eating to share some of their food. 

Pastor’s Chat

Did you know?  Despite all the precautions and limitations required to keep us safe, God is still changing lives at White Bluff Chapel!  We are still studying, worshipping, praying, and ministering together. Our friends and neighbors are still visiting and joining our membership.  In fact, since June 2020, we have welcomed 17 new members to White Bluff Chapel.  Several others are discerning if White Bluff Chapel will be their church home. This month, we have had two “Pastor Chats” following the 10:30a.m. Worship Service.  The Pastor’s Chat is an informational meeting providing an opportunity for Randy, Tom, and Betty to share with members and prospects about the mission and ministry of the chapel.  A special thanks to our amazing New Member Committee for organizing these important events.   

March Student of the Month

"I had the honor of being awarded the WBC scholarship in my graduating year of 2018, and since then I have obtained my associates degree and more. I am currently enrolled in classes at Tarleton State University through the university center provided by McLennan Community College in Waco. My goal is to graduate with a degree in psychology and use this degree to become a criminal investigator. Classes at MCC and TSU have been great. In May of 2019, after my first year of MCC, I decided that I wanted to become a Marine Reservist. My marine/radar operator training concluded in March of 2020. I had been gone from my classes for almost a year, which meant that I was a semester and a half behind schedule. No biggy, that just meant I had to take summer classes and a minimester to get back on track. I was able to catch up and am now on track to graduate fall of 2022. That is where I am up to this point in time, but I wouldn’t have been able to get here if it wasn’t for WBC’s support, and my mentor's, John Jaskie's, guidance." --- Juan Arredondo
Juan's mentor, John Jaskie, had this to say about his experiences mentoring Juan:  
"I have enjoyed being a mentor for Juan.  He is a fine young man with a bright future. We have had some really good talks about school, life and fun. We have enjoyed fishing and golfing together. He beat me both times. He has a real solid life plan that has included going through the marine boot camp for reserves. He will utilize this training for his future plans. Juan is greatly appreciative of the opportunities his WBC scholarship has opened for him."
We are excited to know that our loving support of students like Juan is making a difference in their lives.  And we want to thank the congregation and all who have made designated gifts to make this program possible.

Water, Water Everywhere

Pastor Randy arrived at the Chapel office early on Wednesday of the ‘Big Freeze Week’ to find a flowing fountain in our kitchen.  Within minutes, volunteers began showing up to help shut off the water, sweep and vacuum, and clean debris that had fallen from the ceiling. We are so grateful to our men’s ministry and others in our community who rushed in to help in-between power outages.  Although we had to suspend activities for a few days, we were back in the chapel again fairly quickly.

February Student of the Month

Our “Student of the Month” is a 2018 WHS graduate, Emily Hudechek.  When asked to update us on her status, our high school band head majorette characteristically responded in a thorough and efficient manner:


Where I’m studying:
Junior at Texas A&M, College Station, environmental geoscience major concentrating on the human impact on the environment, military studies minor, and GIST (geographic information systems and technology) minor.

Army ROTC contract, interested in engineer or logistics branches in active duty.  I am going through a Talent-based branching program, which is the army’s selection process to receive your branch (job).

Surprises or challenges I have encountered:
The biggest challenge that I have faced, personally, is finding the time and patience to talk to God and read the Bible.  With the workload of academics, the Corps, and Army tasks, I would at times go days without stopping to focus on the Lord.  This last spring, however, I was able to better prioritize my time, allowing me to pray and do devotionals.  I’ve been able to find one or two people to do devotionals with me or watch church virtually in our dorm room.


I find that being involved in the White Bluff Chapel through this scholarship program has been very helpful. I think prayer has been the most powerful thing.  Having my mentors thinking of me and praying for my success through the challenges of college is amazing and I appreciate it greatly. I know both Bill and Betsy are there for me if I ever need anything, and just knowing that there are people back home thinking about me brings me comfort while I am away from home.


I would like to also send a prayer request. We have seen a mass increase in mental health problems this year in the Corps and have lost two people to suicide since 2021 began. We, as student chaplains, have increased our presence around the organization and have connections to resources for those who need help, such as a counselor or person to talk to. I would just like to ask that you guys pray for cadets to be introduced to Jesus and that those of us who are followers will have the courage to reach out and plant seeds of hope in others.

Thank you again and I hope to visit you soon, 
Emily Hudechek

Note to David Briggs, WBC Scholarship Chairman, from Bill and Betsy Torman, Emily’s Mentors:
Emily has been such a dedicated student and has been honored several times for her leadership. We are privileged to be her sponsors and to recognize that the Lord is using her in a special way. 

Delivery of School Supplies

Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance provided classroom, school, and cleaning supplies to the Whitney ISD schools for the second time around this winter. The schools are most thankful and send appreciation to all of the community for their continued support.

The Whitney Middle School was in need of sweatpants for students.  Working together with the King Memorial United Methodist Church Thrift Store, the school and the community joined hands in providing just what was asked for. Paul Booth and Allyson Cliett accepted the sweatpants and other supplies which were ordered from Amazon.

The hard-to-obtain disinfectant wipes were found in-stock at Dollar General. Rayna Whitney, school secretary, and Jean Thompson, school nurse, as well as substitute and retired principal, Melaney O’Neil, graciously accepted canisters to be distributed to each classroom.

Whitney Elementary School received some surplus supplies that had been ordered in the fall and not distributed. Sipper Bonner, school secretary, accepted the supplies during the last full week before her retirement. Sipper will be missed and is wished the very best.

January Student of the Month

I am the proud mama of Garrett Michael. Mrs. German sent me your information. I meant to get this to you sooner. 

Garrett graduated WHS 2015. He was blessed with a scholarship from White Bluff Chapel. Garrett went to Texas A&M and was a proud member of The Fighting Texas Aggie Band and the Corp of Cadets. Garrett did not graduate. 

In May 2019, Garrett joined the US Navy. Garrett graduated Basic Training #5 of 504. He said his time in the Corp at A&M helped prepare him for the challenges of Basic Training. (Especially "Hell Week”) Garrett went on to Charleston, SC to Power School to study Nuclear Power. He graduated power school #4 of 35. Currently, he is in Prototype School. Garrett is a Petty Officer Third Class. 

Garrett has accomplished so much since joining the Navy. He was just awarded a $40,000 bonus. He is super grateful for the scholarship WBC gave him. Even though his path veered from the original target, the prayers and support WBC gave him pathed the way. 

Thank you for all you do,
Carman Michael

January Treats

White Bluff Chapel wanted to show their appreciation to the White Bluff Volunteer Fire Department for all that they do for our community.  With the artistic help of Peggy Mitchell, we were able to take “s’mores in a cup” treats to the firemen at their meeting on February 8th.  The WBVFD began in 1995 with one brush truck and a few volunteers.  It has grown to 17 dedicated, community serving people who are highly capable and proud of their profession.  WBVFD has a Firefighter Assist and Support Team (F.A.S.T) that provides food and water to care and rehabilitate our firefighters while they are on fire scenes.  The support team also plans and coordinates fund raisers for the Fire Department.  White Bluff Chapel is proud to have several of our members on this team of firefighters as well as financially support the department.

White Bluff Retreat

Our White Bluff Chapel trustees met for a “retreat” on Saturday, January 30th.  In the past, all of the trustees and the pastoral staff have spent a day in early January getting to know each other at a designated area where team building activities as well as personal stories have been shared.  The purpose of the retreat is to get to know each other better as we begin a year working together for the good of the chapel.  This year, due to COVID, they met by Zoom. 

Wee Can Know

Phil and Debbie Smith are the founders of Wee Can Know, WCK, since February 2004. Their Ministry is located in New Orleans, LA.  Prior to WCK they were Directors for Child Evangelism Fellowship, CEF, from November 1994 to January 2004.  Preceding that venture, Debbie served as Director for CEF of Central Alabama from 1989 to 1994.  Phil recently retired from the military as Chaplain of the Louisiana National Guard and served a tour in Iraq.

They have been involved with reaching out to teach children about Christ and training adults to tell His story.

The Chapel began supporting Wee Can Know in 2013 and they have been able to expand their reach as a result. 

Their website is

Wee Can Know 2020 in Review - YouTube

Athletes in Action

Brian Firle of AIA sends this note of appreciation to White Bluff Chapel.

Thank you so much for contributing to my year-end financial support goals! It means the world to me to know I have such a generous group of partners contributing to pioneering spiritual movements everywhere. Thank you!

I feel grateful for the work I get to do every day. Recently, I rode with one of the best developing professional cyclists in the country right now. He is in those college-aged years: when you’re asking all the hard questions, trying to find a sense of identity, and figure out romance. Our conversation will sway from his training, family, ex-girlfriends, and goals. But ultimately there will be moments where we will talk about deeply spiritual things.

Because of you, I get to do this regularly. Thank you for helping continue our work. In another year of great uncertainty, I believe the invitation from Jesus could not be more relevant. Thank you for your prayers and your gifts.

Brian Firle

Casa Bernabe

Did you know?  “Casa Bernabe” means “House of Comfort”
Casa Bernabe is a beautiful 13-acre campus near Guatemala City that is home to more than 150 children.  All of the children come out of difficult living conditions.  Some are orphans, others have been abandoned, and others abused.  Each child belongs to a loving, nurturing family made up of house parents and their own children.


Casa Bernabe is one of the global missions we support.


Check out the link below:

Lake Whitney Senior Center

Did you know?  The Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance supports a Senior Center
In addition to the food bank, the Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance supports the Lake Whitney Senior Center located at 503 North Colorado Street in Whitney.  The Director, Lynda Bomar, states that the Senior Center provides older adults from Whitney and surrounding areas a place to gather, exercise, work on crafts, play games, eat and have great fellowship and fun.  
The Lake Whitney Ministerial Alliance is one of the local ministries we support.

Snow Day

White Bluff Chapel enjoyed an unusual Sunday with 3 - 4 inches of snow. Almost 100 people braved the weather to worship together. We are thankful for our members who shoveled snow and offered help for others to arrive safely for worship.

Men's Ministry Builds Swing Set for a Family

The White Bluff Chapel Men’s Ministry finished 2020 on a high note.
The opportunity to be Santa’s Helpers was seized when a need became evident. A White Bluff resident purchased a large cedar swing set for their children.  It was delivered but not assembled. The “simple” job ended up taking almost 8 hours for 4 men. The family is thrilled with their new backyard play station.

What a great way to serve the Lord by making our neighbor’s load lighter.

The mom’s response was: “I cannot say THANK YOU enough, to the Men's Ministry at the White Bluff Chapel, for building a playset today for 2 happy kiddos! It was a great surprise.”

Christmas Caroling

During the Christmas season, 30 members of the Chapel choir went caroling with stops at 21 homes as well as Town Hall Estates and CCRC.  The caroling provided an opportunity to share Christmas joy and was much appreciated by those hearing “Good Tidings of Great Joy!” 

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